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Extra Oil: Revelation’s Eight Kings – Final Event

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Extra Oil: Revelation’s Eight Kings – Final Event
shared by Remnant Doctrine Keepers (RDK) 051813
©copyright 2013 Bonita M Quesinberry 050913


 —— The best part of this Oil: for the first time our prophecy update is printed FIRST! “Revelation’s Eight Kings – Earth’s Final Event” before Christ returns. Please forgive my having left the idea, in Mar 2012, that all prophecies had been fulfilled: we were just waiting for Jesus’ return, which we still wait but I was untimely. The six years at Fir Tree had me grossly out of sorts, my health failing rapidly and I obviously forgot this final prophecy. I gratefully thank and love our sister Tammy, Florida, for catching it unfolding its final part. Knowing I had not watched news in over two years, she instantly called me. Albeit, I am a bit late getting it to you: my computer was not up and running ’til May 10. 
—— This might blow off your socks right into the wind, sending them far away or into a nearby tree. This portent indicates bringing Jesus and His host of angels to cross earth’s skies, followed by the seventh plague. It even points to Christ as early as one year from the time the eighth king comes to rule: read to find the king on or is not on the throne.

Revelation 17:7–18 AKJV, paraphrased interpretation—
—— Gabriel said to Apostle John, “Why are you astonished at the Mother of Harlots? I will tell you the hidden truth about her: she is Papal Rome, and the beast that carried her was the Roman Empire— she controlled its civil power— which became Italy, the beast who has seven heads and ten horns. The beast you now see was the Holy Roman Empire that ascended from the abyss of the Roman Empire’s destruction.
—— They, whose names are not written in the book of life since earth’s beginning, will marvel when they witness the Vatican’s power rise again from the ashes of her spiritual fall during the Great Awakening (Sardis era 1798 to AD1844). Her power will be that of  a nation: see the Roman Empire that was wounded in the head as though dead, then was not, yet rose again as Holy Roman Empire, then Papal Rome and the nation Vatican.
—— “This is the logic of those with God’s knowledge and wisdom: the seven heads are seven kings of a nation. When a nation, she will have seven consecutive kings: five will die, the sixth will reign long, and the seventh will not yet have come. When the seventh king comes, he remains in power for only a short time. Then there shall be an eighth king, Rome’s civil beast that was and is not; but Vatican’s power brings the eighth king, who is of the seven kings. He shall be destroyed, as earth’s end is near.
—— “The ten horns you saw are ten kings who do not have a kingdom at the time of this vision; but, from Vatican they will receive power as kings for one year (prophetic hour), as each kingdom join plans for the world; each give their power and might to Vatican’s civil/national beast. This because God put it into their hearts to do His will, to agree to let the beast use their powerful kingdoms until God’s words are fulfilled.
—— “The ten kingdoms are earth’s oldest nations— Britain, Egypt, Germany, Italy, United Arabia, Asia Minor nations, France, African nations, Sweden nations and Spain— in the beginning, they made war against the Lamb’s words of truth (Christ’s 3.5yr ministry) but His church overcame them. Yet, contrary to the ten kingdoms’ support of the Great Whore, in their hearts the ten kings hate Vatican and will destroy her: that mother of harlots, the great city Vatican, who has ruled and rules over earth’s kings since the Sardis church age yet more so during Laodicea era. She, with her harlot daughters and the wicked, shall be utterly destroyed.”

Who Are the Eight Kings?
—— Indeed, who are they? More, when did or will they reign, where and for how long each? Do the eight indicate how much time man has before Christ’s return in the clouds? About 1/3rd earth’s population have knowledge and wisdom of the above verses as paraphrased interpreted: IF the Holy Spirit chose them or they are cold and accept the words of our planet’s few Prophets today. As God said, “the cold (chosen) will come to God’s Truth the instant they hear (or read) it.”
—— For the purpose of interpreting this final event in prophecy, recall a few of God’s Written prophetic codes: (Daniel) an hour is a day, a day is a year; (Great Flood) a month is a statutory 30-days; (Hebrew Calendar) a season is 3-months; (Revelation) a righteous woman represents God and Christ’s single church; a fallen woman and women are similes of false religions preaching a different God and Jesus, their phony pastors teaching what people “want” to hear, and prophets misinterpreting prophecies; beasts (animals) denote civil powers– to manipulate the reigns of a beast(s) means the fallen woman rider controls civil power(s) to do her biding. The Bible speaks of beasts in heaven but the actual word (Greek: zoon – zōŏn) means “living creature.” All Bibles use the word beast exclusively: fail to define differences. You, me, an angel, God are “living creatures.”
—— Beast in the context of national/state/county/city civil powers means a “dangerous animal” (Greek: therion – thay-reŏn). All religious entities following a day contrary to God and Christ’s Sabbath (Exo 20:8-11> sundown Fri to sundown Sat) identifies both Mother and daughters. The title “king” (“name”– Rev 13:17) will be the same for each successive domain leader: i.e. President, Czar, Queen, King, et cetera. Prior to 1929, “Pope” was the “name/title” to find by description of his religious royal colors and other Bible descriptions. The Bible calls all world leaders “kings.” The difference is in upper and lower case spelling: Ancient of Days is King of all universes, Michael is God of earth’s universe and all living creatures in both heaven and earth: Christ is King of earth and rules over its international kings and peoples. Satan thinks to be king.
—— We must look at religious entities; so turn to the Great Whore aka Mother of Harlots to determine when eight kings sat or now sit upon her throne. The Catholic faith is accurately described in God’s Holy Word from start to finish; and it is a powerful “wolf in the guise of sheep’s clothing.” In AD1929 she gained Statehood. 2013, Rome, Italy’s center: 84-yrs a nation. Her power rose more rapidly than during its prior 1898-years.
—— All nations send ambassadors to Vatican and it reciprocates. Vatican has civil and religious laws; civil and religious police forces, religious Jesuit armies (insanely cruel history); for–profit companies and store fronts; banking system deemed the world’s richest; largest faith membership on our planet; and its religion IS earth’s wealthiest with Mormon coming in second. (Mormon: Nicolaitans– men w/multiple wives, women w/multiple husbands [Rev 2:6,15— Greek: adherents of heretics— follow pagan creeds] )   
—— Until 1929, no reigning Pope, which title translates Papa/Holy Father, could be called King thus ruler of any domain: despite one Latin papal title being King of kings and Lord of lords, which Biblically refers to only Jesus. Papal Rome’s claim is that each Pope was/is Christ incarnate. Rome no longer regards this claim, rather a Papal Cardinal boldly declared, “The Pope is God.” Having said that, we must look to its World Church.
—— Anyone or entity wanting to join Papal Rome’s World Church must accept only two things: the Pope is God and desire world peace— all pagan (i.e. Wiccan, Druid, etc), Sunday–keeping and some Sabbath–keeping religions (the Mother/Great Whore’s harlot daughters), agnostics, atheists, millions of people and all world leaders are members since AD2000 (Member Roster & Doctrinal Beliefs in RDK’s research files). Now, there must be billions of individuals just by virtue of their religion-of-choice membership.
—— Special note: prospective and current World Church members neither have to believe in the Bible or the Bible’s God and Christ, thus all pagan religions are members. Earlier Extra Oils detailed these facts (visit RDK – public access).
—— Since 1929, Vatican has yet to declare that its Pope at the time and succeeding Popes were or are national Kings; albeit, we believe the announcement is soon to come. Until then, it seems it would be impossible to identify the eight kings: IF the above facts and prophetic timeframes for all prophecies are not known and accepted. According to God, false teachers and prophets as well as individuals “ever study but never come to the truth.” There is no apostate religion that is also, seemingly, a young nation with no religious leader-cum-national King to control civil and religious laws and make decisions for church, country and people.
—— Make no mistake, the Papal title King is understood by all world leaders, whether declared or not: note she will capitalize the title inasmuch as she declared God is the Pope. Some readers might say AD1929 makes Vatican the youngest domain on earth instead of the U.S. formed in 07/04/AD1776. An error in logic, for there is a distinct difference between the two youngest nations that rules out Vatican as the “infant.”
—— The United States is Revelation’s lamb with two little horns, a domain noted by having risen from earth (soil) while Vatican “rose from waters, peoples and nations;” which represent ancient countries, specifically the Roman Empire’s ashes; each subjected to Catholicism for 2013-years: “the beast as though wounded with a deadly wound in the head [destroyed– Rev 13:3] ) then rose as Holy Roman Empire followed by Papal Rome (Catholicism); and last, Vatican nation with Popes on its throne as Kings.
—— There are oceans between Vatican and “little lamb with horns” that “rose from the earth” (Rev 13:11), meaning the youngest nation relative to Europe and the Middle East’s ancient domains. The U.S. did not rise from ancients, as did Vatican. In a short 237-yrs and contrary to all ancient/current provinces, the U.S. has the most powerful military for the richest domain in the world; and, it fits the 9/11 prophecy: planes mightily struck her financial and military monuments (Rev 18:8-19). The U.S. is 1/3rd “Babylon divided into three parts” (Rev 16:19)— 1/3rd U.S. Sunday harlot daughters, 1/3rd Pagan religions, 1/3rd Great Whore. Did not Jesus say, “A house divided will fall”? Yes He did! The prophecy of Rev c.18 is two fold, for it also applies to the omen of 10 nations to destroy Vatican; which will destroy her harlot daughters and all Pagan religions. A house divided is comprised of “Satan’s synagogues:” 1) Papal; 2) Protestant; and 3) Pagan.
—— Papal Rome was established early in the Apostles’ ministry— they warned us about her: “Men came in among us, spies learning what we teach, then they left us to teach their own message. If they had been of us, they would have remained but they did not. If they come preaching a different Jesus, flee from them.” In 1929-yrs Vatican Statehood with the most powerful Jesuit (demonic) army, its Illuminati most powerful at influencing world leaders to do the Pope’s will, and it is the richest corporate religion/State on earth.
—— It should be noted: her harlot daughters also are incorporated— governments’ nonprofit business pact with them though not acceptable to God or Christ. We should recall: Jesus instructed, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s;” because the money had Caesar’s image upon it. Christ told an Apostle to draw from a fish’s mouth a coin to pay the taxes owed. One might ask, “How did they owe taxes on no income?” Rome saw income in being fed by others and feeding others . . . perhaps?
—— In the U.S. it means paying income taxes to IRS, for his leaders’ images are on our money: also a clear directive to Christ’s unblemished church (people). There is not one incorporated denomination that fits the Biblical description of Christ’s true church: only nameless groups of people living only the Bible and meeting in the homes of or communicating with believers by all means possible on God and Christ’s Sabbath day. 
—— Ironically, Malachi Martin, 23 July AD1921–27 July AD1999, an Irish Catholic originally ordained a Jesuit (cruel army) priest who was relieved of only two Jesuit vows— poverty and obedience— in 1964 then moved to New York where he was a parish Jesuit priest until his death in 1999: he did secret masses in Latin. In the final years before his death, Martin was received in a private audience with Pope John Paul II, for reasons unknown. It might well have been for secrets he revealed about the church in so-called fiction novels. Martin’s death was attributed to a fall in his home that caused a brain bleed unchecked. Perhaps, he was murdered, too? 
—— “Windswept House” purportedly was a 1996 novel by Martin, who later said the contents were fact that he had to hide under the guise of fiction. A quote from the book reads: “on 29 Jun 1963, Pope John Paul II, while on the phone with Charleston, S.C. satanic headquarters, held in St. Paul’s Chapel within the Vatican a ritual called “The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer” concurrent with S.C. satanic rituals.”
—— At Martin’s death it was found that he was writing a book titled “Primacy, How the Institutional Roman Catholic Church Became a Creature of the New World Order;” while not completed, it likely included a chapter on the eight kings. There is no doubt that Popes becoming kings, a part of aristocracy, would make them more highly regarded than as mere heads of the largest, richest religion in the world. Martin’s writings would reveal himself a man who secretly hated the Great Whore. We will have more on him next time.
—— This Handmaiden’s research experience, when studying various false Christian religions, is that always there is someone, in high places of each sect, who leaves a faith, then publishes a tell-all book about its “false” creeds: Catholic, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormon (Latter Day Saints) and others. I read them all. Look to find the truth and/or listen to God’s truth prophets, for they cannot lie. After all, they have been taught by no man, rather chosen by Father Creator that His Holy Spirit Gabriel might teach them.
—— Now we know the nation to have “eight kings” is Vatican. It is time to set out who they were or are or might be and how long they reign. Have there been eight kings since 11 Feb AD1929? Read the following list of Vatican’s kings:

1. Pope Pius XI — 02/06/1922 to his death 02/10/1939 (17-yrs); DOB 05/31/1857; birth name: Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti (Italian); 02/11/1929 first “sovereign” (king) of Vatican; open to science and research more than any other Pope since Leo XIII;
2. Pope Pius XII — 03/02/1939 to his death 10/09/1958 (19.7-yrs); DOB 03/02/1876; birth name: Eugenio María Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli (Italian); voted into office in 20-days; did over 1000 addresses and radio broadcasts from Vatican; contributed to the rebuilding of Europe, advocated peace and unification of Europe; an anti-Semitic;
3. Pope John XIII — 10/28/1958 to his death 06/03/1963 (4.9-yrs); DOB 11/25/1881; birth name: Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (Italian); voted into office in 19-days; beatified 09/03/2000 to be called Blessed (sanctified) Pope John XIII; called 2nd Vatican Council but did not live to complete it; most beloved Pope to many people;
4. Pope Paul VI — 06/21/1963 to his death 08/06/1978 (15.2-yrs); DOB 09/26/1897; birth name: Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio María Montini (Italian); voted into office in 18 days; Marian (mother Mary) devotee – taught that Mary is the way to encounter Christ; sought dialogue with the world – people, all religions, excluded no one; “the queen of heaven is entrusted by God as administer of His compassion” – the queen of heaven is pagan Queen Semiramis of Mesopotamia, the mother of Tammuz (Eze 8:14 –historical records reveal that she declared Tammuz a god of virgin birth) and a statue of her and baby Tammuz sits in the Vatican, whom it says is Mary and Christ – Vatican claims the queen of heaven is Mary;
5. Pope John Paul I — 08/26/1978 to his death 09/28/1978 (33-days); DOB 10/17/1912; birth name: Albino Luciani (Italian); voted into office in 20-days; purportedly died of a heart attack while lying in bed reading his Bible; conspiracy theories say he was murdered so John Paul II could take over the throne; the church refused to have an autopsy performed, no reason given;
6. Pope John Paul II — 10/16/1978 to his death 04/02/2005 (26.10-yrs); DOB 05/18/1920; birth name: Karol Jósef Wojtyla (German); voted into office in 18-days; beatified 12/19/2009 proclaimed Venerable (highly esteemed) Pope John Paul II (had performed 1 miracle instead of 2 required & dead only 4yrs); single largest number of attendees at his funeral with largest gathering of heads of State in history; fluent in many languages; most world traveled, greatest people person of all previous popes, including the seventh king; he groomed Benedict and eighth king Francis for a long time before his death; the first pope ever to be placed in permanent state in Saint Peter’s Cathedral (he obviously fulfilled his tasks to the letter): all previous popes interred in the Vatican catacombs;
7. Pope Benedict XVI — 08/19/2005 to step down 02/28/2013 (7.6-yrs); DOB 04/16/1927; birth name: Joseph Alois Ratzinger (German); put in office 17-days after John Paul II died; prior to becoming Pope he was considered one of the 100 most influential people in the world; a strong traditionalist; accused of being anti-Semitic; he stepped down to be advisor to a new pope but retains his Papal title— the first pope to retain title after stepping down or abdicating: it is believed he retains title because, rather than advise, he more likely continues as Pope, the puppet master controlling the 8th king’s movements and directives to the ten nations’ kings’ who have power with Vatican for one year (one hour); and,
8. Pope Francis I — 03/13/2013 to AD2014???; DOB 12/17/1936; birth name: George Mario Bergoglio (Argentina – Buenos Aires Arch Bishop); in office 13-days after Benedict stepped down; first Latin American Pope in history and is a Jesuit (cruel army) priest; rejected comforts of Argentina church to take bus to work; prefers to get out among the people; rides in open papal vehicle in Rome, refuses bullet-proof car.

—— Note that the fifth king was “John Paul I,” who died 33-days into office. Popes pick their own papal name, never using their birth names: often, the name chosen will be that of ancient or more recent previous popes; although, they do not have to do so. In this case the 6th king appeared to pay homage to “John Paul I” by having chosen the 5th king’s papal name, thus his holy name became “John Paul II.” If the 5th king’s death was unexpected, then it is possible that the 6th king took his name as a symbol of continuing John Paul’s work: or, if John Paul had been murdered, then John Paul II might have taken his name out of guilt: not saying he murdered John Paul I, merely guilty because he took John Paul’s office so soon.
—— The years in office and the time it took to vote each king into office indicates how desperate Satan has become in his effort to win over earth’s population before Christ comes in the clouds. In his evil mind, he will inherit earth and her people IF he can achieve this before his time is up. “To the eighth” was deliberate, in that we have not witnessed the eighth king’s entire reign or the worldly power it will appear he wields; thus, it could not be said “through the eighth.” Will it be 1-year: the one year the ten nations’ kings are given power with Vatican’s king?
—— The ten kings that hate the Mother and nation: they who will “make her barren and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire.” If they are given one year of power with her, does it not logically compute that it will be the “worst of the end days?” It will be the year that those nations enforce all laws Pope John Paul II had them pass, their citizens unaware of the terrors those laws bring. It is the year God consoled, “Why do you weep for your beloved dead? Do you not know I spared them the worst of these end days?”
—— The 144,000 elite will be the only ones standing, of all who bear the seal of God, at earth’s end when Christ comes in the clouds. Is this not the day that “will be neither day nor night but it will be light. The moon will shine as the sun and the sun as seven suns?” Is that not also the day of the seventh plague, the one that will leave “the wicked lying dead from one end of earth to the other end and God calls the eagles to the feast;” the one that the seventh vial destroys everything by earthquakes and fire, leaving the earth as she was in the beginning: “a void, nothingness, an abyss in darkness with no life thereupon, that turns not on her axis?” We will spend 1000-yrs in heaven!
—— Might it be that Christ will return a year from the eighth king’s date into office? Consider it, dwell upon Gods’ Words on this matter. After all, it is only one year (one hour) that the ten kings have power over the world ‘with’ the Mother of Harlots. Whether it is a year or more, at the beginning of the Laodicea era (Jan 1991) Jesus instructed that we flee to the mountains— the safest place: cities will be the most dangerous for Father’s “chosen to follow His Son Christ”— and to watch the clouds for Jesus to come quickly.
—— Our Lord’s directive remains good advice; but He advised further, “If the wicked come for you in the city, flee to another and, if needs be, to another. You will not go far before I am there to take you up to Me.” Lukewarm, you are in danger of being left behind dead and, Cold, listen to hear God’s Truth; come to it the instant you hear.

Closing Notes:
—— As I pray for each of you, please keep me in your prayers that I may continue to communicate with my brothers and sisters in Christ; that each of us be taken up when our Lord of lords and King of kings comes crossing earth’s skies.
—— To each mother, I pray you had a wonderful day. Mine was quiet but filled with the scent of gardenias and chocolate covered cake lollipops from María and family! Mmmm! Tues 14 May: María, my oldest granddaughter and husband with my great granddaughter and new great grandson, and the youngest granddaughter with my second new great grandson, appeared at my door with more flowers and gifts. They drove in from Oregon.
—— My caregivers knew about this but kept the SECRET! Then, another box of flowers with a gorgeous purple vase was delivered Thurs 16 May; it was from the entire bunch. What a crazy clan with which I am blessed! I also have a fireplace mantle that looks like a florist’s display counter. LOL! Now I have to go to the doctor tomorrow: aaargh! J
—— Update: had to cancel the doctor to rush SengLee, my service animal, to the vet. Found that he has a huge mass in his abdomen, suspect tumor that has pushed one kidney beyond his ribs, intestinal tract pushed to his side and curved. This began a little over a week ago and grew so unbelievably rapid. It tears me up that I might lose him but I’m doing all I can to prevent it. Praise the Lord, SengLee is not in pain at this time. Please pray for him that, if nothing else, he does not suffer long if I must let him go.
—— Last but not least, remember to harm neither man nor creature; give to whom ever asks, pray unceasing for each other, the wicked and our immediate enemies. Know that God said of the latter, “They do what they do because they do not know to do different.” I more than anyone knows how hard that prayer can be at times, especially when attacks against us are unrelenting, up close and personal. Their lack of knowing is exactly why we should love and pray for them. On the other hand, we must not approve the vile behaviour. Bear in mind, they are God’s lessons to be studied in earth’s classroom; so we might learn to hate with a perfect hate–without–action that which God “hates with a perfect justified–with–action hate.” He will avenge us very soon.
—— Be fully armored, not shirking the piece called Truth (Law – Exo c.20); be prepared and watch the clouds, for the day of Christ’s coming: “It will be neither day nor night but it will be light; the moon shall shine as bright as the sun and the sun as bright as seven suns.” The wedding invitations were mailed 22-years ago: RSVP and dress properly so the chapel doors remain open to each brother and sister that arrives timely. Know my prayers are with all of you! And know that I am SO HAPPY to be back— finally! And, Lord willing, I will keep you updated on the Vatican’s eighth king and his activities. 

Much love & prayers,
Sister BonnieQ, God’s Handmaiden
Seventh Seal Library

New Address, etc:
Bonita M Quesinberry
7917 Martin Way So, Apt #17
Olympia, WA. 98516-5705
Phone: 1–360–491–5033
same Email:

Why No Oils — BonnieQ:
—— Please forgive no Extra Oils since Mar 2012. Recall that I was served with Non-Renewal of Lease, 16 Mar, on Fir Tree’s false complaints, to vacate by 30 Apr 2012.
—— My attorney, Leslie, and I waged legal war until mid-Jan 2013, when Fir Tree’s lawyers agreed to settle; Leslie drew up the pact— no winners or losers; well, I won with place to move and they lost over $15k in attorney fees, court costs, filing fees plus, per WA. Law, they had to pay my lawyer’s fees, court costs and filing fees (three times)– win or lose, because she is with the Senior Justice Project, to-wit: no cost to me.
—— President Obama got involved. Our British brother, Frank Carver, emailed Obama and mailed a letter to him. Writing Obama that I was known and loved around the world, among other things, Frank threatened to tell the world just how the U.S. treats its people— if Obama did nothing about the injustice. Thanking Frank seemed pitiful little for his help. I did not think coming from Britain would do any good! Assumed?
—— I moved north of Olympia, the small town of Lacey a block off I-5, 01 Feb. I had to downsize 4th time and still am: the unit is 225-sf: half Fir Tree’s 438-sf, less to dust! LOL! The best part: NO STRESS. I include my address and phone number at end hereof; email the same but repeated.
–—– Alas, Satan aimed deadly arrows at me again last Sept 2012. I do believe he does not want you to receive this Extra Oil about earth’s final event to bring Jesus. That idiot never wins, but he comes back! His stupidity allows me to kick out his teeth a–gain!
—— I lost 36 hours of 09-13/14 Sept; a neighbor found me at pm the 14th and had me rushed to hospital. I had either a simultaneous stroke and seizure or multiple seizures, then unbeknownst to me was vomiting blood all over my apartment and, sometime during those hours, my left foot was destroyed: how, no one knows, least of all me.
—— From the hospital I went to a nursing home to learn to use walkers with one leg and to maneuver a wheel chair. While there, I fell twice and sustained multiple spinal fractures: nothing new. Finally, I got home 2-1/2 months later: 19 Nov 2012, only to fall that night, hyper extended my right leg: a few days with no legs.
—— I have been hospitalized 4 more times: 3 falls/spinal fractures and, late Mar 2013, pneumonia— home April Fool’s Day. Now that was a slippery slope— no pun intended. LOL! I see an orthopedic surgeon but no surgery— cannot be done. The hope is that the tissue, which was reduced to Jell-O, will rebind to surround pulverized bones, large ones broken and displaced, and at least hold them where they moved. It does mean always having to wear a custom boot. Otherwise, amputation might be necessary.
—— And last, I am to see a Parkinson’s specialist: doctor not sure the tremors, now much worse, are due to MS. Personally, I feel they are due to my cervical spine: I am affected by the tremors only from arms up. Writing is impossible. Praise the Lord, I still can put fingers to the keyboard I do not have to grip! The mouse, on the other hand— well, I pray our Lord will take away the tremors.
—— I did determine a med cause of falls: cut back 2/3rds and falls stopped. Pneumonia, the only time since 6yo, was short lived; only in right lung, bottom lobe. Upside: X-rays proved both lungs as clear as a baby’s! Now too much time seeing all my specialists since the illness and injuries. June will be just 2-appts! And, 2 custom wheelchair appts were cancelled: they know what Medicare will buy at this time and will order accordingly.

—— A letter speculating that I need assisted living and suffering paranoia, confusion, losing memory, not taking meds, not eating, and suspect dementia or Alzheimers early states was sent to my primary doctor. My two fulltime caregivers with me five days a week, doctors seeing me recently at least once to twice weekly, lawyer and other family members declared none of those exist. Various tests ruled out dementia or Alzheimers.
Family Losses, Finds & Prayer Requests:
—— Losses: 10 Apr 2012 my friend of 59 years, fondly called my foster brother J W Cooper, passed away after years of illness. He was 68yo. Just 14 days later (24 Apr), I was blindsided by his sister Helen Robertson’s unexpected death at 67yo. She also was my foster sister of 59 years. Helen received our Extra Oils to faithfully follow prophecy unfolding. I spoke with her a few days before JW died: she said she was fine, “just some allergies this time of year.” Children and grandchildren survive JW and Helen. Please pray for them as they grieve these two painful losses.
—— Finds: Late last year, María located whom she felt might be her brother James. She contacted Grapevine, TX Sheriff’s office, who went to the location, confirmed it James; but, the Sheriff could do no more than give him numbers and info María provided. On 24 Apr she let James know about Helen and JW, his Dad Bill, Weldon, Helen’s husband Uncle Robby and my brother Uncle Perry. Thank you all for prayers for my son. Down side: he has not called either of us, so please continue prayer on his behalf. He needs healing from an incident at 8-yo: I knew nothing until his WA visit for a few months about 16-years ago. He was 30yo at the time and now is 46yo. 

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