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Extra Oil Vision: Christ’s Remnant Polluted

Vision of Christ’s Remnant Polluted
©copyright 1981 Bonita M Quesinberry
©copyright 2003 Bonita M Quesinberry (published)

——2010 Note: Extra Oil 2009 Recap 47 revealed that the SDA Conference had already joined the World Church. It has fallen away, lost its remnant status to be adopted daughter of the Great Whore. Hear God’s roar, SDA members, urging you to “come out of her, my people!” There is no organized, incorporated religion for Doctrine Keepers— as we are known— no donations or tithes required to keep our church going; rather, God’s money goes to help others. We are “where two or more gather in Christ’s name, there He is:” each other’s homes, phone calls, whatever we can do to constitute “two or more,” then on God’s Holy Day we are the remnant Doctrine Keepers gathering together, small flocks scattered around the world, the goats outnumbering us by more than 10 to 1.

——Below is an excerpt from “Truth Gathering”, Introduction pgs.13-19: specific to Extra Oil 47 and SDA having joined the World Church (WC) and now sits on the World Church Council (WCC). Tammy reported Ellen G. White’s vision in the 1800’s about the future SDA church “not being as it seemed” in her day; Bonnie’s vision below was given in 1981, at least 100 years after White’s vision: yet the messages are the same, directed to the same religion. Bonnie’s, however, includes the call “to come out of her.” Until the WC news a few days ago we thought SDA still a remnant church; sadly, it is not. Critical Fact: SDA members are in danger of lukewarm status and will perish— if they do not “come out of her.”
——In the wee hours of 31 October 1981, the Holy Spirit once again brought a vision into my mind. We were in a House of Prayer religions call a church. It was an old, native rock converted home, dim inside: as often are old buildings. We sat in a meeting listening to our pastor present a select group’s desire to tear down this ancient beauty. Arguments ensued as to why or why not it should be replaced with a shiny modern complex that would allow the congregation and leaders to fit in with all Sunday denominations.
——It felt strange that a business meeting was being conducted on Sabbath; even that outside ancient protocol. Still, members were divided, impossible to obtain a majority vote one way or the other; so, our preacher set the matter aside and declared that nothing would be changed. It must remain “as it was and as it is and as it always will be.”
——Satisfied the issue was no longer a threat and, once out on the church grounds, many members decided to meet at another member’s home to watch a ball game—strange indeed, for we would not have contributed to our own pleasure on God’s Holy Day—and to share a meal, which we would have done. Strangely, I was compelled to go back inside to search for something: what, I was unsure, yet knew it to be vitally important.
——There, I discovered two separate groups of members conducting secret meetings, making plans to proceed with the destruction of this fine natural rock church home: despite events having concluded the meeting we all had just left. Not shown how I got word to our minister, he suddenly appeared before me where I sat on the side of a neatly made bed in yet another chamber of this marvelous yet simple structure.
——I began to explain my need to speak with him; then paused and motioned for him to have a seat. As he sat down on the opposite side of the bed, I resumed telling him what I’d seen. At once, I realized there was something I must get before I could finish relating the details of those clandestine meetings: again uncertain what it was I must retrieve.
——I pushed to my feet and, instantly, there were numerous and varied wild beasts crawling and leaping all over the walls and ceiling of the room. Astounded, I pointed out a particularly huge iguana, remarking to the minister that it reminded me of a dragon. Then, I passed through the door to start down a long corridor, on both sides of which the same beasts bared wicked fangs as they snarled and lunged at me with each step I took. Yet, it was as though those walls were clear glass: when a beast surged toward me, it was abruptly halted mid-air— never touching me as I moved from hall to room to chancel.
——At last, I reached our sanctuary, my eyes instantly drawn to the altar whereupon a huge diamondback rattlesnake lay coiled. Somehow, I knew this was what I needed to show my pastor. As I stared aghast, it rolled its head toward me, without warning of its rattler. I was stunned to see its head transform into the image of a man, a look of glowing serenity about its beautiful face and eyes. Then, it looked away and stretched out to its length of about six feet: its head again that of a serpent as it began to slither away.
——I gazed at the length of its body and thereupon, about each twelve inches of its six-foot length, were stripes of color side by side: each mark a different hue in sets of threes, the same three repeated approximately each foot of its length. Red, white, blue: six times along the serpent’s body.
——An explosion of gunfire startled me. I turned to dash from the room in search of our preacher. Instantly, I found myself standing outside looking back at bright, shiny, glittering modern glass buildings: each housing fancy little shops hawking corporate Christendom’s paraphernalia, icons and idols. Our ancient stone church was gone, replaced with walls of sparkling windows interspersed with stained glass scenes and soaring spires covered in shiny brass and copper. Everything had been changed and, although its appearance was beautiful and reminiscent of the Crystal Cathedral, it felt wrong. It was all wrong!
——Urgently, I began running from church to church, shop to shop, frantic to find our minister. I had to know if he were okay, for I had an ominous feeling he had been killed. Unseen people kept preventing me from finding him and I became more alarmed: despite them telling me he was fine. Yet, they would not let me see for myself. Suddenly, a familiar thunderous, soothing waterfall voice roared across the green expanse, “Fear not, for you are safe in the Lord,” saith the Lord.
——I awoke abruptly, my head feeling heavy and in pain, as though awakened before time; yet, I sensed this dream pressing me for answers. Or, perhaps it was myself eager to understand: I was confused. It had been so convoluted that, upon sitting up in my bed, I had no clear conception as to what it all meant. Immediately, I went to God in prayer. If this dream were from God, then I must understand it. Still, understanding did not come into mind, then my husband stirred and sat up.
——I began to relate the vision to him. Only when I was about half way through it did I realize that, as I proceeded, I was including interpretation. For a moment I felt a bit overwhelmed: the explanations coming out of my mouth were not in my thoughts. I knew then it came from the Lord. He had given me understanding precisely when I began to speak the vision to another. This, much like the Apostles were told, and I paraphrase, “Think not on what you will say, but speak as I motivate you: that they know it is the Lord speaking and not that of yourself.”
——While I was not aware of this particular scripture until years later, I did understand that God works precisely in this manner. Unlike the first vision of recognizing the antichrist, this one was meant for all God’s children; though, I still didn’t realize this until I recounted the dream to our pastor. Truly a man of God teaching only God’s Truths, Brother Hancock quickly advised that I’d had a prophetic dream and instructed me to put it in writing: faithful to provide him a copy. This I did. However, the first clue this portent was not for me alone was in the fact I could not interpret until I related it to another person.
——The ancient stone building represented God’s Ten Commandments written in stone and perpetually in force: as proven by His Word. The dim interior is two-fold: 1) the perversion of His Laws, and 2) traditions instituted by man for man’s pleasure and convenience; teaching what the people want to hear, not what they need to hear. It also indicates oppression and persecution of Christ’s true followers, His true church: which they do experience in these end days and, more specifically, the final year of this world. More important to true believers, this is a warning to all religious denominations claiming God and Christ: when man’s law appeals to you, you are in danger of giving in to a manmade sabbath openly designed for its followers to be in and of the world and its riches and pleasures; but, more subtly, Sunday is for destruction. Allow God to reveal weakness, allow Him to strengthen you in God’s Truth.
——The mention of going to a member’s home to share a meal and watch a football game refers to Revelation’s seventh church era of Laodicea, wherein God makes reference to those who are cold, hot, or lukewarm. The lukewarm are people who profess God and Jesus, know and believe God’s true doctrine, appear to obey those precepts; yet, on His Holy Day they seek their “own pleasure, speak their own words and go their own way.” — “Having a form of godliness but lacking the power thereof.” After all, scriptures regarding how we are to observe His Sabbath states, “Neither seeking your own pleasure nor speaking your own words or going your own way.” The point in my dream is a revelation to God’s small flocks: there are goats among them who do not belong; and, during the perils of final tribulation, the goats will turn to lies and cause some of Christ’s flock to die. They may even cause the SDA church to bow to Papal Rome. So saith the Lord, “What have sheep to do with goats?”
——Getting word to my pastor relates to shouting out God’s truth to Christ’s children, especially since His Kingdom is drawing very near. The cry must be exceedingly loud. The bed, on the edge of which we sat, is of no import concerning the pastor and I: rather, it relates to Revelation’s prediction of the great whore, Papal Roman, being cast into a bed where the nations—all other Christian denominations, to-wit: her harlot daughters—commit fornication with her. Therefore, the bed in a pure doctrine denomination reveals those within who will fall away and possibly the denomination corrupted as well. This act also is related to sects of man’s doctrines and their distortion of God’s Law, which has and continues to occur; therefore, the dream does point to a specific nation in part and to the whole world as well.
——The beasts are symbolic of Satan doing all he can to prevent God’s truth from winning. The fact the beasts could not touch me confirms that God already has stated: His truths are preserved, together with a special message to me and anyone else who accepts and obeys the Father’s truth—as it was from the beginning of time and will remain forever. The message? Those who love and obey have on the full armor of God and cannot be shaken from His truth, even in the face of death. So, I felt no fear as those ravaging animals leapt and lunged and snarled and roared with rage, eager to devour me. The full armor of God is impenetrable and provides an absence of fear: even of death.
——The rattlesnake, its venom deadly, represents Satan, son of perdition who motivates the dragon of pagan Rome: who gave over its power and seat to the great whore leopard beast identified as Papal Rome. It also exemplifies the false prophets, Rome’s harlot daughters apostate Protestants, and the finishing work to be done on Satan’s behalf by the second beast identified as the United States: there the US colors—red, white, and blue.
——God’s interpretation is in complete harmony with Revelation’s second beast rising up out of the earth, which means a young power, appearing like a baby goat with two harmless nubs for horns. But, this seemingly harmless nation speaks like the dragon of pagan Rome: thereby supporting the great whore and, more specifically, her harlot daughters. America’s Sunday Blue Laws contain enforcement by police power the likes of which we today have never seen. But, true believers in the 1600’s experienced its cruel and deadly power: some beaten, some jailed, others hanged.
——What better way to support the great whore’s blasphemous manmade laws perverting God’s Commandments? The snake not giving a warning rattle of its presence on the altar is so typical of Satan’s evil power of deceitful persuasiveness and believable illusions within Christ’s church. America is home base from which Protestants’ tenets sprang in force to embrace the world. In this way, the second beast has effectively promoted the great whore’s blasphemous teachings through its promotion of Protestantism.
——Since about 1970 or earlier, the World Church Council (WCC)—comprised of all Sunday Protestant denominations, Catholicism and Paganism, its leader the Pope—have lobbied for Federal Blue Laws to back up corporate Christendom’s manmade Sunday sabbath. In short, support of a pagan counterfeit. Some time near 1974, the bill was rejected by the narrowest margin in its then ten-year +/- history. This is to say, it almost passed solely due to purported oil shortages: a ruse used to encourage passage. The WCC included an in-depth report revealing billions of barrels of oil that could be saved by strictly enforcing Sunday blue laws across our nation: indeed, the whole world.
——Beginning with the first Pilgrims, State moral Laws—including that of which day to worship—were put on the books of each State at inception; albeit, California was the last to comply. All are under direst police power and fully active today though not actively enforced: should any State wish to enforce them, it will happen. It is written. Contrarily, there is no need for a Federal Blue Law in order for our government to enforce State edicts. Our Federal Government left itself an open-ended option of simply supporting any and all State laws: at its discretion and choice in the absence of a matching Federal mandate. Laws of specific interest to God’s sheep are set out in several chapters herein.
——The serpent in this dream was six feet long with six sets of stripes, each set made up of three colors side by side: three times six is 18, yet spiritually should be discerned as three sixes (666)—either number, however, being divisible while God’s number cannot be divided equally. One means of identifying the beast and all his cohorts is by way of his number, 666. His name is Satan, Devil, Beelzebub, Baal, and Lucifer along with a host of other false god names; albeit, his name is identified by a title given many men over the course of 1290 years. The mark of his authority is Sunday. What was he doing in a seventh day Sabbath keeping church in my dream?
——What the Lord revealed was two fold. Shown were His church and the lukewarm inside: those mentioned in Revelation regarding the seven church ages, specifically the seventh Laodicea. There is no doubt Satan is present therein: just as greatly as he dominates all other Christian sects. There are many who attend church on Sunday or Saturday and in either case only appear obedient. Look closer. Sunday is a pagan sabbath totally unrecognized by God. As for those observing God’s true Sabbath, many of them eat at restaurants after services, thereby causing others to be disobedient as well. There are many other things they do that are just as damning. Unless they repent to follow God’s ways, they are in danger of Satan’s symbolic mark: either in the right hand or the forehead. God’s Word explains all this in “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law.”
——There also is judgmentalness among Christ’s members, those thinking to know the heart of fellow members who are not always in the building on Saturday. Have they once checked to see why he or she was not there? Perhaps they were tired and needed to rest as the Sabbath is for; thus, perhaps and hopefully, they are worshipping at home. Perchance six days a week they are spreading God’s word in some way. Christ’s church must allow the Lord to reveal individual hearts, then bring about necessary changes. We cannot do it for others, only for self. We only can spread God’s Truths and warn those in error. We cannot enforce it nor should we employ manipulative tactics, specifically NO coercion or violence.
——Nevertheless, concerning manmade laws: America’s Federal Government boldly rising up to support Sunday Blue Laws had, and still has, the effect of drawing a very visible line between Christ’s church and Satan’s Synagogue. When this happens, whether by mandate of discretion, earth’s Christians will be obligated to visibly choose their seal. Unfortunately, the appropriate seals already have been spiritually impressed upon Christ’s population, rendering at that time only a visible falling away of those disobedient. This marked difference between the two, which is discernable only by behavior—for the first time since Jesus’ ascension and the death of His last apostle around A.D. 100—will reveal to the world exactly who are His true followers: a peculiar people.
——Be warned: “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and her plagues,” so saith the Lord. It was 160 years ago when God’s true Sabbath, His and Christ’s seal of authority, came into question and found still very much required. There has been a remnant of His church in every generation since the beginning of time throughout the world—including the United States—and will continue to be until all prophecy is fulfilled. Jesus clearly pointed out that God’s Ten Precepts remain in full force until earth and heavens perish and all prophecy is fulfilled. His life, death, resurrection and ascension fulfilled only ancient prophecy. Christ’s prophecies uttered during His ministry and those set out in Revelation had yet to occur. Alas, ALL are fulfilled today: except Christ’s return to take us up followed by the 7th plague and a final battle 1000 years later, then the old heavens and earth are restored to like Eden.
——The new building and gun shot in my dream: the former is significant of the SDA sect falling away, the religion polluted, its status as a remnant church destroyed; and, the gun shot reveals individual persecution from relatively minor to false imprisonment to death: which God’s sheep will experience for a short time once the law mandating a Sunday sabbath is overtly enforced during the worst of earth’s final year. Such a Federal Law, however, is not even necessary in view of Active State laws and the Federal leeway to support them: as previously mentioned.
——Concern for our pastor, believing it was he who was shot, reflects those chosen to spread God’s truth and the danger to which they ultimately are subjected. However, we are told to “Fear not, for you are safe in the Lord!” saith the Lord of lords, King of kings. True to His word, we are consistently reassured: for they might kill our flesh but they cannot touch our spirit. That is who we truly are. We are in the flesh, but not of the flesh. We are in the world, but not of the world. And, we care not for the flesh or this world.
——It seemed there was no confirmation of my minister’s well-being, which relates to salvation and redemption being a personal matter between a believer and God: for only He discerns and reveals our heart’s true intent. Without God, we cannot discern our own heart, muchless another person’s. Albeit, we would do well to remember: God gives to us, in the here and now, what our heart desires—whether it is worldly or spiritual, only the latter guarantees being heaven bound. However, when I was told I was safe, I also was given the feeling that, dead or alive, so was our pastor safe in the Lord.
——At the moment, there are many of God’s children residing among Sunday keeping religions. They are advised to: “Come out of her, my people.” This vision also indicated the fall of the SDA religion, so that call goes out to SDA members, too. This is the last call: DANGER of being left behind. Even today, Christ’s sheep, destined for eternal life, are being divided from Satan’s goats marked for a fiery death.
——The vision seemed to elapse over a time frame of merely hours. All is about to be fulfilled, thus we must watch the clouds in obedience, faith and good works. “A man’s law seemeth right but he will perish.” We must seek out the lukewarm and cold; the lukewarm’s life depends on our speech and warning to get out of Satan’s synagogues and get his or her foot out of the world, firmly planting both feet in God’s camp. God’s global people number millions; but, as His Word says, we are of little strength among the billions today worshipping in Synagogues of Satan around our planet. Who needs great numbers, though, when we have God? This vision concluded and I with the Spirit began my journey through The Revelation. ~~ end of Vision

——Bonnie managed a few minutes to look up Ellen G White on the Internet and found the thrust of White’s vision and other pertinent data that might aid the perspective of some TSaS members. White was born 26 Nov 1827 and died 16 July 1915. She had the vision Tammy reported in Extra Oil 47, a portion of it below, in 1844 at the age of 17. The “Advent” people, as White called them, formed in 1844 after prophecy came to be clearly understood. They called themselves the Millerites, after the man Miller who basically led the initial Sardis awakening. White’s family joined the Millerites in 1840, just 4 years before the Sardis age closed; she was 12 years old. She married Millerite James White in 1846 at the age of 18.
——excerpt White’s First Vision: “Advent people were traveling a high and dangerous path towards the city of New Jerusalem (heaven); others denied the light, the light behind them went out, and they fell “off the path into the dark and wicked world below.” The vision continued with a portrayal of Christ’s second coming, following which the Advent people [that did not fall away] entered New Jerusalem.”
——In 1863, the group divided, part of them forming Jehovah’s’ Witnesses (JW) and the remainder called themselves Seventh Day Adventists (SDA). The split occurred because of a difference of opinion regarding Saturday versus Sunday. Some members had wanted to return to Sunday worship, likely feeling ostracized by the moral majority of the times, which day the JW’s observe today, yet they did and do maintain the omission of pagan festivals. The JW interpretation of Revelation, however, is way off the mark, virtually all historical events they used do not fit prophecy without flaw. There can be no flaw at all for any event to have been prophetic. Mormons (LDS) also rose up around the same time, but were never part of the Sardis “Awakening” era and never a part of the Millerites: just the Great Whore’s newborn daughter bringing back polygamy and to contradict Truth finally out of “hiding in the wilderness” to be “taught again before lost forever” in the Philadelphia era.
——Based on the date of White’s vision, 1844, it easily fits the split in the Millerites that happened in 1863, which was a division of members as opposed to, at the time, being a divided organization; thus, her vision more specifically covers what has happened today: the SDA Conference joining the World Church as an act of one of the Great Whore’s daughters. Her vision pointed to the event occurring in the Laodicea era by virtue of the part about Christ’s return. Bonnie’s vision, 137 years after White’s, is strictly about this Laodicea age, plus it revealed Revelation’s second beast. Readers might have noticed that the WC and WCC were mentioned in the interpretation of Bonnie’s 1981 vision.
——In reality, neither White nor Uriah Smith started the SDA movement: there is a long list of names, likely the same members of the split, which included White’s and Smith’s names as a members. Smith joined SDA in 1852. His greatest contribution to them, indeed the world, was “Daniel and The Revelation,” that involved over 30 years of research and is still in print today; albeit, he could not complete the Philadelphia and Laodicea prophetic metaphors with accuracy because he lived only in the early years of Philadelphia. The latter two interpretations would later come through God’s prophets for Philadelphia and Laodicea. Otherwise, Smith became editor of two SDA publications, newsletters as it were, in 1855.
——Because of White’s visions, the church deemed her a prophet of God, a claim she never made. In fact, she was quoted having once said, “No one would have needed the books I’ve written if they had just taken out their Bibles and read them.” They would have done well to heed her first vision but, obviously, are blind to the fact they have done exactly what her dream portended; for today the church organization has destroyed itself and will take a lot of members down with it; IF the members do not heed God’s call to “come out of her, my people.”

——Previously mentioned was the fact that Bonnie was neither influenced or a member of any Texas SDA church at the time God gave her His Truth and His prophecy interpretations; at that time she had heard the name but knew nothing about them but had never heard the name Ellen G White. About 2 or 3 years later, during which she and her family obeyed the Sabbath at home, they discovered an SDA church in the Ft. Worth area where Bonnie worked and they began to attend its services. It was that pastor who requested her vision in writing. That particular church has been the only SDA church she has attended that truly fit the Biblical description of Christ’s Church in every way. However, it was when she moved to Washington that she began to see the vision coming to pass in Christ’s Church in accordance with prophecy.
——The first SDA church she visited in Port Orchard, WA, found it contrary to the Texas church on several key points of Doctrine: 1. Port Orchard paid a salary to its pastor, TX did not; 2. Port Orchard included all pagan festivals, TX did not; 3. Port Orchard’s pastor violated the very Sabbath he taught by going to restaurants and playing golf on the Sabbath day, TX did not. Then Bonnie visited an SDA church in Bremerton, where she heard for the first time, “Many of our churches are thinking about coming together with the Sunday denominations, because we all serve the same God and Christ.”
——A short time later, Bonnie visited a Messianic Jewish church and would still be attending were it not so far away from her; there are none in Shelton, so her gathering with believers is achieved by study over the phone or emails and neighbors as well as resting and praising God and Christ. White’s and Bonnie’s visions tied to specific prophecy have been fulfilled, leaving only the predicted violence to come up against God’s Doctrine Keepers and the Jews. For awhile now, we have been experiencing the verbal attacks, which are becoming more angry, knowing it will escalate to a few of our deaths; our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ rushes in to take us home. PRAISE THE LORD!

As said John, so say we, “Nevertheless, come, Lord Jesus, come.”


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