God's Truth Not Smooth Words

A Wondrous Book

©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

The Psalm is such a wondrous book;

if we but only take a look.

Therein can be found prophecies

of He who gives eternity;

His prayers written before He spoke,

long before His flesh life awoke.


It is one of hope and guidance,

with Proverbs for reliance

when life seems to have no answers

and lewd are men’s pulpit dancers;

for only God knows what to do

when our trials are far from few.


The gospels tell of Christ in prayers,

but Psalm’s recites them clear by pairs,

revealing to us His wise heart;

one demonstrating love’s true part

while walking in His Father’s Will,

that we might repent of our bill.


Yea, Psalm’s spoke of our easy price,

as Revelation’s declared thrice,

and defined God’s armour for us;

that we put it on without fuss,

shielded from the ways of vile sin:

no more living as we had been.


The Psalm is such a wondrous book;

if we but only take a look.

It is one of hope and guidance,

with Proverbs for reliance.

The gospels tell of Christ in prayers,

but Psalm’s recites them clear by pairs.


Yea, Psalm’s spoke of our easy price,

as Revelation’s declared thrice;

for we must give up flesh desires,

that God’s Truth can save us from fires.

The Bible is a wondrous book

deserving of a closer look.


+   +   +


Psalm 1:1-2; 19:7-11; 37:31; 40:7-8; 42:4

Psalm 81:9-10; 89:30-33; 94:12-13,15; 106:3; 111:7-10

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Psalm 119:165,172,174

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Revelation 12:17; 14:12; 22:14

Revelation 21:8

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A Belly-Crawling Snake ~~ poem

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.  

He used a belly-crawling, dust-eating serpent

to bring temptation’s glitter to life.

God said, “Don’t eat of the two trees in Eden’s midst;

for if you do, yours is death and strife.”

Still, that subtle beast said, “You’ll not die but be wise,

be like gods knowing darkness and light.”


Did Satan speak the truth when he said they’d not die?

That they could gain all wisdom saintly?

Oh, how clever is that vomit-eating devil!

God never said they’d die instantly.

Adam and Eve lived eons, but not in Eden;

still, they will live in eternity.


It’s easy to spread deceit yet utter not one:

speak, write, imply without admission.

Satan’s tricks are truth laced with lies wickedly phrased,

manipulation by omission.

Think about how it’s done, those lies we’ve all followed.

Changing what is God’s is his mission.


“Like gods,” Lucifer had said while failing to add,

“but without God’s wisdom to use well;

for ultimately you will die, just not real soon.”

They’d suffer too, he deigned not to tell,

if Eve chose to go against their Father’s commands.

Oh, how bittersweet temptation sells.


Our Father took the time to warn what could happen

should we choose to disobey His Law;

but, Satan paints pretty pictures without bound’ries,

knowing full well these cause deadly falls:

save and except we decide to go to Father.

For God’s pure Truth, on Him we should call.


Christ said, “The Shepherd’s flock need not be taught by men.”

Yet, when His sheep share Truth, once forsook,

those who hear use men’s words to excuse fancy’s flight;

instead of opening Father’s book

while seeking guidance from just His Holy Spirit.

To bittersweet destruction they look.


+  +  +


Genesis c.2 and c.3


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Again This Dawn ~~ spiritual poem

Again This Dawn

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.



Another glorious Friday You’ve made, Father,

this Sabbath eve; skies clear and sun warm.

I remembered Your words giving understanding

when again this dawn I woke in tears:

“Thou grieveth, like a mourning dove on the mountain,

for those left in cities filled with fears.

They refused to obey My Word; and, they should have

when ye spoke them to prevent their harm.”


Oh, thank you so much, Lord, for sharing that wisdom,

and more, the one who sought to find me:

she whom I’ve just met though I have never seen her.

She said, “I spoke to God about you;

and, He said to me, ‘She is favored of the Lord.'”

Oh, how merciful to hear this, too;

a soothing balm healing each of my battle wounds;

for soon, Jesus lifts me up to Thee.


Father, this handmaiden is humbled by Your Love,

that You would choose this unworthy Eve,

then bless me with such great responsibility:

to reveal Your mysteries so true,

as well as to teach all Your Law, that some might live.

Oh, how I weep, for there are so few.

Alas, most turn away; others argue Your Word,

contrarily claiming to believe.


In all things, good and bad, I praise my loving God;

praise and give all the glory to You:

for I’m nothing without You, merely pitiful;

yet with You, I am all things and more.

Praise you, Father; Amen in Christ’s name: You are God!

You love me, just for keeping Your score!

And I know I love God, for His Law I obey.

It’s vile to break even one or two.


+   +   +


Exodus c.20; Deuteronomy c.5



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Jesus Spoke of No Other


A Law of Blessings

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.   

I was a Texas bank lender some years ago,

an enjoyed and prosperous forte;

but, when Holy Spirit convinced me of God’s Truth,

to Him “No” wasn’t what I would say.


He’d taught me ev’ry word about the fourth Precept,

showing Sabbath as the seventh day.

“It is Sunday,” man has taught; yet it’s Saturday,

and of no other day did Christ say.


What shall I do, I mused, for I work Saturdays,

I thought in self-commiseration.

Still, Holy Spirit was firm that it be obeyed;

so, six weeks was my resignation.


I didn’t know then why God would put me in law,

where fair’s not a consideration;

but, that was my next two valued arrangements

and teaching the next resignation;


For then I moved to Washington where jobs came, too;

each one allowing Sabbath for me.

Why? Because I told them my pref’rence before hired:

“not ashamed” of God’s whole Word in me.


Soon, I learned that Sabbath is a Law of blessings:

though not yet job hunting, jobs found me!

“Cursed are those who don’t obey; blessed are they who do.”

Each day, see blessings fall upon me.

+   +   +

Jesus Spoke of No Other

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.  

Did not Paul say, “Do not fall short of Christ’s promise

by not obeying God’s Sabbath rest?”

Christ’s gospel was preached to both the Jews and Gentiles,

but some lacked faith and failed our Lord’s test.


“Those of us who believe do obey God’s fourth Law,

who first spoke it in Genesis Two,

making holy the seventh day for all to rest;

then, Psalm Ninety-Five speaks His wrath true.


“Those who do not obey will reap God’s deadly ire;

judged as unbelievers, they will pay.

Father set a specific time of rest for all,

and His Son spoke of no other day.


“Hence, the seventh one is for a righteous people:

a break from their work, just as God rests,

not one setting an example of unbelief.

So, desire to pass these easy tests.


“God discerns thoughts and hearts and judges compliance.

Let your faith witness be true and strong,

that you may come boldly before the throne of grace

to obtain mercy for all past wrongs.


“God is quick to command, His Word as powerful,

like a two-edged sword but much sharper.

Know that He can slay both your body and spirit:

trust, obey, and be not a carper.”

+   +   +

 A poetic rendering of Hebrews c.4, AKJV*

*Note: in other Bible versions v.8 names a prophet instead of Jesus,and in some the word ‘seventh’ has been twice deleted in v.4— such changes and deletions distort God’s  truth. See also: Exodus 20:8-11; Ezekiel 20:12,19-20; Luke 4:14-16; Acts 13:42,44; 17:2; Romans 3:23-25



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Keys to Heaven


Keys to Heaven

©copyright 2004 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C. 052204


So many times I have heard someone inquire,

“To enter through heaven’s gates, I do aspire;

but, what does it take, what must be done to go?”

It is apparent that God’s Word we must know

and to follow in the ways Jesus did show.

I once asked the same questions and even more,

so determined I am to reach heaven’s shore.


Some teach one key: in Christ we all must believe,

then from this earth’s chaos us He will relieve.

Yet, God said, even demons profess His name.

Does this mean they, too, will gain heavenly fame,

despite those angels’ cruel and wicked games?

No way! It means there is yet another key,

if assured heaven we all desire to be.


“What is the second key,” I asked earnestly.

“There is none,” they all declared determinedly.

That did not make sense; so, I went to the Lord,

as He said to do and, since then, never bored.

El’s Word is deep but for me He bridged the fjord.

Safely on the other side, the key I found

amidst Revelation: three times clear and sound.


Jesus Christ, our earthly Lord, is the first key:

for without Him, God sees we do not believe.

Like a safe deposit box, two keys required:

First insert Christ, all His love must be desired;

then, the second key, if you truly aspired,

is God’s Law of Liberty from beginning.

In perfect heart, obey to avoid sinning.


“This is the wisdom, heed well without a fuss:

life to those who live in faith, as did Jesus,

and obey God’s Statutes of Life, thrice cited.”

Without both keys, a life will be indicted

to a second death: three times it’s recited.

Exodus and more, even Revelation:

for found in God’s Word is His confirmation.


Long before our Messiah lived so few days,

His Father declared who would follow His ways,

the things they would say and do to never fall:

“Bind up God’s testimony and seal His Law

among My disciples, that they have no flaw.

Only My Law and Testimony they teach,

for within them is light they never will breach.


“If anyone sets out to preach other words,

deliberately causing My Truths to blur,

it is because there is no light found in them:

they are cursed, full of darkness, anguish and sin.”

These only appear to obey God, a whim;

yet in truth, they lust only for the world’s things.

Their soul is twisted: absolute death it brings.


Exodus 20:3-17; Deuteronomy 5:7-21;

Revelation 12:17; 14:12; 22:14;

I Peter 1:16,22

I John 2:15-16; 3:4-6; 3:8-,22; 5:2-3;

II John v.6

Isaiah 8:16,20-22


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