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Extra Oil: God’s Handmaiden Confesses

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another . . . The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” ~ James 5:15-16 full quote below; Branch Davidians Update, re: Sunday 04/17/11 CNN special; Prayer Requests for others

Extra Oil: God’s Handmaiden Confesses
shared by Remnant Doctrine Keepers (RDK) 042211
©copyright 2011 Bonita M Quesinberry 041811

Titled Topic:
—— “The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” ~ James 5:15-16
—— “Save the sick” does not mean only illnesses of our flesh but of all things that affect righteous behavior, “faults” that impede the “purification” process. We have prayer requests for others; and, Sister BonnieQ comes to “confess her faults” to our brethren and to seek only “your fervent prayers” on her behalf. First, the following is an excerpt from one letter-of-four mailed by her daughter, Sister María, in order to give you an idea of the what and why for Bonnie’s confession; which follows thereafter:

—— “The undersigned is both daughter and State appointed caregiver for HSN customer Ms Quesinberry (67yo in June). About 8 months ago, her Multiple Sclerosis— since age 8, diagnosed at 23yo— was diagnosed as having entered “rapid progression.” She also has Lupus, RA, heart problems and other health issues. In the last 5 years, she has suffered a statistically fatal brain aneurysm, broken back 4 times, broken ribs, and has been living in a HUD subsidized housing nightmare of management and tenant abuses.

—— “At the onset of seizures, convulsions and black outs, my mother elected to give up driving and lost most of her independence; which resulted in depression and actions totally unlike her usual financial restraint; the most damaging of which are the sudden orders from your company and 2 others we are petitioning. Her excellent credit is in jeopardy, for she cannot pay 2-Visa credit charges amassed near or at $20,000 and she has nothing to collect from an estate at death. She does not remember making most of the orders and was unaware of all charges until recently notified.”

—— Dearest Brethren, “Truth is Love” and I love each of you; so, please know that what has happened was not intentional and it has not in any way affected my ability to fulfill God’s assigned tasks. The hardest thing I had to do was tell my daughter what I had done: aside from the fact she is my daughter, she is also my caregiver and communicates with all my doctors. When I added that she must want to ground me or some other measure of punishment, her response was, “Wow! That is totally unlike you; but I don’t think I need to do anything, Mom. You already are beating yourself up terribly and are seeking solution.” The next hardest thing is to confess to you, my brethren in Christ. Still, I must do as James’ scriptures direct.
—— I have gone to our Lord for His forgiveness and guidance to understand what happened and why, the best solution and to find what there is to learn from the awful experience. Added to the reasons in the above letter is the fact that, for the last 10 years I have been persecuted for God’s Truth I give the world, and for the last year I have been a prisoner in my apartment because of abuses and false complaints. I am a people person, so not interacting with my neighbors and speaking my mind are foreign to me.
—— In March, I became aware of what happened between November 2010 and March 2011, four months of being brainless and temporarily insane: excessive charges to my two Visa accounts for purchases from QVC, HSN and ShopNBC. One of my Visa’s allowed $5,000 in over limit charges “before rejecting” additional charges and notifying me. In fact, it was HSN that first notified me because a “flex- or value-pay” was denied. At the time and not knowing the full extent of damage, I gave them my other credit card.
—— On top of the above charges, in February I made a $200 error in my check register, for which my bank took a cash withdrawal on my bank Visa but did not contact me; thus, I was oblivious of the overdraft. I have never made a mathematical error regarding my checking account because I always run a double calculation to prove balance. Apparently, that time I did not: another nail of depression. I did not even do a bank reconciliation and did not notice the $200 deposit on the next bank statement. I learned of it when the cash withdrawal showed up on the Visa statement; although, at first I did not question it; thinking it was part of the charges I had made. Du—uh!
—— I was devastated upon learning just how much I had charged as well as the bank overdraft. Until now, I was debt free, “owed no man,” and never in my life had I done such a foolish, irresponsible act. In addition to prayer, my first response was to accept a pre-approved credit card offering no interest for 18 months and had planned to transfer my outstanding balances knowing that no interest would mean lower payments. They withdrew their offer when it was learned I had co-signed a loan for my foster daughter’s car a year ago; which was not a problem in that I knew she would pay and has been paying that loan. She desperately needed the car for her job.

—— God’s response to my prayers was that I contact QVC, HSN and ShopNBC to ask them to willing take back all that I ordered in exchange for credit to my Visas. They have their money, so they are not obligated to accept returns for credit; especially considering their 30-day return policy has expired. María mailed those letters; and, she is mailing a letter to the Amazon Visa who allowed the over limit charges. Another letter might go out to Bank of America Visa, if needed. While I did make a few payments of about a total of $1000, before the balances soared, I cannot continue to make payments now that they total almost $700 per month, OR I will not eat and cover co-pays on necessary meds:  my monthly SS income is only $1011, about 65% below poverty level.
—— Never in my life have I experienced depression; burnout yes, but that is an entirely different situation and set of behaviors. As a counselor, I understood the malady to some degree but had no idea what it felt like or how it affected behavior and memory. María lives in Oregon and comes up as caregiver when I have doctors’ appointments; so, she had no idea that something was wrong. When I received notice and by God’s plan, it jarred me out of depression’s darkness; though I still have no memory of most of the orders I made but do have the proof in products and current billing statements. It seems I simply kept putting away the items and, sight unseen, was not aware of the volume of clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry: things of this world, which also greatly troubles me.
—— While this is devastating to me and I am desperate to clear my name and accounts, I have learned much from this experience: now I understand how those who suffer depression think, which they do not, and act. For over 21 years, I was married to a man who suffered depression as far back as he could remember; yet, I never understood how he could look at a $5 monthly increase in debt yet not understand the impact on our full debt obligation, how he could appear to function normally yet blind to what he was doing, how he sabotaged himself in the process: all I knew at the time.
—— Now I understand how depression functions on a daily basis and the fervent prayer needed from us for all who suffer. Fortunately and unlike those many, I am not and will not need meds for depression. In fact, I was on an antidepressant several years ago as solely a remedy for chronic pain. It had the negative effect of causing me to sleep walk and suffer mild depression that I could recognize. I was off the med immediately; albeit, that med possibly could have added to this experience. I have learned by God’s reasoning that this was due to combined, unrelenting events that ultimately overwhelmed me.
—— What I do remember is watching those programs, another thing I had never done, seeing something I liked, thinking I needed a few new clothes, and noting that the “flex-pay” or “value-pay” was only $8 or $12 or $19 per month for 2 or 3 or 5 months coupled with what I thought were only a few full price charges. I saw only those value-pays, surely easy to pay. In all cases, I thought I ordered only one of an item, yet I found in my closet “one in every color” of a number of garments; yet, I remembered only that I wanted it in, say, gray or blue or black.
—— To see now what I have done is disconcerting at best and, at worst, frightening that I could do these things with very little memory of it. There is no doubt in my mind that God snatched me out of a depression that many people suffer for ever. The moment I exited depression, I instantly asked our Lord for His forgiveness and asked for the understanding of not only what happened but also to comprehend how it happened while also seeking guidance in how to remedy the disastrous results. It especially concerns me, not only because we are instructed to “owe no man,” but also because we are so close to seeing our Savior in the clouds. I desperately want to be in the clouds with him.
—— I asked God if this could be due to MS because depression is common among MS patients, though I had not experienced it, or could it have occurred due to part of my right temporal lobe now gone and possibly affecting short-term memory. The understanding He gave me was that it was not due to either possibility; instead, it was due to emotional overload during the last 5 years or so, as noted in the letter excerpt above, compounded by continued abuse and being a prisoner where I live. If I had been aware, I might have avoided these consequences: it was so gradual over the past year that I was not aware, instead I thought I handled well the persecutions, abuses and loss of independence.
—— Perhaps even, this also happened because I had always taken “pride” in the fact I was self-disciplined and handled my finances responsibly, that I would NEVER do such a thing. We all know “pride goes before a fall” and it is not a part of Christ’s righteousness. I thought, erroneously, that I had shed “pride” at least 15 years ago when it was made known to me that it was “pride” to NOT ask for or accept help when needed. Well, I obviously did not cover all the pride and assumption bases. Still, I feel compelled to add another charge to my sins: coveting. Surely I coveted the many “things” those programs offered. I do not recall ever coveting anything, but it does make sense in this situation. As you have read, my sins are many in this case, sins I sincerely never want to repeat.
—— To ease your minds, however, please know that I have cut up and thrown away the only two credit cards I had in order that this never happens again. A few have suggested bankruptcy in that the credit card companies can charge off the debt, but I do not want to do that. In my mind, to take that route would be equivalent to theft. I desire a solution that is equitable and do-able for both them and me; it is neither my wish nor God’s will that I avoid financial responsibility. My greatest fear, for which I earnestly pray, is that I do not lose God’s Seal upon me since 1976.
—— For total purification to occur before Christ arrives, as Biblically taught, God made it clear to me that I still had a part to erase: not only of pride but also in thinking people choose to be depressed when there is an easy remedy that they are not willing to pursue; so here I go again. All they had to do was reject it in Christ’s name? True, but on the other hand, how does one reject something of which they are unaware?
—— Pride and assumption, two thoughts man has taught we should have: believe a person chooses a negative path as opposed to choosing a positive; pride in our work, pride in success, pride in self-sufficiency, pride that God chose us, pride-pride-pride. We have nothing, are nothing and are not chosen by our own strength, also of which we have none on our own. Thus, I ask that you also ask our Lord for Him to show you if there is “assumption” and/or “pride” or “coveting” or, as the Pharisee, “thanking God that you are not like the lost” or any other sin of which you might not be aware; for we all must be purified of all sins, be we aware or unaware, “before” Christ returns so to Him we can be “presented a righteous people presented.”
—— I humbly ask each of you to pray on my behalf that Jesus not only forgive these actions but also that a fair remedy occurs, one I can handle, and that this never happens to me again or happens to any of you. While my mind always has been clear concerning the gifts God has given me and of the tasks that come with those gifts, I never again want to experience such a total lack of self-control and self-discipline. It amazes me that a person in depression can be clear in one matter yet blind of another: know this to be true.

Branch Davidian Update:
—— Sunday night, 04/17, CNN aired a special 2011 documentary about the Waco travesty that began 28 February 1993 and ended 19 April 1993, supposedly in memoriam to all who died— “Faith, Fear and Fire.” RDK found it odd that CNN did this just one month after RDK presented its 03-18-11 “Extra Oil: EG White Warned,” which included the Davidians’ story. Until two weeks ago, there was no mention of a new documentary. This led some RDK members to suggest it was a Federal response to RDK’s presentation.
—— After all, we do know that the Feds have been monitoring RDK’s online activities for quite some time, as is the World Council of Churches who in the last month began sending emails to us that contain only a title of topic but no link to it. As you might recall, in the year 2000 RDK sent an email to the World Church requesting its list of members. They either checked their archives for our email address or gained it from one of our websites, either Remnant Doctrine Keepers and/or Seventh Seal Library.
——We feel certain Federal authorities were not amused with the truth about the Constitutionally illegal and unnecessary assault that killed 86 Davidians, among them at least 24 children according to CNN. Their presentation showed numerous film clips of ATF’s attack on Waco’s Davidian compound in Texas, and included interviews with only three survivors; two of which were a married couple actually in the compound at the time and a woman who had left the Davidians well before there was any threat. Another survivor was interviewed but not taped live. And, they interviewed yet another man currently clearing the property with the intent to rebuild both the buildings and the faith.
—— The couple evacuated their three youngest kids but lost their four oldest children to the fire those tear gas canisters forced into the building at high velocity, had caused several explosions of either natural gas and/or butane. In mere minutes, the building was fully engulfed; only a precious few adults and children escaping through a nearby exit.
—— As they previously blamed the Davidians for everything, ATF and an FBI negotiator, that CNN interviewed for the 2011 documentary, claimed Koresh ordered the fires set and said they had an audio tape of him giving the order; which they did not play despite having aired numerous tapes of talk between the negotiator and Koresh. The couple, on the other hand, denied Koresh ordered fires set or that he set them. Koresh already was suffering several gunshot wounds, one of which he showed on video, thus was not moving about the compound. 
—— The FBI negotiator stated that, based on his numerous conversations with Koresh, he had determined and reported to ATF that Koresh was “a manipulative narcissistic with psychopathic tendencies,” further stating, “The members are low self-esteem people easily manipulated into following whatever Koresh said.” The couple declared, “Wow, they didn’t give us much credit,” and adamantly stated they would not have joined the faith if they had felt that Koresh was not directed by God. To this day, they feel he was an oracle of God. On the other hand, the above woman said everyone believed Koresh was the Messiah incarnate and accused him of saying he was the Messiah.
—— On one video Koresh, taping a plea for ATF to back off, said ATF was “putting members and my wives (plural) and children in danger.” This does not really support ATF’s claim that Koresh was sleeping with a lot of women and certainly does not prove “sex with kids,” the latter of which the couple denied ever happened. Koresh also videotaped only two “wives” with children, one of the wives pregnant with her second.
—— Contrarily, the above one survivor woman said a number of women began having children by Koresh after he purportedly delivered a “message from God:” the men were not to have sex, even with their wives, and that he was the only one to have sex in order to increase pure membership numbers for the time of Christ’s return: she was afraid of being the next woman, though she did not state why she believed this but did leave the Davidians, nonetheless. The couple declared her statement to be untrue. The other man interviewed but only his picture shown, joined the Davidians later. He found nothing amiss and believed Koresh was gifted with God’s Word of Truth.
—— As for the “arsenal” the Davidians supposedly had, an ATF video of weapons purportedly retrieved after the building burned to the ground was aired. It might be difficult to prove all those guns belonged to the Davidians; however, during the 51-day siege Koresh did a video showing how the group repaired weapons to sell at various gun shows, which is well documented and which, as he said, is not against the Law in Texas.
—— The last man noted above is currently in the process of rebuilding the compound buildings for the purpose of restoring the original California Branch Davidian faith established in 1955 by Victor Houteff, whose leadership later was succeeded by Koresh. The man was the one who first warned the Conference SDA church of Koresh’s activities and, at the time, suspected he was a danger to the church. He later learned the truth about the Branch Davidians’ beliefs and of Koresh’s teachings, deciding then to rebuild the compound and faith for these perilous Laodicea times.
—— While it is obvious that Koresh erred when it came to having more than one wife, he was nevertheless willing to die for God, Christ and his belief in both as well as God’s Word Truth; at least concerning God’s seventh Sabbath. Like the Mormons, Koresh showed scripture that he felt proved God wanted him to have several wives and many pure children to increase the size of Christ’s church. None of the members disagreed.
—— The FBI negotiator readily admitted everything that happened was unnecessary and, in the end, had pleaded with ATF to back off and leave the Davidians alone. Moments later and already angered by ATF’s four dead and six wounded, they launched the final full-scale attack using military tanks and armed ATF ground agents. The rest is a history that sent to all Sabbatarians a clear warning of what is to come soon. But only a few will die, if not already counted as Davidians, for Christ will not be far behind. We must be totally purified in time for that glorious day so incredibly near.

Dearest Brethren, please know that BonnieQ asks for nothing of you, only humbly asking your forgiveness of her confessed faults and asks for your prayers on her behalf as well as all the brethren. Bonnie gratefully thanks each of you for fervent prayers as she also prays for each of you to continue to have faith in God’s Word He has given her for all of you.

Also, we ask prayer for our brother and RDK member Weldon: his health failing rapidly and currently is in an Oklahoma City nursing home. Weldon is Sister María’s dad.

Do not put yourself in danger of losing your Seal, as Bonnie feels she might have endangered God’s Seal upon her. That has to be a painful feeling, for such a loss is the greatest fear we all should experience. Fear of God is a good thing.

Much love and prayers,
Sister BonnieQ, God’s Handmaiden
Seventh Seal Library

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God’s Power Defies Doctors in Africa

Frans in Africa shares miracle of God defying doctors in daughter’s case. God is good and merciful and all-powerful! Share this with everyone you know.

God’s Power Defies Doctors in Africa
testimony shared with Remnant Doctrine Keepers 122410
©copyright 2010 Frans Bezuidenhout


RDK: Saints’ comments on “Stand Amazed at God’s Power,” BonnieQ health update

Florida minister Bob Elmatti wrote: My dear Sister Bonnie, What a God we have! I pray God’s angels guard and protect you, for the power of our God will not be defied. Our God is a healing God, Jehovah Rafa; we praise and worship you. Thank you, Jesus, for showing us the way: you healed the lepers, you made the cripple whole again, and you made the blind to see. Lord God, we love and seek your presence. Lord, let my sister live long to praise and worship you Lord; let her testimony draw the lost to you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. ~~ I love you, Sister Bonnie. Brother Bob

Brother Frans, in Africa, also responded to lovingly share his experience with God defying doctors in his eldest daughter’s case. Praise the Lord, Frans, for sharing this uplifting and encouraging word to Christ’s Saints; for during earth’s last few days, we surely need encouragement, all we can get. If readers have testimonies, share them with us by sending your report to and we will share them with all the brothers and sisters!

Frans is a university professor in South Africa, married to Amor— who has a youth ministry— and has 3 beautiful grown daughters. He has authored several academic books and, not long ago, published a book of poems: “Firefly Glow.” His poetry is exquisite and his short stories are truly short-shorts, gloriously written snippets of his fascinating life. Bonnie has had the great pleasure of editing some shorts, thus intimately knows why readers cannot stop reading them and always want more. Frans’ pieces can be found at All Poetry, — be sure to visit and be inspired.

Dear Bonnie, Your story . . . and Mine
Dec 23, 2010 8:45 PM

This is amazing! Actually, if I had not come to know you, I would have said this is impossible! Then, I thought back some 20 years ago when my eldest was three years old. She had a virus attack her brain and, to put this mildly, we experienced the start of an awesome ‘spiritual time’ in our lives. It was like God on one side and Satan on the other.

After two series of tests at Children’s Hospital, it was made clear that Seugnet had lost her ability to walk by herself, even to sit on her own— she had to be supported by pillows. At two she could run her own bath and at two and a half swim on her own. Within twelve hours, after being put to bed then awakening the next morning, she had difficulty doing what had been so natural to her. A Pediatrician directed us to Children’s Hospital for a series of tests. The outcome was unsettling. The medical team suspected cancer of the brain or the nervous system.

When my daughter’s health kept deteriorating, I made a second trip to Hospital. My wife could not accompany us, as she was too far pregnant and not allowed to fly. The tests were repeated and a CAT scan recommended.

We transported by ambulance, accompanied by a nurse, to another hospital where the scan was done. As we climbed into the ambulance, my daughter started to convulse. The co-driver of the ambulance took her head in his hands and she immediately settled down in my arms. At the same time there was deadly silence in the ambulance, as if a presence were there. It was so real that the nurse commented on it. The driver then asked me, “Did you see what had happened?”

I answered, “Yes, I will remember how you held her head, and do the same when this happens again.”

“No,” he said, “prayed for her, and she will be healed!” Although not understanding the power of prayer at that time, I could not dismiss what I had felt in the ambulance. I have never in my life experienced so much serenity. After arriving at Children’s Hospital I felt compelled to phone my wife to explain what had happened. She seemed distant, but I knew she was greatly concerned about Seugnet.

Over the years I would think back on this incident, each time I felt downhearted about my daughter’s condition. Also, I recall the over-whelming desire to phone Amor, as if not doing so would be like an act of disbelief. The presence of the Lord was so touchable— this kept me going in the years thereafter.

The next morning when Seugnet woke up, she asked for scrambled eggs! For the first time since her illness, she was able to eat by herself. Previously her trembling hands did not allow this.

The medical team led by a Professor physician came to her bedside while she was eating breakfast. He noticed the trembling had almost vanished and the strange movements of her eyes were no longer there. He had asked permission to film these movements the previous morning prior to her CAT scan. For some reason the film was not done. Puzzled, he asked, “Was she given additional medication that I ordered?”

It was then, the second time I felt compelled to explain what happened the day before. The medical team was extremely surprised and uncomfortable. They kept checking their files. Slowly the interns disappeared until only the Professor remained.

After the Professor left, I sat down by Seugnet’s bed and tried to make sense of what had transpired. It was then I realized what belief in God and His healing means. I had felt that to believe, to enable healing, one had to know and have the ‘art’ of believing— that it was something one has to do, and that I was not capable of that ‘doing.’ I also understood that if healing depended on my ability to believe, then my daughter would never heal. Telling others what I had experienced was like a healing. I also recognized that believing is not what you have to ‘do’ or ‘earn’ but to allow God to do within you— even if one does not understand any of it. I guess I am saying: “Believing is accepting what you cannot do!” Therefore, letting God do it for you.

From that morning on, Seugnet’s healing started. It took her 8 years to learn to sit, walk, and run again. She attended a special school where she received therapy. She later went on to mainstream school and completed her final school examinations— not failing any academic year prior to the incident. In this year of 2010, she will complete her final year of university, allowing her to enter school as a teacher!

As parents, our walk with the Lord has never been the same. And, of the 7 children that had the same condition, two survived— Seugnet and the son of another parent.

Getting back to your journey, Bonnie— amazing, but I believe it. Thank you for sharing … half brain and all (LOL!). Blessings. Frans


Bonnie’s Note:
First, I would remind everyone that twenty years ago doctors did not know a fraction of what they know today about the brain; so, God’s power over Seugnet’s case was even more evident than in mine. Although, when it comes to our brains, doctors still know very little about how it works; especially when severely damaged.

I love the closing of your letter, Frans: “Half brain and all.” I am rolling on the floor, laughing out loud! Oh, well, dear brother! You are not the only one who has found the humor in all this. ROFLOL! You, myself, María, my foster sister Helen, my best friend Anita and more. I am so glad they see it as I see it. Even Dr. Hakimian began teasing me after pointing out the loss of brain tissue. My COPES rep laughed with María when she called to update my file. He recalled that I find humor in almost everything, even the seemingly tragic. And, you are right, Frans; it IS God on one side and Satan on the other. Time is so short that the old snake is enraged and relentless against Christ’s own.

It is a good thing, though, that it is not “half” my brain gone missing. LOL! It is about 1/3 or more of only the right temporal lobe. Praise the Lord for that! Interestingly, however, there are cases both in England and the US where a child was born with only half a brain: the parents were told they would not live very long and then only as vegetables. Both grew up to graduate college with no visual evidence of functioning with only half a brain.

As you so graciously pointed out, Frans, the finite impossibility of my case allowed me to realize that many readers might feel the miracle untrue; so, it was a good thing María was a witness as well as neurologist Dr. Hakimian at Harborview Hospital in Seattle and, as a result, my neurosurgeon Dr. Sekhar, Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Kraft, primary care Dr. Lauinger and numerous other University of Washington specialists on my convoluted case. As all know, I have many detractors in the world; each hell-bent on discrediting me and/or God’s Truth I speak. They might find this one a gold mine for dishonor. LOL! Sad for them, as the Lord says their lies are “blessings unto me and curses unto them.”

The University of Washington’s MS Research department found that MS patients’ brains constantly rewire themselves, one of the reasons we suffer chronic fatigue. Every spot an MS lesion appears, a small portion of that brain area dies, then the brain immediately sets about rewiring another section to do the job of the dead part. There are 100s of lesions all over my brain, a great number of them first found when I was 23-years old.

Obviously, my brain has been rewiring itself since I was between 6 and 8 years old. This work seems automatic when a young child. If it occurs in adults, they often have to be taught to instruct the brain to rewire itself through intensive therapy— mainly because most adults BELIEVE death results from even a small portion of the brain dying— but, we know that “ALL things are possible with God.” There is nothing He cannot change and/or overcome for us and through us to His glory!

Remember that, my precious brothers and sisters in Christ. Nothing is as it seems in this old world, just one vast illusion. Keep your chins up, stand fast in God’s Truth and speak it to all whom you encounter; for you know not whether you speak to someone who is cold or lukewarm or of a perverted mind, this latter of whom cannot be reached or turned. Keep going! The days are short and Christ is returning quickly.

Please do share all RDK posts and testimonies, which includes Frans’ shared miracle, with everyone you know. You never know, one of them just might reach a lukewarm or cold or both. Praise the Lord! And, I thank each of you for your ever-present love, prayers and support. I can do nothing without God and Christ and YOU.

Much love and prayers in Jesus,

Sister BonnieQ
Seventh Seal Library

P.S. By the way, María finally got a return call from UW Surgery on Monday afternoon 12-27. Wow! Only 10-days after their panicked call. The doctors feel that back surgery is not necessary at this time, unless I sustain a full break: findings were a “compression” fracture typical in people my age. Great! I did not want anyone cutting on my back. It means no delay in the oral surgery on 01-20. Praise the Lord! Although, I must be very careful until it mends. They are instructing my primary Dr. Lauinger to do follow-up MRIs on the T5 fracture as well as the T6 growth— sometime in the future, I suppose.

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Extra Oil CRITICAL WARNING: Fed Exec Order for Behavior Modification

Prophecy’s Extra Oil— CRITICAL WARNING: Federal Executive Order for Lifestyle Behavior Modification
forwarded by Remnant Doctrine Keepers
Monday, 21 June 2010


RDK Note: It is crucial that we know what is coming at us in order to be strengthened before hand so we can stand firm, as firm as Christ, in our obedience to God and His Son: no matter how horrible an attack might be. Implications of Obama’s 2010 Executive Order, summarized below providing his stamp of approval on the Health Reform Bill, states its connection to Pres. Bush’s 2006 Order putting Sunday Leaders under Homeland Security as an agency: RDK recently reported on Bush’s Executive Order.

Obama’s Order is not just about issues stated therein: reality is to consider the two Orders combined— “reinforcement or punishment” used for “behavior modification” to force compliance with Sunday Blue Laws, laws which support the Vatican’s World Church. “If it were possible,” it could force people to forsake God’s true Sabbath. Understand that this national move IS global, as are Blue Laws. See more RDK notes following article.

RDK extends its greatest appreciation, love and prayers to and for Florida’s Sister Tammy for this crucial report. Her research is tireless toward Christ’s sheep being well informed: adding oil for our lanterns while awaiting our Groom. Please pray many blessings upon Tammy, as she herself is going through many trials; and please, do send a note of gratitude to her through RDK! Also, welcome new RDK member Tamera and add she and her family to your prayers.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (most underscored words within Unruh’s article are working web links) —

By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily, Posted: June 15, 2010; 9:30 pm Eastern

The online Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders says “behavior modification,” a controversial psychological treatment, can be accomplished through positive reinforcement or “punishment” –President Obama has signed an executive order specifying the treatment for all Americans, to be prescribed by government bureaucrats.

Obama’s order appoints members to a new government committee set up by the Democrats’ new health law that will evaluate, make recommendations about and establish rules for everything from how people exercise to whether they smoke to the food they eat and the medicines they use. And it specifically requires the committee [to] list the priorities for “lifestyle behavior modification” that the government will pursue.

The encyclopedia report describes “punishment” as “the application of an aversive or unpleasant stimulus in reaction to a particular behavior.” Two experts who reviewed the President’s June 10 Executive Order establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council say the plan easily could encompass exactly that. Herb Titus, a veteran constitutional expert and practicing attorney serving as counsel to the Virginia law firm William J. Olson, P.C., told WND, “The council is designed to basically implement future policy that ultimately everything will be governed by federal authorities, from food to dietary supplements to vitamins.” Now it’s statism on our plate! Mark Levin’s manifesto – ‘Liberty and Tyranny’ – provides the antidote to its growing stranglehold

Deborah Stockton, executive director of the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association, which deals regularly with natural foods such as raw milk, agreed with the Titus analysis. “They say, ‘We’re going to centralize power and control. We’re going to be in control,'” she told WND. “It’s [going to be] another epic confrontation between those who will and those who won’t.”

The council’s membership, including the chiefs of Agriculture, Labor, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Education and Homeland Security departments as well as heads of Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission, National Drug Control Police, Domestic Policy Council, Corporation for National and Community Service and others, also is alarming, Titus noted. Most of those positions have no qualifications for making decisions about health care, so what would be their involvement, wondered Titus. Could it be that noncompliance will bring down the wrath of those agencies?

“It’ll be criminalized … if you don’t follow federal guidelines on nutrition, exercise,” he said. “That’s what this is designed to do. Ultimately bring everything under the federal umbrella. The only way they can accomplish that is through force. Ultimately that’s where it’s headed. This is what people have been warning about. Here you have it.”

The executive order requires the council to “provide coordination … with respect to prevention, wellness and health-promotion practices, the public-health system and integrative health care in the United States.” It further must develop a “health-care strategy that incorporates the most effective and achievable means of improving the health status of Americans” and also must “carry out such other activities as are determined appropriate by the President.” It will “set specific goals and objectives for improving the health of the United States” and “establish specific and measurable actions and timelines to carry out the strategy.” [One blogger scoffed] “Citizen, stop and show your papers and certify under oath you have properly exercised and ingested the proper amount of nutrition today!”

The council then will have to report to the President on what it has done, what progress has been made, and provide a “list of national priorities on health promotion and disease prevention to address lifestyle behavior modification (including smoking cessation, proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, mental health, behavioral health, substance-use disorder and domestic-violence screenings) and the prevention measures.” That paragraph alone raised eyebrows for those wondering what the government would do to demand “lifestyle behavior modification.” It also raised concerns over its reference to “domestic-violence screenings” as well as “mental health.”

The order also targets most of the products that are promoted as natural supplements or remedies, demanding that all “prevention programs” be based on the “science” guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control, virtually eliminating anything that is not put through the multimillion-dollar tests required of the federal agency. Asked by a blogger at, “Is this something we need to worry about? Is (sic) Obama and his ‘advisers’ attempting to modify our behavior through legislation?”

“It’s a done deal,” said Titus. The White House declined a WND request to comment on the action. But the initial blog comments were no more favorable to the details of Obamacare that are being unveiled now than they were to the overall idea of a nationalized health care with mandatory payments by taxpayers. “If any government perverted junkie tries to tell me or my family what to do there is going to be a lot of unhealthy issues,” wrote a forum participant at Conservative’s Forum. Added another on the same page, “Karl Marx would be proud.” Another forum page posted the headline “Obama creates behavior-modification commission,” and a writer called the council a “stepping stone to what the Soviets did to dissidents.”

Added the YourWebApps site, “What do we take for prevention? Herbs and vitamins. Herbs that you grow in your backyard and vitamins that are not approved by your doctor do not fall under these ‘science-based’ guidelines and are not allowed. Therefore, this will effectively open the door to outlawing ALL disease-prevention practices that use herbs and vitamins.” Columnist David Limbaugh put it this way: “Lifestyle behavior modification is none of the government’s business, but it is even less the prerogative of a renegade, unaccountable executive acting outside the law through unconstitutional executive orders.”

Stockton said she already sees people in revolt – “waking up to see what really does create health.” Her group has monitored several raw-milk fights of late in which farmers are selling unpasteurized (sic) milk to consumers who demand it. The process has enraged state and other food regulators. And she cited the reference to behavior. “How are you going to address that? Put everyone into drills?” She said there’s a huge failure to see that what the government is trying to impose has been done before – unsuccessfully. But it will result in confrontation, she forecast. “It’s a conflict that has to be resolved.”

WND previously reported when the federal government argued in a case in Iowa that individuals have no “fundamental right” to obtain what food they choose. The brief was filed April 26 in support of a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund over the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s ban on the interstate sale of raw milk. “There is no ‘deeply rooted’ historical tradition of unfettered access to foods of all kinds,” states the document signed by U.S. Attorney Stephanie Rose, assistant Martha Fagg and Roger Gural, trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice.

“Plaintiffs’ assertion of a ‘fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families’ is similarly unavailing because plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish,” the government has argued. WND also reported on a bill pending in the U.S. Senate that critics say would do for Americans’ food supply what Obamacare is doing to the nation’s supply of health-care resources. “S. 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the U.S.,” writes Steve Green on the Food Freedom blog. “It is to our food what the bailout was to our economy, only we can live without money.”

The plan is sponsored by U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., who explains the legislation “is a critical step toward equipping the FDA with the authorities and funding it needs to regulate what is now a global marketplace for food, drugs, devices and cosmetics.” His website explains, “The legislation requires foreign and domestic food facilities to have safety plans in place to prevent food hazards before they occur, increases the frequency of inspections. Additionally, it provides strong, flexible enforcement tools, including mandatory recall. Most importantly, this bill generates the resources to support FDA food-safety activities.”

The proposal cleared the U.S. House last year but has been languishing in the Senate because of a full calendar of projects. It creates a long list of new requirements for food-producing entities to meet the demands of the secretary of agriculture. It is expected to be the subject of discussion in coming days.
~~~end © Article by Bob Unruh

RDK Note: Uncle Sam stepped over boundaries when he entered our homes years ago: i.e. our children becoming wards of State upon entering public school. Sam is so into our private lives and homes that we should count him a census resident in our abodes. Things are happening even at BonnieQ’s HUD complex that, a few days ago, had her saying, “They may as well board up our doors and windows; for it would not be any more of a prison than it already has become over the last 3 years. Despite our Constitution, Fir Tree Park is NOT treated as the homes of its tenants who also do not have the rights ‘home’ implies.”

Another point is the Tobacco industry, which years ago lobbied for their life and agreed to put a Surgeon General’s warning on packaging in order to prevent a Tobacco ban. Obama’s Order will put them and tobacco farmers of this nation out of business; yet, nothing has been heard from them. Why are they not screaming as they did years ago when a ban was attempted similar to alcohol having been banned during prohibition?

The tobacco industry’s silence glaringly points not to Presidents but to a much greater power behind the Executive Orders, the same power ruling the Vatican’s Pope(s). It is medically purported that tobacco causes cancer: realistically, the disease is caused by parasites attacking normal cancer cells that every body has, not tobacco. Another point of interest is the fact that President Obama IS a smoker. Go figure.

The above Order affects Christ’s sheep obeying God’s true Sabbath and many of us who choose medicine by God’s prescription: all natural, herbs, good diet, etc. Despite MS and a host of other physical disorders, Bonnie still functions well today because God IS the Great Physician AND the Great Psychiatrist! Her MS physician, Dr. Kraft, certainly will be alarmed because he is very much on the side of herbal treatment. Also, God gave each human the inalienable right to make his or her own choices without His intervention. So where does man come off in taking away our right of choice in all matters?

Satan is systematically deleting our God-given rights in order to force worship of him. He already has the world’s majority, so why? Because he wants every last blade of wheat in Christ’s field, to have His small flocks fall to their knees before him in the form of the reigning Pope. WE WILL DIE RATHER THAN WORSHIP LUCIFER OR OBEY HIS ABOMINABLE DAY! Be well-armed, dear sheep, with God’s almighty sword of Truth. This is a test, just a test; our final test: work and stand strong to ace it!

Man is doing all he can, rather we should say, Satan is determined to wipe out God and Christ and the Holy Bible from earth itself: to replace God with the Pope and with his bible, the blasphemous Vulgate. Actually, among the masses it is a done deal; but, sadly, most of them do not realize the gravity of their choice. This should reveal how truly short is the time of Christ’s return “to escort His small flocks to the safe haven of heaven.” PRAISE GOD AND COME LORD JESUS COME!

Much love in Christ,
Remnant Doctrine Keepers
Seventh Seal Library

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Extra Oil 69: O’Hare From the Grave

News, Oil Spill, Hurricanes, Plane Crashes, Iceland Volcano, New Star, No Food/Water 70yrs, Tag Attacks, Van Impe, Madeline O’Hare, Senior Centers, Prayer, Meals

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 69: O’Hare From the Grave
from Remnant Doctrine Keepers (RDK)
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

News Brief: Africa, Libyan plane crash, 103 dead, 8yo boy alive; Iceland, volcano disrupts Euro flights again, ash cloud 1200-mi long moves north; WA, Student stabs other to see what it feels like; Euro, $500 note equals $630 US, US $1 devalued more; US, majority feel economy, foreclosures, jobless worsening; OK, hit with 37 tornados, deaths/destruction; Gulf of MX, over 4M gallons spilled since explosion, rate 250K gal per day, hurricanes could cause worse devastation; New Star in infancy stage “already has a mass 10 times that of earth’s sun and still growing, expected to be the brightest star in heaven in about 100,000 yrs”;

India, 83yo man, Prahlad Jani aka Jani Yogi, was observed for 2wks in hospital to determine how he has not eaten or drank in 70 years nor days in hospital yet remains healthy. All critical tests conducted and he was filmed 24/7, which revealed that he did not even use the toilet but did bathe daily. The scientists think his skin might absorb water/nutrients much like a sponge: Jani says a goddess endowed him with special gifts when he was about 10yo and he practices Yoga daily; Jani has since returned to his small village in India (this matches up with prophecy telling of miracles by Satan during these end days, this one obviously pagan but also happening within apostate churches);

Tag Attacks: Wednesday— “tag/key word” attacks on BonnieQ were more prolific and vile than usual. Apparently, the attacker does realize only she can see the tags used to find her Word Press site: system stats are not open to the public; thus, the attacks definitely are personal and likely the acts of one or both of two people known to her. Some of the phrasing in their tags resulted in this finding. They are dangerous sociopaths compounded by being raging alcoholics and drug users who hate Bonnie for speaking only Truth and for refusing to bow to their will.

To anyone who knows Bonnie, their behaviour and charges against her are insane and illogical. However, God did say, “The wicked do what they do because they do not know to do differently.” Bonnie knows when to draw a line in the sand and did so with these two women in the last two years, soon after one of them assaulted her, and today has no communication with them. However, rejection by the object of their obsession angers sociopaths thus escalates their bad behaviour: even to the point of murder.

Bonnie’s action is the only method to employ in these types of psychological cases. Alas, one does live above Bonnie— the one who tapped her phone-hacked into her computer and Earthlink webmail, management has stated they want the woman out of the HUD complex— the other lives in Oregon and also stalks Bonnie’s daughter. The FCC and FBI could get involved, for these are federal offenses; there is, however, a police file in Washington and Oregon that includes all these “word attacks” as well as evidence of stalking, phone tap, etc, along with their identities and those of their cohorts; therefore, the police in both States and locales know exactly who to go after should something happen to me and/or my daughter. And, we have learned there is a way to possibly trace the tag words.

Tags left at Word Press: “bonnieq uneducated, divorced twice and c” (cut off by system, no idea what the “c” was to spell); “bonnieq a liar, manipulator and a user;” and “bonnieq teaches hate.” As Jesus consoled, “It is not you they hate, it is me they hate.” Their lies and actions reveal their hate for Truth, thus their hate for God and Christ: which God says is to “curse” Him during these ending days.

Jack Van Impe: aired Wednesday night on TBN and predicted 2017 as Christ’s return for His 1000 years reign on this old earth, ostensibly to teach the wicked. To have come up with the year 2017, Van Impe had to assume that the “seven year tribulation”— which he and others teach in error— will begin in 2011: based on which event he believes marks such beginning is anyone’s guess. Wonder where Van Impe came up with 2011? Perhaps, from RDK’s Extra Oils? It is only RDK that has given the Holy Spirit’s notice of 2011, intended for only Christ’s remnants.

Also according to Sunday’s teaching, such religious leaders as Van Impe are to be taken up first, then the seven years tribulation will begin for all left behind, while the likes of Van Impe will be in heaven preparing to return with Christ in 2017 to aid Jesus in teaching all those billions of wicked that had been left behind very much alive. Of course, recently Van Impe changed this to say only the wicked will be left behind for 7 years.

Is it not interesting how, from week to week, Sunday leaders and teachers change their interpretation of God’s prophecies regarding these end of days? Just in case the Extra Oils are Truth, Sunday will find a way to use it in an illogical way. No matter how hard they try, they never will fit their illogical square peg into God’s perfect circle. Not possible: “for they are ever studying but never coming to the Truth.” And, rather than appear to deny the Holy Spirit, which is unforgivable, they will use 2011 but use their considerable manmade degrees in theology and eschatology as validation, they use the date as a beginning rather than the end it truly will be. How deceiving!

EAT or PRAY: news report from FLA sister Tammy— Briefly flashback to the 1960s and ’70s when atheist Madeline O’Hare had prayer removed from all public schools based on Federal funding as well as her non-beliefs: prayer cited as mingling State and Church. O’Hare is long dead but, recently, she reached out from her grave against the Georgia town of Port Wentworth and, ultimately, it will encompass the globe.

Senior Centers across the US provide lunches for local senior and elderly populations, usually served 5 days each week in the centers’ rented or donated use of buildings. Mayor Jones of Port Wentworth filed a lawsuit against prayer preceding the diners’ meal, after having witnessed such action at the Ed Young Senior Citizen Center; then, he apologized for having to uphold laws regarding separation of State and Church based on the fact Senior Centers are State and/or Federally funded.

Mayor Jones overlooked philanthropists’ donations, senior contributions and the fact seniors pay a small annual fee to participate in Senior Center activities, which do include lunches. None of those are federal monies. In the Georgia case, local seniors usually pay 50-cents of a typical $2.00 meal but can opt to pay the full price as a donation or, if unable, pay nothing. Said meals are cooked to death and unappetizing, making even the $2.00 a gross overcharge.

RDK feels that a good defense litigator would argue, “How does one determine how much of a meal is Federally funded and how much is paid by the private sector via cash and food and building donations? If seniors pay 50-cents, then should they not have the right to pray over 50-cents worth of the meal; and, how much time for prayer does 50-cents allow?” Also, most Senior Centers do require members to render cash to cover costs of coffee, tea, sugar and creamers via a donation jar located at the drink station.

Another service of Senior Centers is recognized as “Meals on Wheels,” providing 1 meal daily delivered to the homes of seniors in the program. The drivers are volunteers who use their own vehicles: no federal funding here. Are the recipients going to be sued for praying over these meals in the privacy of their own homes; as above, charged with violating the separation of State and Church acts?

A good litigator might also argue, “Is the next step to prevent prayer in area churches? After all, they are federally incorporated and enjoy tax exemption; which puts them under government control. Add to this the fact Sunday denominations now reside as agencies with the power of Marshall Law under Homeland Security.”

The list of repercussions from Mayor Jones’ action is without limitation when it comes to God and Christ; for the recent signing of an amendment to the Civil Rights Act legally censored God’s Word— as reported in a prior Extra Oil. Now we are forbidden to even speak to or with God and His Christ: at least audibly? Do not think for a moment this will not escalate to banning even silent prayers. Surely about now Satan is rolling around on the floor holding his sides while laughing victoriously. Are we laughing? No. We silently weep in sadness and grief for a world about to die an eternal death.

Wickedness has reached the gross state of picking at straws elevated to the unending height of pettiness: PETTY, PETTY, PETTY! At least Mayor Jones advised that the centers could observe “a moment of silence” prior to diners eating, just do not say the words “for prayer:” vague admission that neither man nor his laws can control a person’s thoughts or silent prayers— Jesus consistently prayed in silence.

On the flip side of this rusted coin, the Mayor’s and others’ actions are, at-the-speed-of light, leading to re-enforcement of global Blue Laws focusing only on people who observe God’s Sabbath instead of Satan’s Sunday: another lame excuse to exercise Blue Laws and Homeland Security’s provisions that allow them to wrongfully beat, jail and/or kill God’s people at a moment’s notice: specifically when the Vatican instructs nations to mobilize Marshall Law. Rome is more than ready and will begin the evil process any day. It is even more imperative that Christ’s remnants remember His behaviour when He was terrorized and murdered, making sure we do the same: calm silent unceasing prayer. 

Dear Remnants, keep your chins up, a smile on your face, peace and Truth in your words, lift up each other and fear not what man can do to you; for he cannot touch the real you, the spirit being that gives life to the garment you wear. Pray and forgive unceasing; but, remember that forgiving does not mean the forgiver must interact with the person thereafter. Know when to draw that line in the sand, then never cross over it again: it is God’s Way and in His Words of instruction about witnessing.

Much love in Christ,
Remnant Doctrine Keepers
Seventh Seal Library

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Extra Oil Update 27: News, Wars Impenetrable Armor

Earth reels to and fro like a drunk: Nature, Economy, Wars, H1N1, Mom/Daughters, Hallowe’en, Lawless, Bible Censored, Good/Stupid News, Need Impenetrable Armor

 Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 27: News & Essential Impenetrable Armor
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

 News 10/25-10/28: 3.0 incredible days in earth’s end days — 2.1/4-pgs, too much to include Oct 29th through 30th in this broadcast, world enraged—

— (Plagues) EARLY SNOWS— WA, to 18-in Cascade passes, lowlands thunder/ lightning storms, hail, flood watch, need studded tires, chains; OR, Mt. Hood 16-in snow; WA-OR ski resorts open early; WA, temps jump 59-deg Thurs pm; DENVER, 2-ft snow; NEB, snow; MISS/ALA, tornado watch Fri; NASA test rocket fired Wed; PHILIPPINES, cat-4 Typhoon Marina to hit (4th in 6 wks, death toll first 3 at 858+ rising); GREECE, 8 migrants drown off coast;

QUAKES 181> 23rd to 28th> magnitudes 2.5 to 6.9, day 27th~~18 quakes M5.3, one hour~~1 quake M2.5— N. American continent 128 to M5.9 most along US Pacific coastline, Asian continent 25 to M6.2, African continent 2 to M5.6, European continent 1 at M4.8, Australia 25 to M6.9 = total 180-quakes in entire Pacific “Ring of Fire”, 1-quake at M2.5 in Euro Atlantic ring, all over lesser quakes every 35 seconds on avg;

Economy— (Sign) DETROIT: medium home prices $65,000; TX: mansions for as little as $40,000~~ “home pending sales still rebounding” a contradiction, “New home sales surprise drop”, new buyer $8k tax credit extends into 2010; SMART METERS, elec, 18-mil homes to receive; SMART GRID, nation to expand elec grid for control, clean energy, create 1000s new jobs, Fed grants $3.4-billion, companies match w/$4.7-billion; Plasma TVs biggest electric users, new flat screens better; Democrats push for green energy bill; BAILOUTS save 640,000 jobs; GMAC seeks 3rd bailout;

GM, former plant to make electric cars, Obama wants 1-mil hybrids on road by 2016; WA, town spends $-millions yearly on lighted animated holiday scenes displayed along roads (what about homeless, hungry?); CHICAGO, protesters crash Bank Convention for bad use of bailout $-billions; US SAMOA, wastes tsunami warning funds; CHINA to buy Volvo; VERSACE cuts staff by 25%; 15.1-mil UNEMPLOYED now tapping into 401Ks; Boeing Dreamliner moves to S.Carolina, cost 4000 Seattle jobs; BP faces record $87-mil fine; FED, House Ethics panel to investigate Calif. Democrats, 30+ Republicans face ethics probe for accidental document disclosure; HIDDEN “nickel/dime fees/surcharges cost each consumer $1k to $2000 per year;

Wars & Rumors— (Sign) AFGHAN, Tues. 8-US/Seattle killed by roadside bombs, Oct deadliest for US, worse for Middle East; Afghans feel for Taliban re: air attacks on hideout village kills 906; Taliban kills 5-UN workers re: runoff election, 1-Taliban killed; Taliban kills 8; CHICAGO, 2-men arrested as terrorists w/al Qaeda links; ISRAEL blocks Pakistan from adequate water supplies; PAKISTAN, Iranians released; Peshawar mkt. car bomb kills 100+; IRAQ, Al Qaeda claims deadly twin bombings last week, death/ injury tolls rising; US, navy ship accidentally fires on Polish port; SOMALIA, British couple sailing send SOS, pirates seize yacht, kidnapped couple put on Spanish ship (possible ransom demand); INDIA, oil depot explosive fire kills 3, 6 missing;

Health— (Sign) H1N1 pandemic now US epidemic, among 1000+ deaths “nearly 114+ kids” w/no health issues, 19 this week alone; THREE F’s: “fear, frustration, flu” too little vaccine, 49-mil doses due by Nov end; Obama “will get vaccines however, wherever”; H1N1 vaccine CDC says “as safe as any can be, no danger to mother/baby or of autism”; MINN, 6 show pigs w/H1N1; ERs overrun w/cases; NY affirms H1N1 State Emergency, after Obama’s National Emergency last week;

CNN reports ELDERLY squeezed as doctors refuse Medicare, Medicaid patients + many refusing elderly cases (BonnieQ just one); HEALTH REFORM, to Congress for consent, lets States opt out of Fed. Public Option (opt-out will hurt low income patients x nation); CELL PHONES likely cancer link, 275-Mil US users, 4-Bil global, 14000 tested global; RAPE VICTIM denied insurance due to preventive HIV drugs, must test HIV neg after 1yr then insurable; GEORGIA, Cessna explodes into home, no word of injuries/deaths; OTHER, search on for 9-missing after mid-air crash;

MiscGreat whore, harlot daughters: SPAIN, Priest + 33 others arrested in marriage scam; FRANCE convicts Church of Scientology (CoS) of fraud, acclaimed Director Haggis quit CoS after Judge set $1-mil fine, 45,000 French CoS members won’t slow down despite Judge’s warning to people; FRANCE, Chirac on trial for corruption; History Channel documentary tracks HALLOWEEN, Celtic festival 3000-yrs before Papal Rome called it All Hallowed Eve of All Saints Day, ritual is to urge angry dead to stay in graves during dark days of winter solstice, still strong today in Wiccan, Druid religions with Sunday’s global Christians’ nod of approval (No wonder pagans believe their religion oldest— Unaware Christianity should be Judaic branch back to Adam/Eve);

Lawless— (Sign) CA, gang rapes outside teen school dance lasted 2.5 hrs, 20 witnesses did not help or call police— 15yo girl brutally beaten/robbed/multiple rapes, critical, 6 arrested includes 2 adults, more sought; CA, Latino woman driver ticketed for not speaking English; US, nationwide sting update- 690 arrested in child prostitute rings, included 60 pimps, recovered 52 kids young as 10, OR: kids as young as 8; AFGHAN, young boys sold as sex slaves, 60,000 street children in Kabul alone;

TX, Muslim woman refused at market, “remove veil or leave”; CT, 3 non-students arrested in jr. Univ football player Jasper Howard murder, 1-Jamal Todd set off fire alarm diversion; WA. Quiznos, security camera sees gun-wielding robber ignored by staff sweeping, robber left empty-handed when register did not open; WA, robbers crash trucks into ATM machines all over State, then drag away; WA, past week numerous arsons- homes, businesses, warehouses, damages in $-millions (what about your area?);

FED: HATE CRIME LAW extended and signed to include gay communities— Obama said, “It shows we [Americans] value all life”— Law CENSORS use of even BIBLE scriptures alluding to or about homosexuals and/or behaviour (USA edits God?);

Good or Stupid News— WA, missing 6-yo boy found okay w/mother; 5yo boy sells treats to help friend “cuz I love Emily” (w/kidney transplant now has cancer) raised $300+ for med exp; EQUADOR, copter crash, minor injuries; INDIAN OCEAN, 2 ships collide in low visibility, 3 minor injuries; STARS honor Bill Cosby for American humor, social influence—Mark Twain Humor Award; NWA pilots pass landing 150-mi playing on laptops, FAA revoked licenses;


The World’s Only Impenetrable Armour
©copyright 1998 Bonita M Quesinberry

excerpt TRUTH GATHERING, ©copyright 1998, AKJV exhaustive Topical Bible of all critical-to-salvation subjects; chapter 9: God’s Armour, pages 169-170. Key verse phrases appear in bold print within entire scripture, notes within {brackets} and supplied words for definition within [brackets] in italics:

Jesus said, “I am the way, the life, the truth; and no man comes to the Father except by me.” He also said to His followers, “Do as I have done unto you.” What did Christ do to them? He loved, loved humanity with all His heart and soul and might, so much that He spoke only God’s Truth, “magnifying it and making it honorable” once again, lived it without flaw so we could see how to do the same, then HE died to free us of our “past” crimes against God the Father. Finally, Christ was resurrected to prove to us that our Father will do the same for us IF we accept Christ, have His faith, and obey God.

Of earth’s population, a purported 85% claim Christianity; what a great number it would seem that wear God’s armour. Whether that 85% is correct or it’s a lesser percentage doesn’t matter. It does not change the fact that, sadly, 66.6% are wearing flawed armour, leaving them vulnerable to Satan’s deadly arrows and the flaw excludes them from receiving God’s Seal of Authority, unless they “come out of her” as God directed. How can this be? By the doctrine of men, instead of God’s doctrine, as lived and taught by Christ and His Apostles and their proselytes and many of us today. What is flawed in their armour? It is the piece Truth that is critically lacking: revealed below.

The 33.4% of us who wear full armour must love the vulnerable as Christ loved us: enough to speak and live only God’s Truth, despite name calling and persecution for doing so, despite threats of death, despite any and all adversities. There is no greater demonstration of love by the sheep than that which they live and speak in absolute Truth without any regard for their own lives— just as Jesus did; no greater love than our Father’s and Christ’s.

GOD’S WHOLE ARMOUR: verses from Authorized King James Version Bible, the only translation by Divine instruction in order to fulfill a Revelation prophecy; be sure to open your Bibles to confirm the following: that you not follow blindly—

Ephesians 6:11-17Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.


Genesis 15:1—After these things the word of the Lord came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.  —{IF we have faith [trust] that He is our Lord and His word is true and does apply to every human: thus obey unquestioningly and despite persecution}

Psalm 33: 20— Our soul waiteth for the Lord: he is our help and our shield

Psalm 84:11-12— For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.  —{Trust = Faith, belief, obedience}

Psalm 119:114— Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word. 

Psalm 119:142— Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law is the TRUTH.  —{obedience is required in order be fully protected}

Psalm 119:151-152— Thou art near, O Lord; and all thy commandments are truth. Concerning thy testimonies, I have known of old that thou hast founded them forever. —{all of Psalm c.119 speaks of God’s Armor}

Psalm 144:1-2— Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me. {our shield is gained by possessing the same depth of Faith as demonstrated by Jesus, even in the face of death}

Proverbs 16:6— By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil.

Proverbs 30:5-6— Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.

Isaiah 26:2-3— Open ye the gates, that the righteous nation [people] which keepeth [obey] the truth may enter in. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Matthew 3:2— And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  —{cease disobeying the Law of Truth, for truth is a part of the whole armor: in missing just one piece of the whole armour, the person is not protected nor is he or she sealed for redemption}

Matthew 18:3— And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

John 14:27— Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

John 17:17— Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

Romans 2:20— An instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes, which hast the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law.

Romans 3:22-23— Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference: For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; 

Romans 10:17— So then faith cometh by hearing [understanding], and hearing [understanding] by the word of God.

Romans 13:12-14— The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.

II Corinthians 6:7— By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left.  

I Thessalonians 5:8-9— But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ

Hebrews 4:12— For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart

TRUTH— God’s Law (Doctrine): Twelve Commandments and defining Judgments (Statutes of Life, Law of Liberty, Law of Truth, Law of Righteousness) Exodus c.20

BREASTPLATE— Faith in and of Jesus by a heart filled with Love

FEET SHOD— Internal Peace as given by the Holy Spirit

SHIELD— Belief is Trust in God’s righteousness, therefore obey despite criticism

HELMET— Hope of Salvation through Christ

SWORD— Word of God in its entirety

Luke 11:28— But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear [understand] the word of God, and keep [obey] it.

It is obvious that God’s Twelve Precepts are that piece of armour called Truth. Man’s commandments, unfortunately, differ from God’s: specifically the great whore having deleted the Second Statute, deleting most of the Fourth and moving it to Third position; then, in order to maintain a total of Ten, she divided the Tenth Precept to make two separate laws about not coveting.

Alas, her harlot daughters do the same and worse. After all, they teach that we are “dead to the law,” no longer have to struggle to obey it. Having said that, it behooves one to wonder why the great whore went to such lengths to even include ten laws, much less change them. Ah, because Satan placed her a queen on his throne and is determined to assume God’s heavenly throne. In order to make that even remotely feasible, he had to create a counterfeit of Christ’s church, then fill it with “smooth words” the people love to hear, carefully lacing Jesus speaking lies: to get unaware masses under his leadership. He truly believes he can attain God’s heavenly throne by numbers.

By obeying only God’s Commandments will a believer bear God’s Seal, which is also Christ’s, then become fully armoured to withstand the horrors of these end of days; to stand against Satan’s torment and temptations that, in his desperate rage, are being flung at us 24/7 without rest. God’s Statutes were set in stone and cited in Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5. Read them carefully, that you not miss the crucial points.

Twelve Commandments? Indeed. For you see, Jesus came teaching nothing new; albeit, the great whore and her harlot daughters claim that He gave two new Commandments to replace God’s Ten. That is odd. Remember, Jesus declared, even the wicked love— selectively, of course— so, there must be a critical, defining point to the Royal Law, something easily overlooked by the masses focused on only the man in their pulpits.

Jesus did say, “Love God with all your heart and soul and might; and love your neighbor as yourself.” He wasn’t the first to utter these two Royal Laws. No. True, the people likely had not heard those words in centuries, so to them in Christ’s time the words seemed new. God stated them first in the Old Testament— harlots’ first lie by omission— and, as Jesus taught, one must first love in order to obey the Ten: “upon these two hinge all the Law.” To “hinge upon” means to “depend upon”— harlots’ second lie by omission. Obedience “depends upon” love with all your heart and soul and might. Half measures are not acceptable to God or to Christ.

Without unwavering love, no one can ever hope to obey God’s Statutes of Life. Hmm? Jesus said, “Be ye perfect and holy as the Father in heaven is perfect and holy.” How many times have we heard that we are “human and can’t help sinning? That’s why we needed Jesus to cover our sins.” Hello! He covered only our “past” sins and will cover henceforth only those sins of which we are unaware until we understand. Jesus made it clear: obedience is achieved only in accordance with the depth of our love for God and Christ: a love far away and above all those whom we love, more than they and this life.

“Would you obey the laws of man and perish; or obey the laws of God and live?”


——Watch the clouds between mid-October to mid-November now and until no later than 2011. Hebrews says Jesus will not be late. If not fully converted now, time is your enemy; total conversion must be instant, this day, TODAY: do not delay. Pray unceasing! Be watchful; stand fast even to death. WE HAVE GOD’S POWER. KEEP WALKING and TALKING, even when it seems useless: you might snatch one lost, lukewarm sheep from the flames. Saith the Lord, “Ye lukewarm await consuming fire.”

——TSaS post archives open to public; members access Bible Lesson FILES. TSaS ministry neither needs nor asks for money and never will: God provides our basic needs. We ask only for prayer and that you share God’s Truth with all who will hear/read and obey in “the instant.” Be good stewards of God’s Word: share Extra Oils, lead everyone to God’s Biblical Truth at —

Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ



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Vol. IV: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors & Elderly

Vol. IV: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors and Elderly

©copyright 2008 Bonita M Quesinberry



At last, our series ends with this segment. Will it prove also an end to my plight and of all other seniors and elderly? Let us proceed to highlights of the previous installment:


Fir Tree Park (FTP) management company, Allied Group fired by California property owners, new company Professional Property Management (PPM) of Illinois hired, their site manager Michael— forgot to say he was hired by Allied just before leaving; so he knows me according to Allied’s twisted version and who now has threatened me with eviction— HUD’s discrimination investigation closes for Allied; then, segment III ended on a note about the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) cutting my Medicaid benefits while conducting an investigation, and finally a mention about DSHS  contract doctors and hospitals. Today? I have no doctor. Where, when does it end?


Various events with my Port Orchard doctor and those in Shelton, are woven throughout the past year and a half— in other words, everything and so much more than presented in this series has happened simultaneously without so much as a break— so, I must step back in time for just a moment. My neurosurgeon made it abundantly clear to me, my daughter Maria, and Dr. Tieuseco, my primary medical provider, of my precarious position: I must not have pain as well as must get the blood pressure back to normal.


When asked ‘why’ regarding pain, for I’ve lived with pain since age 6 without medication, Dr. Shakar stated, “You’ve already had what should have been a fatal bleeder. That in itself puts you at high risk for another aneurysm compounded by long term Degenerative Vascular Disease— diagnosed at age 23— your vessels, veins and artery walls are very weak. Pain causes the body to tense and this further stresses your vascular system. The other thing you must avoid is outside stress for the same reasons.” Right. I don’t believe Allied Group, HUD, or DSHS got the message, despite having been advised. 


Nevertheless, I could not take any prescription opiates available over the years; so, the doctor prescribed one I’d never taken, Oxycodone, although I refused to take it as prescribed: 10mg 6 times daily. In my mind and as I said to Dr. Tiuseco, that was the road to addiction and I have an almost manic aversion to addictions: my mother was prescription addicted from age 19 and died of a deliberate overdose at age 58.


Enough said and, while Dr. Tiuseco disagreed based on Dr. Shakar’s instructions and she did set out on the Rx “10mg every 4 hours,” she accepted my terms: I would take it as needed, which might be 5mg in a 24-hour period or even 10mg or at the most two 10mg doses in the same time frame: if a severe migraine or other severe pain was too much to endure. To date, I’ve never taken any more or less and have never increased intake. Even if I had, it still would have been less than the prescribed 6 times daily/every 4 hours.


As noted early in our series, Dr. Tiuseco’s office is an hour away from me in Shelton and it did not take long for me to realize I could no longer drive the distance— I found the trip back home dangerous in that I had to pull off the road 3 to 4 times because of almost passing out. DSHS, in view of all of their Shelton contract doctors refusing to take my case, provided a driver for appointments with Dr. T. The problem this presented was in not being able to see a doctor when something went terribly wrong: appointments two weeks away or more. This arrangement would prove to be even more of a problem.


My daughter Maria, of course, drives up from Oregon for any invasive procedures scheduled in that I must be monitored for severe reactions; albeit, DSHS has never paid Maria as my caregiver but only because she is certified in Oregon. Still, her bill was applied to my Medicaid spend down, while any payments I made to her counted toward rents. It is this caregiver billing that kicked off the more recent problems with DSHS.


Throughout the last seven months of 2008 I had begun to notice Dr. Tiuseco adjusting my pain prescription in a way that, ultimately, would make it appear I was abusing the drug despite not having made any change in how I take it. I left the late September visit angry, though I’d said nothing to Dr. T, went home and flushed the remaining doses of about 10: I was set to prove that I was neither abusing nor addicted. My next appointment would be November 7th, which would sum up over four weeks with no medication at all.


October also was DSHS review time, so I copied all my records for the prior six months and sent everything 10 days early. Come November the first, I receive a letter from DSHS announcing that ALL med benefits had been cancelled because I failed to send in that paperwork. Ack! I called, it was a computer glitch, and several days later I receive a new letter advising I no longer had Medicaid coverage because my spend down had not been covered. What? Again, I call, so certain it was a simple mistake. After all, the only time I required a caregiver was for invasive procedures; while some DSHS clients have caregivers three or more times per week.


“We cannot use your caregiver bill because we can’t validate it, Ms. Quesinberry!” I almost was stunned speechless but said, “What do you mean? You have hospital bills, doctor bills, lab bills, MRI bills, and in the beginning you were provided with the reasons why I must be monitored following any invasive procedures.” I was informed she would have to turn over the matter to her supervisor, who would call me within twenty-four hours. So far, this meant I had to pay for everything incurred henceforth November first that Medicare did not cover. There was no way I could afford to do so: meaning no prescriptions filled and no doctor, primary or specialists, or emergency hospital visits.


The general caseworker had made one give-away statement, “We can’t validate it.” It was word-for-word what Allied Group had said to my attorney about my caregiver billing statements: with either entity, the charge of invalid billing is a preposterous lie. I suspected then that Allied had found a way to further raise my stress levels in their permanent absence: make it look as if she is defrauding DSHS. Why not? As far as Allied was concerned, I had caused them to get fired; didn’t matter that there were five cases against them or that I had not been the one to file complaints with HUD. Despite the fact DSHS had approved Maria as my caregiver in 2005, for the purposes as set out, that proof obviously became lost in their mountain of paperwork over the next 3 years.


Of course, there also is raging drunk Rachel who functions on the premise of “do unto others before they do unto you,” she who is defrauding both DSHS and HUD and she knows everyone at FTP knows it, which means I know it. Still, it did not matter that I defrauded no one, did everything by the book and in accordance with law: all it took was one phone call to DSHS by a vengeful someone claiming I was committing fraud with false caregiver bills. Thus, without any notice to me, I was denied benefits to which I am entitled and must do without until DSHS completes its investigation.


Between my last doctor’s appointment and the next, I developed severe pain in the liver and pancreas; but, my doctor was on vacation. It became bad enough that I called Dr. T’s assistant to advise her I would be going to Mason County Hospital, just up the hill from me in Shelton, and I would let her know the results. My concern was a relapse of the pancreatitis experienced in 1971 and which was in remission only.


My friend Gwen took me and, upon arrival, I was quickly taken into emergency. A Doctor Short came in, discussed my symptoms, then asked rather hatefully, “How do you know it’s the liver and pancreas hurting.” Because I’ve been there, done that. He then had the nurse draw blood and later came back to tell me both enzymes were okay, “See your doctor in Port Orchard.”


What! It takes more tests than just blood to identify Pancreatitis, but this idiot was sending me home? I reminded him that my doctor was on vacation; still sent me home after the nurse did come back in to ask if I needed a prescription for pain, to which I irritably said, “No, I don’t. I need to know what is wrong.” Needless to say, nothing has been done about these particular symptoms and Dr. Tiuseco never gave me opportunity to tell her about any of the symptoms of MS and Lupus that have been worsening.


Before I knew it, November 7 rolled around and my driver took me to Port Orchard. In a way, I was a bit excited to inform Dr. Tiuseco of what I had done: 4.5 weeks with no pain medication. It would be satisfying to see her realize her mistake. Now, as my certified caregiver daughter told me, “Mom, an addict could not go twelve hours! Muchless four and a half weeks.” I knew that, and I expected the doctor to know it, too. I also wanted to tell Dr. T about both the escalating diseases and a documentary I had seen several weeks before: renowned doctors and scientists who had conducted a long term study on patients taking prescription opiates for long periods of time, one of which they were addressing being Oxycodone— an answer to why some become addicted and some don’t.


Interestingly enough, the above study had proven who I am and why I have never been addicted to anything, period and despite my mother’s addictions based on no health problems save tension migraines— which I’ve never had. It seems there are two factors indicating that a patient, even one on long term opiates, will not become addicted: 1) they take the medication for “only real pain” and, 2) they have a “mindset that is almost obsessively against addictions. Patients who become addicted take the opiates in an absence of pain to become numb to reality, to escape as it were.” The latter was my mother. Well, I never got the chance to relate anything to Dr. T.


The moment I advised Dr. Tiuseco of what I had done following the previous meeting and how long it had been since I had taken any pain med, she turned on me to glaringly and vehemently state loudly, “That is suspicious, Bonita. I don’t believe you! That cancels your pain contract.” This, while she is madly typing into my computer file and canceling said contract, which means I can never again get the prescription refilled. She then cuts me off when I attempt to relate the health issues and says, as she is storming out the door, “I’m running behind. You’ll have to tell me about it in our next visit.” Well, that visit will never happen as far as I’m concerned but I said nothing.


If one is seeing a DSHS contract doctor (public) and said doctor is prescribing opiates to him or her, then one must sign a contract to the effect he or she will never sell or give away said pills and a lot of other gibberish designed to get the doctor off the hook by canceling the contract. Any idiot can read my medical history and diagnoses and comprehend that I am never pain free. Any idiot also can determine that I am not an abuser of opiates when the fact is I tolerate a great deal of pain for long periods without medication, despite my neurosurgeon’s admonition that I must remain pain free.


Still, from the beginning I had suspected that Dr. T really did not want my case any more than did Shelton doctors. Why any are afraid of my case is beyond my understanding. Yes, it is a complicated case with, as a friend recently said, more diagnoses than anyone should have to bear; but, I put no pressure on doctors, for I believe my life or death is solely in God’s hands, not the doctors’. Nonetheless, the fact Dr. Tiuseco called me a liar is all the reason I need to never see her again. I could care less if I ever see any doctor again or regain Medicaid. Besides, where would I find a doctor or hospital?


Within a week of my initial call to DSHS, I was told the case was being turned over to their Medical Administration department and should receive an answer within 2 weeks— “If not, call us.” Well, here we are into January 2009 and I have yet to regain Medicaid benefits. Oh, yes, I did call and was put off. To top this off, our esteemed Governor Chris Gregoire announced plans to cut DSHS benefits that we paid into during our working years, as if there were an overabundance benefits in the first place. As it stands now, DSHS and Dr. Tiuseco have put my life at risk— well, at more risk than it was already.


I cannot stress enough that I have rather made light of my case in this series, in that so much more happened and is happening. Alas, it would take a book to get it all down; but, I needed to highlight some of only the worst incidents in order to keep the series short enough to at least get it to the public. Thus far it is only on the Internet and not garnering much reading at the three sites available to me. Please help get this to everyone!


This is not all about me. Seniors and elderly across this nation are suffering at the hands of unethical subsidized apartment managers and their companies, HUD’s failure to uphold their protective laws, DSHS’s constant demands on said recipients, along with DSHS contract doctors and hospitals failing to truly take care of their patients. Public Medicine? My driver said to me, “The hospital HAS to treat you, even if the doctors won’t!” Well, apparently they are not obligated any more than those public doctors.


So, what good is DSHS and its Public Medicine? They treat whom they choose and DSHS does not intervene. In answer to the question at the beginning of this segment, “No,” my plight and that of all seniors and elderly has not ended. In silence it goes on.


We need a majority roar to rise up all over the United States about these injustices; so, please, share our story with everyone you know: friends, Senators and Governors and our President Obama, television as well as newspapers. The more people who spread it about, the louder we shout!


We are the largest demographic in this nation and have a lot to offer, yet we are being thrown away and/or subtly murdered: yes, families could come back on these entities with charges of reckless endangerment, reckless homicide, and wrongful death; but, they shouldn’t have to file such suits or criminal charges. Copy the 4 segments of this story to your blogs, websites, and email to everyone you know urging them to do the same.


* * * * *


End of series “Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors and Elderly”

The entire series can be found at – scroll down page, click on “Critical Articles” where each is listed: click on to open


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Vol. III: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors & Elderly

Vol. III: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors & Elderly

©copyright 2008 Bonita M Quesinberry



Reflecting back on the last segment, we covered what had happened when trying to get an apartment at Fir Tree Park (FTP), the issues after moving in, and problems with neighbor raging alcoholic Rachel and her two grown sons above me. Then HUD contacted me and the wheels began turning but it did not seem to faze Allied Group, the management company in charge of FTP, and their on-site manager Shannon. The problems continued to escalate with Allied and Rachel. Readers might recall she had assaulted me back in April 2008.


Every key person in HUD had a copy of everything I had, including the State investigator who finally contacted me. I had witnesses to everything, including the two acts of discrimination and all the retaliation as well as concerning Rachael. The investigator had names, addresses and phone numbers and stated she would be contacting them for their statements. After ‘hearing’ my story, she gave me every hope this was going to be resolved in my favor. In fact, she expressed anger over how I had been treated, how it dangerously affected my health, and even asked what kind of settlement I would want. Settlement? That had not even entered my mind, so I said, “I don’t want to hurt anyone. I just want all of this to stop for all of us.”


Two weeks later, the investigator called me to read to me a letter she had received from Allied Group in response to her inquiry; an attempt to prove without proof they had not discriminated and I had lied. The investigator wanted me to hear the letter, then respond accordingly. Quote: “We never attempted to prevent Ms. Quesinberry from moving into FTP as there were other people ahead of her and, in fact, she later did move in. However, she had installed a window A/C unit and we had to have the fire department inspect for safety. They said it must be removed as it blocked a safe rear exit, so we had her remove the unit. Later, she obtained a portable unit. Obviously, we had no problem with her disability need for air conditioning.”


Allied went on to claim they could get a statement from the fire department, IF the investigator requested proof. I told the investigator that if they could get such a statement from the fire chief, it also would be false. In the end, Allied never provided proof of any of their claims. I not only had proof, I had witnesses and relied on the investigator’s statement that she would get statements from each one. If she did, the case was mine.


The letter went on from there, at the conclusion of which I stated it was a fabrication in its entirety: I had never had a window unit, as my neighbors could testify and so could my daughter Maria, and the fire department had never inspected my apartment for safety. I am a certified first responder and former fire department dispatcher, so I knew that such inspections are done only by the chief or assistant chief. Allied claimed it was “one of the firemen.” And, I related this fact to the investigator.


By now, Maria had informed me she had not heard from HUD’s investigator, as some of my other witnesses also stated. I mentioned this to the investigator and she claimed she did not have their phone numbers, to which I reiterated that all were in the transcripts; however, I gave them to her again. At this time, I did not know the investigator had to wind up the case within 30 days, apparently some kind of HUD regulation.


Two weeks following her call, the investigator called again to tell me she had made her decision and it was irreversible in that her time had expired. I do not know for a fact that there was a regulated time restraint. Again, I stated that my daughter had never heard from her; and, again, the investigator said she did not have Maria’s number. I reminded her that it was both in the transcripts and I had given it to her again two weeks before: “Oh, here it is on a piece of paper on my desk.” She stated she would call Maria but reconfirmed that her decision already was made and irreversible because she had no time left. What good was calling Maria going to do now?


She did call Maria the next day but only asked one question: “Did your mother have a window unit in the beginning?” Maria responded, “My mother told me that Allied claimed she did have one; but, no, she never had a window unit. I know this for a fact, because I was the one to move her in and I was the one who installed her portable unit.” Maria was not given an opportunity to discuss the discrimination she had witnessed, as the investigator immediately thanked Maria and disconnected. The same happened with several of my other witnesses. Nevertheless, testimony had proven that Allied lied.


In that last call to me, the one prior to calling Maria, the investigator said she had ruled in Allied’s favor because there was no proof of discrimination and retaliation and no witnesses to validate the claims. I was stunned speechless. Within a week, I received a letter to this effect and was told I could take the matter to civil court, if I disagreed. The cost would be mine because the Senior Justice System attorney did not handle those types of cases. The investigator’s decision was laid out in a transcript provided to the HUD board on Human Rights for a final opinion, along with a copy to me.


The investigator had worded witness testimonies in a manner rendering me a liar, or delusional at best, and my daughter had confirmed it. Maria was livid, to say the least. She had been quoted as stating that she had only heard about the discrimination, yet Maria had said this only about a purported window unit and was never asked about the discrimination. The transcript also stated that Allied had not replaced the 30-year old carpets because they were in good shape, and that they had not had a problem with my ferrets; it was only a misunderstanding that had been quickly resolved. Lies, lies, and more lies. Worse, they and the State Investigator had effectively shredded my reputation for integrity and absolute truth.


I was devastated and did not know which way to turn. After all, the State had given Allied the power to carry through with the eviction they previously had served on me and would surely win in court; which they could do within a year of having executed service. What judge would not enforce an eviction when the highest Federal agencies had “proven” me a liar, or delusional at best, I being the person who simply was making it hard on Allied to do their job; which also meant Allied could sue me for loss of income due to expenses I supposedly caused them.


There was no way I could afford an attorney in order to file a discrimination suit, despite the fact HUD had said they could not combine discrimination with retaliation but stated the courts could. So, now there was every chance my ferrets and I would wind up on the streets. Nevertheless, I called my attorney in the hopes she would handle the case. To my utter disappointment she only confirmed what I already knew, then informed me that Allied was making new demands on me: they wanted copies of my records for the previous recertification and even for the year before, which had nothing to do with them because I was living at Betty’s at that time. My lawyer did put a stop to this demand.


I received a letter from the Human Rights department of HUD advising that the investigator’s transcript would be reviewed by their board and, if I wished, I could file a letter expressing my disagreement with her findings. I did so truly knowing I likely would not hear a word in return, muchless one in my favor. It was now coming on July 2008, and my suspicions proved correct: I never heard one word from the Review Board. Apparently, the case decision stood as the investigator had filled.


If I could find a pro bono attorney (free), did I not also have Susan, the Poulsbo floater manager, as a witness to discrimination, and Jan the FTP site manager who told us of the discrimination as a witness? Yeah, right; Allied had fired both and I had no idea where to find them. Just prior to the investigator’s decision, a tenant provided a cell number for Jan and I quickly gave the number to HUD’s investigator and called Jan myself— of course, she would testify on my behalf! Alas, she lied to the investigator, claiming she never had such a conversation with my daughter or me.


Okay, there was Ben Jones, the HUD contract manager who had confirmed that FTP was supposed to rent to elderly only, which should have removed Rachel, as well as had directed my discrimination case to Human Rights. Then, there was the woman in Human Rights totally on my side. I called Ben to find he had been replaced. When I called the woman, she said straight out, “I hate what you are going through and I feel it is just plain wrong; but, I have been informed that I am to speak with no one at Fir Tree Park or lose my job.” This, despite it actually being her job!


What in the world is going on? Yet, again, I was stunned speechless as she continued by giving me the names and phone numbers of several attorneys, though not sure they would take the case: she wasn’t supposed to do even this. The very agency designed to protect our HUD and Constitutional rights is now behaving as if they work for the very companies and agencies harming us by replacing any HUD employees who actually do care about us and believe it is their job to protect our rights as both human beings and citizens of this great? nation.


Soon, it was July 2008 and, apparently FTP’s California property owners had received all prior data from HUD about my case, and the other four, as well as letters from a number of tenants and me, albeit not the investigator’s final decision. At this time, all FTP tenants simultaneously received a letter from Allied announcing they would no longer be managing FTP effective August first. While Allied did not tell us, we were informed by the manager Shannon that Allied had been fired from all Washington properties they managed for the California owners. I was delighted and hopeful, as was every tenant here. Surely, the new company, Professional Property Management, along with their site manager Michael, would prove to be far better and, with compassion, treat us as human beings who are not deadbeats and do not defraud programs designed to assist us.


This would not be the case, as noted in the second segment wherein manager Michael threatened me with eviction if I file a third complaint on Rachel. My attorney had demanded that new management sit down with me to go through my file and remove all false charges and complaints, effectively restoring my good name. I also asked Michael for that courtesy: it was the right thing to do. Michael refused; thus, no matter what I do, I look good for eviction at any time he chooses for a variety of trumped up reasons on file. My attorney could do nothing, in that the Senior Justice System considered her job done, case closed, and put her on other pending cases while subtly advising me that I could “donate” to their cause. I would need a different attorney at a cost to me.


Needless to say, I’ve been keeping my mouth shut here at FTP and simply living on 4-6 hours sleep per week. Allied and the Feds had made a delicious meal of me and I didn’t think there was anything left for any entity to gnaw on, except what bones might be left.


Well, Satan was going to make sure I knew better when I received a letter from the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) advising that my Medicaid was denied for lack of meeting the spend down requirement (like an insurance deductible): a dollar figure based on my income less out of pocket as well as owed medical expenses. AND! They were investigating my case for fraud. WHAT! Not only had my expenses more than triple covered the spend down but I certainly had done nothing to defraud DSHS. My records are impeccable and completely validated; so, who reported fraud?


Here we go again. Not only would no doctor in Shelton take my case because they were afraid of its complexities but neither would Mason County Hospital in Shelton treat me if need be. Here I am at extreme risk, my health failing rapidly, I have no doctor and nowhere to turn. Oh, what about your doctor in Port Orchard, you might well ask? The one who was on your case since the brain aneurysm? Well, we will get into all of it in our next and final segment series of one nightmare after the other.


Please remember that we seniors and elderly are the largest demographic in this nation, and we need help putting a stop to government abuse at both Federal and State levels as well as abuse by property managers and their companies. We don’t need money; albeit, if you know a TV news reporter or one at a major newspaper, please share our story with them and get it spread across this nation. So far, I have fallen short of being able to garner this kind of media coverage, though I’ve repeatedly tried. It would go a long way toward demanding change. Also, send our story, or the links to it, to everyone you know and ask them to spread it around.


Your friends can find each segment of this story at BonnieQ — (if the link does not work, copy and paste it into your browser) then scroll down my author page and click on “Critical Articles” where each segment is listed by “volume number.” Click on the first volume, read, then the next and the next when finished with each one. Each segment is 4 to 5-1/2 pages: feel free to print them out for reading ease.


Until next week, I pray everyone is doing well and surviving this most unusual weather our nation is experiencing. I live at sea level, yet even we are snowed in. The final segment is scheduled for January 03, 2008; so, stayed tuned for more horror.



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God Lit the Flame ~~ for you to fan

God Lit the Flame

©copyright 2008 Bonita M Quesinberry



Oh, yes, I have had all that riches can glean: 

fine homes with designer décor, 

impressive swimming pools for leisurely dreams;

Macy’s designer clothes and more,

matching shoes and bags and ornamental rings

draping me for each ball and chore.

Yeah, even costly cars with chromed shiny bling,

excess bells and whistles galore.


I held prestigious corporate positions;

“driven” many would say of me;

school many times, under certain conditions,

to climb ladder rungs at no fee.

And, I was prim and proper, by traditions,

with integrity all could see

and pure honesty, as God requisitions. 

Faith meant no other way to be. 


But, at what cost to me did riches implore?

I was loved; no loss to me there,

but it buffered me from the needy and poor. 

I had no idea their wear and tear

and painful abuse, for they are much deplored. 

As His Warrior, God put me there;

that injustice against them I should explore

and find ways to get their fair share. 


I had lost all: my health, then compensation. 

Know this: such a small price to pay

to feel their pain, grieve man’s selfish presentation:

dis-eases State doctors just flay;

HUD’s site bosses threaten accommodation;

but there’s nowhere to turn, no way,

just those mean streets: Satan’s fine institution. 

Fear: old, homeless, hungry, no say. 


Could I have prevented this? Nay, t’was God’s plan,

for He knew I’d speak loud and clear;

fight ev’ry wrong for we of His poorest clan:

He has chosen the poor as dear.

I tell our story and say, “Please do not ban;” 

share it, for no man do I fear. 

Read the series and send to hearts that will hear! 

God lit the flame for you to fan. 


* * * * * – then click on “Critical Articles” in list for. . .


The Series — Pass on Vol. I & II: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors and Elderly

or read the series by going to my homepage here at WordPress, One of God’s Pens. The first two segments follow after this poem and the poem “Face Off.”

Vol. III & IV to come: keep watch and do God’s Work by shouting your indignation where it will do the most good. I Don’t Mind Being Here, for I’d Do It All Again!

Christ and heaven are worth it.




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Face Off ~ poem of government abuse

Face Off

©copyright 2008 Bonita M Quesinberry



When I was young, “beautiful” was what they said,

though always I reddened at such praise; 

it was pain inside I saw and a heart that bled,

while just upon my face they did gaze. 


Still, I was known for integrity of steel

and honesty as pure as gold:

for I put on no mask that could be peeled,

no hidden agenda, my words bold. 


By these two assets I worked and lived each day;

then the Devil played his wicked game

within Rule that determined my home and pay:

he would slander and shred my good name. 


I had lost face, no longer considered true:

investigations and inspections,

transcripts and witnesses ’til my face was blue.

Win, lose, facts remain in reflections.


It’s now a face off between Satan and me,

yet appears as Federal and State. 

I believe truth wins and will shout ’til they see:

God’s strength and I will speak in debate.


It’s not all about me, ev’ryone must know: 

it’s abuse of the frail and old

by Federal and State, still unknown it goes.

Hear our cry! Demand change strong and bold. 


* * * * *


My story is about abuse of seniors and the elderly by some of the highest State and Federal departments that provide our Social Security and Medical benefits as well as subsidized housing when, unexpectedly, we find ourselves in need of it. My story is common but remains uncommon for lack of reporting by concerned elders or their families and friends, when the elder is too afraid to speak on his or her own behalf. Help get this story out to everyone you know across this nation, even the media if possible, by reading a series entitled “Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors & Elderly” found in my Word Press blog page for Vol. I and II. There will be two more segments to the story posted over the next two weeks.


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Vol. II: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors & Elderly

Vol. II: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors and Elderly

©copyright 2008 Bonita M Quesinberry



As we pick up from Volume I of this issue, I remind that the agreement I had with my deceased friend Betty’s son was to stay and care for her property until the oldest heir turned eighteen, at which time he would move in and I find another place. The blessing to me was another 2 years in that peaceful spot in Washington’s Tahuya State Forest. January 2007: I had to get on HUD waiting lists for a unit and pray I’d be out no later than June 2007. Why did I wait so late? Well, Betty’s son had told me in December 2006 that he thought I would have another 3 years, so I dallied. Alas, it did not work out inasmuch as Derek’s son changed his plans.


First lunge out of the gate was a bleak start: I was number 47 on the list for a one-level complex in Poulsbo, a good hour and half farther away from my daughter/caregiver Maria in Portland, Oregon. Being in that position could have meant up to a two-year wait, which was not going to work. A week later, the floater manager in Poulsbo asked if I would be interested in a Shelton unit, an hour closer to Maria: I would be number one there and assured I could move in by mid-March or April at the latest. At that time, she cited six vacancies with more coming up and no one on the waiting list: my requirement for a ground floor unit was no problem.


Alas, on February 01, a permanent manager was installed at Fir Tree Park Apartments (FTP) and who contrarily acted in accordance with Allied Group’s direction, the management company for whom their floater in Poulsbo worked and also trained new site managers. She was told to fill up the complex before me and justify doing so by claiming there had been a waiting list of which the floater was not aware.


As a courtesy, certainly not a requirement, I had provided with my paperwork a letter from my doctor indicating the necessity of both a ground floor apartment, due to a propensity for falling, and air conditioning I would provide. It seems Allied did not want anyone moving in with A/C— increase the electric bill (I take measures to prevent this but they did not know it). This began to come to light during a phone call when the manager said she had put in five people ahead of me and continued to put me off due to yet more ahead of me. So, I called Poulsbo again to see if I had misunderstood: no, I had not. The floater got on the phone and the next day Fir Tree Park (FTP) called to say my paperwork was ready and I could move in by 11 May 2007. Praise the Lord, I would meet my June deadline as agreed!


Maria went with me to sign papers and pay the upfront fees. It was then the FTP manager informed us of Allied’s discrimination against my extreme sensitivity to heat disability, not wanting me in because of A/C. After signing and paying, we were then informed that Allied had said they would not replace the 30-year old, threadbare carpet if she let me in: a second act of discrimination as well as retaliation. Since I was getting an apartment, I chose to ignore this violation of law but had transcripted the details. Alas, it would not end there, for Allied truly did not want me or my air conditioning.


The unit was incredibly filthy and I spent over 36 hours getting it to a livable condition, then requested of Allied the return of my damage deposit, which was not paid to clean up another person’s filth. I had refused to sign the move-in inspection because the manager would not list problems thereon, as she was supposed to do. So, along with my request, I provided a transcript of labor to get the unit sanitary. I received no response whatsoever.


I had lived in the unit only three months when suddenly the manager accused me of failing to disclose the fact I had two caged ferrets. Despite proving I had made full discloser in writing, Allied continued its assault with threats, calls, inspections, demands, and unannounced visits by a variety of people from their home office; ultimately serving me with eviction because I refused to pay a $300 pet deposit ($150 per pet): which HUD did not allow on caged pets. I’d never had to pay a deposit for the ferrets in the entire 20 years I’ve lived in Washington, even through Bremerton Housing (Vol. I).


Now, I would have to do something. After all, Allied had filled my file with false charges and complaints that might make it easy for a judge to uphold the illegal eviction. I contacted Senior Information and Assistance (Senior I & A) who previously had helped me by purchasing a portable A/C unit. In the interim, I had been keeping meticulous records and transcripts of everything that had transpired from the time I went on FTP’s waiting list, including all details, dates, names, and witnesses to conversations: now days it pays to have a background in law.


Around October 2007, I received a call from HUD’s Ben Jones, the Washington State HUD Contract manager in charge of FTP’s portfolio. I followed his directions and mailed to him a copy of everything I had. After reviewing them, he then instructed me to provide everything to their department for discrimination acts: seems I had two separate cases, the other being acts of retaliation.


According to Mr. Jones, I needed only one witness to the discrimination and he stated that my daughter was sufficient. Mind you, I never contacted HUD, but an investigation was launched, nonetheless. Almost immediately, HUD advised Allied that they could not touch me or my ferrets and could not charge a deposit for the ferrets, acts of retaliation, but Allied was deaf.


Allied’s manipulation and torment escalated, despite my attorney’s actions (lawyer with Northwest Senior Justice Project, Olympia): more threatening letters, inspections and unannounced visits. One such visit came at 3:00 pm on a Friday by yet another Allied employee I’d not met before, and it lasted until 9:15 that night: didn’t even get to eat dinner. Then, Allied came up with a new tactic, actually due to their own screw-up: they claimed to have erred in calculating deposit and rents— another excuse to contact me both by phone and visits— therefore owing me nearly $300 in overcharges. They refused to refund and falsely charged me with refusing to sign recertification papers, another lie added to many lies they feeding HUD, which will come out in our next segment.


The stress was mind-boggling and my health was deteriorating rapidly while my blood pressure was soaring off the charts: not because I was worried or afraid, but simply because Allied never let up and I was becoming quite angry. Yeah, I know, “Get angry but sin not.” I obeyed. Still, my doctor and neurosurgeon were going through the roof, finally telling my attorney to instruct Allied not to contact with me in any way or be subject to a charge of reckless endangerment, or worse, negligent homicide if I died: the risk of another brain aneurysm at an all time high. Allied ignored the directive: just a few days later I received yet another threatening letter.


About a month after I had moved in, management placed a woman above me who was not “62 or older,” as required by the HUD “elderly only” contract with FTP owners. She is a raging alcoholic and within two months she had moved in her grown sons (21 & 23), in violation of both HUD and DSHS welfare requirements: she reported to neither entity as required. Not to worry: I shall not report it, as Jesus would not approve. But, take a wild guess as to who does get reported to DSHS for fraud. That’s our next segment, too.


As a psychotherapist, I was not surprised when Rachel and her sons began tormenting me 24/7; after all, they knew I could be, the operative words being “could be,” their greatest threat as the nearest neighbor to be affected by their behaviour: constant, deliberate stomping on the floor, going to management filing false complaints against me, and so forth. Their mentality is to “do unto others before they do unto you.” Typical behaviour of addicts, liars and manipulators: unfortunately, Rachel and her sons are all of these.


Needless to say, I wasn’t sleeping and management did nothing. Albeit, for many months I did not complain, but neighbors had— loud and clear and even in writing but to no avail: they also called the police several times, once having her carted off to detox for three weeks, as well as filed complaints directly with Allied and FTP’s California owners. Alas, Rachel was convinced I was the one who did all the complaining and Allied was happy to let her believe it; despite the fact I had asked management to tell her I was not the one— hoping truth would put a stop to her harassment and torment.


The abuse continued to escalate, most of it witnessed by surrounding tenants. In March 2008, Rachel came to my door one evening, drunk as usual and ranting. So, I shut the door. The next day, Management attempted to serve me with a “stop harassing” notice on Rachel’s behalf: she had run to the manager, crying crocodile tears, that next morning and claimed I was constantly coming to her door harassing her. I informed management of what really happened and two of my neighbors confirmed. Management tore up the notice she was about to serve on me but did not remove the one in my file, which she had agreed to remove. Alas, my pristine file is now filled with false charges and complaints.


April 2008 arrived in a painful storm amidst Allied’s continued torment: the third afternoon Rachel slammed into my storm door, yanked it open to pound on the door, and began raging when I opened the inner door to find her right in my face as she held open the storm door. Fortunately, my next-door neighbor saw everything and immediately called police. Before they arrived, three times I instructed Rachel to step away from my door and attempted to shut it. Instead, the third time I spoke, Rachel assaulted me by shoving my door into my face: an act that easily could have killed me.


Still, I chose to do as Christ and did not file charges against her; hoping instead, as did my neighbors, that management finally evict Rachel: she is a danger to all and Allied certainly had enough in her file to make it quite easy, in addition to her having broken every rule of both house and HUD— case in point, Rachel brought in a huge dog without permission or deposit, which size is prohibited; a neighbor filed a complaint with Allied, but it was in my car that one of Rachel’s sons put a bag of her cat’s feces as retaliation. Assumption gets people in trouble: I called the police, car dusted for prints although, again, I did not pursue charges but did tell management of the event.


Allied fired the above site manager, then refused to let a new temp-manager evict Rachel: she was serving their purposes quite well, in view of HUD being on their case. No doubt they hoped I would move due to Rachel, then HUD would drop my case  automatically. When one lives in subsidized housing, it is not easy or even quick to move: virtually all such properties have as little as a two-year and up to a 3-year waiting list. Unfortunately, the Section 8 waiting list, which allows a person to live anywhere, even a house, is not taking applications for the next 4 to 5 years.


By the time HUD had called in its State Investigator on the discrimination issue and the California owners had been notified of Allied’s many violations, it looked as though my life might settle down soon. Naturally, Satan was not and is not finished; for despite everything having been witnessed, it was going to be the Fed’s turn to take as many bites out of me as possible. But, while they were chewing and chomping, FTP owners fired Allied effective 01 August 2008, and a new management company came in with a new site manager: looked as though they might be worth their salt—one of the first people he wanted out was Rachel and her boys. Of course, we all know that looks can be deceiving.


According to HUD, it usually takes up to a year before a case is assigned to an Investigator, most States having more than one; however, the “entity that shall remain nameless,” as my attorney stated to Allied, had gone straight to the head of HUD with my case and “the head” told this State’s only Investigator to get right on it. This is where our story will take up in the next segment of Federal and State abuse of seniors and elderly, which will include the details of a recent DSHS action noted below. It won’t be difficult to figure out who or what caused DSHS to join HUD for dinner at my expense.


Yeah, Rachel and her non-working, non-disabled sons remain and still are tormenting me. Worse is the fact that she is one of those who defrauds our government systems and gets by with it: the result of it being that much more difficult for an honest and deserving person to get help from the various State and Federal programs.


Case in point: when I applied for Social Security (SS) at age 55, to which I had paid into for thirty-seven years (having worked 33 years longer than my doctors advised), I was denied twice and had to go to court. My SS facilitator told me right up front that if he could show me as a depressed addict of drugs or alcohol or both, approval would be almost immediate; but, the honest person who most needs it gets taken through a wringer then has to jump through hoops of fire that usually consumes two years.


By age 57, I was a heap of ash, for he knew what he was talking about, when two years later I was in an SS court: the judge was irate over how I had been treated coupled with the fact their own doctors had stated unequivocally that I could not work both times I’d been denied, then the judge ruled hands down in my favor— thanks be to the Lord!


Alas, the new FTP manager now whines that Allied should have removed Rachel long ago instead of leaving it for him to do. To demonstrate his feelings about that, I was informed two weeks ago that if I complained a third time, I would be evicted along with Rachel: not that he has made any attempt to evict her. This is just one of the fear tactics so many site managers use instead of doing their jobs in accordance with law and HUD and in the best interest of their tenants’ safety.


Rachel is a danger to everyone around her: cigarette burns all over her mattress, smoked up our apartments burning things on or in the stove, and killed one of my ferrets by gassing my apartment with extremely toxic fumes: my other ferret became ill but recovered and my blood pressure spiked dangerously for the twenty minutes I was exposed. I had been gone and, apparently, my unit had been gassed for several hours: she was attempting to burn-off plastic that she had melted to a burner coil on her stove by leaving the burner on. My ferrets and I had to vacate the unit for the evening and leave the apartment open in very cold weather.


Rachel also flooded my apartment when her commode overflowed and she walked away doing nothing about moping up until it was too late. Where else could that water go? What does management need to remove this danger that, ultimately, can cost the owners their complex by fire? Anyway, Allied has been gone since August 2008, but they were not finished tormenting me and would do so through DSHS.


As I’ve said before, this is not all about me. In fact, there were four other cases just here at FTP that went to HUD, one was automatically dropped when the tenant’s daughter moved her to another town and subsidized unit. That is the way of HUD: if you move, they simply drop the case and declare it resolved.


That case above, though, was another horror story: an 86-year old dwarf, Petie Balls, who had lived here at FTP for almost 20 years, started and ran a craft club and maintained her supplies in the Community Room under lock and key, as long ago approved by prior management. New management charged her with theft, took everything that actually had been purchased by and belonged to Petie, and served her with eviction. Her daughter didn’t know what else to do, except get Petie out of here, because HUD was dragging their feet, not even holding a temporary stop sign in front of Allied.


It took months to achieve the move, so Petie was harassed and had the police called on her both times she attempted to speak with management. Unfortunately, one month after Petie moved to another town, Allied Group took over as the management company of Petie’s new location. Her daughter is watching them and their site manager like a hawk ready to swoop in if they harass her. Horror stores abound throughout this demographic.


The other three cases, also threatened with eviction, ended up ignored by HUD, likely because they were not considered as serious and/or did not involve discrimination or at least the appearance of discrimination: we will get into that in our next segment about HUD’s actions in all this.


Remember: the senior and elderly population is the largest demographic in this nation! Do we realize that, as such, we have the collective power to even determine votes? We can do something about these undeserved injustices but it will take all of us being loud and clear about what we no longer will tolerate at our Federal and State levels by the very people we put into office and the organizations that are supposed to protect us.


According to HUD, we have the right to say how our subsidized apartments are run, a right we have not utilized in most settings because management will not allow a Tenants’ Association; which HUD recommends we have. Management puts enough fear into the majority of tenants so they will not join an Association, even if one is started: such as here at FTP. And, we have the right to organize clubs of whatsoever nature, as long as legal, without interference from management. As seen here at FTP, management disbanded all clubs and took over our newsletter. Now the only thing that gets printed is what management wants us to read, truth or not.


Of course, greed is the driving force of these end days: sort of the wickeds’ last hurrah before their demise. In these cases, however, the greed is that of only property management companies, whereas the Federal and State departments want to simply ignore their responsibilities to those whom they subsidize in whatsoever ways: management companies can be fired and it doesn’t pay HUD or DSHS to shirk their obligations. Our tax dollars pay them to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law!


No sleep. . . oh, well, I do believe Jesus told us that we are children of the Light and we are to keep watch at night when the wicked sleep: so sleep not. I keep hanging on to that, knowing that it could be any day/any hour now for His return, and I believe I can keep going as long as Father intends. I’m the Energizer bunny? I think new batteries might help. Again, please pass this story on to everyone you believe might be able to help us or to persons experiencing similar injustices.


End of Volume II

Volume III continues next week



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