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Extra Oil 2009 Recap 49: Lawless & 2010 News

2010 News: Haiti Earthquake, Pat Robertson, Pact W/Devil, Recap 2009 Lawless News ©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

Prophecy’s 2009 Extra Oil Recap 49: Lawless in the News

Urgent 2010 News:
NatureCalifornia’s 01/09 4:27pm, M6.5 violent quake, at 5:51pm Solomon Islands M6.2; less than 72-hours after CA quake on 01/12 5:00pm a M7.5 struck Haiti, Port-au-Prince capital and port destroyed, 100s of 1000s dead, 7K already buried in mass graves, more trapped/missing/dead on streets. (TSaS: 01/09—More large earthquakes will hit in the ring of fire following Haiti, statistics over the last 2 years show as many as 5 within hours to a week following a strong quake in the ring, which also affects volcanoes); 01/14 2.:03pm Mariana Isl. M6.0; 01/15 A.M. Haiti M4.6; Venezuela, M5.6; Kuril Isls, M5.3; Japan, M5.3; Philippines, M5.3; Ring of Fire, 286 earthquakes in last 7 days, 42 at M5.0 and greater, 4 at M6.0 to M7.5; US, 978 quakes of M1.0 and greater, most along CA coast, also in/around WA, OR, and a few neighboring states, 1 in TX, the greatest cluster in AK and along its peninsula; the number of M5.0 and greater are increasing rapidly; Volcanoes in or near Ring of Fire— 01/06-12
New Activity/Unrest— Mayon, Nyamuragira, Piton de la Fournaise, Tungurahua, and Turrialba, Continuing Activity— Barren Island, Chaiten, Fuego, Karymsky, Kilauea, Kliuchevskoi, Pacaya, Popcatepetl, Rabaul, Redoubt, Sakura-jima, Santa Maria, Shiveluch, Soufriere Hills, Suwanose-jima;
Mother/Daughters— TSaS has critical data regarding the SDA church; but, in lieu of the Haiti earthquake, we will put it out in another post in a few days.
——01/14 brother Rob R reported: Evangelist
Pat Robinson of the 700 Club, in the wake of Haiti’s earthquake said Haiti had made a pact with the Devil— “We will serve you if you free us from the French”— thus hurricanes, tropical storms and this earthquake is what they have reaped. Haiti wanted a deal with the devil as the Haitian people were under French control. They said they would serve the devil if he kicks the French out. The devil said OK and ever since then the Island nation has been cursed. The Island is divided in two countries with the Dominican Republic prosperous and Haiti is cursed and poor. They should turn to God for strength to relieve the suffering. Robertson has received a lot of press, most critical of his remarks. I’m not sure why the people would make a pact with the devil but Pat says they did. From what history shows, most of Haiti’s problems are a result of government corruption and greed.
—— At One of the most callous reactions to the Haiti disaster thus far has come from televangelist Pat Robertson, who told viewers on his 700 Club Christian Broadcasting Network on Wednesday morning that he knew the real reason for the quake: ‘Something happened a long time ago in Haiti … they were under the heel of the French, uh, you know, Napoleon the third and whatever and they got together and swore a pact to the devil: we will serve you, if you get us free from the Prince. True story.’ 
——”But is it a true story? We spoke with Andrew Apter, professor of history and anthopology at UCLA, about Haiti’s voodoo traditions, the ignorance behind the evangelical community’s distortions and the real cause of suffering in the third-world country.
——”Is there any truth to what Pat Robertson is saying? Of course not! Haitians are Christians. Pat Robertson’s language is the reductio ad absurdum of the Christian right. It’s so absurd it’s almost funny. This notion of a pact with the devil is basically an echo of an old colonial response to the successes of the 1790s Haitian revolution.” 

——TSaS Note: First, let it be known that TSaS has never and never will speak against people of whatsoever religion, even paganism. We always have maintained that the Truth we put out speaks against Rome’s Great Whore and her harlot daughters: religions. We do know that Revelation’s Whore mother reigns over Haiti as well as many other countries; however, Robertson’s statement was in the poorest of taste and certainly not that of the loving standards of true Christians who will rise up in loving care for the misery and pain and death Haitians are suffering and will suffer for years to come: that is, what few years earth has left. Exercise Christ’s compassion toward all people! We do not judge people; we have the power only to warn people; however, by God’s Word we are judges of religions and Christ’s church to determine them true or false or straying from God’s Word and according to the Biblical description of Christ’s Church (lesson w/scriptures at TSaS).
——Haiti is 85% Roman Catholic, thus another 15% might be Christ’s true church but would be affected, yet to a lesser degree. God’s people are everywhere! Most importantly, God’s wrath is pouring out upon ALL false religions, pouring out all over the world: most vehemently God’s wrath is upon ALL incorporated organizations with tax exempt status, as it were Corporate Christendom, and/or masquerading as Christ’s church: religions, NOT people therein, unless they do not heed God’s call to “come out of her, my people.”
——There is no doubt God’s wrath is pouring out on earth and has been since 1991, worsening exponentially each year thereafter; however, Robertson’s charge came across as though he and his “rich organization” were better than Papal Rome, despite the fact he stands with and for her harlot daughters of Protestantism. Anyone vowing allegiance to either Papal Rome or Protestantism— Sunday, as it were—knowingly or unknowingly has made a pact with Satan. Robertson is the pot calling the kettle black: both are black. We need to pray that all people who embrace Sunday be given sight and hearing, that they “come out of her,” to ask God to forgive them, “for they know not what they do.”
——We, as Doctrine Keepers, know that many of us will die before Christ arrives but we also know it is God’s way of “sparing” them the worst terrors to come: which will be quite soon in the form of violence by those who appear Christian using Blue Laws to persecute and/or slay the Elect still standing, “thinking they do it for God.” We must stand strong and adamant for God’s Truth and keep our feet out of Satan’s synagogues. BonnieQ said, “I will not step foot in any church building that follows Sunday and/or is a World Church member. It saddens me to have to include many SDA churches still in the local and General Conferences.”
——Speak to people everywhere, for we do not know who is lukewarm or cold; but, do understand that the lukewarm are the most difficult to reach, for their one foot in the world is their comfort and ease instead of that comfort and ease being solely in God and Christ; whereas the cold will come to God’s Truth the “instant” they hear or read it. Paul told us to speak “twice” to a person or persons and, if they do not receive the Truth after “the second admonition,” it is because their “mind is perverted;” thus, we shake their dust from our feet and move on to the next and the next and so forth. Fear no man, fear not death; for us it is no death at all.
——Doctrine Keepers, pray your hearts out for Haiti and its people! If you can help with cash donations, please do so through trusted organizations listed at No matter whom we help, it is as if we do it for our Lord Jesus.


06/06/09“Earth is critically close to utter extinction; for the first time due to its largest species: mankind.” Now for the 2009 Recap of Lawless News


06/06/09ALARM: w/be many senseless killings unbelievable; i.e. British soccer fan shot for “singing too much.” [Imagine God’s prophets/Christ’s sheep killed for speaking God’s Truth.]
06/13/09LA: Porn star Stormy Daniels running for LA Senate; KS: anti-abortionist Roeder killed late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller, said more attacks scheduled across US; Tiller’s clinic closed permanently, “a win for life” stated Roeder. NEB Dr set to do late-term abortions in KS replace Dr. Tiller; NV: gambling, prostitution legal in Vegas, other States; UT: Polygamy practiced inspite of Statehood agreements, Groups in other States; CA: US accepts Hollywood’s OK, contrary to God, via movies, entertainers’ actions of— nudity, homosexuality, sex outside marriage, gay marriages, divorce, ghosts, astrology, cross-dressers, transvestites, rich OK murder— all evil called good; 5 STS: OK “gay marriages”; FED: 200-yo Fed document declares, “Sunday national sabbath and for whole world, absolutely no provision for seventh day,” Sunday violators under police power; 52 STS: 1.Child porn, perverted sex acts, i.e. autoerotic asphyxiation as in actor Carradine’s accidental death, or animals; Pedophiles range from ages 17 to 82 in 1000s across nation; 2. Sunday Blue Laws w/police power— Corporate Christian sects observe Sunday, include pagan artifacts w/heathen festivals; PA, 4-bystandeers dead by theft getaway car; US, Man shoots over “loud” teens; Mother kills 2 sons then self; AZ, 2 killed helicopter crash; NM, 1-dead, 1-injured helicopter crash;
08/08/09—Senseless individual killings-rapes-kidnappings;
09/05/09Vermont OKs gay marriage; Another pastor w/perform gay marriages; WA, OK gay partner rights, no marriage; US, 11-yo Jaycee Dugard found after 18yrs, mom of 2-daughters sired by kidnapper Phillip Garrido, he/wife charged w/29-counts rape/kidnapping; GA, 8 killed, 1 child critical, older son arrstd on suspicion, neighbors fear for lives; PA, Pittsburgh boy found dead;  NC, 19-yo man arrstd in 1 of 5 serial rape/murders; TX, 3 arrstd TX doctor murder; WalMart, stranger slaps 2yo 5x after telling Mom to stop child’s tantrum or he would; DE, man arrstd in police officer’s death; Manson, dying member denied 13th parole plea; CA, Health Reform Rally, man bit off fingertip of man’s pinky in fight; US, Sr. football star stops girl w/gun on school bus; Taiwan, former first lady chgd w/perjury; Zimbabwe prisoners’ amnesty to reduce overcrowding; WA, Renton Bar shooting kills 5; Apple store emptied in 31-second robbery; Man kills 4 family/self; 36yo drunk driver kills 26yo, injures 6; NC, 9th highest rate teen pregnancies; Mass, officer killed at scene domestic violence; Fla, vote workers sought for voter fraud; Uruguay passes bill allow homosexuals adopt children; Colombia, gov confiscates $11M smuggled cash; Yale student/bride-to-be disappears; Wis, man arrstd serial killings; TN, soldier killed wife; Crime boss Gotti trial; MI, 2 men killed, 1-antiabortionist activist;
09/30/09US, 10 bank robberies’ suspect arrstd;
10/06/09Chicago highest for teen gang killings; US teens killing epidemic; CNN reporter, “We live in a violent society.” 3-mo jail, 10-yr probation, 1yr suspended license to female driver on cell phone caused wreck, Feds consider bill to ban all cell phone use while driving, even hands free; S.Fla Univ gunman arrstd;
10/08/09US, Egypt charge 100 in ID theft ring; France, Minister will not resign over “sex with boys;” US, former US judge tried for sex-with-inmates case; Brazil, missing ex-legislator on run from crime; WA, drive-up Coffee Barristas wearing bikini thongs, some topless, arrstd indecent exposure; NY, gun show sting finds guns illegally sold w/o background chks; NH, 4 teens 17-19 invade, 17yo kills 42yo woman severely injured 10yo daughter, husband away on business; Chicago, last 12-mo 34 teens killed, 134 injured in 500 shootings;
10/12/09OH, gun battle in bar due to man selling drugs; MLK, siblings fight over King’s estate in trial;
10/17/09US juveniles laugh as set fire to 15yo “snitch,” critical on life support; DC, teen shooting deaths; NY, 2 arrested for beating “gay” man; Mexican man beaten to pulp; Supreme Court hears charges against “Sex Slave” Web site; LA Judge denies marriage license to interracial couple; 3 in court for Anna Nicole Smith’s death; Ford, 4.5M cars recalled, fire hazard; FLA, judge sends converted Christian teen to OH home, Muslim family to undergo psych testing/counseling; AZ, 3 die in sweat lodge ritual, author hires PI to investigate; CA governor signs anti-paparazzi law, wife Maria breaks cell phone law;
10/20/09— Teen pregnancies high; SC, student dead, officer hurt in school fight; Police kill man in car racing toward them; CN Univ. Jr. football player stabbed to death outside game dance; “Balloon Boy” a hoax, parents face 4 felony charges, 4 local & Fed groups’ rescue efforts at $14,000+, Child Welfare looks into case, states child abuse if parents arrested in kids’ view; Chicago, 16yo girl critical after huge street fight; NC, incarcerated killers & rapists to go free per 1970s & 80s state laws; Puerto Rico, 7 killed in shootout; Black boxer waits for Obama to issue pardon, jailed for interracial dating; Last 12-mo. 89,000 US women raped, some killed, reporter says, “undeclared war on women;” Afghan women, 90% in domestic abuse; 92yo woman in wheelchair arrested for smuggling cocaine; Seattle Judge on trial, paid male prostitutes for sex;
10/27/09— “Balloon Boy” parents admit hoax, chgs to reap 6yrs prison; FLA, missing 7-yo Somer body in landfill; China busts child prostitute ring; Philippines, est 130K teen gang members; US, best friends shot 13 times, left in ditch; AZ, Iraqi father ran down daughter for “disrespect” of Iraq husband + a US boyfriend, girl in coma; NFL Howard stabbed to death, funeral Mon; FBI arrst 60 pimps in child prostitute ring, 52 kids recovered; Smartphone common target of computer hackers; Chicago, Blacks barred at nightclub; NM, Whitten Inn refuses people w/Spanish/Mexican names, anglicizes staff names, mgr under fire-protestors front Inn;
10/31/09CA, 15yo girl brutally gang beaten/robbed/multiple rapes, critical, 6 arrstd incl 2 adults, more sought; Latino woman driver ticketed/no speak Eng; US, nationwide sting update- 690 arrstd child prostitute rings, incl 60 pimps, rcvd 52 kids young as 10, OR: kids as young as 8; Afghan, young boys sold as sex slaves, 60K street children in Kabul alone; TX, Muslim woman refused at market; CT, 3 non-students arrstd in jr. Univ football player Jasper Howard murder; WA. Quiznos, security camera sees gun-wielding robber ignored by staff sweeping, robber left empty-handed when register did not open; Robbers crash trucks into ATM machines all over State, steal; Past week numerous arsons- homes, businesses, warehouses, damages in $Ms (what about your area?); FED, Hate Crime Law extended/signed, include gay communities— Obama: “It shows we [Americans] value all life”— Law Censors use of Bible verses re:homosexuals and/or behaviour (USA edits God?);
11/02/09FLA, 7-mo girl, 2-ft tall 11-lbs, vanished from home, parents not suspects; CA. 5-young adults arrested in burglary of celebrities’ homes; “Spam King” pays $711-mil damages to FaceBook; OH, Cleveland, 6 strangled bodies in/around sex offender’s home, may be 3 more, several months 7-neighborhood women missing, suspect spotted on street, arrested; WA, Seattle, drive by shooter kills officer, wounds student officer; Neighborhood shooting kills 1-man;
Robber breaks into man’s apartment, thief beaten by neighbors as he tries to flee, critical condition; US req extradition Roman Polanski, fled US 32-yrs ago to avoid prison conviction 1977 rape 13yo girl; SC, Ex- lawmaker, Deputy US Atty Gen Roland Corning, lunch in cemetery w/sex toys, Viagra, 18yo stripper-prostitute, in shadow of ex-Gov’s Argentina mistress, Atty Gen’l fired Roland; Eliz. Olten, 15yo arrstd murder sister’s 9yo friend; MX extradites to US authorities record number US criminals; NY outlaws cell phone texting while driving; Mom/screaming toddler kicked off plane;
11/07/09NC, Fayetteville man murders wife, two kids then self; AZ, 20yo girl dies from injuries when Iraqi Dad ran her down w/car; Phoenix, 2 men arrstd, police recover 1K pieces Sky Harbor Air passengers’ luggage; US, 38% kids ignore age requirements at websites, i.e. FaceBook, My Space, too much info in profiles; Missing baby found in box beneath sitter’s bed, Mom and Sitter arrstd; Police “job getting more dangerous out there by the day”; OR, man arrstd digging for gold State forestland, much damage; CA, 7th arrstd in gang rape; US, 14yo boy as adult in clothes dryer murder of 4yo; Inmates come to guard’s aid in jail attack; MX, officials report death of a Drug Cartel leader; Army apologizes to Brian Seacrest for armed military stalker; Iowa, Mom guilty of killing 2yo son; TX, polygamist guilty of sexual assault; FLA, 11/06, Orlando arrst Jason Rodriguez killed 1, injrs 5, 1 heart attack in former 2007 employer office; WA, Tacoma, 2-men pose as undercover cops rob restaurants, raped 1-employee; Bremerton, woman killed in house fire/homicide; Greenwood, shopping center fire destroys 4 business, severe water damage 2 others, serial arsonist on loose; Anacortes, dog trainer murdered by ex-wife’s boyfriend; Seattle, $102k reward for killer of policeman; Moses Lake, silicon factory fire cause evacuation; SeaTac, Houston felony fugitive creates havoc fleeing plane in police chase; Middle School student arrstd assault w/knife; Lakewood, 31yo chgd w/2 bank robberies; OR, reports same as WA St; OH, Cleveland arrsts ex-Marine/reg sex offender 50yo Anthony Sowell, 11 bodies, 2 decapitated/more expected; Maine, votes reject gay marriages; LA, Judge resigns over interracial marriage scandal; FBI “Granddad Bandit” on loose; Teen drowned 4yo to protect secret; Mom guilty of killing 2yo son; Missing baby found alive in box beneath sitter’s bed, mom/sitter in custody; Tanzania, 4 to hang in death of Albino;
10-yo boy kills dad; MO, search for bodies child sex abuse case, 6 arrstd oldest in 70s; AR, 5 bodies found; CO, Vail bar shooting kills 1, injrs 3; Man attempts to extort Cindy Crawford, husband; Elderly MX man charged in “witch” murder;
11/24/09US, religion/sexual orientation hate crimes rising rapidly; OR bad weather, road rage shooting kills 1, injrs others/shooter kills self; LV, officer killed in home; FaceBook led to 12yo beating, Woman informed “stripped of Canadian disability to F/B photos Chippendale strip show”; (Uncle Sam is watching/listening);
11/28/09VT, 1st state for gay marriage~ 1 public school now teaching children “anything goes” in sexuality [?sex with animals, too?]; FLA, man sought for shooting 5;
12/04/09MX, airport, 2 men arrested w/$4.1M cash; 105 slave workers freed; Italy, jury convicts US Amanda Knox killed roommate, gets 26yrs prison, w/appeal; NY, senate kills gay wed bill; MD, Baltimore mayor guilty embezzlement; DC, senator’s daughter carjacked; Soldier arrests 2 in stabbing deaths; PA, 2 men rob man waiting in ER, dies of heart attack, loved musician/counselor;
Prison escapee faked paralysis, captured; FaceBook, 5 groups work to protect kids; 20k attend 4 slain Seattle Officers’ funeral; Lawless, teenage delinquency, crime increased by almost 200% last 10 years: indeed, in deed Pope called, they came; Do you believe news reporting agencies are not censored, things are just now getting worse or are the same as ever? US example of global censoring, Sun 12/06/09 Docu: 2 travesties 2005/06— Ireland, man fired from school 2yrs before walks into school, kills 21 kids, 2 teachers, self; England, man enters primary school, kills 16 kids, police kill man. Lawlessness, rage is global, far worse than can be reported in our Extra Oils.
NY, Times Square shooter killed; NJ, ‘the boss’ Bruce Springsteen tells home State “vote yes gay marriage.”
12/15/09CA, actor John Stamos extortion plot target; Police safely explode bomb, perps unknown; SC gov’s wife files divorce; US: 2009 Police officer line-of-duty deaths increase 24%; Lg. cities gear for deadly riots/protests; 2 women, 2 kids murder/suicide; 98yo woman murders 100yo nursing home roommate, said she was taking over room, making “life living hell”, suffocated w/plastic bag, “hope I don’t have to use it on new roommate”; TX, Houston-new gay Mayor; PA, 2teens/3officers arrstd in hate beating death; Italy, Prime Minister hit at protest rally, hosp w/injuries worse than thought;
12/19/09DC city council OKs gay weddings; daycare doping kids insure naps; 15% teens get/send sextext msgs; NYC, 4 found dead in apt;
12/26/09WA, 2 more officers shot in Tacoma, 1/critical, 1/stable, 5 total Tacoma— 1 Hallowe’en, 2 Thanksgiving, 2 Xmas— + 1 killed/1 wounded in Seattle; Seattle, boyfriend sought in killing of girlfriend/5-mo old daughter, couple dated 9yrs planned marriage, neighbors shocked; Balloon Boy, father gets 90 days jail/60 days probation, mom gets 20 days jail/60 days probation, w/have to pay $47K cost of local/Fed agencies involved; Delaware, Pediatrician arrstd for molestation of multiple victims; Spain, police seize $635K in cocaine; CA, singer Amy Winehouse chg’d with assault;

12/29/09 AZ, Xmas day kidnapped girl rescued “Xmas miracle”; NM, missing child found dead; NYC, mayor rpts safest yr on record, fewest murders ever; WA, Seattle, man shot dead in car at apt bldg; Speeding SUV hits car in 5way intersection, SUV driver w/head injr runs off, other driver killed, pedestrian w/head injry frm flying tire; Gig Harbor, body found in Bay; Belltown, gang beat one man, stab another, still on run; CA, Xmas day theft, Little League equipt; actor Charlie Sheen released after domestic violence arrst, not exptd to affect career; actor Nicolas Cage facing $36.7 law suit, denies petitioner claims; Minnesota, investigating rash suspicious fires, 2 dead; Maryland, homeless man steals sm plane, crashes on runway then runs away; US, 51yo man steals sm plane, crash found in woods, man dead; Couple robbed at store frnt, woman beaten, man shot, both hosp; Hate Crime, man beaten to death w/2×4, sticks, perps sought; FED say crime rate down across nation, yet daily news says otherwise, Gov’s try to sedate public; Argentina, first gay marriage in Latin Amer;

12/31/09US, more police officer killed in 2009 than ever; NYPD, officer accuses dept of racial profiling; WA, Dad rpts furnance prob to homeowner weeks ago, catches fire 12/31 Dad at work, 2 toddler daughters dead, wife burned 1/2 body; Man stabs man w/screwdriver, Deputy wounded but killed perp, victim stable; 11yo girl arrstd, conspired w/boyfriend to kill Dad; Redman, man found dead, no obvious trauma, accident/homicide?; Baskin Robbins robbed @ gunpoint; Man meets 19yo girl on My Space, date ends w/her stealing his keys, car, wallet, car found/returned, she stole again, police nabbed when she pulled up at Red Robin Restaurant; Ocean Shores, man arrstd for $25K for hit man to kill wife;  TX, Gunman puts man in own car trunk, man texts 911, police nabbed when gunman pulled up @ bank; VA, Prison inmate stabs/shoots guards; Finland, Shooter kills 5 + self;


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