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Extra Oil: Why No Recent Oils

No Recent Oils; Closing Notes: 2-1/3 pgs

Extra Oil: Why No Recent Oils 
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Why No Oils — BonnieQ:
—— Please forgive my lack of communication and Oils. It has become increasingly difficult to use my computer; however, that is not the biggest reason our Extra Oils have not been produced and posted. On the first of each of January and February, I received notices that my HUD recertification was coming up and I had to have my documents into the Fir Tree Park Apts (FTP) no later than 10 March 2012: not a problem.

On the 16th of February I was served with a Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease based on false complaints, further stating that I had to be out of my unit no later than 30 April. They know this is impossible when seeking other HUD Housing, which usually have 1 to 5-years waiting lists. It is rare that some have a 3 to 6 month wait. If FTP succeeds with the Non-Renewal, it will mean I can never again get subsidized housing: I cannot pay full rents anywhere. Instead, I will be on the streets; that is, my ferret SengLee and me.

As most of you know, this is nothing new since the day I moved into FTP in 2007; which began with the management company discriminating against my disability followed by retaliation for me moving in, together with the upstairs neighbor harassing me — they recently moved her to another building, after 5-years of being in agony, and the new neighbor is very quiet, as I am, but she was the one to file the first false complaint after 30-days here. Why I cannot imagine, other than she could be working for management:  she should not have qualified for HUD housing in that she owns a home.

This harassment and abuse has continued unabated since 2007 with numerous false complaints, many of them developed by the site manager herself. The above Notice also was retaliation; for it was prepared exactly 3 days and served 6 days after 13 February when I had called Bremerton Housing for information regarding various medical deductions applicable to reducing my HUD rents even lower than the 30% of gross income. Same day of the call I advised management of HUD’s report, gave them the person’s name with whom I spoke, and made it clear I had not given them my name or where I lived. Obviously, I was not attempting to cause HUD trouble for FTP and its management company PPM.

Ironically, on the 1st of March I received a third Notice of Recertification. Naturally, I called upon the attorney who represented me in 2007, Leslie Owen with the NW Senior Justice Project in Olympia: she is the lead attorney. Since 2007, I had been keeping her well informed in order to, as she said, jump on my case if they did something like this.

Last week, after sending an email to Washington’s Senators Cantwell and Norm Dicks as well as President Obama, Senator Maria Cantwell contacted me saying she wanted to assist me and had me sign a release for her to contact whomever for documentation, other than what I had mailed to her when she requested it. Pursuant to Leslie’s direction, I was to and did provide Cantwell with Leslie’s name, address at the Capitol, phone/fax numbers and email address. Leslie wants Cantwell to know she also is assisting me.

Regarding my HUD recertification, in the face of a Non-Renewal of Lease, Leslie instructed me to continue putting together my recert documentation and to submit it according to the date they stated, 10 March 2012, or earlier. Since it was ready, I called a friend to act as witness to my attempt to deliver the documents to the site manager on 01 March. The manager refused to accept the paperwork, saying I already had been served with Non-Renewal. Leslie contacted the owners’ California lawyer to point out that the Non-Renewal, until settled, stated that it would not prevent processing a recertification but doing so also would not stop their Non-Renewal process. The call was ineffective.

At this point we are at a stand still until they serve me with an Unlawful Detainer action after 30 April; unless Senator Cantwell achieves something positive. Additionally, FTP has consistently been in breach of contract, with a number of tenants and me, on two points: 1) have not provided signed copies to the tenants; and, 2) annual inspections only are being conducted up to 8 or more times during each year. At least we have several points of arguments in my case, in addition to having no basis for denying a new lease.

When FTP files a Detainer action, Leslie immediately will bring suit against them. I have been on waiting lists since 2007 everywhere along the I-5 corridor between Portland and Seattle; the latter where my doctors are located. Alas, there are those long waiting lists and we have no idea when a unit might come up, IF FTP does not destroy my right to subsidy: Leslie has called several of the complex managers.

Leslie filled me in on some interesting facts: this small town of Shelton — population about 6500— has the most lawsuits against subsidized complexes than in any other small town or even in the State of Washington. Three specific HUD properties are privately owned but HUD subsidized by contracts with the owners. The FTP owners are in California. Those three complexes include FTP, one FTP case just recently settled.

Ironically, women who have never had management experience manage all three sites, especially having no experience with HUD subsidized properties: this is not a slur against women in general, rather the fact they have no experience that is even more critical on HUD properties.

The above 3 properties have taken away all tenant rights — State, Constitutional and moral — taken away our various clubs— game nights, crafts, pot luck dinners or lunches— have refused the right to form Tenants’ Associations in accordance with HUD, and will abuse tenants if needed to assert their will. Despite all this, HUD will do nothing: these are not HUD owned. I also filed with Fair Housing but no word yet.

Five (5) years of FTP’s harassment and abuse, almost constant stress upon me, has resulted in the MS and Lupus having gone into rapid progression thus my abilities are dramatically affected and worsening tremors making it close to impossible to use the computer mouse; the tiny toggles create problems getting the mouse on them to click in place. The mouse races across the screen and I start over again. LOL! Additionally, I am going blind, which often causes me to not see the screen clearly; so eye surgery is next on the list. I am pushing that out as far as I can and still be able to read, send emails, etc.

Closing Notes:
I am asking all my brothers and sisters to send up a roar of prayers to our Father’s ear, doing so in Christ’s name, that He give me direction as to what I should do now: nevertheless, His will, not ours. He has never let me down in dire circumstances; and, I do not believe He will do so now. Still, I need all the prayers I can get. I really want to move closer to María and my doctors. The most remarkable fact here at FTP is that not one tenant wants to hear God’s Truth, leaving me wondering why God placed me here. In the past, there always has been at least one person snatching up His Truth. Not this time!
—— Harm neither man nor creature; give to whomever asks, pray unceasing even for the wicked and your enemies. Be fully armored, not missing Truth; be prepared, watch the clouds: you know how the day will be – “It will be neither day nor night but it will be light; the moon shall shine as bright as the sun and the sun as bright as seven suns.” Remember that the wedding invitations were mailed: be sure to RSVP and dress properly, that the chapel door open to each brother and sister. Know my prayers are with all of you!

Much love & prayers,
Sister BonnieQ, God’s Handmaiden
Seventh Seal Library

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