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Health Update Letter from BonnieQ

Health Update Letter and Prayer Requests
from BonnieQ
shared by Remnant Doctrine Keepers (RDK)
29 October 2010 

Hello, my dearest and beloved brothers and sisters in Christ! “Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: according as He has chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love.” ~Ephesians 1:2-4

Please forgive RDK’s lack of communication lately. My daughter María and I are spending much time seeing doctors and enduring tests at the University of Washington Medical Center— 176-mile round trip from Shelton 3 to 5 times per month since April. The trips are very hard on me, putting me down for a few days each time. Those miles do not include María’s 320+ miles r/t from Portland-Shelton-Portland: she is so tired.

 First, I attempt here to express an inexpressible gratitude to and appreciation for all of my brethren and my daughter’s mega efforts on my behalf. As a professional caregiver, she goes way beyond the call of duty— miles beyond, both figuratively and literally— for all her clients, including her mother. She is the perfect daughter much adored and loved, a precious blessing from my Father God. I pray she knows this: I do tell her.

 If some of you are not on FaceBook, you might want to join; I do put links there to prior Bible poems, visions and lessons posted in this last church age: it is much easier on me because I cannot sit long enough to prepare new or updated lessons. When you join FaceBook, then look for Bonita M Quesinberry, add me as a F/B friend and I will add you to my list of friends! If you look at my FaceBook Wall, you will find the links already up; after joining me, new links will appear on your F/B home page.

Dr. George Kraft, chief physician of UW’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research center (est. 1888) and MS Clinic, has conducted numerous tests and MRIs as well as called in a number of specialists— i.e. spine, neurology, rheumatology, dental, etc— and finally, after 2.5 years, I got a primary care doctor last week. Dental work is almost complet— perhaps February 2011— with the exception of oral surgery to remove a very large cyst holding infection in the left side of the roof of my mouth: to be scheduled soon. God is so awesome: He has protected my brain! His miracles in my life never cease.

The powerful MRI Dr. Kraft did, as well as escalating symptoms of MS, confirmed— again! —Bonnie has relapsing/remitting MS but now in rapid progression: no doctor can delete the diagnosis as Dr. Teuseco had, my former primary care doctor. Symptoms also reveal Lupus; albeit, blood tests do not, which is not uncommon as it is very illusive but causes one’s immune system to attack vital organs/connective tissue: very painful.

Also, a large tumor— or cyst, not sure which at this time— was found sitting on the T-6 (thoracic spine) nerve root, which is causing considerable pain and MS spasms in my upper chest and back: feels like being squeezed to death and difficult to breathe. Another MRI will be done to see if it is growing, then they will determine what to do about it. All of the cervical discs are bulging due to the cervical spine being curved in the wrong direction; which has resulted in me now being 1.5-inches shorter: now 5-ft 3.5-in. LOL!

My new primary doctor reinstated the few medications needed, especially for blood pressure; the latter of which has helped immeasurably. It was thought it would be safe for me to take once-daily injections of Copaxone®, a relatively natural MS treatment that has shown to prevent more brain lesions and, in some cases, even deleted existing lesions. It does not, however, reverse existing nerve damage. Alas, the sixth and seventh injections resulted in violent seizures, the first of which lasted 1-hour and the second at 1.5-hours. This likely happened because I have seizures anyway but nothing as bad as these two; so bad it could have caused another brain aneurysm: praise the Lord, He did not allow it. Needless to say, I no longer take Copaxone®; but, many patients have good results.

Dr. Kraft also tried me on Naproxin® to treat MS inflammatory pain. The third dose resulted in a severe MS episode that lasted 8-weeks of excruciating MS spasms/pain. So, it was back to prescription Ibuprophen®. I do not know why he wanted to make the change in the first place. Alas, I am still recovering from both drugs and begged off trying any new meds. Hopefully, these new doctors now understand that my body does not tolerate, for the most part, man’s pharmaceuticals: God’s herbs are most effective!

This year has been spent getting on HUD and public housing waiting lists in an effort to leave Fir Tree Park Apts, better known as “A Vipers’ Nest.” The torment and harassment against me continues to escalate and includes management, to the point I cannot even go outside: the last time I did, I was falsely accused of confronting the neighbor who assaulted me, arguing with her and calling her names— never happened.

Last week, María and I both were confronted by two angry neighbors— the two worst— when we returned from a medical appointment: anger based on management telling them I had filed ID theft charges on them: after discovering they had gone through some of my specific garbage. I had not; rather, I contacted my bank and credit reporting agencies to have each ‘Fraud Alert’ flagged for the ‘possibility’ of ID theft occurring: this required a police report but no charges, unless or until ID theft occurs. Management knew this fact; thus, it is obvious she is part of the problem as well as three specific tenants.

On Sept. 16th, someone hit the back of the building at my unit (bedroom) so hard it shook me on my living room sofa. Rachael above me ran to her friends outside, they all went to management saying I pounded on my bedroom ceiling so hard they could hear it fifty feet away at the front of the building; and, once again, management served me with a Notice of Violation that included threat of eviction. This, during 8-weeks of suffering a severe MS episode: I could do nothing, not even lift my 2-lb. Ferret. If I pounded the ceiling so hard, there would have been a huge, gapping hole in it!

As a result of numerous false complaints followed by management’s repeat Notices of Violation, I have engaged my attorney in case they attempt to wrongfully evict; which would result in never again being able to rent in subsidized housing. That would put me on the streets. Sadly, this all began when management discriminated against my disability 3.5-yrs ago and, after moving in, they shifted to retaliation/harassment. After moving Rachael in above me, they began/continue to encourage her drunken torment of me.

The above are just a few events among an average of 1 to 2 or more per month. We know the above is part of Satan’s persecution of Christ’s sheep; but, it still is difficult to endure, though I can only with prayer. So, please add your prayers that our Lord gets me out of here as soon as possible: it feels like the stress is killing me and certainly is responsible for MS going into rapid progression with added neurological events that include total blackouts. Our Lord’s grace is sufficient for me, just as it was for Paul.

I ask that you pray for María: her body has been retaining massive fluids due to steroid treatments for asthma. We are looking for non-steroid remedies and have started a few appropriate herbs. She also has an overflowing plate: regular Oregon caregiver clients, caregiver to me, raising her 3-yo granddaughter, a home and husband. She never has a moment for self. Further, please add sister Tammy in Florida to your prayers: much has happened there causing temporary unemployment to only this week getting a new job: put added financial burdens on her. Tammy also needs to move into her own place.

Thank you so much, my precious brothers and sisters, for your prayers and bearing with me during this last of our trials and tribulations. There truly are no new Bible lessons to post that are not already at our websites and, as you see on the news, the elements are continuing to worsen: as are all signs of Christ about to arrive in the clouds for our ascension. Take advantage of all we have posted at Remnant Doctrine Keepers as well as Seventh Seal Library and Biblical poetry at All Poetry

God’s Word, all of it, strengthens and encourages us during this painful age: take advantage of it being gathered together in one place— “In these end days the wicked will lose all they have but God’s people will not go without.” It will not be long now! “Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all of you that in sincerity love our Lord Jesus Christ.” ~Ephesians 6:23-24

Much love and prayers in Christ,
Sister BonnieQ
God’s Handmaiden

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A Vipers’ Nest

Living in a place of horrors: reality at its worst. The world has become a very ugly place in these end-of-days.

A Vipers’ Nest
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

I do not know why I am here,
in this place God set me down; 
a vile nest of striking vipers
whose stings are poisonous lies.
The vipers want me dead quickly. 

More than three years I have endured
lies of me and false complaints;
yet, all I did was help others
and always spoke God’s just Truth.
The vipers want me dead quickly. 

I do not know why I’m still here;
vipers all plus management, 
none I find who seek my Lord’s Truth:
they failed His grace and mercy. 
The vipers want me dead quickly.

No one should live in such a place,
one filled with only vipers
whose venom is vile pain and death;
then they turn on each other.
Vipers poison yet kill themselves. 

“Like dogs turn to eat their vomit,
those walking dead are twice dead.”
All I can do is weep and pray
that I ace this test, quickly,
then God frees me of this vile nest.

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Extra Oil 78: Laodicea Chapter Excerpt

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 78: Laodicea Chapter Excerpt
shared by Remnant Doctrine Keepers
(c) copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

Member Comments: Ref. Extra Oil 77, US Military— Sister Rosemary wrote, “. . . I do believe it to be a Satanic attack… but America, as all of the countries God is judging, has to wake up…ourselves included here in Canada.” (RDK Note: Please pray for Sister Rosemary as she is ill and has a lot on her plate.)

Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law excerpt chapter Laodicea pgs 171-175 plus Paragraph by Paragraph Bibliography pgs 361-362 verse references; LoC copyrights 1998 and 2003 registered to Bonita M Quesinberry, Publisher: Infinity Publishing

Note of Authorization: The writer authorizes all who desire to copy this excerpt for his or her perusal, provided copyright notices above remain with copies and shared copies

Revelation, Chapter 18: portion of Laodicea prophetic events, paraphrased AKJV scriptures, references noted by sequential paragraph numbers/chapter letter, i.e. 84L, at paragraph ends, a verse number preceded by ~ means only the first part of the verse applies and a ~after a verse number means only the latter part of the verse applies; references will follow text excerpt for comparing paraphrasing to AKJV Bible verses. Clarity added in bracketed [Italized] words. All update notes added after some paragraphs are contained by (parenthesis). The excerpted text begins now:

            The fire cast from the angel’s censer fell upon the third and largest part of that great nation of Babylon, who harbors false heathen religions and that great mother whore of Roman Catholicism together with her harlot daughters of apostate Protestantism [and Paganism]. On 11 September 2001, the first fiery flames struck America at the heart of her two great idolatrous monuments and it was though there were *thunder and lightning and an earthquake*. –84L
(*Update: News interview of random survivors: “thought lightning had struck the first building” when first plane hit first Tower; “Thought an earthquake had hit us” “sounded like thunder” when the second building collapsed first)

            The fire came from a nation far away, a country whose language Americans do not understand. It is a fierce nation without regard for the old or the young. And, the Lord declares the United States deserving, for she aided and abetted that whore’s harlot daughters known as the false prophets of Protestantism, yet the daughters’ ministers continue to brag about spreading the great whore’s lies around the world. –84L

            A Taliban shout went out as Moslem radicals declared Jihad, a Muslim holy war, “Kill the infidels!” And at 8:45AM, a commercial 767 airliner slammed into Tower One, the World Trade Center’s south building located in New York City’s Lower Manhattan. At 9:03AM, a 757 plane slammed into its north building, Tower Two, both financial monuments to the god of mammon. Then, each collapsed into fiery rubble and dust, as though lightning had set them ablaze and like an earthquake shook them to the ground. At 10:00AM, a 757 slammed into Washington’s symbol of military might, the Pentagon, albeit the Taliban intended the aircraft to target the Capitol’s White House, its palace of ruling power. –85L

            In one hour, thousands died; and, in one day America was on fire as well as in great mourning. At 10:15AM, a 767 crashed into the ground near Stoystown, Pennsylvania with no survivors, effectively diverted from its Taliban mission by brave passengers intent that no more lives would be lost other than their own. It would be learned later that its intended target was Air Force One, which was diverted from its original destination of carrying the President from Florida to the Capitol. Each airliner was commandeered by followers of Osama Bin Laden, a Middle East terrorist leader of rebel cells located around the globe. He and his followers support radical Islamic beliefs enforced over most of Afghanistan by Taliban rule and its Al-Qaida military. Many around the world rejoiced over Bin Laden’s success on this terrible day, yet others wept in astonishment and disbelief. –86L

            Saints! Lift up your voices in song for the majesty of the Lord and cry aloud from the seas. Glorify the Lord in the fires, even the name of the Lord God of Israel in the islands of the sea. For within one year famine will reign within great Babylon’s borders before the Lord returns with the first death for the living wicked. But, after a thousand years their lives will restored for three months– before utter annihilation. From the uttermost part of the earth the saints’ songs are heard, serving as glory to the righteous, for without malice they verify God’s Truth and speak His warnings. –87L

            The kings of the earth, those who committed fornication and lived richly with America, protest and weep for the United States when they see the smoke of her burning towers and military might. They stand afar off for fear of her torment as they say, “Alas, alas that great and mighty nation! For in one day her judgment has come.” –88L

            Yes, the world’s business leaders wept and wailed over America, for very soon no one will be able to purchase their products any more. By the next day, America’s stock market dropped over 600 points and tens of thousands already were losing jobs. Left to rot will be their goods of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linens and silks, things made of precious woods, vessels of ivory and brass and iron and marble, spices and herbs and ointments, incense, wine and oil and fine flour and wheat. Nor will any one buy animals and vehicles or hire employees. The souls of men are left to wither and die amidst apostate and false religions, because they refuse to repent of their blasphemous teachings. –89L

            The fourth vial of the plagues already has been working famine in the world [since 1991] but quickly September’s autumn harvests of those dainty and goodly foods, after which men lust, soon will become scarce in America and multitudes will have no jobs or money to buy food. But, Christ’s sheep shall be satisfied in famine and drought until Jesus takes them to the Lord. –90L

            The world’s merchants of all these things, who were made rich by America, stand afar off in fear of her torment as they weep and wail over the scenes flickering from television screens, “Alas, alas that great nation was rich in fine linens and silks, and gold and precious stones and pearls! In one hour her riches counted for nothing.” –91L

            Every shipmaster and sailor and as many that do business by of the sea, stood far off and cried when they saw the smoke of her burning. “What nation is like the United States?” They weep and wail and grieve, “Alas, alas that great nation, wherein many were made rich by exporting importing their goods, simply because she was so costly! In one hour her destruction began.” –92L

            God Almighty said, “See that no one renders evil for evil but instead follow that which is good to all people so you may live.” and, on one hand America speaks God’s Word when her President quotes a Psalm, yet on the other she gives evil for evil when he declared vengeance against Osama Bin Laden and anyone who harbors that terrorist leader. So shall America’s plagues increase despite her dropping food for the people of Afghanistan. –93L

            As it is written, on September 28th the dregs of the plague of anthrax finally came in small dust to the United States, like that which God cast upon ancient Egypt. Noisome because of its persistence as news of it spans the globe by the 4th of October. And, it is grievous in its painful cutaneous sores. First against men’s inventions and devices at Boca Raton, Florida’s American Media Incorporated, then to New York City’s NBC News and after that to Reno, Nevada’s Microsoft and on to government offices in both Washington [DC] and Manhattan [NY]. On the 17th, it was found at New York’s CBS News and it had blown globally when reported in Kenya. Later reports revealed even animals afflicted with anthrax sores. Touching such animals had caused the death of at least one person at the time. –94L

            The filthy believe that man’s evil inventions called antibiotics will cure their grievous sores and for a while it may seem so. But, who or what can prevent the Lord after the Lord has spoken it? It shall be done and the wicked shall not know how it continues to spread. Yet, they do not repent, saying instead, “In cipro we trust.” Even the postal services believe they can overcome anthrax with wicked radiation. Watch! It shall fail them in the end, for their miracle drugs are veils of illusion. Only God heals that which is to be healed and lets remain that which is to remain. Do not be deceived, for inhaled anthrax is not the plague, yet in the death of some by the inhaled form is proof that mankind cannot stop the power of God. By December 2001, reports of unrelated anthrax deaths spanned the globe and local unemployment continues to grow exponentially. Blessed are those who die by whatsoever means not of the plagues, for they are spared the terrors increasing exceedingly rapid now. –95L

            While all these things are occurring, and as time nears its predetermined end, Christ will remove the seventh seal from the seventh page of the scroll. There will be silence in heaven and a seeming quiet upon earth for seven and a half days, the lull of which was previously spoken; for the Lord takes no pleasure in destroying anything He has created. *It is a sad time for the unrepentant; yet, a joy for [His] saints, for the day of Christ’s redemption of His Sheep has arrived.* –96L
(*Update: Amidst the confusion of a flood of conflicting, erroneous dates for Christ’s return– 21 December 2012, other saying 2007 or 2008, 15 May 2011, and other dates contradictory to God’s Word– God’s few prophets were told 2 years in advance {2009} to expect that day and hour “between mid-October to mid-November 2011” and further told the prophets to advise the sheep and warn the wicked, adding that the latter will not repent; instead they brand God prophets as “liars, false prophets and doing the devil’s work” and slaying a few as they “think to do it for God”, deceived in their own minds.)

            The day of the Lord’s return comes not when the wicked expect Him nor in the manner in which they anticipate, for they have believed the lies of men. Jesus comes like a thief in the night just as the wicked are begging, “Peace and safety!” Then, sudden destruction comes upon them much like a woman’s childbirth pains begin suddenly without warning. The saints are of the light and of the day, behaving as such both day and night. Therefore saints, be aware, watch and be sober, ever faithful that you are fully protected by the armor of God and, though some of you may be killed these times, trust that the Lord will raise you up again as He raised up Jesus. –97L

(Summary: the Laodicea chapter continues with ongoing events prior to Christ’s return, then opens to the chapter “A Millennium in Heaven” which leads to chapter “That Great Day of Execution” and concludes interpretation with final chapter “Regeneration of Earth and the Heavens.” Then begins “Informative Data plus Research Resource and Scripture Bibliographies.”)

Chapter by Paragraph References: for above Laodicea excerpt only
            P-84L: Revelation 8:5> Ezekiel 7:26> Matthew 24:4-5,11-12,15,23-26> Mark 13:5-6,21-23> II Corinthians 11:14-15> Deuteronomy 28:49-50> Isaiah 26:5> 33:14> Jeremiah 25:29> 50:1-3> Hosea 4:5-12,14> 10:14-15> Micah 5:10-15> Zephaniah 3:1-4> The 10 Nations that hate great Babylon (Vatican and America) are among the Allied Forces: Britain, Egypt, Germany, Italy, United Arab, Asia Minor nations, France, African nations, Swedish nations, Spain
            P-85L: Revelation 18:8-10,~17 (prophetic hour = 1 day; prophetic day = 1 year)> Isaiah 26:5. Nahum 3:1,12-19> NBC Breaking News airing at 9AM/PST/Seattle broadcasting from New York, 11 September 2001, Tuesday, a day in infamy labeled as “9/11”
            P-86L: See references and resources listed in paragraph 85L above
            P87L: Isaiah 24:14-15,~16> 26:5> 33:14> Daniel 7:12> Lamentations 1:1-2> Revelation 18:8
            P88L: Revelation 18:9-10,15> Proverbs 10:~24> 23:4-5
            P89L: Revelation 18:11-14> NBC News, 09-12-01 and continuing thereafter, financial and business reports including tens of thousands loving their jobs
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            P94L: Revelation 16:2> Psalm 37:7~ > 91:3,6> I Timothy 6:20-21> Proverbs 12:2> ABC News reports, Seattle, WA
            P95L: Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20,22~,28~,34~,36,38> 91:3,6> Proverbs 12:21> Isaiah 11:4~ > 26:11> Jeremiah 30:23-24> 32:27> I Timothy 6:20-21> Deuteronomy 28:58-61> 32:22-25,35,41-43> Exodus 15:26> October 2001: Tom Brokaw, NBC World News anchor, quote regarding anthrax: “In cipro we trust.” Also media reported that postal services are purchasing special machines to irradiate mail before it is handled
            P96L: Revelation 8:1> Exodus 20:8-11> Ezekiel 20:12,20
            P97L: Psalm 37:1-2,~9,10,20,22~,28~,34~,36,38> 110:5-6> Isaiah 11:4~ > 29:5> 30:12-13> Jeremiah 8:11> Ezekiel 13:10> Matthew 30-31,36,42,43-44,50> Mark 13:32-33,37> Thessalonians 4:13-18> 5:1-10> Deuteronomy 32:39-40> those unprepared rejected warning; Daniel 7:25> II Corinthians 11:14-15> Psalm 119:142 truth> Exodus 20:3-17 Law

~~End of Excerpts

We pray that all who read this comprehend and accept God’s Wisdom delivered by the Holy Spirit and will desire to have more. In the interim all you Saints, stand strong and patient, fearing nothing, assured by God’s Word that you bear His Holy Seal of Authority.

Much love and prayers in Christ,
Remnant Doctrine Keepers

Seventh Seal Library

Monday, 20 September 2010 at 4:20:17 PM PST

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