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Extra Oil 2009 Recap 50: earthquakes CORRECTION

Earthquakes every 8/10ths second CORRECTION:

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 2009 Recap 50: Wars In the News ©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

Correction Para. 2 of TSaS Note Below: Last 7 days of earthquakes
Please forgive the mathematical error of leaving out one step in the equation: unusual for someone with an accounting degree. Either my blond brain or sheer exhaustion might account for it. The paragraph indicated 7 days equal to 1080 seconds, which should have reflected minutes, then converted to 64800 seconds to equal an earthquake of M1.0 up to the highest magnitude every 48 seconds. While this might seem to reflect fewer quakes than every 35 seconds USGS reported in 1999, the one figure we do not have that they have are the number of quakes of a M0.1 up to M0.9. If we had that number to include, it is felt that earthquakes today would be striking in far less than every 35 seconds. Alas, in searching USGS records, we have not found numbers below M1.0 for now. However, the number of quakes of M5.0 and higher have continued to increase steadily since 1991.

TSaS Note: Back in 1998, just after research and writing had been completed for “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” the government USGS reported earthquakes of “some magnitude occurring somewhere in the world every hour.” In 1999, USGS gave a similar report, except quakes were then “occurring every 35-seconds;” to which one scientist said, “Earth is reeling to and fro.” That scientist may not have realized he quoted a Bible prophecy. He just did not quote it entirely: “Earth is reeling to and fro like a drunkard.” BonnieQ provided that information globally as well as added it in “Bind Up . . .” She has long said that these events will continue to worsen exponentially and they have.

——Extra Oil 2009 Lawless Recap, posted 16 Jan, provided a ‘last seven days’ (1080 seconds) earthquake report of 286 M4.0 or greater and 978 M1.0 or greater. Earth, 11 years later, is quaking every eight/tenths (.8) of a second, excluding quakes below M1.0, and it has not changed in any recent seven-day USGS reports, oft times more frequent. CNN’s Monday evening news tickler cited a quake off the Cayman Islands but did not mention the magnitude; albeit, to even report it meant a significant event (it was M5.8). And, a few days ago, a M4.0 quake was reported near Oklahoma City. In the last seven days, there have been 222 quakes of M4.0 or greater just between Alaska down to but not including South America.

——Earth is quaking constantly and events are more devastating and deadly. She is no longer just reeling to and fro; she is cracking up in the final throes of her ‘first death’ and volcanoes are going to explode with her blood.


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  1. hello Bonnie Q. It is very true the earth is realing to and fro like a drunkard now i see the revelation. Time is very short indeed, we dont have much time left on this planet Gordon

    Comment by gordon milborn | 25 January 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you, Gordon, for stopping by. Indeed, earth is in its final throes of its first death; yet, people go on as if nothing changes, as prophecy said they would instead of repenting. 🙂 I hope to see you here again, Gordon!

      Much love and prayers in Christ,

      Comment by bonnieq | 25 January 2010 | Reply

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