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Extra Oil: NEW-Vision Deceptions Confusion

Extra Oil: NEW-Vision of Deceptions Confusion
shared by Remnant Doctrine Keepers 112610
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

RDK’s Texas Sister Debby has received a recurring vision, then shared only the vision itself with us but not her understanding: by two interpreting in agreement, we now share it with Christ’s Remnant. Verse references and quotes are paraphrased AKJV. Also included are facts on how to recognize God’s prophets versus Satan’s false prophets.
“To one is given by the Spirit . . . the gift of prophecy. He that prophesies speaks to men that they may learn to improve, offer a good word or catch phrase and to comfort . . . Prophesying does not benefit those who do not believe; rather, it serves those who do believe . . . Let the prophets speak by two or three and let the other judge.” (I Corin. 12:~8,~10; 14:3,22~,29,31-32)

Sister Debby: I dream of confusion, deceptions. I cannot actually put a scene to much of anything except it feels like people are running but I am not. I am standing still right in the middle of it. I am not the deceiver. I am the caretaker. It is almost like I am standing on top of a mountain in the middle of the world. I am looking down on others— I mean in a literal physical sense, not as if I am better— and they are looking to me to fix what is broken, to remove their terror but I cannot. It hurts that I see the truth.

My work situation is not good, either. I work for a company that is morally bankrupt. I have shed many tears over the last year and a half that they have owned the company. God has not moved me so there must be a reason I am there at this point. I really do not have a need to know the reason: just have breaks in the tension and stress now and then. It makes me sick. I do NOT have diabetes. I was sick when my blood sugar was higher. I am almost well. I rarely take antibiotics so they work well. I hope this all makes sense.

BonnieQ to Debby: It all makes sense, Sis. Recall the waking visions I wrote in poetic form? “I Lay Weeping” and “Again This Dawn.” Like me, I feel God has allowed you to feel His incredible grief over the soon loss of His creation’s majority, among other things. RDK’s interpretation by the Holy Spirit follows:

Of “deceptions, confusion.” Yes, this last age is filled with deception and much confusion among those still clinging to Sunday. As God said, “Every ear has heard the Truth” but few embrace it. Because the end is fast approaching, they now are feeling the pain of having rejected God’s Truth, another sign of just how quickly Christ is about to be seen in the clouds. Alas, they refuse even now to repent; therefore, their pain is according to scripture: “knowing perfectly why they will be left behind, lying dead from one end of earth to the other end” (Jeremiah 8:2~; 23:19-20; 25:33). “People are running” points to their behaviour of Revelation 6:14-17 due to 16:17-21, as Christ appears in the clouds.

You are standing still above, yet in the midst of deception and confusion, which means you stand strong in God’s Truth, not being caught up in the deception thus confusion. “Watching from above” means, again, you have the Truth and follow the Truth, therefore you are “above” or “out of the way of,” unaffected by all the deception and confusion. Armored with Truth, you cannot be deceived in these final days; yet, Satan will try.

Your work situation sounds like Bonnie’s living status. Just a few weeks ago she posted a poem wondering why she is still in the Vipers’ Nest . Perhaps it really does not matter where we are at this late date; whether it be a place we live or work or both. We certainly know how you feel. Rest assured and encouraged that God shared His grief with you: not many are so blessed to literally feel the unfathomable depths of both His love and grief. It is painful to feel the incredible grieving of our Father. As you said, our shoulders are not broad enough to carry such pain; so, He tempered it, yet even then it was barely short of overwhelming to feel even a smidgen of our Father’s loss.

Still, darling sister, you have felt God’s grief; but, the vision “care taker” identifies you and others as Truth Speakers to the Remnant: hot, lukewarm and cold. The rest of the dream is confirmation of your status with God: rather, all who believe and obey. It is God’s encouragement to continue standing firm. We need this support more than ever, as Satan viciously strikes our lives: work, home, family, friends, mind, and body health.

You wrote of needing breaks from the “tension and stress.” Alas, in this Laodicea era, we have come to realize there no longer are such breaks as were evident in the other six church ages; for Satan is not only in an out-of-control rage but also in the panic of a drowning man, defiantly refusing to repent as he struggles to keep his head above water while taking down as many of the Saints as possible before his demise.

That Destroyer’s time is exceedingly short and he knows it, therefore he is now relentless in his attacks against God’s people; unlike ever before. This is another reason Christ said He would cut short this era; otherwise, we could become so weary as to be in danger of giving in to the majority’s deception: it might seem easier, calmer, quieter and certainly less stressful to go with the flow instead of continuing to swim against the current.

Further, you “looking down upon” reveals that, while many Saints cannot “flee to the mountains,” we all are atop a metaphorical mountain: we believe and obey thus stand unshakable in God’s Truth, above the utter chaos, deceptions and confusion— no matter how bad the persecution, threats, wrongful imprisonment or a few killed.

We know by previous Extra Oil reports: a few American Sabbatarians already have been arrested, jailed amiss. WE CAN DO THIS TO THE END! There is massive global civil unrest and violence, then this last week North Korea fired on South Korea: war between them seems likely. All these events and your vision are comforting, Sister: they confirm just how little time we must wait for our Groom: less than a year. Praise the Lord!

Debby to BonnieQ: RDK’s interpretation is in agreement with mine. As I penned the dream, more and more understanding came to me while I wrote; then RDK finished and confirmed it. Yes, the Holy Spirit speaks very clearly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Some might be asking, “Who judged BonnieQ’s visions?” W. S. Hancock, then in his early 60s pastoring Meadowbrook SDA church in Ft. Worth, TX; who, at her request, baptized Bonnie into God’s Truth in Aug 1981, age 37: four (4) years after some visions and Truth already had been received and a practicing Sabbatarian knowing nothing of SDA until 1981. She came “out of ” the Southern Baptists, baptized in 1953 at age 9.

After sharing her visions with SDA’s Bro. Hancock, he asked they be written so others might benefit: ‘til then she had not thought to do so, not having understood at the time that the visions were not just for her edification. Fortunately, visions from God are vivid thus recalled in total detail and clarity: as if received today instead of months or years ago. Bonnie’s allegoric visions, much like Revelation, became clear only when she began to recite them, as did Debby’s: a sign they are not personal but for Christ’s Remnant.

If any of you have had spiritual visions, did two or three prophets— of whom one may be the visionary— with one of them judging the interpretation for accuracy, interpret them? To do so is according to the rule for the gift of prophecy noted in the scriptures cited in the opening of this treatise. The lack of following the rules identifies false prophets, in addition to the lack of other characteristics cited below.

As it was in Daniel’s day, so it is today; with the exception of the visions that were sealed until the Sardis era— the one who received a vision relates only the vision without interpretation to another prophet or prophets, the latter of whom then interpret. If their interpretations agree with each other and the visionary, then it is a vision from God and interpreted by the Holy Spirit— BUT ONLY IF each believe and obey ALL God’s Commandments, teach others the same, and have the faith of and in Jesus Christ.

Additionally, God’s prophets will not give “new” prophecies; for there is nothing new to give. God has given in His Word all prophecies from earth’s beginning to end then its new beginning. The only thing His prophets are given are either warnings to the church (people) of events about to occur or where we stand in prophetic timelines or verification of prophecies currently ongoing or already having been fulfilled. As God said, “I do nothing that I do not first tell my prophets.” (Amos 3:7)

Satan gives visions, too, but they will be flawed compared to God’s prophecies, often are said to be ‘new’ portents, and always will come from Sunday keepers— or pagans, i.e. the 2012 prophecy— as opposed to devoted Remnants of Christ’s Church: true Sabbatarians as it were. When we first met Debby, 4 or 5 years ago, she was a Laodicea cold. When she received God’s Truth, that which was missing, she came to it instantly.

Since then, Debby has been and is an obedient Remnant who loves the Lord with her whole heart, mind, body and soul. Upon receipt of her vision, another interpreted and compared it to God’s prophetic scriptures, finding it harmonious not only with God’s Word but also to Debby’s spiritual understanding. RDK shared her vision in the above format of “from/to” so readers could see the manner in which interpretation transpired: sharing the messages, in the order they were sent, that passed between RDK and Debby.

If you have had a vision but have not shared it with another, as above, please do not hesitate to write it in an email to us: . We will take it through the necessary steps, then rendered to you the interpretation for your response. May all who read these words be blessed, reassured and encouraged, knowing nothing is too hard for our Lord to get us through and up to the clouds with Him. A new spiritual poem to share about the terminal condition of the wicked: Like Shooting Stars

Much love and prayers,
BonnieQ, God’s Handmaiden
Seventh Seal Library

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