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Extra Oil: Christ’s Wedding Plans

News Brief; Member Comments; Christ’s Wedding Plans via Parables; Vision Review for All Who Missed its Vital Message; Closing Notes; WCC Newsletters:  4–pgs


Extra Oil: Christ’s Wedding Plans
shared by Remnant Doctrine Keepers (RDK) 011312
©copyright 2012 Bonita M Quesinberry 010912


News Brief: 7.3M quake W. Indonesia early 01/11 Wed (Tues 01/10 U.S.); 18-mi below sea floor (might be deepest Ring of Fire trench), tsunami warning, no damages/deaths; Alaska, critical snow/ice brings Russian cutter & US ships to break thru Bering Strait; WA, hits record lows & snows, as have other States & Canada.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end News Brief

Member Comments: “Extra Oil: Hope and New Vision” – 01/06/12
—— Sister Debby C, TX: I wake up daily with His hand stretched out to me and my eyes open to the sky and what I am waiting for. I drive to work in half-light, which slowly grows and glows bringing in the day. I get to work and I am surrounded by Christians – true believers. I pray it is 2012 also – and I believe it will be. Anita’s vision is another confirmation we will have one heck of a wedding party soon. My RSVP is simple, “Yes Lord, I am ready.” ~~ Love and more love, Debby
——— Dearest SisDeb, Anita and I echo loudly your RSVP. We look forward to seeing you ASAP! ~~ Much love & prayers, SisBon
—— Bro. Paul M, OR: As the sun is setting on the Sabbath, and after reading the Extra Oil, I thought to give an update on happenings here. Off time is spent finishing work on the house, so it can be put on the market ASAP; and finishing the bus in time for escape to the mountains. Hope everything is going better for you. Keep the Extra Oils coming, God be with you. Love always, Brother Paul M
——— Dearest Bro, hurry up with that bus; ‘cuz we think it is about time for escape from wild and dangerous cities to the mountains. At least we have not much time to wait for our escort to the great wedding day. Hooray! ~~ Much love & prayers, Sis BonnieQ

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end Member Comments

Christ’s Wedding Plans: Matthew 22:8-14; 25:1-13
—— The mid-Oct to mid-Nov dates seem irrelevant yet was a time for the lukewarm to repent before wedding invitations went out 01 January 2012. Also, that timeframe also allowed for a final weeding of Christ’s wheat fields. That work is complete due to the invitations having been sent. Review “A Vision in Snow White:” poetic rendering of the dream given BonnieQ on 07 Feb 2009 about the heavenly wedding and its participants.
—— There are a number of tasks to be done before a wedding takes place: the wedding date, a location, list of invitees, pick invitations–address and mail, decide on bride and attendants’ dresses, choose flowers, and determine where the rehearsal dinner will be and what to serve, etc. We know the wedding will be on a day and hour not disclosed, other than to say “quickly,” and the wedding supper will be in heaven.
—— We know everything and everyone’s full armor of God will be pure white, as will Jesus. Now, let us take a moment to review Christ’s two wedding parables (His and the Father’s pre– and current plans). It should be noted: Rev. 16:7-18,20-21 ref: 7th plague vial, is seen in the first parable; the vial emptied out behind Christ crossing earth’s skies from east to west.
—— “The kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who arranged a marriage for his son, then sent his servants to call those invited to the wedding; but, they would not come. Again, he sent his servants who spoke the king’s words to them, “Behold, I have prepared the dinner: my oxen and fatlings are killed and all things are ready; come to the wedding. They made light of it and went their ways, one to his farm and another to his riches of the world, while the others took the king’s servants and killed them (Rev. 6:9-11).
—— “The king was angry and sent his armies to destroy those murderers and burn up their city (seventh vial). He told his servants, “The wedding is ready and those were not worthy. Go into the highways and as many as you find, invite them.” When the king came in to see the guests, he saw a man that did not have on the wedding garment (full armor of God, the majority called sadly missing Truth: all God’s Law in Exodus c.20).
—— “The king said to him, “Friend, why do you not have a wedding garment?” The man was speechless, for his dress lacked Truth thus not wholly obedient to God’s Law. The king ordered his servants to bind the man’s hands and feet then cast him into outer darkness (pit of fire and brimstone) where there shall be weeping, wailing and grinding of teeth – their first death – for many are called but few are chosen.”
—— “The kingdom of heaven is like ten virgins who took their lamps when they went to meet the bridegroom; but, five of them were foolish (did not follow instructions) when told to bring extra oil (well versed in prophecy). Only the wise virgins had done so, in the event the bridegroom tarried, which he did; so all ten slept. At midnight a servant loudly cried out, “Behold, the bridegroom is coming, go out to meet him!” The foolish virgins ask the wise to give them some of their extra oil, for their lamps had gone out. The wise said, “No, because we might need it. Go and buy more (understanding) for yourselves.”
—— “While the foolish virgins were gone, the bridegroom arrived and the wise virgins went in to the wedding, the door closed and locked behind them. Soon, the foolish virgins came back and cried at the door, “Lord, Lord, open the door to us!” He answered, “Verily I say to you, I know you not.” To all the chosen, watch, for you do not know the day nor the hour when the Son of man will arrive.”
—— We are now led to the wedding as given in Sister Anita’s vision. Be sure to color it in Snow White, as seen in the above poem: dresses and robes, pews, carpet, flowers, altar, Bible, and Christ – everything a vision in snow white.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end Christ’s Wedding Plans

Sister Anita M’s Vision: More conformations of Christ’s quick return – as God said, “I do nothing that I do not first tell my prophets.” 
—— Before reciting the vision, the following “Recall” is relevant to Anita’s very vivid dream given Friday night (Sabbath) 30 Dec 2011, just after Bonnie had finished a Sabbath Extra Oil discussing the Jewish spring harvest festival; this might be relevant to 01 Jan 2012 and more: it IS timely to data in the following “Recall.”
—— Recall: First, keep in mind that God determines a day as sunset to sunset: the night coming first and light the second half of a day. The first harvest festival period, spring as it were, is the time Christ died and rose from the grave, then 40-days later ascended to heaven — Jesus died on Friday about 3pm on about 03 April 31AD; at sunset 04 April (Sat. night) He was placed in a tomb through 06 April night (Sun); then at dawn 06 April (Sunday light) Christ rose simultaneous to a host of prophets and saints; He was seen by 500 people for 40 days, as were many of the host; on the 40th day, about 15 May 31AD, after directing His Apostles, Jesus and the host left for heaven.
—— Consider what happens when Jesus’ returns, noting a mirror image to the above: the righteous dead are raised to stand with the elect living, then together we ascend to the clouds for Jesus to “escort us to the safe haven of heaven” – it seems the logical period of time that Christ might arrive with the scene progressing the same way His resurrection and ascension occurred, taking with Him a host who rose from their graves at exactly the same time He arose. If this will be, then the specific day and hour are preset at some time beginning 04 April to 15 May, hopefully in 2012. The command will go to only Jesus.
—— Sister Anita’s Vision: Anita saw what she knew was the left hand (heart line) of a man holding an open folder; certain it was God’s hand. She saw four (4) invitations that, not knowing how, she knew were wedding invites one below the other but no names on any; albeit, she was intensely certain that each was for a separate couple: i.e. four couples. Anita has had warnings or visions in the past, and as those were, so this one was so vivid she not only knew it was from God but also would remember it in vivid detail no matter how many years might pass.
—— Without telling BonnieQ her understanding of the dream, in accordance with God’s rules for interpreting visions relative to prophecies, Bonnie noted the four (4) wedding invitations thus the number four (4); a number Anita and Bonnie are aware is not God’s number. If Jesus is to come in April or May, it would stand to reason that the wedding invitations go out at least three (3) or four (4) months prior to the great event, i.e. January 01: enough time for recipients to RSVP, repent as it were, and to make sure they have the proper attire (see Christ’s first wedding parable and “thy Truth is the Law” in Exo. c.20), the required attire being “the full armor of God” and bear His Seal, Exo. 20:8–11. God’s Word: “I have given similitudes (examples) on earth of everything in heaven.”
—— The lack of names on the invitations accounts for the billions (greater than 2.16 billion: current population 6.5B x 33.3% = 2.16B% current world population + those who died in Christ since His ministry) who will enter the gates of heaven. Also, only God judges who is worthy, who is properly attired and has an “understanding of all things.” After Bonnie interpreted, Anita wholly agreed to being of the same mind. Below are the various symbols of the number four (4):
1. —— April is Gregorian fourth (4th) month: (8th Jewish month) appropriate for sending out invitations would be 01 January 20(12) for timely RSVPs;
2. —— Jesus placed in tomb April 04, rose on the 6th, and ascended to heaven with a host on May 15 (9th Jewish month), image of our resurrection and ascension;
3. —— four (4) groups invited: 1. Jews; 2. Gentiles; 3. repented Lukewarm; 4. Cold; each consisting of four generations: 1. Parents; 2. Children; 3. Grandchildren; and, 4. Great grandchildren;
4. —— four (4) groups ascend to heaven: ushered through door to wedding supper
5. —— four (4) groups are ‘church’ bride at wedding supper;
6. —— four (4) brides at wedding as church bride;
7. —— four (4) brides as church bride weds Jesus.

—— Four is not God’s number; however, if you note the above series of four, they equal seven uses and/or purposes: God’s number confirms the vision having been from Him and the interpretation being correct. Seven, as our brethren have noticed over the years, has surfaced in numerous of our Bible treatise summaries.
—— Referring back to the time span between Christ’s death and, with an accompanying host (a huge number), His ascension to heaven, it seems His return for His small flocks will occur either in April or any time between 04 April and 15 May 2012. We understand Jesus will not come on any pagan date: God will not validate heathen omens.
—— Even Christ cannot know the specific day and hour; but, God’s Word does tell us how the day will appear: “It will be neither day nor night but it will be light. The moon will shine as the sun and the sun as seven suns.” Remember God’s words, “The wicked will die at the brightness of Christ’s return.” Seven suns are brighter than we can imagine.
—— The 04 April to 15 May span is very logical; for it is the spring planting time followed by the festival, whereas October to November is Christ’s birth (mid- to late-Oct) destined for crucifixion and the final harvest after which the fields wilt and die. Spring represents resurrection, to-wit: our resurrection and rebirth into a new body and ascension to heaven as Jesus also rose and ascended in the spring.
—— Sister Anita’s vision and God’s confirmation supports spiritual wisdom; albeit, we cannot say it will be in 2012. Sisters Bonnie, Anita and Debby feel strongly, however, that it will be 2012, even pray that it will be according to the above number, relevant dates and events: for even the wicked and filthy are becoming fearful along with a feeling that the end is coming in this generation (and, our generation). The third four of groups with a generation response could be EITHER 1. Elderly, 2. Seniors; 3. Young adults; and, 4. Kids; OR 1. Parents; 2. Children; 3. Grandkids; and 4. Great grandkids.
—— Have you received your wedding invitation? Do you have the proper wedding attire and an understanding of all things? Have you sent in your RSVP?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end Sister Anita’s Vision

Closing Notes:
We pray Anita’s vision delivered great surety that Christ is coming quickly: even the wicked and filthy see dire changes, feeling the end near: God allows them to feel but will not allow much time to pass: He will not allow them to repent, not being worthy; for God said six years ago, “It is too late;” (see poem “I Lay Weeping” and “Again This Dawn“). He also said of this era, “Let the blind and deaf remain blind and deaf. Let the wicked and filthy remain wicked and filthy; let the righteous remain righteous.” 
—— Harm neither man nor creature; give to whomever asks, pray unceasing even for the wicked and your enemies. Be fully armored, not missing Truth; be prepared, watch the clouds: you know how the day will be. Wedding invitations are in the mail: be sure to RSVP and dress properly that the door be open. Know my prayers are with each of you!

Much love & prayers,
Sister BonnieQ, God’s Handmaiden
Seventh Seal Library

WCC Newsletters:
Subject: WCC WEEKLY: Christian-Buddhist dialogue; HIV/AIDS; Taiwan; South Africa; Pakistan; Date: Jan 12, 2012 11:01 AM: rcvd blank, WC pagan inclusion

Subject: WCC NEWS: WCC general secretary recalls anti-apartheid movement; Date: Jan 11, 2012 5:41 AM: “The ecumenical movement in a very special way has been shaped by this process of fighting racism. The Programme to Combat Racism has given

identity to the ecumenical movement, as a movement of honouring God’s creation and affirming the equal dignity and rights of every human being,” Tveit pointed out.




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