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Extra Oil: “2012,” The Movie

News Brief; 2–Notes; “2012′ – The Movie;” Prayer Updates & Requests; Closing Notes: 4–pgs

Extra Oil: “2012,” The Movie
shared by Remnant Doctrine Keepers (RDK) 012012
©copyright 2012 Bonita M Quesinberry 011912


News Brief: WA, record lows/snow, est. 1-ft to 18-in w/high winds in Shelton, Bellingham record snow, chill factor –4°, most schools/government Bldgs, banks & businesses closed thru-out W.WA; OR, Portland snow dusting to rain; New weather system w/be warmer temps/rain; WCC, rcvd not one, odd considering their increased frequency: is something up? Is Pope about to give orders against us?
Note: Wondering what happened to our treatise on “Hope?” We have had several things come up that were vitally important; such as Sister Anita’s vision and, now, data from the movie “2012.” We hope to get “Hope” in next Extra Oil. We really did not forget.
Note: Many are condemning BonnieQ & her interpretation of final/3rd harvest as the one that would bring Jesus for us. We must be reminded of the Sardis age and its error in determination of “it will be bitter on your stomach but as honey in your mouth.” God had predicted that our forefathers would misunderstand by thinking “honey in your mouth” meant Jesus would return in 1844; honey being the sweet excitement and expectation of returning for His small flocks and God’s chosen people.
—— When our Lord did not arrive as understood, our fathers sensed they had made a mistake; so, instead of giving up and hiding away, they went right back to God’s Word for correction of their mistake. “Bitter on the stomach” was the disappointment they felt when Jesus did not come in 1844 and the guilt of an erroneous interpretation.
—— We experienced the same sweet excitement and anticipation of Christ’s arrival to take us to Father’s kingdom; and, the same bitter disappointment and guilt when He did not return. Like our forefathers erred on the Messiah’s first coming, we misconstrued His return; thus, we went back to God’s Word regarding the final harvest festival.
—— Not one of God’s promises ever failing and through Anita’s vision, the Father gave us the understanding of both the first and final harvest periods; the final being the one erroneously declared as Jesus’ return. We feel our brethren now comprehend the events meant for both harvest dates.
—— What about the second (2) harvest festival? The first festival was to celebrate Christ having seeded His wheat fields, His death, resurrection and ascension; thus, the summer harvest and second festival also represents the host who ascended with Jesus to heaven in A.D. 31, plus a partial weeding and more seeding of those harvested fields: more seeding being the Philadelphia era (A.D. 1844 to 01 Jan A.D. 1991) to preach God’s truth one more time before it was lost forever. Therefore, the second (2) festival covered the time periods of both Christ’s ministry and that of the Apostolic period up to A.D. 1991. The final or third (3) festival naturally comes first – our generations, Laodicea era A.D. 1991 to ascension – in order to represent the final weeding of Christ’s wheat fields, announce His engagement, prepare for the wedding of God’s eldest Son, then send out invitations in time for the wedding, that is mailed by January 01. The first (1) festival then occurs last to reveal events leading up to and including Jesus’ return for all His sheep— our ascension to heaven followed by participating as the Bride in the wedding.
—— There we have the three (3) ancient harvest festivals and their metaphoric symbols. Please keep these facts in mind as you read “‘2012,’ The Movie,” paying heed only to those parts that show us the seventh plague occurring during the Messiah’s journey across earth’s skies. Everything will happen simultaneous and in the blink of an eye!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end News Brief & Notes

2012,” The Movie: It hit theatres in 2009 then aired on Cable TV’s FX–W (call letters, ComCast channel 53) several times during this past week. For those who have not seen it, you should and might want to invite lukewarm friends and family to a screening. It is worth renting from NetFlix or other video stores: if no longer on TV. It is loosely based on the Mayan, Hopi Indians and Biblical prophecies; of which RDK reported “Extra Oil: All Say 2012 & Science Proves God” on 09-18-2009 – when the 2012 prediction began provoking dialogue among many who believe the date is true and think the end will come just like the movie plays it out – contrary to God’s prophecies.
—— Nevertheless, the scenes below – and others – just might cause a Lukewarm to test his or her righteous temperature, if he or she truly understands Revelation’s seventh plague and the chain of events leading up to and following it: “Behold, I (Jesus) come as a thief. Blessed is he that watches (for me) and keeps his garments (clean); lest he walk naked and others see his shame. And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air (over the entire planet); and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying ‘It is done.’ (Mankind’s time to repent and obey plus God’s judgment are finally ‘done’ and the redemption harvest plus earth’s simultaneous destruction and cleansing has begun).
—— “And, there were voices, thunders, lightnings, and a great earthquake such as the world had never seen since man’s beginning; so mighty and great an earthquake. Every island fled away and mountains were not found. And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about 100–pounds. Men blasphemed God because of the plague of hail; for the plague thereof was exceedingly great.” [Rev. 16:15,17–18,20–21]
—— Note: Meant to stand apart from the above quoted scriptures are Rev. 16:12-14, 16 and 19 to clearly reveal that God was not the one who called the world’s armies to the plains of Armageddon (Middle East, the war man called Armageddon) in 1991. Rather, it was Satan (the great dragon, called the Devil and Satan, Rev. 12:9) by way of his (great red) dragon (pagan Rome, Rev. 12:3), the beast (Rome’s civil power) and the false prophet (Papal Rome mingled with pagan Rome); that great city/nation divided into three parts (Pagan, Papal, Protestant; Sunday her mark), her many harlot daughters based predominantly in the United States. The “2012” movie even showed the destruction of Papal Rome and its Vatican; which contradicts the many years Hollywood has glorified Rome and its Pope in a manner that implies Catholicism (great Babylon) is the only true Christian religion (Rev. 14:8; 17:15), yet she is destroyed when Christ reaches her location; for she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her immorality: fornication against God.
——Old Testament prophecies reveal that God will not call the wicked to His battle until after our 1000-years in heaven, and it will not be fought in the Armageddon plains; rather, God calls them to the Valley of Jehosaphat, in ancient days known as the Valley of Decision outside Jerusalem’s Dung Gate: the only gate from which waste could be removed from the city. It was here that God always decided whether to spare or destroy one of Israel’s enemies: it is appropriate that the wicked, filthy and evil fall to a second death in that same location – God’s final decision before Christ makes all things new.
—— Lack of boiling hot love for God and His Christ together with disobeying God’s Law, in part or whole, is a sure death warrant for the Lukewarm: unless they repent before it is too late. Earth is about to die, so they had better rush to instantly beg God’s forgiveness, repent and obey from this day forward.

—— Despite the film being mostly fantasy – at least with its cited date of 21 December and various incidents – it is on target with its graphic global scenes of massive quakes and volcanic eruptions that quickly destroy earth as people “run to and fro” in an effort to escape the carnage and/or make it to eight arks built around the world to save the most important of humanity: this, so there be well-educated and wealthy survivors to restore earth. These scenes are vivid portrayals of nature’s violence that will keep you on the edge of your seat: God’s reality, however, will be 100 times worse, every event occurring simultaneously all over the globe and happens in the blink of an eye – barely enough time for the wicked to “know perfectly” why they are left behind dead.
—— The irony here is that underground bunkers all over the world are being restored and prepared for a fixed number of people to remain in each until all radiation has dissipated and it is safe to return to the surface. And, yes, there are reports of even arks being built and passenger rockets for, possibly, setting up colonies on other planets: thus the reason various nations have been researching specific planets to determine whether or not one or more might support life. Having God’s interpretation of His prophecies assures us that man’s efforts, guided by Satan, will never come to fruition before Christ returns.
—— Man’s plan includes the poor and menial laborers being left to die rather than overload their prized colossal ships. The only others to inhabit the arks are various animals, much like Noah’s Ark, and plant life. Not a single movie frame so much as hints of Christ’s return being the cause of these catastrophes. Instead, they supposedly occur due to unusually huge radiation bursts from the sun causing earth’s core to heat up to the point that every layer of earth liquefied, resulting in the surface shifting wildly.
——Scenes of worldwide tsunamis, however, are contrary to God’s Word: “Fire flares from Christ’s feet as He moves from east to west, burning all in His path and turning to pitch (tar**) earth’s rivers, seas, oceans, pools of water, ponds, tanks and wells.” Obviously, there will be no tidal waves or tsunamis: water will have been burned off the planet. Earth’s surface becomes, quite literally, a “pit of fire and brimstone.”
—— Another relevant Old Testament prophecy speaks of evil’s first death: “They shall lie dead from one end of earth to the other end. They shall not be buried nor mourned for; instead, the eagles shall be called to feast upon the carcasses.” It is then that their spirit beings do not sleep, unlike the righteous who do sleep in their graves until Jesus calls their names; rather, the wicked “weep and wail and grind their teeth,” knowing they shall be resurrected to a second, permanent death to nevermore be remembered.
—— **TAR: “A thick, sticky brown to black liquid with a pungent odor obtained by the destructive distillation of wood, coal, peat, shale, etc. Tars are composed of hydrocarbons and derivatives and are used to protect and preserve surfaces and in making various compounds, etc. – Webster’s New World Dictionary, College Edition.”
—— By definition alone it becomes clear why earth’s waters are turned to tar during her sanitizing by fire, that now clean she may enter her Sabbath rest: a time when she cannot support life of any kind, not even turning on her axis (water is critical to life); as it were, not working on her seventh day. “2012” once again plays out man’s arrogance and belief that he can change God’s course as well as ‘fix’ everything man has destroyed. Man might as well echo Satan’s words, “I will defeat God and Christ and ascend to God’s heavenly throne.” Both man and Satan do not seem to realize that God and Christ already have defeated them. Well, Satan knows but does not want man to know it.
—— What this movie unwittingly achieves is confirmation of what we already know: Jesus is about to open earth’s door, take into the sanctuary His wedding party; then He closes the door and locks out all others. The invitations were sent out 01 Jan. 2012, advising that the wedding will take place on an undisclosed day and hour some time between 04 April and 15 May: we pray it is 2012. Have you replied to the RSVP; that is, repented of all shortcomings and sins? Do so now, for time is rapidly running out. Do you have extra oil? You do not want to be caught without oil for your lanterns thus branded “too late,” our Lord saying through the locked door, “I do not know you.”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end “2012,” The Movie

Prayer Updates & Requests:
—— Chub had his hip replacement surgery, his heart having no complications; he is in rehab and, after a few days of what seemed sudden failing, he now is feeling great, doing exercises and flirting with all the nurses; he should be home sometime next week; wife Ida is doing fine and looking forward to Chub coming home. Tim has been cleared of cancer and will not have to undergo Chemo. Will doing better; in fact, upset because trip to WalMart cancelled due to heavy snow!J  Ken will not have more Chemo, feels better.
—— Jay is home but must have further tests re: congestive heart failure; keep him in prayer for God’s will over him. Brittany has tentative custody of Rhyli and talk is that she will be able to move back in with María and John until she finds an apartment; things are very abusive at paternal grandfather’s home and they lie to caseworker about Brittany; at the moment the caseworker seems amenable to the move: please continue to hold them up in prayer, that the caseworker do what is right for Brittany and Rhyli.
—— Terri, not feeling well and worries it is a cancer relapse. Auntie Jani, hip and back in great pain with no current diagnosis and severe numbness in both hands, the right being the worst, due to pinched nerve in her neck.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end Prayer Updates & Requests

Closing Notes: 
Read again and again Sister Anita’s vision until you can recite it clearly to others; and, recall what God said of this era, “Let the blind and deaf remain blind and deaf. Let the wicked and filthy remain wicked and filthy; let the righteous remain righteous.” This tells us that judgment has been completed, the harvest nears, an angel is about to tell Christ to dip in His scythe and harvest His people.
—— Harm neither man nor creature; give to whomever asks, pray unceasing even for the wicked and your enemies. Be fully armored, not missing Truth; be prepared, watch the clouds: you know how the day will be – “It will be neither day nor night but it will be light; the moon shall shine as bright as the sun and the sun as bright as seven suns.” Wedding invitations were mailed: be sure to RSVP and dress properly, that the door be open to each brother and sister. Know my prayers are with all of you!

Much love & prayers,
Sister BonnieQ, God’s Handmaiden
Seventh Seal Library

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