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Extra Oil: Why No Recent Oils

No Recent Oils; Closing Notes: 2-1/3 pgs

Extra Oil: Why No Recent Oils 
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Why No Oils — BonnieQ:
—— Please forgive my lack of communication and Oils. It has become increasingly difficult to use my computer; however, that is not the biggest reason our Extra Oils have not been produced and posted. On the first of each of January and February, I received notices that my HUD recertification was coming up and I had to have my documents into the Fir Tree Park Apts (FTP) no later than 10 March 2012: not a problem.

On the 16th of February I was served with a Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease based on false complaints, further stating that I had to be out of my unit no later than 30 April. They know this is impossible when seeking other HUD Housing, which usually have 1 to 5-years waiting lists. It is rare that some have a 3 to 6 month wait. If FTP succeeds with the Non-Renewal, it will mean I can never again get subsidized housing: I cannot pay full rents anywhere. Instead, I will be on the streets; that is, my ferret SengLee and me.

As most of you know, this is nothing new since the day I moved into FTP in 2007; which began with the management company discriminating against my disability followed by retaliation for me moving in, together with the upstairs neighbor harassing me — they recently moved her to another building, after 5-years of being in agony, and the new neighbor is very quiet, as I am, but she was the one to file the first false complaint after 30-days here. Why I cannot imagine, other than she could be working for management:  she should not have qualified for HUD housing in that she owns a home.

This harassment and abuse has continued unabated since 2007 with numerous false complaints, many of them developed by the site manager herself. The above Notice also was retaliation; for it was prepared exactly 3 days and served 6 days after 13 February when I had called Bremerton Housing for information regarding various medical deductions applicable to reducing my HUD rents even lower than the 30% of gross income. Same day of the call I advised management of HUD’s report, gave them the person’s name with whom I spoke, and made it clear I had not given them my name or where I lived. Obviously, I was not attempting to cause HUD trouble for FTP and its management company PPM.

Ironically, on the 1st of March I received a third Notice of Recertification. Naturally, I called upon the attorney who represented me in 2007, Leslie Owen with the NW Senior Justice Project in Olympia: she is the lead attorney. Since 2007, I had been keeping her well informed in order to, as she said, jump on my case if they did something like this.

Last week, after sending an email to Washington’s Senators Cantwell and Norm Dicks as well as President Obama, Senator Maria Cantwell contacted me saying she wanted to assist me and had me sign a release for her to contact whomever for documentation, other than what I had mailed to her when she requested it. Pursuant to Leslie’s direction, I was to and did provide Cantwell with Leslie’s name, address at the Capitol, phone/fax numbers and email address. Leslie wants Cantwell to know she also is assisting me.

Regarding my HUD recertification, in the face of a Non-Renewal of Lease, Leslie instructed me to continue putting together my recert documentation and to submit it according to the date they stated, 10 March 2012, or earlier. Since it was ready, I called a friend to act as witness to my attempt to deliver the documents to the site manager on 01 March. The manager refused to accept the paperwork, saying I already had been served with Non-Renewal. Leslie contacted the owners’ California lawyer to point out that the Non-Renewal, until settled, stated that it would not prevent processing a recertification but doing so also would not stop their Non-Renewal process. The call was ineffective.

At this point we are at a stand still until they serve me with an Unlawful Detainer action after 30 April; unless Senator Cantwell achieves something positive. Additionally, FTP has consistently been in breach of contract, with a number of tenants and me, on two points: 1) have not provided signed copies to the tenants; and, 2) annual inspections only are being conducted up to 8 or more times during each year. At least we have several points of arguments in my case, in addition to having no basis for denying a new lease.

When FTP files a Detainer action, Leslie immediately will bring suit against them. I have been on waiting lists since 2007 everywhere along the I-5 corridor between Portland and Seattle; the latter where my doctors are located. Alas, there are those long waiting lists and we have no idea when a unit might come up, IF FTP does not destroy my right to subsidy: Leslie has called several of the complex managers.

Leslie filled me in on some interesting facts: this small town of Shelton — population about 6500— has the most lawsuits against subsidized complexes than in any other small town or even in the State of Washington. Three specific HUD properties are privately owned but HUD subsidized by contracts with the owners. The FTP owners are in California. Those three complexes include FTP, one FTP case just recently settled.

Ironically, women who have never had management experience manage all three sites, especially having no experience with HUD subsidized properties: this is not a slur against women in general, rather the fact they have no experience that is even more critical on HUD properties.

The above 3 properties have taken away all tenant rights — State, Constitutional and moral — taken away our various clubs— game nights, crafts, pot luck dinners or lunches— have refused the right to form Tenants’ Associations in accordance with HUD, and will abuse tenants if needed to assert their will. Despite all this, HUD will do nothing: these are not HUD owned. I also filed with Fair Housing but no word yet.

Five (5) years of FTP’s harassment and abuse, almost constant stress upon me, has resulted in the MS and Lupus having gone into rapid progression thus my abilities are dramatically affected and worsening tremors making it close to impossible to use the computer mouse; the tiny toggles create problems getting the mouse on them to click in place. The mouse races across the screen and I start over again. LOL! Additionally, I am going blind, which often causes me to not see the screen clearly; so eye surgery is next on the list. I am pushing that out as far as I can and still be able to read, send emails, etc.

Closing Notes:
I am asking all my brothers and sisters to send up a roar of prayers to our Father’s ear, doing so in Christ’s name, that He give me direction as to what I should do now: nevertheless, His will, not ours. He has never let me down in dire circumstances; and, I do not believe He will do so now. Still, I need all the prayers I can get. I really want to move closer to María and my doctors. The most remarkable fact here at FTP is that not one tenant wants to hear God’s Truth, leaving me wondering why God placed me here. In the past, there always has been at least one person snatching up His Truth. Not this time!
—— Harm neither man nor creature; give to whomever asks, pray unceasing even for the wicked and your enemies. Be fully armored, not missing Truth; be prepared, watch the clouds: you know how the day will be – “It will be neither day nor night but it will be light; the moon shall shine as bright as the sun and the sun as bright as seven suns.” Remember that the wedding invitations were mailed: be sure to RSVP and dress properly, that the chapel door open to each brother and sister. Know my prayers are with all of you!

Much love & prayers,
Sister BonnieQ, God’s Handmaiden
Seventh Seal Library

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God Defies BonnieQ’s Doctors

God’s power consistently defies doctors in BonnieQ’s case! Multiple Sclerosis, brain aneurysm, broken back, disappearing brain: easy fixes for our Heavenly Father.

 Stand Amazed at God’s Power
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©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry


“I am amazed. I have to say that you look far better in person than you do on paper. You are not at all what I expected,” declared Dr. Hakimian, the neurologist at Seattle’s Harborview Hospital whom I saw Friday, 17 Dec 2010. I was sent to him to determine what is going on in my brain; that is, to find the cause or causes of black outs, seizures and convulsions, and whether or not any are related to the now rapid progression of Multiple Sclerosis and/or the right temporal lobe arterial brain aneurysm of 2005.

It was obvious Dr. Hakimian already had reviewed my considerable medical file as he sat down at the examining room computer to pull up the brain and spine MRI done earlier in the day: Friday, 17 Dec. By the time my daughter María and I walked out of that meeting, we were astounded; both of us thinking ‘Only the power of God!’ In my mind, what we had just learned once again proved God’s infinite power that consistently defies modern medicine and what doctors say should be the results of a very complicated case.

In 2005, neurosurgeon Dr. Sekhar defined me as a “walking miracle.” Well, it seems I am much more of a miracle than we ever thought back then. This current testimony should leave readers with much hope for their own lives yet wondering how in the world I am writing to share with the world this witness of God’s power. As I have said before, “I am not dying until God says my work for Him is finished. Until then the work goes on to inform and encourage Christ’s remnant Saints and God’s prophets during earth’s last year.” It requires that I be fully functional, despite an incomplete brain. LOL!

María drove in after work Tuesday night, about 188-mile round trip from Portland, Oregon to Shelton, Washington; then it all started Wednesday, 15 Dec 2010, with three appointments at University of Washington’s Medical Center. We got up at 4:45am; then a 176-mile round trip from Shelton and back for: 1. Oral Surgeon Dr. Evans, 8:30am; 2. Pain Dr. Robinson, 10:40am; and, 3. MRI of entire skull for oral surgery, 11:30am. Fortunately, these three were located on the Medical campus; unlike the next dates.

Both of us were exhausted by late afternoon, but María still had to drive back to Oregon for work Thursday, then return to Shelton Thursday night for Friday’s three medical appointments. But, she would get a little rest then by waiting to return to Oregon on Saturday afternoon. In the end, she had driven a total of 1092 round trip miles over the four days that began Tuesday evening. I teased her, “Gees, María, by now you could be half way to Texas!” All that driving plus running errands and helping me as needed, she still was exhausted when she got home Saturday. I have the most AWESOME daughter who deserves God’s praise!

Those first three meetings resulted in two January dates, the second one on the 24th for surgery to remove a large cyst in the roof of my mouth. Finally! My dental work will be completed soon. Although, Satan had not completed his goal to thwart God’s plans, which he revealed when we started all over again on Friday at 4:45am: 1. Brain/spine MRI at UW Med, 8:30am; 2. Harborview Hosp. Dr. Hakimian, 10:50am; and, 3. Des Moines for Dr. Lauinger, primary doctor, 2:10pm. Despite each located north of, then south of, Seattle then mid-way between Seattle and Tacoma, in that order, and further south and west to return to Shelton, María and I got home about 4:30pm but still had to stop at first the pharmacy then Safeway for groceries.

Satan reared his ugly head while we walked Safeway’s aisles: Harborview radiology called María’s cell phone. In a panic they instructed: “Call Dr. Lauinger NOW and get your mother to UW’s surgery wing!” When asked why: they found the T5 (thoracic) vertebrae fractured, the one above where previously a large growth was found on the T6 nerve root: it also had grown and changed shape. “Don’t let her fall! It could kill her.” When and how a break occurred we do not know. I had not fallen or had any injuries. But, a surgical team was assembled as well as the surgery and patient rooms reserved.

Contrarily, María was given a number to call and set up a pre-surgery appointment. That office was closed for the day. So, here we are on Tuesday, 21 Dec, not knowing what is coming down the pike. I do know this: if possible, no one is cutting on my back: it might delay my oral surgery. I hope for the same three options I had when, in an accident, I fractured a lumbar vertebrae, L5 or other, in 2006. I had chosen the third solution: pain meds at home with careful use of a walker until healed. What I do not know is how this fracture might kill me if I fall. Would not the worst-case scenario be paralysis from the shoulder blades down? Well, I suppose it does imply lung paralysis thus suffocation.

Anyway, María may have to drive back up at a moment’s notice when she does get a callback after having reached surgery Monday, 20 Dec. Until the medical board renders their decision, they gave further orders: IF I experience severe numbness— as if I do not due to MS— constipation and whatever other symptoms that a damaged spinal cord might manifest, I am instantly to be taken to ER. Thus far, I am just fine: only the usual pain and, today, the onset of migraine.

After settling down Friday evening, we discussed the day’s results, mingled with laughter and praising the Lord. When Dr. Sekhar had declared me a “walking miracle” in 2005, it was because the huge arterial aneurysm, statistically, should have left me dead fairly quickly as I lay on my sofa or, if I made it through surgery, I was to be either a perpetual vegetable or paralyzed and unable to speak. Enough said?

No. Dr. Hakimian showed us one more reason I was not what he expected to see that Friday— a wheelchair bound, paralyzed patient unable to speak, head restrained against a headrest with her mouth gaping; certainly not someone who was not only articulate BUT walking, too. No wonder, upon entering the room, he identified María as my daughter then turned to ask, “And, I assume you are the patient?” Yep, that’s me. LOL!

Dr. Hakimian showed us films of the brain MRI taken that morning. He pointed to about one-third or more of the right temporal lobe, our brain’s motor center, noting that it was gone: not scarred or damaged, simply GONE, no longer in existence. On screen, the area appeared as a large black circle where that portion of the brain should show up white like the rest of the brain. He added, “Despite the hundreds of MS lesions throughout your brain and the prior aneurysm, your brain looks remarkably good!” I thought, AMEN and amen! I laughed and said, “Well, praise the Lord, it doesn’t seem to affect me.”

How the disappearing brain happened, we only can surmise. The Saints will recall the event in 2005 and that I had lain on my sofa for five days after the aneurysm struck: nothing for pain during those days. I have pushed through pain most of my life without drugs and that time was no different; despite being the “worst headache in my life,” which we are warned to act upon fast. Surgery was the morning after my neighbor took me to the hospital. Those six days obviously resulted in killing that portion of brain. So, had I gone in right away, it might not have killed that area. It just took a while for it to shrivel up and break down so the body could absorb it.

When looking at me after surgery and over the next three years, everything appeared normal, scars excepted; however about two years ago, I saw a slight indention in the right temple area close to my face but not noticeable to others. Today, it is a much deeper concave and clearly visible to everyone. Apparently, that area did not appear dead at the time of surgery; visible only when my body began to absorb dead brain tissue.

The second lesson in this 5-year experience: NEVER wait to get to a hospital when enduring the “worst headache of your life.” It might save your brain. The first lesson, and only reason none of this has any effect on my physical abilities, is the same that I gave Dr. Sekhar in 2005— “I gave it to the Lord the day I went down.” In my mind, it was just a migraine, albeit a “weird one.” It never entered my thoughts that those negatives could or even would happen. I knew and trusted that God was in total control of my life and my flesh garment. TRUTH: no human could have accomplished such a miraculous feat.

Of the many medical issues in my flesh, I have not only been given the answer to “Is Healing of Christians a Given”— that it is not a given yet is a given; although, often not in a way that even doctors or others can see. Yes, symptoms might persist, as might the pain; and, yes, our spiritual being always is healed. Every medical test shows, and each symptom displays, that my flesh is not healed, yet despite all that is seen and felt, I walk and talk to the contrary. In an age where Satan and his ministers are performing miracles by the thousands to deceive the world that watches, God’s way is now deliberately subtle and goes largely unnoticed by the world: only the Saints and Elect.

What persists and what doctors see in the flesh are merely thorns in our side; and, as did Saul-called-Paul, I rejoice in those thorns because I had rather have Jesus upon me. So it is my prayer that each reader recognize the healing God performs in your flesh, some or all that neither you nor doctors literally “see” yet you notice in other ways; then rejoice in those nasty thorns with which Satan stabs Christ’s Saints and God’s prophets: his intent is to lead us to utter destruction; but, we can use those thorns for God’s glory. Be not deceived and turn not.

Oh, by the way, we did resolve my black outs but are waiting on an EEG schedule to determine the cause of convulsions; which began about two years ago. I have had mild seizures since the brain injury at 6-years old, completely controlled by deep concentration methods: works only in petit mal cases but not grand mal. The recent black outs are due to a rapid drop in sugar levels. It seems the diagnosis of hypoglycemia, which I have had most of my life, might have slipped over the line to diabetes. I was warned it could happen at any time then or now. But I continue to watch my eating habits and now test twice daily. I trust God that this will not go beyond monitoring and even for that to cease.

Ahhh, I am exhausted. I began writing, and editing, this about 11:00am, between breaks and while waiting to hear from María about the UW doctors’ decision regarding the T5 fracture. If said news comes in before this is sent out, I will include the results. It seems their panic has subsided, which is a good thing. LOL! If we do not hear anything today, I, or María, will let everyone know later.

In the meantime, keep your chins up while standing strong and obedient to God, your faith in Jesus unshakable. This next year, 2011, will be the worst ever; so remember that God and Christ have shown us, throughout God’s Word and The Revelation, that our strength comes from God because of our obedience and faith. Do not be found weak and disobedient to God’s Law, thus deceived. This is no time to fall apart, no matter what.

Much love and prayers in Christ,

Sister BonnieQ, God’s Handmaiden
Seventh Seal Library

P.S. María called Wednesday PM; she has heard nothing; anticipates Thursday, maybe.

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