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Extra Oil Vision: Antichrist Recognized

Vision of Antichrist Recognized
©copyright 1975 Bonita M Quesinberry
©copyright 2003 Infinity Publishing

Below is an excerpt of “Truth Gathering”, Intro pgs.11-13: God showed that I would recognize the antichrist, a question I had asked of Him a year before the vision. The main thrust was “you will recognize the antichrist in total” but it would be in his earthly form appropriate to the creation of Satan’s synagogues hinted at by the vision’s metaphors.

——Converse to man’s scientific data, I ceased to dream random dreams at the age of 13. I had one dream then: a vision warning of danger. I did not understand what it meant, mistakenly thinking it portended an unidentified loved one’s death. Two years later it came to pass but was not about death, only a tragedy for the loved one actually seen in the vision. Only then did I comprehend its convoluted warning. I didn’t dream again until years later after my journey began to gain God’s knowledge and wisdoms and only His.

——One early morning sometime in 1975, in a vision—dream—the Holy Spirit showed me strange scenes, the first opening in what seemed a family room in an unfamiliar home. I saw myself sitting on a tall stool, vaguely cognizant of other people milling about: I actually saw the faces of only my husband and son. Instinctively, I was aware my daughter was not present. To this day her absence has left me concerned for her.

——Immediately, various unseen, but not perceived as unknown, people approached me exclaiming, “Jesus is here! Hurry, we’ve got to go see him! He’s performing all kinds of miracles, just like he did before! Hurry!” I declared adamantly and repeatedly, “It cannot be Jesus Christ. It has to be the antichrist.” Everyone argued it was, indeed, our Saviour. Again, I repeated the denial: to no avail and utter frustration.

——Finally, I agreed to go but only to prove God’s point. We climbed into our cars and in the next instant were standing behind a vast crowd praising and glorifying a being I could see above this throng as though standing on a podium. For lack of sufficient words, I can say only that he was the most beautiful entity I had ever seen, emitting a bright glow all about him as he healed people and performed other miracles. Come one, come all, he seemed to encourage with such believable conviction and loving demeanor.

——My thoughts were piercing as I looked from this incredible creature to search the crowd of faces, my expression one of absolute amazement. Don’t they understand? Can’t they see this isn’t Christ? Long before this dream, God had shown me that when Jesus returns He will come in the clouds and take us up to Him “to meet Him in the air.” His written word states this very thing. He will never step foot on this old earth until it is time to make it new again. Nor would He be performing any miracles upon His return, aside from our redemption, ascension and leaving behind total desolation. It is written!

——Still, I looked again to this gorgeous individual, human-like in form, who stood perhaps three feet above a mass of worshippers. Again, I scanned an ecstatic crowd and once more stared at this entity, the same disbelieving musings racing through my mind.

——I neither could tolerate his blasphemy or that of the people worshipping him. Despite being some distance from this glorious life form, it was as though he singled me out just as I stabbed the air with my finger and abruptly roared, “I rebuke you, Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

——At once his beautiful form twisted into the most hideous raging beast. I am at a loss to describe his vile appearance and ugly madness such as I’d never seen before. Instantly, he was surrounded by an ominous, threatening pitch-black roiling cloud. Immediately, the crowd was screeching and screaming and running for their lives.

——Those with me and I ran, unexpectedly finding ourselves standing outside our vehicles. At once, I realized my kids were not with us. Frantically I searched, only to instantaneously find myself again sitting on that stool just as a deep, bass voice boomed and reverberated into the room, my body vibrating from His thunderous bass. “Fear not, for you are safe in the Lord,” saith the Lord. Somehow, and inspite of how very loud He spoke, God’s voice was soothing and comforting and I knew all would be well.

——I awoke and for a split second was perplexed; then I remembered a full year before. I had asked God if I would recognize the antichrist. In the interim and amidst His Holy Ghost guiding me through our Lord’s written Word regarding matters in progress, as well as in the absence of a quick answer, I had forgotten that I’d even asked. Instantly, I realized I had just been shown recognition of the beast: his Queen the great whore and her harlot daughters, of whom Revelation speaks and spoken of throughout the Bible. But, He would not reveal them as a single man such as portrayed in my dream. Rather, He ultimately revealed corporate Christendom’s seminaries and pulpits as Satan’s synagogues representing the antichrist Papal Rome. El Shaddai provides only Truth.

——Over the next twelve months, God’s Spirit began to bring into my hands various historical data and records I would never have thought to search for, nor would I have known even where to find them. With these, the Holy Spirit led me through Christ’s prophecies as well as those applicable from ancient prophets and John’s Revelation. By the end of another full year, I fully and undeniably recognized the antichrist and his apostate churches: the Synagogues of Satan— the recognition without flaw, God’s confirmation that I understood accurately.

——Still, our Lord had shown me more in this vision. The time of Christ’s return is drawing incredibly near and all things remaining to occur have been happening in my lifetime. In 2003, I was 59 years young. The time is so short: I describe it as though I were poised on the very edge of a chair, my hands hovering on either side, my body in forward motion, as if about to push up, rush out to meet Jesus in the clouds.

——Dear reader, old earth’s time is so short. Six of the last seven plagues began in 1991 and are rapidly intensifying, which is Biblically proven beyond doubt in “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law.” The seventh plague will occur in Christ’s wake as He sweeps across our skies taking up His sheep. We must be prepared in obedience, faith and good works. We must possess the same unshakable faith Jesus demonstrated when facing His cross, a deep faith allowing Him to be nailed to a tree. And, our works must be acceptable to His Father: wholly from our hearts. Think not works? Read of Revelation’s seven churches where Christ said, “I have not found your works perfect before God.” The time is nigh upon us: purity and perfection IS required for entry into heaven.

——In 1991, Allied Forces opened attack on Iraq, President Bush having initiated the theatre labeled Desert Storm. Immediately, theologians and I rushed to scriptures. Theologians said it was not Armageddon; it was and remains Armageddon, just not Armageddon as theologians and Sunday sects teach. What was and is going on in the Middle East is of immense value to Christ’s true church, thus we must understand its meaning. This unexpected, yet expected, war reminded me of a dream our Lord gave to me ten years before Desert Storm: “Christ’s Remnant Polluted,” the TSaS broadcast on 01/09/10 Tuesday. The ominous black cloud in that vision also represented the Dark Ages Papal Rome and her harlot daughters are bringing upon Doctrine Keepers today: again, we metaphorically are fleeing to the wilderness in order to “preserve” God’s Truth; though we keep and speak it today only for the lukewarm and cold. The dust of mother and daughters we have shook from our feet and never will go their way again, never step inside one of their polluted synagogues. Our Lord is on His way!
——After all the Spirit had taught me in prophecy, in 1998 He instructed that I put it in a book; the result was “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law”. A good thing for everyone who is to have the interpretation, for there is far too much to include with the above vision: as one might imagine, 25 years ensued from the time of the vision, which does not include all the other necessary spiritual training prior to and since 1975; the 25 years spent just in being taught coupled with study of appropriate prophetic scriptures throughout the Bible and in research for appropriate historical and current events that were fulfilled and now fulfill each phase of Philadelphia and Laodicea’s prophecies.
——Over 30 years of spiritual training, by Holy Spirit’s instruction, also resulted in “Truth Gathering”, an AKJV Topical Bible unlike anything available in the world: all subjects critical-to-salvation provide “every” relevant scripture, as it were all of God’s Word about His requirements of His children and Christ’s sheep: topical is the method of study God prescribed. Both books finally were published in 2003 by Infinity Publishing, an on-demand publisher, which assures the books always will be in print: well, as long as this old earth exists, as there will be no necessity for them in new earth. God provided the money necessary to get them published by way of Social Security’s settlement on His writer; and, to this day, the gatherer/annotator has not earned a penny in return: money was not and is not and never will be the motive for publishing.
——God’s writer has paid for and given away 100s of copies over the last eight years, per the Holy Spirit’s discretion, perhaps 5 copies of each purchased by others somewhere in the US. Sadly, of those 5 only 1 was a Sunday-keeping preacher; the upside of which is that he has frequently communicated with God’s writer for information on other topics, such as the “Early and Latter Rains.” He was directed to TSaS each time, as Bible lessons are posted on that topic and others not necessary to have included in “Truth Gathering.”
——Please, never think God’s Writer “knows it all;” for there is far too much to ever know it all during this temporary lifetime. She does, however, “know it all” when it comes to prophecy and the weightier matters of God’s Law; the latter of which lessons also are at TSaS and in “Truth Gathering.” We can make the claim of “knowing it all” only after we reach heaven, for at that time our finite brain will be converted to an infinite brain capable of absorbing “it all.” The Holy Spirit has continued to bring new Truths upon God’s writer during this last church age; one example being the wedding parables with interpretation transparency that exceeded just “being prepared” as commonly taught.
——The Holy Spirit has communicated with God’s pen in several ways: audibly with that voice of thunders and many waters, in her thoughts, or in words coming out of her mouth yet not in her thoughts. The latter was the case in March 2009 when He provided a clarity no religious sect has ever taught on the parables nor had she ever heard in her 65 years.
——On the phone, in March, with her best friend of 43 years, the topic of understanding prophecy came up, the facts of which her best friend, who has the gift of faith, did not feel she needed to know: “faith is all I need.” God’s writer began explaining the meanings of the wedding parables, yet not one word of thought was in her mind. Her best friend commented that she had never heard that before but God’s pen did not respond.
——When the call was terminated, God’s pen fully realized the Holy Spirit had just given her a new Bible lesson and at the same time allowed her to understand why it had never been given to anyone until 2009: now was the “time.” God is always punctual, never late, never early. A week later, she reminded her best friend of their conversation and said, “You had said that you’d never heard that before. Well, I confess that I’d never heard it before until I told it to you.” They both laughed and marveled at God’s greatness and how He works with His beloved Sheep and prophets.
——Many of the “new” lessons given God’s writer in this last church age were given because it was “time” for full understanding to reach the Elect: the “new” lessons not really new, just fine tuned, would serve to strengthen us, as the terrors of these end days painfully escalate, and to make it “impossible” to deceive us. The “wedding parables” lesson resulted in Extra Oils now broadcasting from TSaS. Other great “new” lessons have been given on Grace, Faith, Healing, and so more: each bringing the most incredible logic and insight to greatly enhance our knowledge and understanding of why we suffer as we do, who is God and what is His character, a God worthy of so much more than our love, praise and total obedience— our best for God and Christ. The Holy Spirit has taught us how to be our best; we have only to heed the lessons.

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