God's Truth Not Smooth Words

A Vipers’ Nest

Living in a place of horrors: reality at its worst. The world has become a very ugly place in these end-of-days.

A Vipers’ Nest
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

I do not know why I am here,
in this place God set me down; 
a vile nest of striking vipers
whose stings are poisonous lies.
The vipers want me dead quickly. 

More than three years I have endured
lies of me and false complaints;
yet, all I did was help others
and always spoke God’s just Truth.
The vipers want me dead quickly. 

I do not know why I’m still here;
vipers all plus management, 
none I find who seek my Lord’s Truth:
they failed His grace and mercy. 
The vipers want me dead quickly.

No one should live in such a place,
one filled with only vipers
whose venom is vile pain and death;
then they turn on each other.
Vipers poison yet kill themselves. 

“Like dogs turn to eat their vomit,
those walking dead are twice dead.”
All I can do is weep and pray
that I ace this test, quickly,
then God frees me of this vile nest.

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