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Extra Oil: HAITI DEVASTATED, Critical Info Herein

01/12/10— M7.0 Earthquake Haiti:

PRAY FOR HAITI: After California’s earthquake a few days ago, another in the ring of fire was expected and it hit with a vengeance. At 5pm, Tuesday, Haiti time, it was hit by M7.0 earthquake, the epicenter at its capital of Port-au-Prince. Florida reported it at a M7.5 and Australia at a M7.3. At least 28 aftershocks averaging M5.0 since, Wed. morning still getting after shocks, highest at M5.9, one at 5pm Wed was M4.9. There will be another major quake somewhere in the ring of fire following this one: statistics bear this out, especially in the last 2 years.

Haiti’s First Lady reported, “Most of Port-au-Prince is destroyed.” More than 100K are reported dead, including Roman Catholic Archbishop Minot, with 100s of 1000s more expected, thousands injured and missing. At least 3M people have been affected. Massive building collapses, including hospitals, UN, Aid centers, homes and more. One of its major prisons collapsed and prisoners escaped. Electric and water systems have collapsed as well as the landline phone systems: please do not attempt to call Haiti about loved ones visiting or living there: info below about how to check on them. Cell phones are being used to Twitter pictures and text messages to other nations. Requesting aid.

Experts had said that Haiti was at risk of such an earthquake; however, because Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, their buildings are not earthquake proof. 95% of its population is below poverty level and 54% are in abject poverty. Haiti’s population is 95% black, 85% Roman Catholic, language French, with a nationwide population over 9-million. Approximately 30-40K American citizens are in Haiti, most working with various aid and relief organizations.

Haiti was still trying to recover from 2 massive hurricanes and 2 tropical storms Sept. and Oct. 2008 when this quake struck. US aid is already on the way: Coast Guard ships en route, UN immediately releasing $10M in aid funds, US aid organizations either gearing up to fly in with staff and aid supplies or have flown out this morning. If you wish to donate, please make it cash only to one of the organizations set up to handle this tragedy. CNN has a list at the site mentioned below and so does former President Clinton.

Most US airlines have cancelled all flights to Haiti, with exception of aid crews. Haiti airport will fly out 200 U.S. citizens on Thursday morning and afternoon; for the remaining wishing to evacuate, no plans yet in the works.

If you have family and/or friends in Haiti and need to know about their safety, the following data will help:

1. State Department of Operations toll-free 1-888-407-4747, keep calling until you get through, may have info on US citizens in Haiti

2. To get information and how to help, go to

3. MySpace and FaceBook have set up a Haiti page for people to post pictures of loved ones in Haiti and to request information as to their well-being.

4. Clinton – Haiti is very special to President Clinton and wife Hillary, where they took a belated honeymoon in 1975. His foundation is prepared to accept cash donations for medicines and medical supplies badly needed.

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