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Extra Oil: 40 Days Significant Hope

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Extra Oil: 40–Days Significant Hope
shared by Remnant Doctrine Keepers (RDK) 012712
©copyright 2012 Bonita M Quesinberry 012112


Member Comments: re – “Extra Oil: “2012,” The Movie” – posted 01-20-2012
—— Chris, Rage of Reason: Hi Bonnie, I recommend Peter Moon’s “Transylvanian Sunrise:” new light on true cause of west’s invasion in Iraq. Oil was a bonus (term used in appalling way but makes things clear): there are other reasons more urgent for the US, in particular, to hold Iraq. Get book here: ~ I hope The Light floods you with good health and tons of soothing sincere Love. ~Chris
——— RDK Response: Thank you so much, dear brother, for the info; which we have here for our brethren who might be interested. May the Lord bless you with good health, tons of Love and internal Peace! ~SisBon
—— Minister Bob E: Hey my sister! I hope you are happy and full of our Lord’s joy. I am enjoying my grandchildren, getting close to finishing the remodel and repair of our home. A question for the brethren: Since there are so many events pointing to the Lord’s return and so many groups/cultures pointing to a specific day and hour, doesn’t that knowledge make those predictions unfillable (meaningless)? ~~ Love you, Bob
——— RDK Response: Yes, dear Brother, any prediction that cites a specific day and–or the hour of that day are meaningless and will not occur: i.e. Mayan 21 Dec. 2012. There also was one last year predicting 15 May 2012, which does end the correct season; but it is another futile gamble on a specific day with a desire that the odds are in favor of a false prophet. Both did refrain from citing a specific hour but just the day renders the it a lie. Gamblers know the odds are always with the house: God, as in this case.
——— Our Father will never order Christ’s return based on man’s gamble for a specific day and hour. It mimics myriad sects teaching, contrary to God’s Word, that the battle between good and evil is Armageddon fought in the Middle East when Jesus returns; then afterward He stays for 1000-years to teach the wicked: smooth words all. The facts, per God’s Word: His battle will not be until after our 1000–years in heaven while the wicked, dead of a first death, lie from one end of old earth to the other end; which war results in their 2nd death in the Valley of Jehosaphat: in the blink of an eye outside Jerusalem’s Dung Gate, through which all waste was carried out of the ancient Holy City. 
——— Everything about Jesus’ return sends us directly to the 3–Harvest Festivals. The significant data given about Christ’s return is only a span of time according to Bible clues and, though we have not locked in the year 2012, our feeling for a year is based on events having already occurred. The Harvest Festivals’ metaphors–acted–out, our ascension referred to as a harvest, and we are the wheat fields, all reveal:
——— 1. God points His prophets to 2 of the 3 Jewish harvest festivals;
——— 2. The metaphoric meaning of each festival provides:
————— 2.a) warning to Lukewarm and final weeding of wheat fields (3rd festival); ,
————— 2.b) then the seasonal span of time for Jesus’ return (1st festival – As Jesus ascended, so He shall return to take us to heaven);
————— 2.c) the 2nd festival represents the Philadelphia era, which expired Jan. 1991, teaching the Truth one more time until the end days (Laodicea, Jan 1991 to ___ );
——— 3. God will never give His prophets pre–notice of the specific day and hour: only a seasonal span — 04–04 to 05–15 spans 40–days — same as Christ remained on earth after resurrection. It is meaningful that He return on any one of the 40–days: perhaps the day He arose or the day He ascended or, sometime in between. The day He ascended, 05-15, seems likely but it would validate a false prophecy, so it is unlikely. Anyone who predicts a specific day and/or hour desires to be more highly regarded than God’s Son; that the Father would tell one human specifics not even given to Christ.
——— True information means nothing to those who prefer “smooth words;” thus, their responses to God’s truth are, “No man knows the day and hour! You are a liar, a false prophet.” That is true of the day and hour but they apply it to include a season and year. The wicked and filthy cannot discern a prophet as being either Satan’s or God’s: for God stated they remain blind, deaf, wicked and filthy during Laodicea, earth’s short final era.
——— Revelation: God finally tells His angel, Gabriel the Holy Spirit, to instruct Jesus to begin harvest: the day and hour Christ returns; but until He arrives in the clouds, only the Father knows, then Gabriel when told, then finally Gabriel instructs Jesus ON the specific day and hour: neither before nor after that appointed day and hour.
——— Regarding your concern, Bob, God agreed that even the wicked might learn of and accept the Truth based on His prophets’ messages; that Christ’s arrival might come as no surprise to them; therefore, the Father added that He keeps them blind and deaf: a situation of which our Savior stated why – not worthy, for they love the world and people more than Him: “If you love your life (world), families and friends more than me, you are not worthy of me.” To not be worthy means one is already marked twice dead.
——— To those unworthy, Christ will come when least expected, in so far as the wicked and filthy discern God’s Word. First, they do not recognize Father’s prophets of today. They look for two of His ancient prophets, therefore miscalculate the progression of time from one church era to the next: causing them to look far behind the age where we stand. Second, Revelation’s two prophets are a numeric and behaviour metaphor. ‘Two’ is meant to indicate “only a few in today’s world;” but they are heard globally.
——— Today’s few prophets’ behave as (the ancients) did: warn of Messiah’s (coming) quick return, live and teach God’s Law and (speak God’s testimony) preach Jesus; because there is light in them. These things they do without fear of persecution or death (i.e. the ancients, John the Baptist, Apostle Peter, even Christ).
——— Love covers the prophets and we brethren. Jesus will not come unexpectedly; for we are informed, prepared with proper attire, obey in faith and watch the clouds every day. Christ said, “I come quickly;” therefore, we say, “Come, Lord Jesus, come!”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end Member Comments & RDK Responses
Hope Scriptures: The value of hope, how we obtain hope and what hope does for us ~ Definition excerpt – “hope against hope:” go on hoping when it SEEMS meaningless or futile; continued from “Extra Oil: Hope and New Vision” on 06 Jan 2012. Previously, we began with the following New Testament (NT) verses; today, however, we will cover Old Testament (OT) paraphrased scriptures taking out only the basic message; and, next week, we will go through the NT in the same manner. The basis of “Hope:”
—— God recreated the elect (chosen) with an active hope by Christ’s resurrection. Your faith and hope is in God. Hope to the end, tell everyone why you have hope . . . He with this hope purifies himself by obeying God’s Law, as Jesus is pure and obedient. (I Peter 1:3,21; 3:15; I John 3:3-4) [One reason to obey God’s Law could not be more clear than this in I John 3:3-4]

—— Job 4:6-7: Job had helped others but now he was ailing. Eliphaz said, “Is this not your fear, your confidence, your hope and the uprightness of your ways? Who, being innocent, has ever perished? When and where have the righteous been cut off?
—— Job 5:15–27: God saves the poor from the sword, from their mouth and from the hand of the mighty. So, the poor have hope, and iniquity shuts her mouth. God makes sore then binds up: He wounds and His hands make whole. In famine He shall redeem you from death: and in war from the power of the sword. You shall be hid from the tongue’s scourge; neither shall you be afraid of destruction when it comes. You shall laugh at destruction and not be afraid of earth’s beasts; for stones of the field shall be in league with you and the beasts shall be at peace with you.
—— Job 6:11: What is my strength that I should hope? What is my end, that I should prolong my life? (“Your faith and hope are in God” ~ I Peter)
—— Job 8:20–22: “HOPE” – God will not cast away a perfect man, nor will He help evildoers: ’til He fills you with laughter and your lips rejoice. They who hate you shall be clothed with shame; and the dwelling place of the wicked shall come to nothing.
—— Job 11:18–20: You shall be secure, for there is hope; yes, you shall prep a bed and rest in safety. You lie down and no one can make you afraid; many shall woo you. But, the wicked’s eyes shall fail and they shall not escape, and their hope shall be like dying.
—— Psalm 16:9–8–10: I always set the Lord before me. He is at my right hand; I shall not be moved. Thus, my heart is glad, my glory rejoices: my flesh rests in hope; for God will not leave my soul in the grave.
—— Psalm 31:24; 38:15; 39:7: Be of good courage and God shall strengthen your heart: all you who hope in the Lord. (“Your faith and Hope are in God” ~ I Peter) For in you, O Lord, I hope: you hear, O Lord my God . . . what do I await? My hope is in you.
—— Psalm 42:5,11; 43:5: Why is my soul depressed and anxious? My soul, hope in God: I praise Him for His tolerance. He is health to my stomach and He is my God.
—— Psalm 71:5, 14: You are my hope, O Lord God: you are my trust from my youth. I will hope continually and will praise you more and more.
—— Psalm 78:7–8: (Teach the testimony and Law to the children) That they might set their hope in God and not forget the works of God but obey His Commandments: that they might not be like their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious lot; a generation that did not set their hearts aright and whose spirits were not steadfast with God.
—— Psalm 119:49,81,114-117: Lord, remember your words to your servant, on which you have caused me to hope. My soul aches for your salvation: so I hope in your word. You are my shield and hiding place: I hope in your word. Depart from me, you evildoers, for I will obey my God’s Ten Precepts (Exo. c.20). Hold me up by your word, that I may live and not be ashamed of my hope; I shall be safe: I respect and do your Law always.
—— Psalm 130:5; 146:5; 147:11: My soul waits for the Lord: in His word do I hope . . . Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God . . . The Lord takes pleasure in they who fear (respect) Him, in they that hope in His mercy.
—— Proverbs 10:28; 13:12; 14:32; 29:20: The hope of the righteous is gladness . . . Hope delayed makes the heart sick: but when hope comes, it is a tree of life . . . The righteous has hope in his death . . . There is more hope for a fool than for a man who is hasty with his words.
—— Ecclesiastes 9:4: He that is involved with all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.
—— Jeremiah 17:7,17: Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is the Lord. Lord, be not a terror to me, for you are my hope in the day of evil.
—— Lamentations 3:21,24,26: My soul considers my sins and it humbles me; this I recall to mind, so I have hope. The Lord is my portion, says my soul; thus I will hope in Him. It is good that a man both hope and quietly wait for the Lord’s salvation.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Hope Scriptures” in New Testament next week

Closing Notes:
Speak again and again of Sister Anita’s vision to others; and, recall what God said of this era, “Let the blind and deaf remain blind and deaf. Let the wicked and filthy remain wicked and filthy; let the righteous remain righteous.” The Lukewarm should be our target to warn; for judgment was completed during Philadelphia; and Laodicea is the nearing of harvest: Gabriel will soon tell Christ to dip in His sickle to harvest His people.
—— Harm neither man nor creature; give to whoever asks, pray unceasing even for the wicked and your enemies. Be fully armored, not missing Truth; be prepared, watch the clouds: you know how the day will be – “It will be neither day nor night but it will be light; the moon shall shine as bright as the sun and the sun as bright as seven suns.” Wedding invitations were mailed: be sure to RSVP and dress properly, that the door be open to each brother and sister. Know my prayers are with all of you!

Much love & prayers,
Sister BonnieQ, God’s Handmaiden
Seventh Seal Library

WCC Newsletters:
Subject: WCC WEEKLY: Safe Spaces for breaking taboos; Stewards Programme

Date: Jan 19, 2012 10:45 AM: rcvd blank
—— RDK Response: “Break taboos in safe spaces” is suspect: the Pope said, “Gay marriages might be acceptable in certain situations.” What would God possibly approve? What would be okay in order to bring world peace? How is God reacting to the Pope’s public declaration that he is God? Look around: God’s wrath for these abominations and more is being demonstrated everywhere and in every way. Earth’s end is here.
Subject: WCC WEEKLY: Violence in Nigeria; Prayer for Christian unity; Decent work; HIV; Korea; Date: Jan 26, 2012 10:40 AM: rcvd blank
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end WCC Newsletters

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