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Computer Crashed

Dearest Sheep,

URGENT: My computer has crashed, may have lost 35 yrs of work that is not in the published books. A lot is posted at Remnant Doctrine Keepers and Seventh Seal Library. On SS, no $ to repair or replace. The Extra Oil for today, “World Without End,” was first posted in 2007. It can be found at either website by entering title. Seventh Seal Library
I am having to use the apartment complex computer, so the best I can do is this message to all of you. God may be telling me that my work is done; after all, time is very close to ending.

Much love & prayers in Christ,
Sister BonnieQ

Remnant Doctrine Keepers

2 July 2010 - Posted by | Bible | , , ,


  1. 8-14-10:

    Bonnie Q

    Back July Early I Left Message On Your Authors Den Last Article: Computer Crashed– On How You Might Salvage RESTORE Your Crashed Computer–Read It!


    Comment by TRASK | 14 August 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you so much, Trask, for letting me know you had left a message about my computer. I am still without but my daughter has an expert working on it. My harddrive crashed and he is attempting to save my data by piggy backing a new harddrive.

      Again, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!

      Much love in Christ, BonnieQ

      Comment by bonnieq | 18 August 2010 | Reply

      • Praise the Lord, Trask! As of today, my computer has a new harddrive, though I did lose all my programming and documents and where my E-drive and CD burner went is anyone’s guess. ??? As of today, though, I am finally back online; at a minimum for the present.

        Much love in Christ,
        Sis BonnieQ

        Remnant Doctrine Keepers

        Comment by bonnieq | 14 September 2010

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