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Extra Oil 77: What God Says is Famine

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 77: What God Says is Famine?
shared by Remnant Doctrine Keepers (RDK)
(c) copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

CNN reported Sunday news reported, “Government stated recession officially ended in 2009” –(is this a vague way of confirming previous admission that US actually in a severe depression?). Also, during interviews with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Sunday 09/18/10, it was pointed out that the US is suffering the highest level of poverty than ever in history: RDK has said it is global and the Bible calls it “famine” in Revelation c.18, which not only accurately describes 9/11 right down to the timing of events that followed the attack but also what other nations would be saying when New York’s Twin Towers, “monument to financial wealth,” collapsed and the Pentagon, “icon to military might,” was struck and famine ensued thereafter.

“Great Babylon” and “that great city” referred to in Rev. c.18 are both Papal Rome and the United States. What happens in the US affects the entire world, an economic and religious fact: all negative events weaken the Vatican’s absolute power over the world today. This is why Satan will never sit on David’s throne or thereafter God’s heavenly throne; neither will his World Church and One World Order reach fullest extents: he would have to take at least David’s throne. He can only “think to do” it: imagine, desire but fruition is impossible by God’s perfect plan for this last era.

Famine: n.1. a) an acute and general shortage of food. b) the time of this. 2. starvation; great hunger. 3. an acute and general lack of anything. — Webster’s New World Dictionary, College Edition, copyright 1962

God’s Word agrees with definition 3 of famine but also says it is a global condition of Laodicea, earth’s last church age; throughout His word and prophecy of these end of days, He warned of unemployment (neither buy nor sell), hunger, homeless, and a total lack of the knowledge of God, lawlessness. All of the above are “an acute and general lack of everything” vital to being alive on this planet.

On the other hand, God Word promised His people and Christ’s sheep that they will lack nothing, for only the wicked will lose everything. What we have may not be the finest shelter due to having lost our home but a roof over our heads nonetheless; it might not be the finest clothes or cars but clothes and transportation of some sort; it might not be the finest cuisines but sustaining food; and it might not be the best job in the world but a job nevertheless; and, we do not lack in the knowledge and wisdom of God. Praise the Lord, for it is only by Him that we have it all.

“People die for lack of knowledge.” God was not talking about knowledge gained from man’s schools, universities, and Jesus made it clear that it would not come from man’s religious seminaries; in other verses He man’s education results in, “Knowledge that slays.” Having the knowledge of God “saves.”

Members might recall when RDK posted an excerpt from “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law” –chapter “Laodicea” wherein the Holy Spirit interpreted Revelation c.18: link posted below.** As RDK members know, it takes the whole of the Bible to interpret the whole of The Revelation. “Bind Up. . .” had been written and its draft automatically copyright protected in 1998 then published in 2003.

God, through the paraphrased chapter, predicted global famine and economic collapse that would begin in the United States and spread worldwide. Immediate aftermath of 9/11: banks stopped making loans, companies stopped hiring, stock markets crashed, thus unemployment, hunger and homeless rose each year since, until it was so big, compounded by small companies going under, that government had to report but made light of it. It had spread around the world.
**After relentlessly searching all of our websites for the “Laodicea” excerpt Sunday afternoon, only to find it missing from every website, we came upon a startling discovery when finally turning to Earthlink’s search engine (powered by Google) to find all “articles about 9/11 by bonnieq” and later tried key works Twin Towers, Pentagon.

What first came up for mentions of 9/11 by BonnieQ indicated 17 articles but showed none on the page except one in a block with a link but a statement in second block said, “The links will not take anyone to the articles. It can be accessed only through 1) US Military or 2. another agency; but did not include their links. We went back to search engines Sunday night and, while many of her articles came up, none included the 17. Interestingly, what we found earlier in the day (US Military) never came up again: no matter how many times we tried using the same initial search.

Sisters Tammy (Fla) and Maria (OR) later did a search using the same phrase but never got the above page, instead they got the same later finds by RDK. It did not occur to us the first time that the page would be removed from the Internet within hours or we would have made note of the URL and copied the data. Tammy expressed her fear that BonnieQ would be one of the first arrested in the Blue Law sweep rapidly coming: Fear Not!

It would seem Satan and US government do not want spiritual truth about 9/11 available to anyone; which also conforms to Vatican demands. This is not at all surprising, neither was it surprising when we could not find the same notice the second time around: apparently even BonnieQ’s computer is Fed monitored when online. They not only removed the page to RDK but to anyone making a similar search, effectively making RDK and BonnieQ liars in the eyes of the world at large. Only true brethren know we are Truth Speakers.

Not only have they censored God but also silenced His global truth speakers and few prophets: Satan’s most desired wish in this age. We were instantly reminded of Sister Tammy’s recent research revealing that Google is now partnered with the Federal Government to police and remove disagreeable and/or dangerous websites and/or articles that refer to issues affecting the world, religious or catastrophic: i.e. terrorist sites and supporter sites, government protestor sites, sites that disagree with the World church (i.e. RDK, SDA sites separated from the General and Local Conferences) and sites that disagree with global policies of religion and Sunday Blue Laws, child pornography sites, sexual solicitation sites, and so forth.

The final intent is to Federally control the Internet and reduce it to about 15 preferred/controlled sites and users, and require all users to have the more costly high speed service, which rules out all low income users of every ilk. We gladly would post the excerpt anew, today, had we not lost all our documents stored in MSWord when our computer crashed, which is how we copied and posted it originally: more evidence of Satan attempting to silence Truth.

We did find only one post related to Laodicea but it was another portion of this era’s prophecy in Revelation. IF MSWord Pad is cooperative, we will attempt to reproduce the 9/11 part of the Laodicea chapter from the book and post it next Sabbath Eve, 01 October.

All we can suggest for now is that Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law is still available through; just be sure to order “used” but you will receive a new copy. Amazon sells books for less than retail but ordering a used copy is about 20% or more off Amazon’s discount price: its cheaper than even the writer can get from the book’s publisher: in reality the writer earns nothing and that is great. After all, the market is limited to those whom the Holy Spirit wants to have a copy.
** RDK Caution: please do not refer to Bonita M Quesinberry as the author of “Bind Up. . .”, as the book clearly states on its cover that she only “arranged and paraphrased” scriptures, which does not make her the author, only the pen (“God’s mouth is the pen of a willing writer” – Psalm). God is the great Author of His Word, whether in Ancient Hebrew or AKJV Old English or paraphrased as we speak today.

It was not until 2008 that our US government said we and the world were in a severe recession that began in that year when unemployment was reaching 15-million and millions of homes across the nation were in foreclosure with millions more expected. Then we began hearing of similar events in other countries. It was not until 2009 their financial experts finally admitted it began at 9/11 and that, truly, we were in a major depression as opposed to a recession.

They even admitted that it is too late to turn it all around, it is too far-gone: which agrees with prophecy. In 2008, RKD began the Extra Oil weekly posts to inform members what was and is happening in the world due to very few facts being in the news: economy, wars, natural events such as earthquakes, volcanoes and storms of every ilk, lawlessness; this so our members may “see” time progress in Laodicea: critical to knowing how close we are to Christ’s return.

RDK then reported that the Holy Spirit had given a time span two years in advance (just as Daniel was given), season as it were, and year in which Christ will return: “mid-October to mid-November 2011.” AKJV Hebrews tells us Christ will not be late. Please note, in accordance with scripture, RDK was not given a specific “day and hour,” because “no man knows the day and hour, not even the Son; only the Father.”

The “season” is the last three Jewish festivals of harvest ordinances, each sequentially relating to 1. birth (planting), 2. death (first harvest), and 3.resurrection (final harvest bearing good seeds): 1-3 represent Christ’s life 1-3 all represent His church phases ending with #3 representative of Messiah’s return to take up His sheep and God’s people (purified seeds that will populate Christ’s restored earthly kingdom).

The 2011 season represents resurrection and claiming of a just people, both from the living (Elect) and the dead, while the wicked dead remain in their graves and the wicked living die instantly at the brightness of Christ’s coming (“lie dead from one end of earth to the other end”). The year is not in the Bible, although Bible clues to determine the year were not provided but neither was gaining the wisdom forbidden anywhere in the Bible; instead it is revealed only by the Holy Spirit and to whom at His discretion: the Spirit knows who are God’s anointed prophets in any age: “God does nothing that He does not first tell His prophets.”

The end will not come, however, until the Holy Spirit has told God’s prophets when it will occur, absent the day and hour, and are directed to warn Christ’s small flocks. The prophets have been told and they have warned all that will hear or read and heed. Some have said that a “true” prophet would be accurate to the day and hour, but that would be contrary to what Jesus told us. Even Daniel did not know when Israel’s captivity would end until two years before it ended: even then he not given a specific day and hour, same to be determined by later events such as finally gaining the King’s permits to rebuild as Daniel was instructed.

God said of this Laodicea age, “Let the filthy remain filthy, the wicked remain wicked, and let the righteous remain righteous. Let the blind and deaf remain blind and deaf.” In other words, it is too late for the filthy and wicked; thus, to be given the day and hour in advance would result in Jesus not coming “as a thief in the night” as He predicted the wicked would perceive His arrival because they were not properly purified and prepared. Christ’s sheep are purified and well prepared with lanterns and extra oil with the season/year of His return. We have a 30-day range and that is enough and does represent a final test of patience, trust and devotion.

In an aside, RDK was pleased to view both SDA’s “It Is Written” on TBN last Sunday and to find the message was about God’s Sabbath of the Fourth Precept; the Truth about that most Holy Day over which Christ also is Lord. We pray this means a change of heart in the General and Local Conferences, that it means they have withdrawn from the World Church; though we do question their presence on TBN and broadcasting on Sunday in accordance with TBN’s practices and Satan’s choice.

Bear in mind, the Sabbath was established on the 7th day (sundown Fri to sundown Sat) of creation for all of mankind; not just for the Jews as some suppose and teach, saying Saturday is for Jews and Sunday is for Christians: such blasphemy is to “take from and add to God’s Word thus bring damnation down upon themselves.”

The Holy Day is the seal we bear with honor. It identifies the God whom we serve and identifies the people whom He has sanctified. We pray that each of you is so sealed. Dear Brethren, please stay strong during these perilous times, be watchful and obedient in all things as God and Jesus require. Time is so very short, only little more than a year away. And, remember, all Bible Lessons and a few book excerpts are at RDK, the URL link noted below.

Much love and prayers in Christ,
Remnant Doctrine Keepers

Seventh Seal Library

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