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Extra Oil Update 36: News OCD Cure in Action

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 Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 36: News OCD Cure in Action
copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

News 11/28-12/01: 3.5 days in “terrors of these end days;” just a few snippets—

Russia, sabotage derails train, kills 54, dozens injured, 18 missing; Bangladesh, overcrowded ferry sinks, kills dozens; Saudi, flood death toll +100; Afghanistan, Obama will send 30k soldiers; missing US contractors’ copter crash site found; Shanghai airport, fiery crash cargo plane kills 3 US; Geneva, anti-World Trade Organization (WTO) protest turns violent; Argentina, former pageant winner dies after plastic surgery; Economy, Dubai market drops 7%, debt may hurt US banks; Obama to push banks to aid default homeowners; Fed eliminates $25-B AIG debt and stock drops 15%; US policy, no letter to families of military suicides; LA, crash kills 5, critically injures 10; WA, 4 police officers gunned down in “targeted ambush” in front of Tacoma coffee shop, shooter found/killed in Seattle; Young father shot dead on Seattle street; FLA, man kills 4 family members, wounds 1 on Turkey day, still on lose; TX, Houston, 20yo woman killed in fight over parking spot; Health, FDA OKs new seasonal flu vaccine, H1N1 may be outdone~new flu in Mexico (no data yet);

Mother and Daughters: We know what they are doing, know to be on high alert; so, there are no reports in this edition. Instead, the Holy Spirit has advised of a very serious, widespread problem: Two short lessons go hand-in-hand to address OCD fully, provides God’s causal diagnosis, opinion, warning and answers badly needed. First, however—

TSaS members, please WELCOME new member SUSAN of Florida! She found us at FaceBook in a blurb/link to one of its “Extra Oils.” A Doctrine Keeper in real estate, Susan often feels she stands alone: like most Sabbatarians. Truth Speakers are well acquainted with this feeling. Now you are with us Susan and we are here to support, encourage and provide the extra oil of prophecy for your lantern.

Sister Tammy and several other TSaS members live in Florida— minister Bob Elmatti is one and who was adamant that TSaS not shut down as planned for April 2009: TSaS listened— in March— to the Holy Spirit order a new TSaS direction to provide extra oil for Christ’s Sheep. God is sending new bundles of wheat, more than those lost when Truth of this era, specifically of mother and daughters, removed choking weeds from our garden. In the last few months more new members have joined than the number who left: as Paul said, so we say, “If they had been of us, they would have stayed with us.”

Susan, do roam all over TSaS, add your link for the natural health product in our LINKS section, send a short product blurb/link to our Earthlink address for inclusion in the next Extra Oil, and communicate with us at ~~ You might want to visit our Seventh Seal Library at It is new, not complete but does provide vital data for obtaining 2 critical study books for Christ’s small flocks.


©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

With devastating chaos being the norm today, the Holy Spirit has said there is need to address a particularly deadly psychiatric diagnosis many are given, what it really is and is not, and what is the only cure: OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, includes panic and panic/anxiety attacks. Panic, in specific OCD types, can be dangerous and deadly to fearful persons and, often, to those near them.

The deadly side today is seen in the rash of murder suicide cases tied to global economy, robberies by long unemployed, military suicides, stalking cases (unacceptable rejection) resulting in murder of their obsession and/or others whom they believe stand in the way, addictions to alcohol/drugs/gambling/food (obesity, may have once not had enough food or use food for temporary emotional comfort): to cite just a few OCD dangers.

Some might not think of addictions as OCD, yet the dark emotion lending to addiction is an effort to escape what the addict irrationally believes is deadly. Addictions: mind-altering and deadly. OCD in the broad scope also is mind-altering and deadly. An OCD’s illogical thinking is that he or she actually prevents that which ultimately will kill them: i.e. fear of germs, so OCD won’t touch things with their hands, constant sanitizing to the point of destroying bad bacteria but also the good, which weakens immune systems and puts them at high risk for very serious illnesses that will kill them. The other negative to the OCD malady: the patient is totally self-involved and cannot consider other people therefore truly narcissistic, often manipulative and have control issues.

God’s only symptom for this emotional disorder is FEAR of myriad types— Howie Mandell of “Deal or No Deal” is and Howard Hughes was the most famous for their fear of germs (Germaphobia), the direct cause of Hughes’ death; another OCD might fear disposing of things plus keeps and buys what they think they want or need or believe another might need but keep, including garbage (Disposaphobia aka hoarding) many of these have had their children taken away, lost spouses, been evicted from rentals. OCD fears can be of people, spiders, snakes, heights, flying, outdoors, poverty, jobless, hungry, homeless, cleanliness, perfection, control, manipulation, depression— an endless list readily driving some OCDs to addictions or worse.

Clean freaks are people who spend every waking moment cleaning an already pristine home; it’s never clean enough to them. This is a combo OCD that also includes a fear of not being perfect. “Jon & Kate plus 8” is a good example of what perfectionism can do to a marriage. While there is no harm in keeping a clean home and seeking to be perfect, there is harm when it is obsessive. The OCD aspect of keeping a clean home is all-consuming. The OCD feature of perfectionism is obsessive when it is required of others as well, such as in the case of Kate; the demand that others do things in what the OCD has determined is the “perfect way.”

However, do not make assumptions about all who keep spotless homes and/or seek perfection. Perfection is encouraged by Christ and is a healthy pursuit when it is expected only of self. I am a perfectionist but only regarding myself. As for my home, several years ago my sister accused me of being obsessive about keeping my home clean; based on assumption since she was there only for short visits of a few hours at any given time. It surprised her to learn I never spent more than an hour per day maintaining my spotless home— Motto: I don’t clean house; I keep a clean house. She also did not know I had devised many tricks over the years— well organized at the top of the list— so I spent little time keeping my home spotless (article “I Hate Housework”). Besides, I don’t mind a little dust settling from time to time; for which OCDs have no tolerance for even a speck of lint. I have too many interests and activities occupying my time; however, if I am obsessive about anything, it is God and Christ and doing the tasks Holy Spirit assigns to me. This obsession is truly a blessing.

All have heard the terms “control freak” and “manipulator,” also OCD symptoms. A control freak feels he/she must control everything and everyone in order to eliminate chaos; these are the types of managers that micro-manage instead of delegating. What he or she does not realize is they present themselves out of control due to internal chaos by such behaviour and, unfortunately, tend to push loved ones away.

A manipulator is truly narcissistic, as is the symptom of depression, in that everything is about self. The depressed manipulate with moans and groans, need to be the center of attention, and expect others to do for them— “I am sick”— and demonstrate fear of some people, things and being alone. The manipulator uses any weapon needed to gain their desire: any wrong you might have once done becomes one of their perpetual weapons used to put you on a guilt trip of capitulation to his/her every whim. A manipulator will resort to throwing kicking screaming tantrums like a three-year old until you give in. To some extent all OCDs have control issues and manipulate others but to a much lesser degree than OCD manipulators. “Giving in” serves to enable any OCD to worsen.

OCD is an overwhelming fear of anything one can imagine and inflate in his/her mind to view it as deadly. God is the Great Psychiatrist, so no wonder there are Bible verses about this malady— i.e. drunkard drinks to “escape his/her misery”— another OCD: “the rich never make enough;” despite achieving millionaire or billionaire status, they “never have enough.” Even the “seven deadly sins” are forms of OCD: sloth, vanity, etc.

While riches might be thought of as “success” to the poor and middle classes, it is an OCD fear of going without or greed causing an obsessive drive to get enough or more, so much so that there is no room for loved ones and the OCD will climb over anyone to get more: but, critical is the fact there is no room for God and Christ in an OCD’s mind and heart— true of all OCD people. Be not deceived, for many OCDs “speak” love for or at least belief in God and Christ. Hereinbelow, God provides a litmus test for OCDs; which includes a WARNING and an OFFER for total cure. Oh, how very much God loves us!

“I give not a spirit of fear; I give a spirit of peace.” With this statement, God reveals two critical facts: 1. Who it is that freely gives fear: Satan; and, 2. Who has power over an OCD patient: Satan. As with any disease of the mind, there is an unseen root cause displayed by symptoms not mirroring the cause. Alas, modern medicine deals with covering up symptoms, a false sense of relief, but never seeks a true cause therefore no cure available. For the cause, doctors would have to look beyond symptoms. We will never be cured of a cause, in the flesh or mind, when only symptoms are addressed.

Regardless of type, the only OCD symptom is fear, thus God speaks later of the cure but now to the CAUSE: “an absence of the heart and mind of Christ” and none of God’s power in his/her life. The first two on Revelation’s list of wicked, who will not gain eternal life, are the “fearful and faint of heart:” this applies to all OCD types. Of OCD, Jesus says, “Oh, ye of little faith.”

As a child of God and a psychotherapist, it is a fact that, when we obey God from a heart of love for Him, we then are given the “mind and heart of Christ,” which is to possess the mind and heart of God. With His heart and mind, there is no way we will disobey or fear anything or any man or what man might do to our flesh garments; for the mind and heart of Christ is one of love, faith and obedience, which allowed Him to “willingly” die for us and God’s Doctrine: He knew without doubt that Father would raise Him up again.

Our flesh is of no consequence, for we are spirit beings temporarily trapped in a finite body aware or unaware of life’s illusion; being aware means we do not fear signs of famine, fiscal crisis, pestilences—flu, virus, bacteria— or the plagues— sun, water, wars, earth’s end and no man. God promised, “Ye shall walk among them and be not touched” until Jesus comes. Even better is no fear of death by any manner, for we know Christ will raise us up. This is love compelling obedience and strengthening our faith in God’s Word.

Fear is devastating, debilitating, imprisoning, delusional, and in the end, deadly; but, before earth’s end it will get worse for OCDs. Recall God’s Revelation list of who will not enter life: God said of this era of His wrath and OCDs, “I will bring upon them ALL of their fears.” We see their fear and panic on the news every day all over the world, one of the most glaring signs that the end is very near and Christ quickly will be in the clouds.

If you or a family member or friend suffers OCD, it is time for that one to give up his or her addiction or the doctors’ favorite drug treatment, then examine his or her love for God and Christ as well as determine whether or not he or she is obedient to Christ’s directive, “Do my Father’s will;” without question, God’s Holy Law: Revelation confirmed this fact three (3) times and the entire Bible repeatedly confirms what is our Father’s Will.

God’s Litmus Test: prove your love for God, prove He knows you love Him—

OCD: “How can I know with absolute confidence that I love God?”
God said, “You will know you love God when you willingly obey My Commandments.”
OCD: “Okay. But, how do I know that God knows I love Him?”
God gently explained, “He who does not obey my Law hates God and will perish.”

God’s total cure for OCD:
Love—Christ—Obey God’s Law; take daily for eternal life in paradise.


Don’t Tell, SHOW!
©copyright 2003 Bonita M Quesinberry

A friend emailed a short essay on true love between two people; alas, it included nothing about loving God. A short response stated how true the treatise but “more importantly, however, is to love God and mankind.” As a teacher, author and publisher’s editor, one writing technique stands out among others: don’t TELL readers what’s happening, SHOW them. Tell is to speak or write words; show is action exemplifying behaviour of words.

Far too many say, “I tell God every day I love Him and thank Him for my blessings.” Holy Spirit referred to the above writing tip as applying also to God’s Word: don’t tell, SHOW! His Word is a double-edged sword: one use is to save or slay, another indicates God speaks and He shows. Thus, God is concerned that what we say be absolute truth: albeit, He is more concerned with our behaviour reflecting what we speak— by our actions are we judged, not the words we speak: except words uttered to harm another, in which case God judges “murder.” Words are series of letters formed for a sound and vague meaning: action lends true meaning— truth or lie, sincerity or flattering lips, this latter akin to a smile that never reaches a person’s eyes to reflect sincerity.

In Luke 18:9-14, Jesus described two men— one a Pharisee, the other a tax collector— who entered the temple to pray. The Pharisee thanked God he was not like extortioners, the unjust, adulterers, or even that nearby Jewish tax collector for the Romans: deemed a traitor to his people. With head bowed, the taxman beat upon his chest and begged, “God be merciful to me a sinner!” Jesus declared him the only one justified by God.

How does our Lord determine a sincere SHOW of love for Him and our neighbors? Once baptized by water, He then watches for these actions and more in His “peculiar people” before they can receive baptism of the Holy Spirit: God’s perfect number times two—

1.  Obey God’s Twelve Precepts, learn their “weightier matters from a heart of love and utter humility— Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5;
2.  Accept Christ, have “faith of and in,” for through Him you are reconciled with God;
3.  Feed the hungry;
4.  Clothe the naked;
5.  House the homeless;
6.  Confess our faults one to another;
7.  Plant seeds by living, speaking and teaching God’s truths at all times;
8.  Defeat this flawed world— being in the world but not of it, in the body but not of it;
9.   Pray unceasing;
10. Continually forgive that you be forgiven, giving good for evil and not evil for evil;
11. Study His Word for knowledge, wisdom, to accept blame, correction and good doctrine— to learn to be quiet and mind own business;
12. Be kind to the wicked and filthy—for even God is kind to them while they are here;
13. Be satisfied with what you have, however little it might be;
14. Give to whomsoever asks of you, expecting nothing in return— not even love



——Watch the clouds between mid-October to mid-November henceforth until no later than 2011. The book of Hebrews says Jesus will not be late. If not fully converted now, time is your enemy; total conversion must be instant, this day, TODAY: do not delay. Pray unceasing! Be watchful; stand fast even to death. WE HAVE GOD’S POWER. KEEP WALKING and TALKING, even when it seems useless or even dangerous: you might snatch one lost, Lukewarm sheep from the flames and give the warmth of God’s Truth to a Cold waiting for it. Saith the Lord, “Ye lukewarm await consuming fire.”

——TSaS post archives open to public; only members access Bible Lesson FILES. TSaS ministry neither needs nor asks for money and never will: God provides our basic needs. We ask only for prayer and that you share God’s Truth with all who will hear/read and obey in “the instant.” Be good stewards of God’s Word: share Extra Oils, lead everyone to God’s Biblical Truth at —

Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ Unicorn Haven’s Seventh Seal Library to order Asafetida, also correctly spelled Asafoetida: produced by Natures Answer and God’s perfect Rx for colds, flu, viruses; if not in product list send email to NA to ask about getting it (my local health food store orders it for me. This is one of the strongest fighter’s of virus in God’s herbal kingdom: His medicine works perfectly and with no side effects!

Also, remember God’s words about these times, “My people shall walk among them and be not touched. And, my people shall not go without.”



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I Hate Housework!

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

. . . But! I love a clean home. So, I don’t clean house: never scrub sinks, commodes and tubs or spend time looking for misplaced items. Think I have a maid? Nope. Instead, I keep a clean house. Does this sound redundant? Well, it really isn’t. Some call me Queen of Clean; but, more often, I’m accused of being obsessive-compulsive about cleaning: although, they’ve never seen me at the task. By definition and experience as a counselor, this would mean I’m cleaning round the clock what already is clean. Remember: I hate housework! Besides, with MS and a host of other maladies, I look for the easy way out.

I’m a typical Gemini with myriad interests, which I actively pursue; so, I’m not about to spend every waking moment cleaning: mother, grandmother, author, counselor, director of both TSaS and Lighthouse of Prayer; poet; personally maintain an acre of beautiful lawn and gardens; shopping, crochet; go out with friends, help others; and, amidst all these activities, my abode stays immaculate, laundry done, and even cook for myself as well as care for my ferrets— one ailing with cancer for the last two years.

Some might say, “Well, obviously, you don’t have a husband and kids to pick up after.” Well, I do have Cocoa and Princess; but, no, I don’t; albeit, for many years I certainly did— even used cloth diapers, instead of throw-aways, with three children— and nothing was any different then than it is now. My children were taught from the cradle up; and, any parent who isn’t doing this is in for a very bumpy ride and many disappointments as well as heartaches: not to mention kids who are ill prepared for adult reality.

I’d much rather spend my time doing things I love, such as playing with the kids; thus, over the years I’ve developed a number of tricks to maintaining a sparkling home with very little effort or time involved. How about approximately an hour each day, most times far less? What I offer here not only applies to our homes but our jobs as well.

The first trick is to look at chores or tasks in terms of minutes, as opposed to hours, the latter of which can be overwhelming and cause one to put off. Next, be well organized: everything has a place and everything in its place. You say you aren’t organized? Then get organized: one room at a time. It takes less time to return something to its place than it does to set it down willy-nilly, then later have to waste time just to find and put it away. Being organized aids speed; for efficiency organize closets, drawers, desks and cabinets.

Also, clean from the back of the house to the front, including vacuuming, carrying anything with you that needs to be put away, washed, or thrown away: such as an empty glass on the night table, carrying a bag to empty wastebaskets, etc. No backtracking. Dusting is the last thing done. As for husband and children: they should be a part of maintaining the home you each share— no one should be classified as the maid.

Remember I said I don’t scrub sinks, commodes/toilets or tubs/shower stalls. When finished with a sink, dry it out before hanging up the towel. Before drying self off and while still in the shower or tub, towel down the tub or shower including those shiny fixtures; which prevents corrosion and they always shine— within this couple of minutes, you already are dry: better for our skin to air dry, which prevents overly dry skin! This keeps fixtures clean thus scrubbing unnecessary. It also eliminates even the possibility of dangerous mold forming, which ultimately will get inside walls where it can’t be cleaned.

As for commodes, simply keep the brush nearby and every few days or so, when you happen to be there, swish it around the bowl then take a small bit of toilet paper to wipe of splashed moisture; which effectively cleans the seat and rim. Boys and men really don’t have to stand to do their business: besides, their aim is terribly off the mark! If they insist upon standing, then they should clean up their mess, including the spattered walls.

Another trick: do not wear shoes indoors. People really don’t mind removing their shoes inside the door when they know their feet or socks will not get black walking on filthy floors! Quickly vacuum daily as well as run a damp mop over tile floors: this also will prevent carpet and tile from wearing out, keeping it in like-new condition. I hate to waste money by having to replace something that, if it had been properly cared for, otherwise would not have needed replacing. I think of better ways to spend money. Nevertheless, if something gets spilt on the floor, immediately wipe up with a damp rag.

Every six months, dry shampoo carpets and strip tile floors of old wax. Apply a thin coat of Turtle Paste Wax for cars, buff it, then apply two coats of Johnson Clear Wax: the floors look like they have a sheet of glass over them and will remain this way with just daily damp mopping for the next six months— never any wax build up in corners, etc. This does not apply to self-shine tile or linoleum. About four hours work twice a year.

Laundry is done when a load accumulates: for those with children, it will mean doing at least one load daily— immediately folded as taken from the dryer and properly put away. Do not, under any circumstances, take out all the dry laundry and pile it somewhere else to be folded: this takes much more time and causes procrastination.

Clean up the kitchen as a meal is being prepared. This way, when dinner is finished, the only thing left to clean will be dishes on the table. Dishwasher: stack it as you go and run it only when full. Put clean dishes away each morning and begin stacking process again. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. No dishwasher? Then wash them immediately, dry and put away. Procrastination occurs when things are left for later.

It’s okay to let a little dust accumulate. It isn’t necessary to dust furniture every day; perhaps, once a week. I have a lot of glass tables, mirrors, and fine woods: glass and mirrors clean without smearing if a cloth-wet-with-plain water is used, then dried with crumpled newspaper: Voila! No smears and no lint. A bit of Endust® or pure lemon oil on a soft cloth is great for dusting woods. I rarely clean glass and mirrors: if something gets splashed on them, immediately wipe and dry off; otherwise just dust.

And, the acre of lawn and gardens: Tuesdays I mow and Fridays mow and trim; always clean up the mower and Weedeater when done. This makes mowing not only easier and faster but it also prevents the grass from burning by cutting too much off the top AND assures that my weekend will be entirely free of work. When hand watering the gardens, I pluck up weeds as I see them. I fertilize the lawn every two months with Scott’s Weed and Feed®, and fertilize the gardens monthly with Rapid Grow Shake and Feed®.

About an hour to mow and another thirty minutes at most to trim as well as clean the equipment: so, in a week, I’ve spent perhaps 2.5 hours on the lawn. I’ll spend another couple of hours every three or four days hand watering both lawn and gardens, which allows me to pluck up weeds before they have a chance to take hold— as well as solve the world’s problems in the bargain. About 7 hours, in any given week, keeps this acre park-like. When I had just a small yard, I spent very little time keeping it beautiful.

No one need be a slave to housework— spending hours of backbreaking scrubbing and dusting and polishing— or maintaining lawns and gardens. With organization and a maintenance attitude, as opposed to a once-a-week-cleaning/mowing mentality, one can keep a beautiful house and grounds in very little time; time I am sure you’d rather spend doing other, more enjoyable things.

A week consists of 168 hours, less 42 to 56 hours for sleeping; depending on individual needs: at the least, 112 hours remain. From this total, I personally can deduct about 6 hours for the house and another 7 hours for the grounds, leaving a total of 99 hours to prepare meals, eat and do as I please. Your grounds may not be as large as mine; so, you might wind up with more free time than I do.

This equates to approximately 14.1 hours of free time each day! Okay, okay! I hear ya! You work a fulltime job of 8 hours plus commute time of, say 2 hours. You still have 4.1 hours of free time every day— that’s 1,476 hours of free time per year! More on the Lord’s Sabbath: because I do absolutely no work on that day, except in God’s Word, and neither should you.

Don’t clean house! Keep a clean house. . . THE EASY WAY! 

~~ end article

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