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Extra Oil 55: Vision Weightless & Vision White

5-pgs: News, Health, Mumps, Nature, Lawless, Economy, Visions x2-Gravity/Wedding, TBN, WC, Van-Impe, Lindsey, Robertson, Hagee, Pope, Protestant, Satan, Prophecy

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 55: Vision Weightless & Vision White
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

SHARE, Share, share these Extra Oils with everyone you know and pray that all who are not in compliance with God and Christ will come into instant obedience because they truly love the Father and His Christ more than they love this life and even loved ones. The hourglass is almost out of sand and the eleventh hour has chimed thus the archangel’s trumpet is about to sound with a mighty blast and the wicked shall fall dead from the brightness of our Lord and Saviour’s return to catch us up into the air.

Economy: Banks, 16 fail so far in 2010; Nature: SO.CA. mudslides damage 50+ homes; MX, mudslide kills at least 18, 20+ missing; NE, blizzards kill at least 2, 100s of 1000s w/o power, new snow storm moving in; HAITI, people working to clear roads, help-org paying them equal to $4 per day, $1-2 more than norm; Health: CO, Boulder, 2 planes collide-3 dead, glider flew free/3 passengers safe; CN, power plant explodes, at least 5 dead, investigation launched; NJ, NY, mumps outbreak hit +1049 rising; Lawless: 100K young US girls w/pimps or traffickers on streets for Super Bowl; FBI to track our Internet-surfing logs [as if they do not now; they already monitor our phone calls]; Mother/Daughters:

TBN: 02/05—More than usual fanfare was made about the Van Impes’ having doctorate degrees, Rexella even turning to Jack to say, “Thank God for Dr Van Impe.” Then, while the screen flashed book cover after book cover, Rexella ticked off the names of their authors who held, and others who hold, doctorates in theology that wrote about the antichrist and prophetic interpretations of these end of days, including Papal Rome officials; with each of whom “Dr. Van Impe” agreed that their interpretations are also his. “Thank God for all these doctors, these great theologians!”
——God’s Sabbath this week was the night for Van Impe to make a huge issue of listening to and believing only those with doctorates in theology, including high praise for Pope John Paul II [Abomination of Desolation seen twice in the Holy City, as Daniel and Christ warned] and Pope Benedict XVI, who currently is pushing world peace and domination by the World Church.
——Insistence that only trained theologians can teach and interpret God’s Word and prophecies is to imply that Jesus lied when He said ‘babes’, untutored by man, would perfect Truth and praise. Part of perfecting Truth directly relates to God’s Law, of which Jesus said, “Ye ought to have taught the weightier matters;” yet, corporate Christendom shuns the Law altogether.
——Nevertheless, each of the authors Rexella highlighted, ‘Doctors’ as it were, teach a 7yr tribulation for the wicked left behind ‘alive’ to endure after the ‘saints’ are ‘raptured’ to spend seven years in heaven: where they are prepared to help Jesus teach the wicked for 1000-years upon their return. According to them, 6000 years was not enough time to learn, heed and obey. There is not one Biblical truth in any of their claims.
——Then, Van Impe began preaching about the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus, which we agree, and that the antichrists are those who deny that He is the only way: “there are 500 references to Jesus being the way and 700 references to His shed blood for our sins in the New Testament [he forgot to mention that the shed blood was for our ‘past’ sins]. Those who preach that there are many ways to heaven besides Jesus are the antichrists. And, Obama said there are many ways!” Then, a quick break for Rexella to flash his DVD/CD “The World Dictator” $24.95— timed as a hint that Obama is the antichrist Van Impe has admittedly dubbed the World Dictator “standing in the wings.”
——Van Impe implies that Christ did not come in the flesh the first time by his claim of a 7-years tribulation loosely and admittedly based on Daniel’s 490-yrs. prophecy; the same last seven years that Daniel said would begin with Christ’s 3.5 years ministry, followed by the Apostles’ ministry; then, the seventh year, that is the 490th year, ended with minister Stephen’s murder: after which Christ selected Saul/Paul to replace Stephen to specifically minister to Gentiles, we pagans, which trumped the beginning of the ‘Time of the Gentiles.’ But, Van Impe implies more lies than he ever will realize or admit.
——To declare that those seven years have yet to be fulfilled is to imply that Jesus1. never came in the flesh the first time, as Jesus warned would occur; 2. never hung on the cross; 3. never rose from the grave to be seen by over 500 people for 40 days and nights after He arose; 4. never ascended to heaven; 5. never sent the Holy Spirit to the Apostles; 6. never chose Paul to replace Stephen; thus, 7. ‘Time of the Gentiles’ never began. God’s number is perfect! Failing event 7 means that salvation was never offered to the Gentiles, yet we pagans know full well that the Apostles and Paul did and so have their proselytes ever since— simultaneous to Satan’s deceit in his apostate synagogues and false leaders.
——No matter how emphatically a preacher or evangelist preaches Jesus, lies by implication, or in any form, are an abomination to God: it takes only one lie for God to cancel out every good thing they might say or do: as Jesus said, “I know you not.” Van Impe even added that ‘Only by Jesus! Works will never get you there!’ Using the term ‘works,’ amid the mother and daughters, is directed at God’s Ten Statutes they claim no longer apply and teach no need to concern oneself with working to obey them. Van Impe thus implies Jesus et al are liars.
——Jesus and His Apostles and Paul all lived and taught, as Revelation confirmed three times, what it takes to enter the gates of heaven to receive eternal life: “Do my Father’s Will, His Doctrine; It takes both faith and works; We know we love God because we obey His Commandments, His Doctrine; Those who have the faith of and in Jesus Christ and obey God’s Commandments.”
——Can God’s Word be more transparent? Can man cloud the issue any worse? No to the former and yes to the latter: take your pick— life-saving transparency or dark clouds of death. Be prepared by clarity and obedience or be ‘surprised’ by a thief in the night. Take great care that you not be deemed an unbeliever, as cited in Hebrews chapter 4.

Sister Debby: TSaS’ Oil 54 reported the vision “House of Holes,” in which Sis Deb pre-commented about a similar recurring dream: a house with different, odd shaped holes in it being indicative of myriad denominations, each with varied twists on God’s Truth. By way of Holy Spirit, Deb shares understanding: “I have been having bits and pieces of this dream for a while. I knew when it was time for me to understand and to share with Christ’s church, I would.
——”Even though the house is full of holes, those holes do not represent a way of escape, for the people inside have been running from themselves, their own worldly neediness taking center stage instead of God and Christ; and they float, as if there is no gravity, nothing to ground them when they died upon Christ’s return [re: weeping, wailing and gnashing teeth]. This goes on until Christ’s second return after our 1000 years in heaven, when His own, we Saints, will be with Him and the people inside the house will die again… the second death.
——”The holes represent nothingness, Christ’s complete separation from those who have decided to walk away from the Truth they heard [re: Parable of the Sower]. They step into the house, which are Satan’s divided synagogues, and just keep going. They have nothing to hang onto because they have forsaken Christ’s Truth. Their fall is endless; these people’s floating also represents the world today in chaos and with no true direction [there is direction, just not a direction true to God’s Word].
——No one seems able to believe in anything for any length of time. They float from one abomination to another, making up gods as they go [or creating God as they want Him to be instead of what they need Him to be and as He truly is]. In the end, they will have what they truly believed in: NOTHING!”

——TSaS: Please recall sister Tammy’s vision of being totally disconnected from God and Christ; add Bonnie’s vision House of Holes, and combine both with sister Debby’s house vision: all together they paint a very sad picture of what is and will happen to the majority of professing Christians as well as pagans, agnostics and atheists. These three visions are the only warnings to the lukewarm, those who had the Truth but turned away in favor of the world and its teachings.
——In every case of one turning away, it has been due to each individual’s emotional needs of and for the world: more about insecurities regarding love than about money, although many seek earth’s riches of gold and silver. Oh, how much better it would have been for them if their needs had been directed to the Spirit and the love of God and Christ.
——Deep down these people want to believe they can continue in sin yet be redeemed, thus they go for man’s ways instead of God’s Canon and having the faith of and in His Son, our personal Lord and Saviour. “There is a way that seemeth right to man but it is the way to destruction; having a form of godliness yet lacking the power of God.”
——Now, for the last vision, although certainly not the last Word, the Holy Spirit has given sister BonnieQ to date hereof: That great wedding in the sky!

A Vision in Snow White
©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry

Sometimes I feel like King David, who often was given visions that he wrote in Psalm’s poetic voice; though his poetry puts mine to shame. There are times when visions are translated by way of general text, other times I am moved to poetry though not at all a poet; and, it has been the same for numerous Bible lessons the Spirit has provided in poetic formats. So it was with this vision given to me in the wee hours of July 2006, following the tumultuous year of 2005 filled with visions, weeping, and near death:

She moved gracefully up an aisle of the plushest white,
her exquisite satin gown flowing in pristine white,
from head to floor veils draped in the sheerest lacy white;
on each side of her, pews were graced with flowers of white.
At the golden Ark she took a Bible, gold and white,
thereupon dozens of perfect roses of pure white.

She slowly turned to face brothers and sisters in white,
each ornamented with more flowers of velvet white.
I gasped, my breath trapped; for I was her vision of white,
then my Groom entered and tread that carpet of snow white,
draped in an elegant, flowing robe of flawless white,
above His heart a spotless rose of the purest white,
His hair and face full of a bright, joyous Light of white.

A new vision last night, given by Spirit’s white Light:
confirmed me a betrothed virgin bride through God’s white Light
before my Groom invited the guests of His white Light;
that I’d changed to live by Father’s Doctrine, His white Light,
Christ and God’s Law taking me from darkness to white Light;
the Bible a sign I also had taught His white Light.

My Groom’s entry meant earth’s time stopped, her realm snuffed of Light,
the wickeds’ first demise by my Groom’s sudden white Light. 
The door closed, death not a part of weddings in white Light.
My Lord justified me, yet warns those not in white Light:
lukewarm, not cold, they still deny God’s Law in white Light.
O man, time is short; turn from dark lies to God’s white Light. 
+   +   +   +   +   +   +

This dream came before daylight on Tuesday morning, 11 July 2006. At age 13, when the Holy Spirit began giving me dreams and visions or warnings, I’ve never had a nonsense dream since. If He has no word to give me, I dream not at all. At the onset of this vision, I recall thinking I seemed to be watching myself BEFORE the Bride turned so I could see that it was, yet also thinking that getting married was not possible for me; at least not on this old earth, not according to God’s opinion.

As the dream progressed, I realized the significance of not only a wedding but the remarkable vision of everything, absolutely everything and everyone present bathed in the purest of white; save the golden Ark and the gold-embossed white Bible. Last, but certainly a critical part of this dream, was the revelation of just how soon is Christ’s arrival: this being the fifth time in 9 years God has reminded that earth and man’s time is rapidly running out, thus prompting me to once again warn as many as will heed.

The difference in the first four visions is that the wedding was not revealed at all, each of the first four strongly indicating a preparation time for Christ’s “quick” return; which brings to mind Christ’s wedding parable of the 10 virgins and their oil lanterns. The fact this one is the wedding actually beginning in the glorious heavenly sanctuary vividly points to a very “quick” arrival of Christ to claim His Bride: His small, obedient flocks.

This vision in no way was meant to indicate I was Christ’s only Bride; showing me as such was nothing more than a validation to me of who and what I am and where I am going at mankind’s end. Every true brother and sister in Christ is the Bride in this vision; validated, if you can place yourself there by your love for Christ and love of obedience.

I cannot begin to express how short is man’s time. There is no time left to waste on the nonsense of this world self-destructing and man’s wretched behaviour: obedience because of Love is required sincerely and immediately— in the instant, if you will. The Spirit having me share this vision yet again in 2010, at most only 2 years away from the wedding date, reveals the lukewarm now being in extreme danger of perishing forever. This is their last warning, there will not be another and another and yet another— as there have been over the last nineteen (19) years of Laodicea.

Man’s lies would have us believe there is much time left; why, even 1000 years! And, man uses God’s words to justify that all mankind will be saved: “All men shall bow” yet that is not what the statement means. It refers to only those who believe and obey, all of whom will bow to our Lord and obey God’s Doctrine. This is exactly why the world’s majority population will be ‘surprised’ when Christ arrives and nothing goes down as man has told them it would: thus the analogy “like a thief in the night.”

We of Christ’s flock cannot be surprised, for we heard the first exceedingly loud trumpet of 1991 and the succeeding trumpets announcing His quick arrival. We are prepared with plenty of oil for our lanterns— the understanding of prophecy, awareness of the ticking signs and plagues’ accelerating intensity marking time coming to an end. “6000 years IS enough,” so saith the Lord.

All of the visions reported in the last few Oils, including sisters Tammy and Debby’s, will be combined into an upcoming Extra Oil for ease in referencing the warnings to Christ’s Church and the lukewarm of this last era of earth’s history. As usual, we urge you to share them with all who will read and heed and withstand Satan’s arrows.

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Extra Oil Update 53: Vatican Holy Inquisition

Prayer Reqst, Economy, Nature, Lawless, TSaS, Humor, Dark-Ages, Pope, WC, WCC, Inquisition, Vatican, Protestant, SDA, Jack-Van-Impe, John-Hagee, Lawsuit Obama

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 53: Vatican Holy Inquisition—Now
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

Prayer Requests:
for Maria, Bonnie’s daughter, hospitalized last Thursday night unable to breath. Adult-onset asthma compounded by fluids in her lungs, x-rays show no infection; yet, white blood cell count sky high, on oxygen. Mon. 6:30pm— Maria called on cell phone from hospital: somewhat improved, Doc found traces of black mold in one test. Will keep her until lungs clear and full lung capacity restored. No H1N1, swine flu. Praise the Lord for Asafetida! Keep your prayers going up to our Father! She ‘might’ get to go home Wednesday if improvement continues.
for BonnieQ, her little ferret Princess died Thursday 2pm, images of her suffering are hard to bear, devastated, miss her terribly, all Bonnie had left to care for: Princess was wonderful company, very entertaining in her heyday, brilliant little girl.

Economy: FLA, GA, CA 6 banks fail; Toyota recalls 3.5M cars, 30-min repairs begin this week; Nature: blizzards devastate SW States, power outages/deaths; China, M5.2 quake; WA, Puget Sound 42-deg all year, Bride Whale seen, 3-days later dead, native of Hawaii, not seen farther than southern most CA coast, stomach empty, no blubber, experts do not know why died yet earlier TSaS reports showed acid levels extreme in oceans, dissolving small life thus killing larger marine life— likely looking for food and ‘safe’ waters [there are no safe waters now]; 2-coyotes in Seattle area, killed instead of removed, despite fact harmed no animal or human, just needed food; Lawless: NY, Church arson kills 5; Entity files suit on Obama to force ‘real’ birth certificate;

TSaS: website hits +1570 more readers for Jan total of 4570 at AuthorsDen; WordPress 7th Seal Library hits up + many pings put our link on global sites, +13 Twitters; New member left 2 weeks after joining, joined w/only screen name, no profile info, must have been spy who went through TSaS FILES— Praise the Lord, we have nothing to hide!

Humor: Speaking of Health Care Issues, our friend Frank in England shared Brit humor regarding the UK issue. It really fits the US, too: “Senior Health Care Solution— So you’re a senior citizen and the government says no health care or pension for you, what do you do? Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot 2 MP’s and 2 Senior Government Officials.  This means you will go to prison where you will get 3 meals a day, a roof over your head, and all the health care you need! New teeth, no problem.  Need glasses, great. New hip, knees, kidney, lungs, heart? All covered. And who will be paying for all of this? The same government that just told you that you are too old for health care. Plus, because you are now a prisoner, you don’t have to pay any income taxes anymore. IS THIS A GREAT COUNTRY OR WHAT?!”

TBN: Jack Van Impe went undercover— under a plastic jewel case that is, saying, “This information is so controversial that I cannot air it on television. So, we have put it on this DVD, “The World Dictator,” and you can get it for a ‘donation’ of $24.95! You need this!” Interesting that no provision was made to get the DVD to someone who cannot afford $25. Then, he again made veiled reference, a one-liner as it were, to God’s Truth being put out by TSaS. Since the first time we wrote about Van Impe, his tag has consistently shown up in search stats at our Seventh Seal Library where all Extra Oils also are posted, together with many of our TSaS Bible lessons and Biblical poetry.
——In the above airing Friday, 29 January 2010, Van Impe attempted to work the one-liner from a recent TSaS Extra Oil into his interpretation of a 7-years tribulation; which did not work. It is impossible to take man’s lies, built of square pegs, then successfully work it into God’s perfect, unending circle of Truth: “what was is, what is will be, what will be was.” Now that is a perfect circle, while man’s truth is illogical at best and certainly does not make a perfect circle. At the same time, Van Impe blasted “evangelists who say the tribulation started in 1991, that nothing has been taken off the table!”
——Van Impe’s angry charge was an indirect shot at TSaS without actually quoting the facts of Laodicea— “salvation is no longer on the table”— or using our name or the titles of our books meant for only true believers wheresoever they might live in the world. Van Impe’s account does reveal his understanding that salvation will no longer be offered when tribulation begins. It is for this reason he is so adamant that tribulation aka Laodicea has not yet begun, for his work is to bring in more goats and money before Christ arrives; a feat that could not be achieved if he and others like him admitted God’s Truth. TSaS books carry God’s warning: “Not for the fearful and faint of heart.”
——Van Impe fired off verse references, so fast that no one can write them down for later reading. This is how manipulative con men work; they out-talk you and speak exceptionally fast in order to appear all-knowing: intent is for listeners to feel inferior thus prevent them from finding scriptures to read for self: thus they rely on his doctorial ‘knowledge’ of man’s ways that fit quite nicely into man’s finite perception of reality: little realizing there is nothing spiritual about interpretations and teachings coming from the Van Impes’, Lindseys’ and Hagees’ of Satan’s fake Christian world.
——So controversial that Van Impe cannot televise it? TSaS would love to have the opportunity to broadcast God’s Truth and Interpretation on a TV network reaching global billions: no doubt it would get us killed but we know we will be raised back up. Still, it will never happen because TV is not only Satan’s tool but our numbers are noticeably smaller and our resources extremely limited: the ones using that tool are those who seek the world’s riches thus teach only the similarities among all religions, pagan or otherwise, in accordance with the World Church Charter/Doctrine: which TSaS will not do.
——As it stands, TSaS is increasingly met with Internet obstacles, also Satan’s global tool though not as effective. Yet, we ask nothing of our members, not even money. We truly do not speak to the world at large: we speak only to Laodicea’s lukewarm and cold and encourage Christ’s small flocks. The world had 147 years to hear God’s Truth one more time, 147 years to accept and heed it: “every ear” has heard, the majority rejected it.
——IF Van Impe were teaching true prophecy, he would be happy to televise what is on his DVD. Rather like his father, Van Impe has chosen to be sly and deceitful in order to prevent his followers from hearing God’s messengers rip apart his lies with Truth. His lack of logic precedes him, the insanity of which TSaS noted in his last few broadcasts: too little, too late to go undercover. We have already seen and heard enough.
——So, how much more controversial can Van Impe get? He already said the World Dictator, whom he and many others identify as President Obama, is and will be in the wings of the world’s stage: on view, however, will be that “dangerous robot with fire in its belly.” Indeed, their fatal interpretations are as useless as a boat in a dry riverbed and just as deceiving as the notions of Satan’s Mark being an injected virus with microchip and a coming One World Regime: all worldly, finite perceptions.
——TSaS helped Van Impe find us: months ago when we first reported on him, we left at his website a one-line ‘suggestion’ of “You might want to check out the following link” with the URL to our 7th Seal Library at WordPress. We left the same suggestion at many other TBN speakers’ sites in the hope at least one would accept God’s Truth and begin speaking it. It would seem they and their herds of goats prefer the smooth words of lies.
——Truth does not hide; God’s Truth is shouted from the highest peaks, exactly what TSaS does. Despite all God’s Truth being in our two books by scripture, we post excerpts from them as well as provide complete chapters in the TSaS Files for those who do not have a copy and we give away copies as Spirit directed and as we can afford. In fact, last Friday we received the publisher Infinity’s royalty statement reflecting the same income as all previous reports since 2003: $-zero.
——It is critical that God’s Truth be shouted to the lukewarm, the cold, and urge them to join Christ’s small flocks we encourage with the Extra Oils. TSaS will continue to do so by whatever means available to us for as long as available and as long as Christ tarries, to-wit: until the Holy Spirit directs us otherwise. TSaS neither needs nor wants our members’ money, preferring instead that they use it to help brethren in need far and near.
——We neither need nor desire the world’s governments backing us; we neither need nor fancy incorporating for tax exempt status; we neither need nor hunger for the world’s riches; we neither need nor long for acceptance and support of Corporate Christendom’s harlot daughters.
——We neither need nor seek Vatican approval but shall submit to the horrors of her Holy Office of Inquisition that already ordered enforcement of the world’s Blue Laws with fatal punishment back on the table for all who defy Vatican orders to obey her through the World Church (WC) by keeping holy Sunday and worship the Pope as God.
——The Roman Emperor, at the request of Papal Rome, enacted the first Blue Law for Sunday in A.D. 200: “a day of rest and entertainment.” In A.D. 348 it was amended by Papal command to reflect both a civil and ecclesiastical Law: “a holy day of rest and worship.” Her daughters carried this blasphemous day around the world, from their unhampered position in the United States, resulting in Blue Laws in every nation. The Vatican’s Holy Office of Inquisition murdered millions of Christ’s Doctrine Keepers in the A.D. 1200’s, the 13th century: slaughtered any and everyone who would not bow to Papal authority and keep its holy day of Sunday: on par with Hitler’s Holocaust that killed millions of Jews. They did not bow to Sunday then, either. The Dark Ages— TODAY!

Webster’s New World Dictionary, Collegiate Edition, ©copyright 1962—
Inquisition: noun (Latin ‘inquisitio’ <inquisitus, pp. of inquirere) 1. an inquiring; inquiry; investigation. 2. in law, an inquest. 3. Inquisition in the Roman Catholic Church, a) a search for and punishment of nonbelievers or heretics. b) the general tribunal established in the 13th century for the discovery and suppression of heresy and the punishment of heretics; also called the Holy Office. c) the activities of this tribunal. 4. any strict or arbitrary suppression or punishment of those believed to be dangerous to the ruling powers. —SYN. investigation 
Heresy: noun (Latin ‘haeresis’) 1. a religious belief opposed to the orthodox doctrines of a church; especially, such a belief specifically denounced by the church and regarded as like to cause schism; 2. any opinion opposed to official or established view or doctrines; 3. the holding of such a belief or opinion.
Heretic: noun (Latin ‘haereticus’) 1. a person who professes any heresy; especially, a church member who holds beliefs opposed to the official church doctrines.
Non-Believer: noun, 1. a person who does not believe as true or real; 2. a person with no specific religious faith.

Notice definition 3 of ‘Inquisition‘ above: “punishment of nonbelievers or heretics.” Today, under the World Church Doctrine, Papal Rome has declared that “everyone, even nonbelievers can be saved.” It is not a prerequisite that any member must believe in the Bible or God or Christ or all three; a person or entity may join the World Church for only the “express purpose of effecting world peace” and vow allegiance to only the Pope in order that he may maintain said peace.
——World Church membership, which has grown considerably since TSaS obtained its list over 8 years ago, reflects the Vatican’s recent statement, in that all her daughters are members, both pagan and protestant, and she has since gained a division of the SDA sect. Does this not prove who is the ‘antichrist’ entity God speaks of and also proves man’s description as false? Yes!
——Note that WC membership is made up of exclusively weeds that have grown up in the midst of God’s wheat fields. Jesus spoke the parable of the farmer, whose workers came to and asked if their master wanted the weeds removed from the wheat fields. They were told to let the weeds remain, despite the fact the weeds would choke out the wheat: the purpose being that the strongest wheat would continue to grow and produce. He then said that the weeds would be removed just before harvest. As instructed to do in this Laodicea age, the Holy Spirit has been plucking up the weeds and tossing them in a pile to be burned: the World Church is the funeral pyre for evil and the wicked.
——If, by joining the World Church, everyone can be ‘saved,’ then who is left to punish? According to the Vatican’s Holy Office of Inquisition, heretics remain, which are defined in definition 4 of ‘Inquisition‘ above and by the word heretic: “those dangerous to ruling powers.” Those who will not vow allegiance to the Pope, who exclusively are Doctrine Keepers of Christ’s True Church not hewn by man.
——We are “dangerous to ruling powers,” for we will not shut our mouths or still our pens, or silence our keyboards working for God and Christ’s Truth; which the great whore fears might reach her weeds and cause them to turn against her “ruling powers.” Sadly, this will not happen, for it already is too late to turn to Truth: unless one is lukewarm or cold, of which neither will be found a member of any denomination that is a member of the World Church. Albeit, the sad truth is that the lukewarm might join WC by virtue of remaining in the midst of mother or daughters: easier to go downstream than upstream.
——The weeds’ fear is Satan’s own fear, his and their fear of pending death that cannot and will not be reversed. Even if he managed to get the entire world to bow at his feet, God still will bring evil and its wicked followers to an end: He will not change His mind this time. Yes, He changed His mind several times during the course of earth’s 6000 years. That is the point, those days are over and done. The end is here and now.

Excerpt The Trumpet of the Church of God ~ 11/18/08, Messianic Jewish Sect, keeps true 4th Precept— European Parliament debated changes to its Working Time Directive. The Vatican wants a clause in their law that would force every citizen in the European Union (EU) to Sunday rest. The Pope’s proposed amendment reads, “The likelihood of sickness in companies that require staff to work on Sundays is greater than in companies that do not require staff to work on Sundays. The health of workers depends, among other factors, on their opportunities to reconcile work and family life, to establish and maintain social ties and to pursue their spiritual needs. Sunday, as the traditional weekly rest day, contributes to these objectives more than any other day of the week.”
——The Pope has been a strong advocate of the revival of Sunday keeping. “Without Sunday [worship] we cannot live!” Pope Benedict XVI declared during mass on Sept 9 [2007], stating it is a “necessity” for all people. Read The Pope Trumpets Sunday at the Church of God website.
——First, recall TSaS quoting the US position on Sunday, established when we became a nation: “Sunday is the Sabbath of this nation, indeed the whole world. We will make provision for works of necessity on that day but make no provisions for Saturday.” So, true it is that to lose Sunday IS the death of Satan’s synagogues: “Without Sunday we cannot live!” It is God’s Sabbath sword that will slay them in the end: God’s seventh day Sabbath shall remain standing forever and ever: even in the new earth and heavens. There is nothing the Pope, nor any other man, can do to prevent this final event; “for no man can prevent God.” And, certainly, Satan cannot prevent God; so, you see, Lucifer’s ruse is designed to convince Sunday followers that God will allow them to live if they keep that unholy day holy; yet truth is that Sunday is Satan’s sword to “slay his own.”

——News about a lawsuit against President Obama, an effort to force him to ‘show’ the world his ‘real’ birth certificate— they claim he was born in Kenya instead of Hawaii— brought to mind an article about 30 years ago by Corporate Christendom. It claimed the antichrist would be born just as was Jesus, a baby who would grow up to become a world dictator in the guise of a peacemaker. In fact, the article purported the child already had been born in Africa and was then being prepared and trained for these days. Obama’s African-American heritage fit their scheme perfectly, thus myriad attacks against him before he even won the election.
——That same old article also described the ‘beast’ as the world’s largest computer and the ‘mark of the beast’ as a credit card with an identifying number. Since then, the story changed to beast being a solitary man and the mark being a tattoo; then the mark changed again to that of a microchip beneath one’s skin, then it recently changed again to a microscopic computer chip injected with a virus: just as the claim of Obama being the World Dictator has been altered to Obama being in the wings of the world stage with a dangerous Robot on stage. Perhaps, the robot is a result of the earlier story of a ‘beast’ computer. Man’s lies for truth are never the same, ever changing; as God said, “They are ever studying but never coming to the truth.” God’s Truth never changes: not yesterday, not today and certainly not tomorrow.
——It would seem this frivolous lawsuit is Corporate Christendom’s effort to ‘prove’ Obama is that demon child; a last ditch move to prove they do not speak lies in God’s name. There is nothing in the Bible about an antichrist coming in the same manner that Jesus came His first time: a baby who grew up to be seen, heard and accepted as Messiah. Such an unholy event defies the Bible’s premise that the antichrist was already on the scene during the Apostles’ ministry: Paul revealed it as religious entities altering God’s Doctrine and John confirmed same in his Revelation.
——In fact, the Bible says there “are many antichrists;” and, that is true when looking at the number of Popes over the centuries, each bearing the same titles that name the beast of Satan, and vast numbers of Protestant sects and their leaders. There is everything in the Bible proving the identity of the antichrist as Revelation’s first beast aka the great whore and her harlot daughters: Christ’s church in appearance only, ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing using civil power to devour all and sundry. As Jesus said, “White sepulchres that are beautiful on the outside but full of dead men’s bones; having a form of godliness but lacking the power of God.” They do not know that God’s power comes to those who bear His Seal of Authority.
——The lawsuit is doomed to fail; for no one can win a suit against the government and certainly not against a sitting President. After all, his own party would have made sure Obama met all requirements necessary to run for the highest office of the land: first and foremost, a candidate must be a natural born citizen of the United States. Hawaii IS one of our 52 States of the Union. The same rumor abounded before Obama was elected and included that he was Muslim who would be sworn in with his hand on the Q’uran instead of the Holy Bible: neither accusation was true then and neither is true now. The US government has the resources and power to bankrupt the lawsuit petitioner(s).
——Obama is not the antichrist; he is not and will not be a world dictator. A one-world government will never come to fruition in the form man claims: it is a scam to keep the world’s eyes off such a government’s true form. A one-world government already exists with exactly the outward appearance and inward power that God prophesied: the World Church headed by Papal Rome and whose members are all her harlot daughters, both Pagan and Protestant, and many non-believing international leaders. It possesses civil power of “government in the pretext of Christ’s church;” the authority to slaughter all who refuse to conform to her rules and bow to her figurehead the Pope.
——The World Church has even managed to divide one of God’s daughters, the Seventh Day Adventists: better now, so true-believing members can depart from the SDA Local and General Conferences before Christ arrives. We do not know if division has occurred among Seventh Day Baptists; however, there is division between Messianic Jewish churches (Church of God): some observe God’s Sabbath, some observe the World Church sabbath of Sunday and already are members. THE WORLD CHURCH IS THE FUNERAL PYRE FOR EVIL AND THE WICKED! Get out while you still can.

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Extra Oil Update 12: Revelation’s Fourth Vial

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 12: Revelation’s Fourth Vial 

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


The world in prophecy: scorching sun, real estate markets, new/old scams, wars and rumors of wars, civil unrests, auto recalls, Swine Flu, Christ’s quick return~~


Excerpt from chapter “Laodicea,” page 166, 358-359 of “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law” was reported playing out in the past week in the US, catastrophe detailed following the excerpt below quoted:

“The fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun, giving it power to scorch people with great heat like fire. Although they call upon God, the wicked and filthy truly blaspheme His name, Jehovah who has power over these plagues, because they do not repent in order to give undefiled glory to Yeshua. Seeds rot beneath the soil, silos are laid desolate and barns are broken down, for the corn withers. Animals and herds of cattle and sheep groan, for their watering ponds are drying up and they are confused because they have no green grasses to graze. The flocks and herds are ruined and the fields desolate as heat and fire devours pastures and wildernesses and trees.”—

Paragraph-by-Paragraph Bibliography: 70L, pgs. 358-359: Rev 16:8-9; Deut 28:58-61, 32:22-25; Exo 7:18,24, 15:26; Psalm 37:1-2,9,10,20,22,28,34,36,38, 91:1-10; Isaiah 11:4, 26:11, 33:14, Hosea 13:15, Hab 3:3-6,11-15; Joel 1:10-12,15,17-20; Luke 21:25; Dan 7:25; II Cor 11:14-15; Psalm 119:142; Exo 20:3-17.

AUSTIN, TEXAS: a severe drought and unusually high temperatures have been plaguing the area as well as across our entire nation, CNN reported. In fact, killing temperatures have soared above all records ever set in US history: i.e. Seattle Washington registered one degree hotter than Death Valley on the same day this last week. One of Austin’s largest lakes has evaporated to the point its marina and boats sit on dry land: a sight never seen before. Additionally, small islands are appearing in the midst of that lake.

Area cattle ranchers reported loss of grazing lands and “having to kill their cattle because they are cannot afford to feed them.” We will see this also at horse ranches and stables. More and more huge cases of animal abuse are reported, such as at puppy and cat and ferret mills, by the hundreds of pets for profit; and, just today CNN reported “deliberate poisoning of more than 20 horses.”

All is of Biblical proportions and continues to worsen globally, a situation that has existed for some time now in other countries such as Africa. As for “confused trees,” reported many months ago to Christ’s sheep— unseasonable growth and dormant patterns, etc.— still continues worldwide via strange weather patterns also claiming lives of people and animals. In line with the above Laodecia passage, we already know that all water sources are dangerously contaminated or dried up, causing animals to die from both dehydration and starvation.

We know that part of the unusual heat waves are due to damage of earth’s ozone, allowing harmful UV rays to get through to all life; however, recall what happened when the Indian Ocean experienced an earthquake that caused a tsunami killing over 275,000 people. The earthquake was so powerful, in excess of 9 on the rector scale, that it shook earth off its axis. I reported then that it would cause devastating consequences to natural elements, such as global weather and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Just now are officials recognizing the truth in my, rather not mine but God’s warning to Christ’s sheep. No doubt that, as God stated, “earth is reeling to and fro like a drunkard.” She is dying! 

Some may be asking, as defined on page 359, “How does one call upon the Lord yet blaspheme His name?” To call upon Jehovah in a continuing state of disobedience, after having heard the truth or failing to seek out Elohim’s truths, is counted as blasphemy.” Truth Seekers and Speakers long ago presented God’s Truth regarding His Law, His Son our Lord and Saviour, and His end days’ prophecies.

According to the Bible, everyone either has heard or read the truth but most choose to remain where they are rather than shake the boat of their own perception of truth, of normalcy and/or convenience; preferring to follow after the moral majority of Corporate Christendom’s Sunday keeping denominations, the Great Whore’s harlot daughters, which render Christ’s “small flocks” as vastly outnumbered yet possessing the power of God by the keeping of His Fourth Precept (Exodus 20:8-11), which also is His and Christ’s Seal of Authority: a power Corporate Christendom and their goats neither hold nor acknowledge. Where do you stand today? Hurry! Time is short for necessary changes.

A previous “Extra Oil” briefly touched on the stock markets’ rises and falls, the falls never really recovered in the next rise then followed by an even greater fall: in short, truly a steady decline. For the last week, markets reflected daily rises; however, do not be deceived, those rises will not cause recovery and they will not last. The housing market reflects a terrific plunge in Florida, new  $1m condos in high-rise buildings going for $36,000 each— if an investor is willing to buy entire buildings. Investors beware! Texas also is seeing a decline in property values, as expected. This nation has lost 30% of its millionaires and billionaires due to heavy losses since 9/11. The percentages will grow. CNN today aired a statement by President Obama, in which he said, “The economic crisis is far worse than anyone thought and will take longer to recover from.”

Wars, rumors of wars and civil unrest are claiming hundreds of civilian, police and military lives around the world, not just in the war torn Middle East: China, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, England, Africa, and more. CNN issued a “global terrorist warning” today. Clearly, mankind’s economic crisis is turning to rage, as predicted in a previous “Extra Oil,” with people seeking someone to blame: the United States specifically. But, near earth’s end, it will be Christ’s sheep bearing the brunt of blame; yet, our Lord will come exceedingly quickly at this point, for He won’t allow us to suffer long.

Stand strong and obedient, little sheep, and do not fall back into the world because it seems easier and safer. God’s Word has yet to fail and it will not, thus pay heed to the warnings I, rather not I but the Lord gives you. Remember two of God’s edicts: 1. “Though a thousand fall to one side and ten thousand to your other, ye shall not fear;” and, 2. “Know that I have spared your beloved dead from the terrors of these end days.” Therefore, rejoice when a loved one dies the first death: they are instantly out of the turmoil and chaos of this world until Jesus calls their name to join Him in the clouds.

Alas, there is another scam on the rise: young people going door to door with sob stories to get you to buy a number of magazine subscriptions, your money handed over to them in that moment. When purchased, CNN reported that the buyers never receive those publications. Please keep in mind, dear sheep, cons and scam artists are coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches. Don’t buy anything from door-to-door sales people; don’t buy over the phone from telemarketers or other sales pitchers; never give personal information over the phone. The collapsing economy is bringing out the worst of the worst cons with old schemes being renewed and new ones being added to the mix: their only goal is to take what little you might have.

Be aware that none of these incidents reported are happening one at a time in one place or another; yet, each occur in “diverse places,” most of which are unusual to the specific areas. If you take all the “Extra Oil” updates to read them in one sitting, insight is gained to what is simultaneously happening globally on any given day or week. God’s signs and His first six vials have been escalating in severity at an astounding rate since 1991: the past twelve months exceeds anything anyone has ever seen or recorded historically. 

Remember not to get caught up in lies circulating about that glorious day of Christ’s return, for which we eagerly await— “Christ will return 21 May 2010” as determined by a professed Christian, and/or “The world will end 21 December 2012” as determined by the ancient Mayan calendar. NEITHER DATE IS VALID.

New reports on a Swine Flu vaccine in the works: some people are sensitive to vaccines, such rendering them temporarily very ill as well as paralyzed for up to 8 months followed by many more months of rehab; albeit, paralysis might be permanent. CAUTION: not all people benefit from vaccines; and, since this vaccine has just been created, there will not be enough known about it before it is administered to “at risk” people: children, pregnant women, and people with diseases. I have accepted a flu vaccine one time in my life and, unfortunately, it made me very ill. I’ve never had a vaccine since and neither have I caught any flu during the annual seasons. Christ’s sheep do not need those vaccines, for God is our protector: “My people will walk among them and be not touched.” 

Earthquakes and volcanoes are continuously more active, flooding claiming many lives, unusual storms emitting dangerous lightning as well as tornadoes, hurricanes on the rise: earth is in turmoil and in greater throes of death as Christ gets closer to our planet. Honda issues massive recall of 3 of its models due to faulty airbag deployments causing injuries and at least one death to date. It feels as though our Lord’s hand is now on our doorknob and He is about to turn it to walk through our skies. Keep your eyes on the clouds! Especially watch during the final Hebrew harvest of October and its festival thereafter. It could be this year or next, for I feel earth can’t survive much longer.

Share the virgins’ “Extra Oil” reports with everyone you know, everyone that wants God’s truth about current events in their lives, in prophecy and want only God’s Truth. Earth’s body is in turmoil and her people in chaos. The Kingdom is near. And, don’t forget—

HEAVEN’S TWO KEYS: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus, AND obey God’s Commandments.” Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5 confirm compliance with Jehovah’s perpetual Laws; “which stand forever and ever, even in the new earth and new heavens.” Many believe they comply but should understand His 4th precept. It is this Statute-of-Life the majority violates: THE Seal of God and Jesus. To avoid this precept puts a person straddling the fence, a fatal place to be when Christ arrives. Do you comply?

BonnieQ, Truth Seekers and Speakers


If you missed prophecy’s first 2009 “Extra Oil” followed by 12-updates and a 2005 Recall, (13-articles), go to:  —You do not have to be a TSaS member: post archives are open to public reading


Biblical/spiritual, chronological interpretation of Revelation—written 1998, published 2003.

NEW REVIEW: “The Last Speaker of His Truth” ~~ Debby Carlson 05/25/09

“BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW” – 5-Stars, 1998 Revelation interpreted, published 2003, arranged/paraphrased by Bonita M Quesinberry, 25 May 2009 Review by Debby Sorenson-Carlson, Texas, author/poet, nursing home dietician & chef; wife, mother, grandmother.

[Bonita is] speaker of the house; the one God anointed to spread the truth, also the clear bearer of news that many will not want to hear or believe but all will believe soon. [She is] His truth, as she is incapable of lying. Actually, she may be the last speaker of His absolute truth before His coming. [Bonita is] part of the last seal, created for just this purpose, just as she was placed in my life so that I could see with my heart all I was to understand. I do believe Christ is standing in the door and in the cool of an October evening (book’s detail and my soul’s belief), He will walk through and we will pass from this old earthly world to His eternal life.

As far as the latter parts of the book are concerned, they are happening now [2009]. One would have to be blind not to see that everything written in “Bind Up. . .” was divinely inspired, as there is no way anyone could have predicted what was going to happen in the detail it was written in 1998. I would never have dreamed this world would exist in the [current] mess it is in.


For spiritual insight: “TRUTH GATHERING,” the only exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible of critical-to-salvation subjects: no other in the world, God’s “every” word in each subject. Buy “used” at— used is new.

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Will My Beloved Pet Go to Heaven?



Will My Beloved Pet Go to Heaven?

©copyright 2007 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.



Of the many Bible tutorials TSaS has presented over the last five or six years, this one brings the love of God into a sharper clarity than ever before. Such incredible detail is gained only by way of the greatest Light; such a Light revealing all the smallest, almost insignificant, of features: a Light showing not just the incalculable, immeasurable, and indefinable depth of God’s love, but just how immense the area over which His love extends: nothing is without God’s love, absolutely nothing with which we are familiar in our finite world and our finite perceptions.


There simply is not one thing or person with whom we could even begin to compare God’s love; thus, I feel such sadness for each person who has chosen not to experience His love by having not chosen to obey our Father. This testament of God’s love reminds me of the cat with whom I grew up with, Cissy. When I was age 6, we got Cissy as a 3-week old breeder cast off, considered an ugly duckling, which my Mother fed with a doll bottle until she was old enough to eat on her own. She turned out to be the most beautiful cat, part Persian and Angora, truly a family member that did not know she was a cat: she thought she was part dog and part human. She died when I was half way through my 24th year. We all grieved terribly, thus I was so pleased when my parents had her buried in a pet cemetery, headstone and all.


Scriptures hereinbelow cited are paraphrased from the Authorized King James Version Bible and just might come as quite a surprise to many readers.


What animals do not have, that we humans do possess, is the power of free will in making daily choices; other than this, there is no difference between us. Animals do only what God requires they do, the things He designed them to do; which is a lot more than can be said for the human race: unless, of course, man intervenes by forcing a different behaviour upon an animal. Even then, our small and great creatures continuously strive to do as God intended. As He instructed us to obey our human masters, so animals obey their human masters; even when contrary to their nature.


Job 12:10 and Psalm 150:6 could not be more concise in answering our question— “In God’s hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of all mankind. Let every thing that has breath praise the Lord. You praise the Lord.”


“Every thing that has breath, praise the Lord.” I had opportunity to prove this with my ferret Cocoa. He does not mind his cage for short naps, would even put himself in the it for naps, or overnight sleeping; but, he was adamant about getting out of confinement during the day, IF I were home. Every morning, he would grip the cage door with his little hand-like paws and rattle the daylights out of it until I let him out.


One Friday evening, a little over seven years ago, I came across the above Psalm just about time for Cocoa, then six months old, to go into his cage for the night. I carried him to it while explaining, “Cocoa, the Lord says that ALL things that have breath are to praise the Lord. Now, you have breath, so you need to know that it is now the Lord’s Sabbath until tomorrow night: it extends from sundown to sundown every Friday night to Saturday night. This means you need to be quiet and rest and praise the Lord.”


I put Cocoa in the cage. Though highly unusual, he never made a sound the next morning. BUT! The minute sunset arrived, signaling Sabbath end, Cocoa instantly set up a mighty rattling, insisting on getting out of the cage for at least a few hours before bedtime. Cocoa is now 8 years old and still obeys God’s Sabbath, along with his little mate, 6-year-old Princess. It cannot be said that Cocoa obeyed the Sabbath because I obey the Sabbath and had done so as long as Cocoa could remember. He did not obey the Sabbath UNTIL I told him about it. Is this not true of humans, as well?


Several months later, Cocoa and I went to stay with my friend Betty for a month, while she recovered from a terrible bout with pneumonia. Betty could not help noticing Cocoa rattling the cage door every morning and asked if he did it every day. “All but the Lord’s Sabbath.” She did not believe me; however, after observing Cocoa’s quiet each of four Sabbaths, Betty was a believer and quick to tell others about it.


The first thing we learn in Job and Psalm is that every living thing has a soul, though many might argue that they have no spirit being within, such as we do. Nonetheless, the second thing we learn is an admonition to ALL things that breathe: they are to praise the Lord, for He alone breathed the breath of life into all things. If we back up a bit to Job 12:7-9, we find an instruction to ask of animals, birds and fishes of the sea and they will teach us; also, speak to the earth and it shall teach us.


Have you ever noticed that no matter how badly a dog or a cat might be treated, it remains fiercely loyal to its abusive owner? No doubt the dog or cat is petrified of such an owner, which is clearly noted in its body language— first lesson learned from this mammal, you its master are abusive— still, it will come back again and again seeking its owner’s attention and affection, however little or rare the owner might give it. Animals even take abuse without complaint or fight yet do weep and cry out in pain.


Even children, who are abused by parents, still seek the parents’ attention and affection, even seek their approval right up until their parents’ deaths. Second lesson: animals teach us what it means to love unconditionally. Third lesson: animals teach us to quietly take the abuse of others, including that of those in our lives: such as spouses, other family members, neighbors, even employers. We were instructed to do this when Jesus said in Matthew 18:22, “Turn the other cheek seven times seventy;” as well as when Apostle Paul said in I Corinthians 6:6-8, “You sue a brother who has wronged you, and that before man’s court of unbelievers, when you should have accepted the wrong. You do wrong!” 

Take a bird out of the sky and cage it, or take a fish out of the sea: they struggle until they die a premature death. The same applies to us; if we go against our Creator, we struggle until we die or until we repent, which ever comes first. Observe untouched forests, how beautiful and healthy and well balanced they are; then, view the travesties when clear cutting begins: bacteria indigenous to and safe in forests is dangerously spread into areas where it does not belong thus causing hideous diseases; the ground erodes and land slides hazardously, often causing deaths; and, with every tree cut down, the earth loses its ability to convert carbon monoxides into life giving oxygen. Yet, earth still struggles to support life in and upon it. Yes, we can learn from all life forms and even earth. Observe and speak your questions.


God has now established that animals have souls and, like us, are instructed to praise the Lord; but, does this mean they will go to heaven? We already know that only obedient spirit beings, which inhabit these frail flesh bodies we walk around in, will go to heaven. Well, Ecclesiastes 3:19-20 enlightens, “That which happens to men, happens to animals; even one thing befalls them both: as one dies, so dies the other. Yes, they all have one breath; so that a man has no superiority above an animal. All go to one place; all are of the dust and all turn to dust again. Should this mean the spirit of man goes upward and the spirit of an animal goes downward to the earth?”


What we see amidst mankind is a belief that we are superior to animals, a belief they have no soul thus no spirit, no ability to rationalize or feel emotions— that is what most of us have been taught— therefore man deems heaven unavailable to them. Ecclesiastes clearly denies man’s teaching. Also, animals consistently demonstrate logic and emotions; as shown in Numbers 22:21-35 where God revealed not only a donkey’s reasoning ability but also allowed it to speak to Balaam; who learned that his abuse of the animal was not only wrong, but it also acted in what only seemed to be a disobedient manner in order to save Balaam’s unworthy life.


Humans are instructed to praise the Lord and, if they do so, they will go to heaven. We praise the Lord by obeying our Father. Like humans, animals and all living things also are instructed to praise the Lord; therefore, if they do so, they also will go to heaven.


Does not Ecclesiastes state that what happens to man, happens also to animals? More importantly, Ecclesiastes reveals that animals are spirit beings within those flesh bodies. And, those spirit beings do as God intended they do and they do it without question. Would that mankind should do the same thing: do, rather than question. Finally, heaven and a restored earth to include animals is further validated in appropriate prophecies, wherein animals are discussed and described (see “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” wholly Biblical, Holy Spirit interpretation of The Revelation).


The Bible strongly supports pets and all other animals, such as are not considered vile beasts, as going to heaven and inheriting a new earth along with those humans who both “love and obey God as well as have the faith of Jesus Christ.”


Oh? Someone questions whether or not animals know and love Christ, one of our prerequisites to entering heaven? There is a large, abused Pit Bull named Buddy roaming the forest community where I live: his body language tells of abuse by his master across the road. For some odd reason, Buddy comes to the end of my driveway every day and simply sits there barking. The first time he did this, I quietly said, from where I sat on the deck some 60 feet away, “In the name of Jesus, you go home, Buddy.” That dog cocked his head, then turned and trotted home; though he still visits every day yet too frightened to come to me.


On another day, I was out in the yard when he and Siska, another neighbor’s different and smaller breed of Pit Bull came literally charging into the yard. Siska is not abused and does know me, but Buddy instinctively went into pack attack mode by rapidly circling behind me. I spoke softly while making no sudden moves, “Hello, Siska. Buddy, in Jesus name you come back around with Siska.”


Buddy actually looked surprised but came around from behind me, his lips appearing to smile. He and Siska then took off. So, yes, our animals even know Christ and obey commands in His name, especially when delivered in loving tones. Did not the fig tree die upon Christ’s command? Would it not have born fruit if He had commanded? Upon Christ’s command, did not a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish feed 5000 people?


“That which happens to men, happens to animals.” As our spirit being will be given a new, incorruptible body, so we can believe our pets’ spirit beings will be given new, incorruptible bodies. Why would we doubt such a thing? After all, God loves every thing He created; He would do no less for animals, who have obeyed without choice, as He will do for us who obey by choice.


Consider your choices carefully and remember that we are not superior to animals: treat them well and learn from them how to be better humans and caretakers of our planet and its life-sustaining abilities. It Is Written!


~~ end Sabbath Lesson of 03/17/07



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