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Extra Oil: Hope and New Vision

EARLY DUE TO DR & TESTS FRIDAY — News– Bill 1867, Earth Axis, Internet & Book Controls; Hope review w/RDK–Comments; Sister Anita’s Vision & God’s Confirmation; Christ’s Return; Prayer Updates; Closing Encouragement: 4–pgs


Extra Oil: Hope with New Vision
shared by Remnant Doctrine Keepers (RDK) 010612
©copyright Bonita M Quesinberry 123111



News Brief:
—— On last Sabbath, a 7.0M quake struck in the south Pacific seas near the Japanese Island of Porishima. The fifth one to knock earth off its axis again occurred near New Zealand on 12-23-11, the city of Christ Church again affected by a 5.9M. That is New Zealand’s major fault line, which is experiencing almost constant quaking.
—— Once again birds are falling dead by the flocks and fish by the droves washing ashore dead: same as last year and no logical reason for these events, except earth’s end.
—— Before signing into law, President Obama expressed his misgivings about Senate Bill 1867. The Executive Order was duly signed and sealed on 31 Dec 2011. Politician Ron Paul had tagged it “a Marshall Law Bill.” Unfortunately, all new laws passed in the last few years – reported by RDK – have revealed the Police State this nation always has been. This Bill was discussed in our previous  “Extra Oil: Annual Atonement Etc” of 02 Dec 2011 and “Extra Oil: Pope’s Mass, Hope and Prayer” of 31 Dec 2011.
—— The U.S. having pleased the Vatican, this world now has all necessary laws ready to enforce, that she may finally and legally dispose of Christ’s small global churches and destroy all Bibles: the most unlikely US Homeland Security agency, of the many, is that of Denominational leaders with the ability to attack at Rome’s command, using whatever and however much force against anyone deemed or suspected of being a “terrorist.” Recall: Sunday pulpits are teaching that seventh day adherents are terrorists.
—— The likely step to come first is to clear out the Internet of all websites and persons that not only are considered immoral but also all people’s who post data revealing Rome’s true nature and who really authored her doctrine as well as Sabbatarians. The web will be limited to a few websites and those who post that meet government approval.
—— The brethren might recall last year: one of RDK’s Bible treatises was removed from all of our websites, a search showing the title but with a nonworking link. Below it was another window indicating that, if anyone wanted to access the article, they must contact the U.S. Military. By the next day, the same search yielded nothing, not even the contact info. RDK and its sister site Seventh Seal Library feel they will be the first of domains removed with our articles taken from websites at which we also post.
—— It is highly recommended that our members go to both RDK and SSL in order to print out articles and Extra Oils you feel are the most important to reaching Lukewarm and Cold. This Police State also will remove our books from area store shelves and online bookstores such as Amazon; thus, you might also want to buy copies, as soon as possible, of the following books:
—— “Truth Gathering,” the only Exhaustive Topical AKJV Bible in the world, and “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Library,” the Holy Spirit’s chronological interpretation of The Revelation, paraphrased as we speak today and with a full scripture reference Bibliography, paragraph by paragraph, Resource Bibliography and other pertinent information at the back of the book. A third book presents, by paraphrased scriptures only, the life of Christ from ‘before, during and after:’ “Today, Jesus Said, Let Me Introduce Myself.” The first two books, however, are the most vital to being prepared for our Lord’s return.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end News

Hope” Definitions & Info: We continue God’s words of only His “hope” bottom line; meaning just the part of each verse summing up His intent and/or defining hope’s meaning: how hope looks, feels, sounds and acts. We repeat man’s and the Greek Dictionary’s definition of ‘Hope.’ Once again, however, we are pushing the bulk of the ‘hope’ scriptures to the next Extra Oil. We feel Sister Anita’s vision takes presidence, while the below definitions and brief scriptures provide the necessary ‘hope’ info –
—— “Webster’s New World Dictionary, College Edition” – Hope: 1. A feeling that what is wanted will happen; desire accompanied by anticipation or expectation; 2. object of this; 3. a person or thing from which something may be hoped; 4. (Archaic) trust, reliance; expect, look for; sense development, expect to get; Latin – ‘cupere,’ to desire, 1. want and expect; 2. want very much; (Archaic) 1. have hope (for); 2. trust or rely on – SYN. see expect – “hope against hope:” go on hoping when it SEEMS baseless.
—— Greek Dictionary: ĕlpizō of ĕlpis – (New Testament) expect or confide: (have, thing), hope for, trust. (anticipate with pleasure); expectation or confidence – faith, hope.
—— Hebrew Dictionary:  tiqvâh – (Old Testament) literally a cord (as an attachment); figuratively: expectancy, expectation, expected, hope, live, “thing that I long for”

Hope Scriptures: The value of hope, how we obtain hope and what hope does for us –
—— God‘s abundant mercy recreated the elect (chosen) with an active hope by Christ’s resurrection. God restored Jesus and gave Him glory that your faith and hope might be (is) in God. Guard your mind, be sober and hope to the end for grace brought to you by Jesus Christ . . . With humility and respect, tell everyone who asks why you have hope . . . He with this hope purifies himself by obeying God’s Law, as Jesus is pure and obedient. (I Peter 1:3,21; 3:15; I John 3:3-4)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Hope Definitions, Info & Scriptures” to be continued

—— RDK Comments: Repeated because this ties in to Sister Anita’s vision on last Sabbath: “hope against hope” was our hope that Christ would be here sometime between mid-Oct to mid-Nov 2011; which we now understand it was meant to indicate just how quickly Jesus will come thus the time very short for the Lukewarm to repent. Christ did not arrive, so we must continue to hope He definitely is coming quickly: His promise given for His return “quickly” during this Laodicea church era, the same age He vowed to cut short for the elect’s sake. 11 Dec 2011 “Extra Oil: Fatal Lip Service, Etc.” page 7, “Years Expired,” revealed this living earth has completed her workweek, as is man’s, 6 prophetic days equals 6000–years.
—— By the Jewish calendar, earth attained her age of demise at either the beginning, middle, or even the end of Sept 2011: Jewish first month of the year per God: man’s year begins Jan. 01. Also, the Jewish calendar’s monthly days number different than man’s but God’s standard year is equal to 365–days. For prophecy purposes, God uses a statutory year of 360–days: reference Daniel’s omen, “they hope to change times and laws.”
—— Since no one knows the specific day and hour God gave life to our planet, we can say only that she is about to enter her promised Sabbath rest, the seventh day of her week. Earth’s seven week days are fulfilled by 1000-yrs for each day. This being the case, Jesus must arrive that she may enter her rest in that exact moment; neither early nor late. The Old Testament reads that she will cease “to turn” on her axis at exactly the minute our Savior comes through her door: Revelation states of Christ, “He is even at the door.” Pausing to enter, our Redeemer continues to knock at earth’s door for Lukewarm’s sake; that they might repent. If they do not, they shall perish forever and ever.
—— There are so many still who have not opened their own doors to our Savior’s knock, thinking they have all they need: Truth but without action to verify the Truth they do know absolutely. In their minds His final knocking is for those lost – the wicked and filthy, blind and deaf, of whom God said remain as they are in Laodicea through earth’s end: bearing Satan’s mark for utter destruction.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end RDK Comments on ‘Hope’

Sister Anita M’s Vision: more conformation of Christ’s quick return – as God said, “I do nothing that I do not first tell my prophets.”
—— Before reciting the vision, the following “Recall” is relevant to Anita’s very vivid dream given Friday night (Sabbath) 30 Dec 2011, just after Bonnie had finished the Sabbath Extra Oil discussing the Jewish spring harvest festival; vision might be relative to 01 Jan 2012: it is timely to the info in this “Recall.”
—— Recall: The first harvest festival period, spring as it were, is the time Christ died and rose from the grave, then 40-days later ascended to heaven — Jesus died on Friday about 3pm on about 03 April 31AD; at sunset 04 April He was placed in a tomb through 05 April; then at dawn 06 April Christ rose and a host of prophets and saints were resurrected simultaneous to His restoration; He was seen by 500 people for 40 days; on the 40th day, about 15 May 31AD, after instructing His Apostles, Christ and the host ascended to heaven.
—— Consider what happens when Jesus’ arrives, noting a mirror image to the above: the righteous dead are raised to stand with the elect living, then together we ascend to the clouds for Jesus to “escort us to the safe haven of heaven” – it appears the logical period of time that Christ might arrive with the scene progressing the same way His resurrection and ascension occurred, taking with Him a host who rose from their graves at exactly the same time He arose. If this were the case, then the specific day and hour are preset between 04 April to 15 May, hopefully in 2012.
—— Sister Anita’s Vision: Anita saw what she knew was the left hand (heart line) of a man holding an open folder, certain it was God’s, that she saw four (4) invitations that, not knowing how, she knew were wedding invites, one below the other but no names on any of them; albeit, she was intensely certain that each invitation was for a separate couple: i.e. four couples. Anita has had warnings or visions in the past, and as those were, so this one was so vivid she not only knew it was from God but also would remember it in detail no matter how many years might pass by.
—— Without telling BonnieQ her understanding of the dream, in accordance with God’s rules of interpreting visions relative to prophecies, Bonnie noted the four (4) wedding invitations thus the number four (4); a number Anita and Bonnie are aware is not God’s number. If Jesus is to come in April or May, it would stand to reason that the wedding invitations go out at least three (3) or four (4) months prior to the great event, i.e. January 01: enough time for recipients to RSVP, repent as it were, and to make sure they have the proper attire (see Christ’s first wedding parable and “thy Truth is the Law,” Exo. c.20), the required attire being “the full armor of God.” God’s Word: “I have given similitudes on earth of everything in heaven.”
—— The lack of names on the invitations accounts for the billions (greater than 2.16 billion: current population 6.5B x 33.3% = 2.16B% current world population + those who died in Christ since His ministry) who will enter one of the four (4) gates of heaven. Also, only God judges who is worthy, who is properly attired. After Bonnie interpreted, Anita wholly agreed to being of the same mind. Below are the various symbols of the number four (4):
1. —— April is Gregorian fourth (4th) month: (8th Jewish month) appropriate for sending out invitations would be 01 January 20(12) for timely RSVPs;
2. —— Jesus placed in tomb April 04, rose on the 6th, and ascended to heaven with a host on May 15 (9th Jewish month), image of our resurrection and ascension;
3. —— four (4) groups invited: 1. Jews; 2. Gentiles; 3. repented Lukewarm; 4. Cold;
4. —— four (4) groups ascend to heaven: ushered through door to wedding supper
5. —— four (4) groups are ‘church’ bride at wedding supper;
6. —— four (4) brides at wedding as church bride;
7. —— four (4) brides as church bride weds Jesus.

—— Four is not God’s number; however, if you note the above series of four, they equal seven uses and/or purposes: God’s number confirms the vision being from Him and the interpretation being correct. Seven, as our brethren have noticed over the years, has surfaced in numerous of our Bible treatise summaries.
—— Referring back to the time span between Christ’s death and, with an accompanying host (a huge number), His ascension to heaven, it seems His return for His small flocks will occur either in April or any time between 04 April and 15 May 2012. We understand Jesus will not come on a pagan date, i.e. 21 Dec 2012: God will not validate heathen omens.
—— Even Christ cannot know the specific day and hour; but, God’s Word does tell us how the day will appear: “It will be neither day nor night but it will be light. The moon will shine as the sun and the sun as seven suns.” Remember God’s words, “The wicked will die at the brightness of Christ’s return.” Seven suns is brighter than we can imagine.
—— The 04 April to 15 May span is most logical; for it is the spring planting festival, whereas October to November is Christ’s birth destined for crucifixion (mid- to late-Oct) and the final harvest after which the fields wilt and die. Spring represents resurrection, to-wit: our resurrection and rebirth into a new body and ascension to heaven as Jesus also rose and ascended in the spring.
—— Sister Anita’s vision and God’s confirmation supports this spiritual wisdom; albeit, we cannot say for certain it will be in 2012. Both Bonnie and Anita feel very strongly, however, that it will be 2012, even pray that it will be according to the above number, relevant dates and events: for even the wicked and filthy are becoming fearful along with a feeling that the end is coming in this generation (and, our generation). Have you received your wedding invitation? Do you have the proper wedding attire?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end Anita’s Vision

Prayer Updates & Requests: If you were in our prayers last Sabbath, please let us know how you are doing. If you or someone you know needs prayer, please let us know.
—— Jay is out of the hospital (congestive heart failure) and will be undergoing tests. Sister María called to report: on 12-30-11 Rhyli was returned to her mother Brittany’s custody: Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray, for DHS will remain in the picture for the next six months: they are prone to lie thus could and would do anything to get Rhyli back. Sister Helen reported, since her bout with cancer, she is improving daily, getting stronger and losing weight: Praise the Lord! Sister Anita has requested prayer for Keith and Kim whose son, Randy, died at 25yo Friday of last week; prayer for their strength and understanding in these end days.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end Prayer Updates

Dear Brethren, our blessings to each of you and more to come, and we pray that the Anita’s vision also blessed you with increasing hope. Know that Christ is coming quickly: even the wicked and filthy now notice dire changes, feeling the end is near: God allows them to feel it but will not allow much more time to pass; for He has said it will not allow them to repent, for they have no right. As He said of them six years ago (poem “I Lay Weeping“), “It is too late;” therefore the Lord said of this age, “Let the blind remain blind and the deaf remain deaf. Let the wicked and filthy remain wicked and filthy; let the righteous remain righteous.” 
—— So fast will our Lord arrive. Therefore, harm neither man nor creature, give what you have to whomever asks, pray unceasing even for the wicked and your enemies. Be fully armored, not missing that piece called Truth; be prepared, watch the clouds; you know how the day will be. The wedding invitations have been mailed; so, be sure to RSVP and be prepared with the proper attire: that you not be left behind. Know that my prayers are with each of you!

Much love & prayers,
Sister BonnieQ, God’s Handmaiden
Seventh Seal Library

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