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Extra Oil 2009 Recap 50: Earthquakes, 2009 Wars

Earthquakes every 8/10ths second, Cayman Islands/Oklahoma City quakes, Van Impe, Robot Rules, Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson, Recap 2009 Wars

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 2009 Recap 50: Wars In the News
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


TSaS Note: Back in 1998, just after research and writing had been completed for “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” the government USGS reported earthquakes of some magnitude occurring somewhere in the world every hour. In 1999, USGS gave a similar report, except quakes were then occurring every 35-seconds; to which one scientist said, “Earth is reeling to and fro.” That scientist may not have realized he had quoted a Bible prophecy. He just did not quote it entirely: “Earth is reeling to and fro like a drunkard.” BonnieQ provided that information globally as well as added it in “Bind Up . . .” She has long said that these events will continue to worsen exponentially and they have.
——Extra Oil 2009 Lawless Recap, posted 16 Jan, provided a ‘last seven days’ (1080 seconds) earthquake report of 286 M4.0 or greater and 978 M1.0 or greater. Earth, 11 years later, is quaking every eight/tenths (.8) of a second, excluding quakes below M1.0, and it has not changed in any recent seven-day USGS reports, oft times more frequent. CNN’s Monday evening news tickler cited a quake off the Cayman Islands but did not mention the magnitude; albeit, to even report it meant a significant event (it was M5.8). And, a few days ago, a M4.0 quake was reported near Oklahoma City. In the last seven days, there have been 222 quakes of M4.0 or greater just between Alaska down to but not including South America.
——Earth is quaking constantly and events are more devastating and deadly. She is no longer just reeling to and fro; she is cracking up in the final throes of her ‘first death’ and volcanoes are going to explode with her blood.
——TBN: Jack Van Impe aired Monday night. After viewing most of its 30-minute program, TSaS feels it no longer necessary to keep a watchful eye on him; the man has truly lost all sense of reality, both in the corporeal and spiritual realms, and is now living in some video war game made up of fantastical creatures.
——As Van Impe’s recent custom, the show was about his false 7yr tribulation but more about a purported World Order government: Obama its World Dictator. It was here that insanity entered Van Impe’s world. First, Rexella showed several articles with pictures from various magazines, reporting on a World Order and a portended leader and another on the advancement of robots.
——Van Impe resumed, saying that the true Dictator would actually be “in the wings,” but on stage publicly would be a ruling robot built with extreme technological advances of which we are not aware. He described a fully functional Korean robot with fire in his belly that walks through the woods eating vegetation, quoting one scientist as saying “he is a vegetarian,” that is extremely powerful as well as dangerous. Such a robot will appear, in presence and name only, to be the new World Government leader directed by the real Dictator from behind the scenes.
——Van Impe’s diatribe shifted to the marking of people, saying it would be an injection that includes microscopic robots but would be done in the guise of controlling terrorists and their attacks; this latter purportedly said by the Bilderberg Society. We can assume that only non-extremists would be injected. In short, hiding the fact that the injections constitute the “mark of the beast” and anyone not having that injection “will be able to neither buy nor sell.” Rexella closed by again hawking his “Prophecy Bible.”
——TSaS Note: It amazes us that there are billions of global people who listen to and heed the ravings of madmen simply because they hold doctorate degrees in theology. What is worse, people believe their worldly interpretation of these end days. They who know God and His prophecies will not, do not believe the versions coming from mother and daughters and their leaders; yet, billions buy into the likes of Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson and all the others in their mother’s house. People even give their hard-earned money to support the likes of Van Impe in the style to which they aspire: riches for lies, riches for smooth words, riches for sin to continue unpunished.
——TSaS repeats, “There is no such thing as a 7-year tribulation. Tribulation began in 1991 and it will continue until Christ is in the clouds. There is no such thing as Christ ruling on earth for 1000 years before it is made new. There is no such thing as people just ‘disappearing’ before our eyes with no visible explanation.” Poof and a person is no longer there yet the Bible says, “Every eye will see and will know why they are left behind . . . dead from one end of earth to the other end.”
——As for a World Order, Government as it were? Well, that has been every powerful nation’s goal almost since the beginning of time. It is true that the world is closer than ever in history to such an order; however, it has nothing to do with God, His people or His Word and certainly not to prophecy. In fact, prophecy bears out that every time a nation is about to achieve such a feat, that nation falls, utterly falls: recall the Roman Empire, Napoleon, Hitler. The list goes on.
——A World Government is not part of these end days equation, for it is not part of God’s equation. Jesus will return before such a Government can ever come to complete fruition. The only event concerning prophecy was the formation of a World Church from out of Revelation’s great whore and her harlot daughters; and, Satan had 1810 years to achieve it. He has achieved it, thus now it is time for his divided house to fall; for God will never allow Lucifer to ascend to His throne nor sit on His Son’s throne. These are the days in which Christ said, “I come quickly.” Not soon but quickly!
——Get out of the world, people; stop thinking in the world. THINK SPIRITUALLY.

— Scientist said, “Earth is critically close to utter extinction; for the first time due to its largest species: mankind.” Instead of what mankind is doing, the world needs to be more aware of God’s arsenal firing His wrath upon the world.

Wars: Plague-6, “When Jerusalem is surrounded by the world’s armies” 1991 began Armageddon; Signs, “wars and rumor of wars.” The 2009 Recap of Lawless News

06/06/09— “Desert Storm Armageddon”; past week Middle East, Israel, other countries’ battles reap numerous deaths; largest civilian toll Sri Lanka: over 20K. Drug Cartel fighting, over 40 deaths along US/Mexico border El Paso, TX, ongoing.
06/13/09US 5000 soldiers killed Middle East since 1991; Sri Lanka 20,000 civilians; Pakistan, Taliban kills 33; Taliban kills 14; car bomb kills 17, 50 injured; Bannu evacuations urged. Thailand, 10 killed; Peru, police kill “more than 30 civilian protestors” (arrest 36); Kashmir, 5 killed; Baghdad 7 killed; roadside bomb kills 1, wounds 4; Hamas kills 5 Israelis; Muslim cleric killed; Iraq, teen shoots lawmaker, bombs mosque; China, 24 injured acid attack, 3rd in 6 months; Afghan, mine blast kills 1, 50 injured; UK soldier killed (attacks reach record highs); Turkey, rocket factory explosion; Al-Bathaa, car bomb 35 dead, toll rising; Iraq, 28 & 35 dead in two locations suicide bombings; Islamabad, 2-police officers killed, 1-officer wounded suicide bomber; US Military personnel has highest suicide rate in history, rate still rising; MX, Drug Cartel, 15 MX soldiers, 2 civilians, 2 tourists killed, Drug Cartel wars (to date, 11,000 killed) 3 police killed in another exchange; Africa, 100s kids killed, more by starvation, 1000s kidnapped by 1 man, forces to be killing machines, slay own parents;
07/04/09Iraq, our military men/women ” coming home,” at least 40K soldiers to stay another 2yrs; In lieu of military departures, extremist attacks escalate dramatically, so too civilian/UN military personnel death tolls; Number of suicide bombings/missile attacks so many, could not keep up;
07/25/09—Extremist attacks escalated more than 60%, civilian/military killed still rising;
08/01/09Wars, civil unrest killing 100s civilians, police, military around world, not just Middle East also China, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, England, Africa, more; CNN issued “global terrorist warning” today, mankind’s economic crisis turning to rage, as predicted, people seek someone to blame, US specifically, near earth’s end blame will be on Christ’s sheep;
08/08/09—More lives lost to wars, rumors of wars, civil unrest throughout nations;
08/22/09US Homeland Security urges raising terrorist alert system; MX, legalize drugs to stop Drug Cartels’ bloody wars/death tolls, Cartels sweeping across US with performing brutal kidnappings;
09/05/09China civil unrest escalating, 5 killed syringe stabbings, many wounded, people demand better security. Chili civil unrest causes deaths. Peru guerrillas shoot down helicopter killing 2; Pakistan, detains 3 terrorist suspects, US soldier death tolls in M/E rapidly rising, numbers expected to exceed total for prev yrs there est 5000 up to 2009; US to send more troops to Afghan to comply w/30-yr peace contract to eliminate Al Qaida, Taliban; PM wounded in gun attack; US warned keep up guard potential terrorism; India PM, helicopter pilot found dead; Commonwealth suspends Fiji; CBS reporter wounded; Afghan, 22 US, British, French, Scottish soldiers killed suicide bomb mosque; Iraq, 2-US soldiers killed vehicle crash; 1-Brit soldier killed; dozen bomb strikes kill at least 6, wound 85; NATO air strike kills 90/over half civilians; Kashmir, Baghdad bombing death tolls rising; numerous other bomb blasts around M/E cause steady rise of death tolls; US, deviant hazing amid military contractors serving as US Embassy security Kabul, so far 10 fired as investigation proceeds; MX, Drug Cartel all over US, 3 pot fields found in WA forests nearby vacated camps, usually heavily armed, found by routine fly-over~ 25,248 mature plants hauled off; pot farms encroaching tourist areas; attack on Drug Rehab Center killed 17, wounded 2; Afghan, dramatic decrease in opium production as poppy fields destroyed;
09/12/09— 8th Anni 9/11; US largest military in world, largest number bases in other nations (5000); Baghdad, 1 dead, 11 wounded; Afghan, Polish solder killed; 4 US killed, suicide bomber kills 2 at airport; 2 US killed; 100’s of votes invalid at 447 polling sites; Iraq 8 killed, 36 wounded; 4 US, 7 Iraqis killed; suicide bomber kills 2 @ Brit Military Base; Multi-bombings kill 26, scores wounded; Brit journalist rescued, Afghan peer killed; Pakistan, killed more than 50 militants; Taliban spokesman arrstd; Israel, 2 killed; Venezuela activists topple radio towers as health danger, Minister to close more radio stations; N. Korea massive grave sites of millions starved to death; Sudan tries woman wearing pants; China 21 arrstd in syringe stabbings; MX legislature candidate/family killed; Ireland investigating mass bombing; Guatemala 4-officials killed @ prison; Japan, death row inmates pushed to insanity;
09/30/09Uganda riots kill 14, 640 arrstd;
10/06/09Afghan, 8 soldiers, 1 police killed, unspecified number insurgents killed; Iraq, suicide bomb kills 7; Pakistan, suicide bomber enters World Food Program office at UN, kills 5; Nuristan, Taliban attack kills 9; Taliban/Al Qaida casualties in 1000s last 12mo Afghan war; India, militant attack kills 10; Jerusalem, riots at Wailing Wall) get police out in full force Mon; India, Station “firecracker” blast kills 2; 35-40 militants killed in other attacks; Baghdad explosion kills 1, 6 injured; Turkey police break up Anti-IMF protest;
10/08/09Afghan, Kabul, Taliban suicide blasts India’s Embassy kills 17, +80 injured; 1-British, 1-Spanish soldiers killed; India, police shootout kills 17 police; Iraq, 4 police killed; Iran accuses US of researcher’s disappearance; US, Gen’l need 40K more soldiers in Afghan, Obama weighing all aspects before decision;
10/12/09Pakistan, teen suicide bomber hits military hdqtrs, 41 civilians dead, 50+ injured; Mon, blast kills 29, 45-injured;
10/17/09US, Soldier dies from transplanted smoker’s lungs; China/India argue disputed region; India, rebels bomb school, railway; Iraq, Kabala blast kills 6, dozens wounded; 9 Awakening members killed, 30 injured at Mosque; Minister says 12-mo war related death toll 85,000 Iraqis, 25-US military loss last 30-days—157 last 12mo; Pakistan military jets hit Taliban hideouts 2 days running; Militant attack, 37 dead, attack on police station kills 13; Africa, Nigerian militants declare end to cease fire; Spain denies having paid Taliban to protect their soldiers; arrests 10 believed linked to Basque separatists; Russia won’t honor UN sanctions against Iran; Britain to send 500 military to Afghan, Obama discusses request for 40K US soldiers; Columbia, large death toll rising in vicious drug war, its former President blames US anti-drug strategies, also still warring in MX; Australia, 5-convicted of terrorism;
10/20/09Africa, activists say rape Congo weapon of war; Afghan bombing kills 4-US soldiers; Pakistan, militants kill 13 police; 2-Taliban suicide bombers hit Int’l. Islamic Univ, kill 4, injure 18, ages 18 to 25; kills about 20 Taliban, 2 Pakistani dead, effort to reclaim southern stronghold of Taliban; Middle East strategic site to US & world, likely to send more soldiers to Afghan; Afghan, votes invalid at 210 sites, US urges run-off election, w/be Nov 7; Iran, suicide blast kills 37 + 5 Revolutionary Guards, dozens injured, blames US, Pakistan, Britain & threatens “crushing response”; Iraq, roadside bomb kills 13; car wreck kills 1, injures 2 US soldiers; 1 US soldier, 4 Iraqis dead; India, security scare at Cricket match; has 400,000 soldiers on its Pakistan border; Yemen rebels get death penalty; Brazil, 10 + 2 officers killed in drug war; China, pirates hijack Indian Ocean cargo ship; Russia, extensive electoral breach at polls; US Air Force loss, 1-pilot didn’t eject in mid-air crash; Ex-US Gov Scientist arrstd in sting passing critical US data to fake Israeli agents;
10/27/09Wars & RumorsMX, Juarez deadliest city, over 2000 killed by drug wars in last 10-mo; Pakistan, seizes key Taliban village; drone kills 16; helicopter crash kills 3 DEA; security arrest 8 Iraqis crossing border; Afghan, 2-US soldiers killed; helicopter crash kills 14 US Embassy staff; 4-US soldiers killed when 2-copters collide mid-air; Taliban deep into heroine trafficking, funds war against West; Africa, British tourists killed in Kenya; Bahgdad, double bombing kills 160 (incl 30 kids), injures 520 Iraqis; Israel, police arrest 18 Palestinian protestors in riot at Jerusalem’s temple mount site, caused by rumors of Muslim Mosque to be blown up—harlot daughters’ lies that Jewish Temple must be rebuilt cause event, w/worsen;
10/31/09Afghan, Tues. 8-US/Seattle killed by roadside bombs, Oct deadliest for US, worse for ME; Afghans feel for Taliban re: air attacks on hideout village kills 906; Taliban kills 5-UN workers re: runoff election, 1-Taliban killed; Taliban kills 8; Chicago, 2-men arrested as terrorists w/al Qaeda links; Israel blocks Pakistan from adequate water supplies; Pakistan, Iranians released; Peshawar mkt. car bomb kills 100+; Iraq, Al Qaeda claims deadly twin bombings last week, death/ injury tolls rising; US, navy ship accidentally fires on Polish port; Somalia, British couple sailing send SOS, pirates seize yacht, kidnapped couple put on Spanish ship (possible ransom demand); India, oil depot explosive fire kills 3, 6 missing;
11/02/09Somalia, British couple held on Spanish ship, pirates demand-Britain refuses $7M ransom; Somalia group w/al Qaeda ties threatens Israel; Italy, Naples killer identified; Iraq, bomb suspect/officer die; Bombing kills 7, injr 40+;  Kabul, Taliban kills 8; Iran, Swiss diplomats visit 4-US hikers held for illegal entry; Baghdad, motorcycle bomb kills 5; Srinagar, militants attack police; US, Amer-Israeli arrstd on terrorist chgs; Spain, 7-indited aiding train bombers flee Madrid; Pakistan, 17-wounded; Commercial center bombing kills + 35, injrs 65; N.Korea calls for direct US talks;
11/07/09— Thurs 11/05 No US casualties this week in Middle East, all in US: TX, Ft. Hood, Thurs 1:30pm CST, shooter 39yo Sgt. Major Nadal Hasan kills 13 = 12 soldiers+1 civilian, injrs 30; wounded female civilian cop Kimberly Munley took him down w/4 shots; Hasan lone shooter, hospitalized ICU; 11/05 LA, Camp LeJuene, Marine kills Marine; Iran shuts down leading newspaper; Iranians clash w/police on anniv 1979 US Embassy hostage crises; Israel, detains ship w/weapons from Iran to Syria for Hezbollah; H. Clinton speech controversy w/Arabs; Pakistan train crash kills 12, injures 19; Seizes another Taliban stronghold; Drone strike kills 4; US, warned need more satellites in southern hemisphere to monitor China rocket/missile firings; Afghan, 5-Brit soldiers killed; 2-NATO soldiers missing; Palestine, Taliban “tactical retreat” face army offensive; Tunnel scam targets “dirt poor” Palestinians; Leader does not want another office term; Italy, convicts CIA agents kidnapping/torturing Muslim Cleric, US not get diplomatic immunity prior to op, serve 5yrs prison; UN pulls 600 staff frm Kabul;
TX, viewed memorial for 13 of Ft. Hood today, eve of Veterans’ Day; No other news compiled by TSaS;
11/14/09Pakistan, traffic blast kills “at least” 26; separate Bomb blast kills 17, “scores” injrd; Baghdad, 2 killed; Korea, skirmish between north and south navies; Tailand, Cambodia tensions worsen; US alert over German al Qaeda threat; Kabul, bomb blast US base kills 2; TX, Ft. Hood, Hasan off ventilator, paralyzed, chg’d w/13 counts premeditated murder, death penalty likely;
11/24/09UK opens investigation soldier abuses Abul Grae prison; Pakistan, 20 Taliban killed; Philippines, kidnappers kill 21; Politically motivated massacre, 46 dead; Afghan, Nov: US soldiers-15 killed; Iran, alliance talks w/Russia/So. America;
US, Obama to announce up to 34-k soldiers’ will deploy to Afghan; Philippines, massacre toll rising, 100 arrstd;
12/01/09Afghan, US will send 30k soldiers; Missing US contractors’ copter crash site found; US policy, no letter to families of military suicides;
12/04/09US, send 30k soldiers 18mo Afghan, draw down begins July 2011, Gen. McCrystal gets 40k as NATO/Afghan/Italy add up to 7000, 5000, 1000 respectively, logistics/Taliban promise “fiasco”; Afghan, US soldier found dead; Greece, armed man w/explosives enters school; Somalia, blast at school kills 23; Syria, bus explosion kills dozens; Indonesia, disco fire kills 20; China, 5 more rioters get death penalty; Pakistan, militant attack kills dozens at mosque;
Africa, Darfur, 5 peace keepers killed; Baghdad, car bomb kills at least 130, wounds “more than” 400; Afghan, Taliban/al Qaeda threats; Allies kill militants, seize weapons; Iraq, school blast kills 7, wounds 41; Pakistan, Lahore market, suicide bomb kills 54, “dozens” injured; Peshawar, suicide bomb kills “at least” 12; Iran, protestors shout “Death to the Dictator” gassed by police; Japan, US military kids arrested; Greece, 5 wounded in riots; Australia, 12/02 being a Christian nation, PM Kevin Rudd ordered, “Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law are to get out of Australia, as the government will target radicals to head off potential terror attacks”;
12/15/09Baghdad, Mosul 8 dead; UK, 2009-100 soldiers lost; Canada, Homegrown terrorist plot 9/11 anniv. foiled by Muslim youth leader/infiltrated as mole, wld hv bn worse than US 9/11; Palestine, Gaza farmer killed; Afghan, 8 police dead, 13 dead; Pakistan, at least 22 dead; Congo, 1400 civilians killed; US, NASA launch infrared telescope monitor entire sky/universe; Iran, tries 3-hikers, threat to US opposing nuclear program; Honduras, anti-drug chief killed; India, bus wreck kills 21;
12/19/09Pakistan, blast kills 12; attack 40 killed; Yemen, 34 killed; MX, top drug cartel leader killed; Twitter, Thurs pm hacked by “Iranian Cyberian Army”;
12/22/09MX, Juarez +2400 murders in 2009; Afghan, 4-Taliban killed, 11 injr;
12/26/09Iran, to launch satellite; Cultural Council fires opposition leader; Iraq, Church bombed, 1 of sev attacks; new attack/25 pilgrims ded; Yemen, dozens militants killed; Pakistan, blast kills at least 4; Kandahar, Bomb kills at least 8; Bosnia, Discriminates against minorities; China, 5 more to be executed for riots; MX, 2009 drug wars kill 74K, incl 5K innocent civilians; Colombia, kidnapped Governor found dead;

12/29/09 Detroit, 12/25 NW Flt 253 frm Amsterdam, 23yo Nigerian Nat’l AbduMutallab, son of wealthy Nigerian banker who rptd concerns to embassy prior Flt, ankle trigger shorts/burns, explosive sewn in underwear wld hv blown up plane, 2nd-3rd degree burns on leg, tackled by passenger Schuringa/all okay, believed part of terrorist grp, acted alone in response to US strike on Al Qaeda base in Yemen, Al Qaeda claims plot; Security heightened all US airports, Obama orders more US Marshalls on flts in/out of US; 12/27 NW Flt 253 frm Amsterdam, not same plane as Xmas day, unruly Nigerian Nat’l, pilot alerts TSA (Traffic Security Agency), psngr in custody, DHS (Dept. Homeland Security) determined legitimate illness repeat trips to restroom, 1 trip lasted 1hr; 12/28, US Airways flt Orlando to Phoenix, pasngrs report 2-men (India descent) act suspicious, TSA questioned then release; Short flt, drunk man knocked on pilots cabin door, questioned/released; US Off say “Iraq yesterday’s war, Afghan today’s, Yemen tomorrow’s war”; Pakistan, drone attack kills 13-militants; Mosque bombing kills Official/family-5, 81-injr; Sewer gas explosion kills 25; Suicide bomb kills 30, 50 injr; Afghan, US soldier killed, total since 2001— US.848, UN.500; Rocket lands on Ministry grounds; Israel kills 6 Palestinians for murder Gaza farmer; Iraq, Shiite pilgrims, census workers killed; Iran, Tehran protestors clash w/riot police, 8 dead, 1-opposition leader Mousavi’s nephew, 17 so far w/gun shot wounds; 300 arrst; Video shows police car plunging into crowd; Nobel Laureate Sharin Ebadi’s sister arrstd; Leader accuses US, Zionists of urging protestors; Lebanon, 2-Hamas killed; Baghdad, pilgrims killed in bombing; Taliban, airs “horrible” video of captured US PVC Bergdahl, disappeared Jun, not proof alive; Yemen-Al Qaeda on US radar; China, Brit Nat’l executed, mentally ill conned to smuggle 50lbs cocaine; Thailand, to deport more than 4K Hmong to Laos; Somali pirates seize 2 ships;

12/31/09NYC, Van w/no tags bomb scare Times Sq, false alarm; Amsterdam, w/install 15 airport body scanners w/in 3wks; Spain, kidnapped by Al Qaeda, aid worker wounded; Pakistan, drone kills 3; Yemen, Al Qaeda “most dangerous” arrstd; W. Iraq governor critically injrd in blast; Iraq, 5th Brit hostage released in Iraq, 3 dead, 4th believed dead; Dec deadliest month for Iraqis; Afghan, suicide bomber gets into US base dining hall, 7 CIA dead + bomber (CIA lgst loss since 1983); 4-Canadians killed, 1 a journalist;  Kandahar, 3 French journalist kidnapped; Somali, man tries to board plane w/chems, syringe; Spain, terror alert, threat of ETA attack; Yemen, Al Qaeda solidifies presence; Iran, Opposition leader Mousavi’s nephew shot in back, buried 12/30; Police threaten worse force on anti-gov protestors; Pro-gov rally huge 12/30; US, former VP Cheney accuses Obama of pretending US not at war;


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