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Prophecy’s Extra Oil 65: OUR GROOM’S ARRIVAL DAY
from Remnant Doctrine Keepers
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

News: Monday, 04-12, Brazil, flood deaths more than 270; US Foreclosures hit record #s Jan-Mar 2010, up 35%, Gov prog meant to help 6M homeowners; End to Space/Moon Prog will cut 9K NASA jobs; 33 States w/no jobless funds, Obama signs $18B jobless bill, jobless rising in 23 States; 661 Tax Tea Party rallies x Nation Thurs, 75% activists wealthy; Drugs, 8yo boy held w/60 bags heroin, giving to students at school; Pope urges repentance of sex abuse, Vatican says Jesus nude genitalia on cross not offensive, 65% US agree (contradicts God, “do not show nakedness”);

Earthquake USGS center–1168 quakes last 7 days ending 04/12, ranging as high as M8.8 listed below: recall previous 7-day reports, current number IS activity increase as well as frequency of larger magnitudes, a great number of which were M5.0 and above. All quakes less than a M2.5 were not shown. Nearly all 1168 quakes in most of Pacific Ring of Fire, majority along US, Canada and Alaskan coastlines.

Only Strongest Quakes 2010: 04-11 Spain M6.3; Solomon Isl M6.8; 04-06 N. Sumatra Indonesia M7.7; 04-04 Baja CA/MX M7.2; 03-16 Los Angeles CA M4.4; Offshore Bio-Bio Chili M6.7; 03-14 coast Honshu Japan M6.5; 03-11 Libertador O Higgins Chili M6.9; 03-08 E. Turkey M6.1; 03-05 S. Sumatra Indonesia M6.8; Offshore Bio-Bio Chili M6.6; 02-27 Offshore Maule Chili M8.8; 02-26 Ryukyu Isl Japan M7.0; 02-18 China-Russia-N. Korea Borders M.6.9; 02-10 Illinois M3.8; 02-04 Offshore No. CA M5.9; 02-01 Bougainvillea, Papua New Guinea M6.2; 01-20 Haiti M5.9; 01-15 Oklahoma M4.0; 01-12 Haiti M7.0; 01-10 Offshore N. CA M6.5; 01-07 San Francisco Bay CA M4.1; 01-05 and 01-03 Solomon Isl M6.8, M7.1, M6.6

Volcano New Activity/Unrest 7 days~ 31 Mar-06 Apr: Eyjafjöll, S. Iceland; Karymsky, E. Kamchatka; Kirishima, Kyushu; Redoubt, SW Alaska. Ongoing Activity: Batu Tara, Komba Isl (Indonesia); Dukono, Halmahera; Kilauea, Hawaii (USA); Kliuchevskoi, Central Kamchatka (Russia);| Sakura-jima, Kyushu;  Shiveluch, Central Kamchatka (Russia); Soufrière Hills, Montserrat; Suwanose-jima, Ryukyu Isl (Japan)

AWESOME 24 HOURS— God has been busy!
Wed. 04-14am: W. China, series of quakes up to M6.9 Tibetan region, at least 1144+ dead, 10K injrd, airlift 100s from zone, 85% buildings destroyed, locals dig thru rubble w/shovels. 04-14 10:30pm, huge meteor ball of fire shakes mid-West, ABC said lit sky in Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, impact near Goselin, Indiana; tremors felt as far away as St. Louis, ABC got 100s of calls- people thought world ending: Gov likely to have report amended to “a common occurrence.” Fla. Sister Tammy reported Thurs that news now call it “meteorite shower” yet video shows one huge ball of fire and explosion of light at impact site! Friday, report/video changed to reflect several meteorites and claim no impact to any area. Hollywood film editing tricks easy. Gov will seal off impact area to public.

Thurs. 04-15am: Island of Iceland, volcano Eyjafjoll erupts in less than 2 weeks of fire burst after 250-yrs, ash/lava cloud 3-mi high/ moving south, east as eruptions continue; 650-ft deep glacier melted, flooding an issue; watching nearby Katlin (sp?) volcano, known to erupt when Eyjafjoll does; Iceland, Ireland, England, France, Holland, Brussells, US all cancel flights in/out of Europe, 4-US Euro Air bases closed; hope to resume flights Sat or Mon; breathing issues might develop.

RDK Note: CNN reported Tues “earthquakes no more frequent annually than they ever were and none any more fatal.” RDK must disagree! We have been monitoring all elements, earthquakes and volcanoes, since 1991 and have printouts from government websites to prove (cited in Revelation interpreted) quakes and other elements increasing exponentially since ’91, both in frequency and fatalities every year, each year worse than the last. Since 1999 censorship, we cannot get same detailed reports; at least not as they were prior 2000. We still get quake frequency and magnitudes: this data may become blocked even at Internet government sites such as USGS. Already they are not posting quakes at M2.5 and less. Just a few weeks ago they still posted M2.5s.

BonnieQ gets threats on life in tag words by someone searching Seventh Seal Library. Person(s) know not to leave comments on Extra Oils: would trace back to them but tag words difficult to link a specific person/entity. Word Press has great member stats: see number of readers, links used, tag words used, list articles read. Our other 6 websites provide only number of readers. Recent tag threats: hate bonnieq, kill bonnieq, bonnieq deceives, bonnieq murderer, bonnieq liar repeated daily. None in past week. No alarm: confirms remnant Truth posted globally. God’s Truth incites unrighteous hate in goats due to Satan’s desperate rage. Christ is about to arrive!


Now, DO get excited, for Jesus is about to arrive! However, the Father’s Word is clear: no man, not even His Son nor the Angels, can state the exact day and hour of Christ’s return; only the general timeframe of mid-October to mid-November no later than 2011, as given by God’s Holy Spirit months ago, was and is allowed. These two specific months correlate to ancient Jewish harvest festivals; the third relating to Christ’s return and our rise to heaven with Him. So, no, this Extra Oil is not predicting a specific day and hour.

Ah, but God does provide a description of that glorious day: how it will appear to the world’s eyes and the sequence of events that occur, some at the same time. Because the Holy Spirit already has done the time-consuming work, we cite a few excerpts from His “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law“, chapter Laodicea, The Sentencing, pgs 176-180: ©copyright 1998, 2003. Paragraphs include verse references to validate paraphrasing.

Do keep in mind the signs and plagues set out in Extra Oil 64, which revealed when and how the Philadelphia age ended and Laodicea began; recalling that all prophecies have been fulfilled, though signs and plagues continu up to the day our Saviour returns. Also recall: verse numbers beginning with ~ means rightly dividing only the first part of the scripture, while ending with ~ means rightly dividing only the last part of a verse: knowing that the Bible was not originally written in chapter/verse, just separate books. Only Holy Spirit can “rightly divide” God’s Word, most especially prophecies.
AKJV Paraphrased Verses ~ The Day of Christ’s Return: ©1998, 2003
This day’s light is neither clear nor dark, but in the evening it is light. Whether summer or winter, it is how this day shall be, a day known only to the Father. Heaven opens up like a scroll and mankind shall see a white cloud upon which sits the Son of man, upon His head a gold crown and in His hand a sharp sickle. He stands to measure earth by the yardstick of righteousness while the sun and the moon stand still in their places. Then suddenly, the light of the moon becomes like the sun and the sun shall shine seven times brighter as Jesus moves over the earth upon the cloud, His brightness like the light with horns of power coming out of His hands. Before the Holy One came there went diseases upon the world, yet with His arrival burning coals go forth at His feet and great hailstones follow after Him. A fiery sword precedes the Lord to burn His enemies who hate Him and the seventh plague follows behind Him, driving asunder the wicked and causing the everlasting mountains to scatter and the perpetual hills to sink down.
(Rev 6:~14; 14:14; 16:~17; Isa 30:26-28; Zech 14:6-7; Psalm 18:12-14,40; 97:3; Habakkuk 3:4-6,~13; Matt 24:30-31; Mark 13:26-27; 14:62; I Thess 4:16-17)

Look! The name of the Lord comes from far burning with the heavy burden of His anger and His lips are full of indignation and His tongue is a devouring fire. The whole earth is lighted by His brightness and the wicked see the light of His arrows and the glittering shine of His spear as He tramples heathens in anger. They tremble as the heavens declare the Almighty’s righteousness and all the people see His glory. Christ thrusts in His sickle to harvest the earth of her righteous sheep and He binds up the breach to His remnant Hebrews, healing the stroke of their wound received on behalf of the Gentiles.
(Rev 14:16; Habakkuk 3:3-6,11-15; II Thess 1:7-9; 2:8~; Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20, 22~,28~,34~,36,38; Isa 11:4~; 26:11; 33:14; Psalm 97:3-7; 110:5-6 why The wicked see and tremble; Daniel 7:25; II Corin 11:14-15; Psalm 119:142 (truth)> Exodus 20:3-17 (law)

Out of Christ’s mouth goes a sharp sword to strike the wicked nations and peoples with reminders of His Truth, for it is written that they shall understand perfectly why they are left behind. At the same time, Jesus is taking up the saints to meet Him in the air, for I the Lord take them to heaven’s sure dwellings and quiet resting places. I shall rule them with a rod of iron, for I AM their refuge and fortress, delivering them from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome sores. I cover them beneath my feathered wings, for God’s Laws have been and shall always be their shield and buckler. They have not feared the terrors of night nor arrows that flew by day nor the diseases that walk in darkness, and they did not fear the destruction of noonday. They trusted that, though a thousand died at their left side and ten thousand at their right during the plagues, none would touch them.
(Psalm 91:1-10; 110:5-6; Isa 32:17-18; Jere 23:20 (“in the latter days ye shall consider it perfectly” translates “in the latter days you shall understand perfectly”); Exo 15:26; Deut 28:58-61; 32:22-25,39-40; I Thess 4:13-18)

Thus, now My disciples witness the sentencing of the wicked and filthy, because the saints made the Lord their refuge and neither evil nor plague has fallen upon them but only upon the evil. I Jesus tread the winepress of Almighty God’s fierceness and wrath.
(Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20,22~,28~,34~,36,38; 91:9-10; 110:5-6; Prov 12:21; Isa 11:4~; 26:11)
Then, a host of angels cast the wicked into earth’s furnace of fire. Another angel, standing in the sun, orders all the birds that fly in the skies, “Come! Gather yourselves to the supper of the great God. You shall eat the flesh of wicked kings and captains and mighty men and the flesh of horses and those who rode upon them. You shall dine on the flesh of all filthy men, both free and enslaved, both small and great.” All the wicked souls shriek and wail and grind their teeth in agony and pain.
(Rev 19:17-18; Job 9:26; 39:27-30; Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20,22~, 28~,34~,36,38; 110:5-6; Prov 30:17; Isa 11:4~; 33:14; Jere 34:20~; Hosea 8:1,12; Habakkuk 3:3-6,11-15; Matt 13:49-50; 24:28; Luke 18:37)
All the earth’s kings and their armies, those gathered in the Middle East to make war with God, see these things begin. But, the Lord had confounded the minds of they that make and serve graven images and idols overlaid with gold and silver, which do not profit them, and who teach lies and worship the beast, thus they gathered untimely. Behind Christ, as His sheep and He move westward across the skies taking up all the Lord’s, wheresoever they are, the seventh angel of the seven plagues pours out his golden vial into the air, destroying all earth and all that are left upon it.
(Rev 6:~15; 19:19; Luke 21:20,22; Deut 28:58-61; 32:22-25; Psalm 91:9-10; 97:3-7; Exo 15:26; Micah 5:10-15)
The Lord has risen to shake terribly the earth and causes His glorious voice to be heard. The lighting down of his arm is seen with the indignation of His anger as Yeshua goes forth in the day of the whirlwind of His fury. It is a grievous whirlwind falling grievously upon the head of the wicked, for in these latter days the wicked understood perfectly the error of their ways. They did not obey the voice of God nor did they walk in His Law, for I told the people to seek good and not evil that they might live. But, they did not hate evil nor did they love the good. Neither did they establish my Judgments in their tabernacles and cities, that the Lord God of hosts might be merciful unto the wicked and filthy.
(Jere 4:13; 23:19-22; 25:32; 30:23; 32:23; Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20, 22~,28~,34~,36,38; 110:5-6; Prov 10:25; Isa 11:4~; 26:11; 30:30-31,33; Hosea 8:1,7,12; 13:15-16; Amos 1:14; 5: 14-15; Haggai 2:21~,22; Heb 12:26; Why wicked understand perfectly their errors; Daniel 7:25; II Corin 11:14-15; Psalm 119:142 (truth); Exo 20:3-17 (law)
They did nothing that the Lord commanded them to do; therefore, the Lord has caused this evil to come upon them. Open your doors, all you wicked, to the flame of devouring fire. You shall be scattered by the storm and hailstones. The breath of the Lord kindles the fire, as though the wicked and filthy were a great pile of wood. Howl! For the cedar has fallen and the vintage forests have come down. Howl with the voice of the howling shepherds, for their glory and pride are spoiled!
(see references w/next paragraph)
It was written: The Lord shall come as an eagle against the houses of the Lord because they have transgressed His covenant and trespassed against His Law. They established kings and princes, but not by God. They made idols of silver and gold, thinking riches and military strength would prevent their destruction. They have plowed wickedness and sown wind and, accordingly, have reaped iniquity and the whirlwind! They have eaten lies because they trusted in both the doctrine of men and the behavior of multitudes that follow men’s ways. Thus, the flock of the slaughter is fed with fire.
(Deut 28:49-50,58; Exo 9:23-25; Job 38:22-23; Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20,22~,28~,34~, 36,38> 97:3; 110:5-6; Prov 12:21; Isa 11:4~; 26:11; 30:30,33; 32:19; 33:14; Jere 32:23; Hosea 8:1,4,7,12; 10:13; 13:2; Habakkuk 3:3-6,11-15; Zech 11:1-4; II Thess 1:7-9; How against houses of the Lord; Daniel 7:25; II Corin 11:14-15; Psalm 119:142 (truth); Exo 20:3-17 (law)  
The seventh angel pours out his vial upon the air over all the earth. At once, there are voices shouting and thunders and lightnings. Then a great and mighty earthquake such as never felt before. No, none so great since humanity has been upon the earth, for this is the day of Jehovah’s vengeance. The hills melt like wax at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth. The lightnings and voices and thunderings and earthquake are accompanied by great hail, each icy stone of about 50 to 100 pounds! And, the wicked and filthy left behind, those who refused to cease their rebellion against God’s Precepts and His Judgments, blasphemy Elohim because of the deadly hail, for it is exceedingly great.
(Rev 8:5~; 11:19~; 16:~17,18,21; I Thess 4:16-17; Exo 9:23-25; 15:26; Job 38:22-23; Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20,22~,28~,34~,36,38; 110:5-6; Isa 11:4~; 24:21; 26:11; 29:6; 30:30; 32:19; Hosea 8:1,7,12)
Every mountain is reduced to rubble and the islands are moved out of their places. The grievous hail is mingled with fire and strikes both man and beast and every herb of the field and breaks every tree from one end of the earth to the other end. The fig tree shall not blossom nor fruit bear on the vines or olives on its tree. The fields shall yield no food, for the sheep have been cut off from the goats and there shall be no herd in Satan’s stalls. And, wherever wicked bodies lay, there the eagles gather for a feast. The Lord fills the earth with dead bodies and breaks the leaders over many countries, for their dead bodies are food for the fowls of heaven.
(Rev 16:20; Exo 9:23-25; Job 9:26; 38:22-23; 39:27-30; Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20,22~, 28~,34~,36,38; Prov 30:11-17; Isa 11:4~; 26:11; 30:30,33; 32:19; 33:14; Jere 25:30-33; 34:20~; Hosea 8:1; Habakkuk 3:3-6,11-15,17; Matt 24: 28; Luke 17:37; II Thess 1:7-9; Jude v12 (twice dead); Psalm 97:3-7; 110:5-6; Wicked leaders harboring the whore and her daughters; Daniel 7:25; II Corin 11:14-15; Psalm 119:142 (truth); Exo 20:3-17 (law)
Those slain by the Lord will lie from one end of the earth even to the other end. They will be spread before the sun and the moon and all the fallen host of heaven, whom the wicked loved and served and after whom they had sought and walked in their blasphemous doctrines. They never shall be mourned neither gathered together nor buried. They shall be like dung upon the ground and upon the face of the earth. Howl, you shepherds, and cry! For the day of your slaughter is accomplished and you have fallen like a pleasant vessel. You had no way to flee or escape the Lord, for in His fierce anger I have ruined the pastures, destroyed your peaceable habitations and left the land desolate.
(Jere 8:2; 25:33-38; Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10, 20,22~,28~,34~,36,38; 110:5-6; Nah 3:3-4,18-19; Isa 26:11; 65:12; Whom the wicked loved and served; Daniel 7:25; II Corin 11:14-15; Psalm 119:142 (truth); Exo 20:3-17 (law)  
Earth’s streams are turned into pitch and its dust into fiery stone. The land has become burning tar. Wicked nations have been removed, leaving no living inhabitants, their streets waste and cities destroyed. And, the fires shall not go out night or day and the smoke and torment of those who worshipped the beast and his image and whosoever bore the mark of his name shall go up for a thousand years, and from generation to generation the earth shall lay a wasteland. No creature, man nor beast, shall pass through it during the thousand years of earth’s Sabbath. For the old heavens and the earth now are reserved for consuming fire on the day of execution and perdition of ungodly men. Then, I will utterly purge all things from off the bloodied land: man and beast, birds and fish, and the stumbling blocks of the wicked.
(Rev 14:9-11; Psalm 37:20; 114:3-8; Isa 26:14; 31:30,33; 33:14; 34:9-10; Habakkuk 3:3-6,11-15; Zeph 1:2-3; 3:6; II Thess 1:7-9; II Peter 3:7; Mark 13:~31)  
Read in the book of the Lord! Not one of these things shall fail. The Lord commanded it and, in 1991, God’s spirit gathered the wicked for the slaughter of this day. It is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that troubled His sheep, and it is a righteous thing with God that the sheep should rest with the heavenly host for a thousand years.
(Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20,22~,28~,34~,36,38; 110:5-6; Isa 11:4~; 26:11; 34:16; 65:12; Those that troubled God’s sheep; Daniel 7:25; II Corin 11:14-15; Psalm 119:142 (truth); Exo 20:3-17 (law)

The Lord has made the earth empty and waste. He has turned it upside down and scattered the wicked dead across the face of it. The land is utterly emptied and totally spoiled, for the Lord had said that His anger was kindled against the shepherds and He would punish them and their goats. Thus, the earth mourns and deteriorates, its beauty gone. The wicked of the earth rot, for they defiled the earth with the blood of mankind and transgressed God’s Laws, changed His ordinance of time and broke the everlasting covenant of His Holy seventh-day Sabbath by changing His perpetual Statutes and wasted the Lord’s house. That great defenced nation is a ruin and it shall never be built again. Therefore, the curse of death has devoured the earth and the wicked therein. Their bodies are burned and everything rots.
(Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20,22~,28~,34~,36,38; 110:5-6; Isa 11:4~; 24:10,12; 26:5,11,~14; Hosea 8:1,7,12; Joel 1:8-9; Micah 7:11; Zeph 3:6; Zech 10:~3; Gen 2:1-3; Jude v12 (twice dead)
The United States, that great city of confusion, is destroyed: left in desolation and destruction, for there was a shaking of the olive tree to separate the goats from the sheep and Christ has harvested his small flocks. The goats have fallen like grapes to rot upon the ground until the day of execution. The earth is utterly broken down, clean dissolved and moved exceedingly. It has come to pass that the Lord has punished the host of the high ones that are on high and the kings of the earth upon the earth.
(Isa 24:10-13,19,21; 26:5; Jere 25:29~; Eze 7:27; Lam 4:16-18; Zeph 3:6; Matt 13:49-50; 25:31-46)  
The day has come that burns like an oven and all the proud that behaved wickedly have become like stubble, leaving them neither root nor branch, and the seas and the rivers have been dried up. For the Lord Jesus came with His mighty angels and in flaming fire took vengeance on those who did not know God and did not obey the Lord Jesus Christ’s gospel. They have been punished but their souls not utterly destroyed, reserved instead for that great day of execution.
(Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20,22~,28~,34~,36,38; Isa 11:4~; 26:10,~14; 33:14; Jere 25:29~; 32:23; Hosea 13:15; Habakkuk 3:3-6,11-15; Zeph 1:2-6; Haggai 1:9; Mal 4:1; Zech 10:~11; II Thess 1:7-9)  
They have been sentenced and reserved, imprisoned in fiery torment on this wasted earth until the time when the saints and I return. After a thousand years they shall be visited for absolute and everlasting annihilation, that the Lord will no longer see them or the smoke of their torment.
(Psalm 37:20; Isa 24:3-4; 26:14; 33:14; Zeph 1:2-3)
—————-end excerpt

We would caution all Christ’s remnant, based on a question Sister Tammy posed to us the other day: “What if Jesus does tarry? Does that mean we would have to wait until the 2012 final harvest? Another year?”

Christ’s wedding parable of the ten virgins does allude to the possibility of our Groom tarrying, should it be necessary; thus, we are instructed to bring extra oil just incase He is delayed: that oil is in being fully prepared and patiently waiting. Five of the virgins were “foolish,” having brought no extra oil for their lanterns: which indicated a lack of total preparation and certainly little to no patience.

Just as announcement came that the Groom was arriving, the foolish virgins had to go for more oil due to their lanterns being empty. They returned only to find He had come and the door was now closed to them forever. Note that there was an announcement of his pending arrival: the Holy Spirit has given us that announcement. Now it remains that we continue in prepared patience, allowing for a possible delay.

Wisdom: should Christ be overdue, it will not be for another year: i.e. 2012. His parable implies that it would be only a matter of days or, at most, a few weeks: enough time to remove tenacious weeds still rooted in His wheat fields. Logically, should Jesus tarry, those who deem the specific months/year as a writer error will walk back into Sunday’s world. This same event occurred at the end of the Sardis age: some accepted the newly discovered Truth and some walked away from God’s Truth believing the faithful had spoken in error about Christ’s predicted return in A.D. 1844.

Only faithful remnants remained at the close of 1844, realizing they had misunderstood Revelation passage: “as honey in thy mouth and bitter on thy belly,” honey being the sweet taste of expecting Christ’s return, bitter when He did not. So it is today that faithful remnants will remain with the understanding that our Groom might be delayed and comprehending that to deem the writer in error is to say the Holy Spirit is in error. Test the spirits; that they speak God’s Truth by only God’s Word— or they do not. Any person or entity that cites a day and hour is not speaking via God’s Holy Spirit.

Several Remnant websites are now saying it is time to “flee to the mountains,” agreeing with RDK’s notice of same a number of years ago, that the cities are now the most dangerous places for us to be.

Please feel free to share these Extra Oils with others, for the remnant flocks are scattered all over the world. Email them, or forward by email, or print them out and snail-mail or give to those in your world whom you feel are lukewarm or even cold. The lukewarm are in the most danger of being destroyed in the end coming “quickly.”

Much love and prayers in Christ,
Remnant Doctrine Keepers

Seventh Seal Library

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