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Is Healing of a Christian’s Body a Given?


                ©copyright 1998/2003 Bonita M Quesinberry,R.C.  

QUESTION: What was the thorn in Paul’s flesh? Why didn’t God intervene on Paul’s behalf? (II Corinthians 12:7-10)


ANSWER: excerpt Truth Gathering, chapter “Gifts of the Spirit” ©copyright 1998/2003 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C., Infinity Publishing, ISBN 0-7414-1686-7

Each question directly relates to whether or not healing of personal thorns-in-our-flesh—known as persecutions, illnesses and/or diseases, infirmities, afflictions, and/or adversities not of one’s own making—are an automatic given when we take up our cross to follow Jesus. The answer may well release a lot of people from the painful bondage of false teachings implying or outright saying: “If you are ill and/or suffering financial hardship and a host of other adversities or persecutions, then you must not be Spirit anointed or you lack considerable faith in God’s healing powers or both.” In short, you’re a non-believer: that is what they are saying.

OR, “You haven’t truly repented of your sins thus are still sinning, therefore must not be saved.” Any of these accusations could be true of any one person; but, if our deeds prove them false, all such charges have the negative power to put a person on a needless guilt trip that may or may not end with him or her turning away from a God they eventually come to believe is utterly impossible to please: or worse, turn them to an equally false but more easily digestible denomination. Sadly, either way exactly suits Lucifer’s goal to irrevocably separate us from Elohim.

Nevertheless, to sufficiently answer the latter of Bob’s questions, “why didn’t God intervene,” it is necessary to address not only how to know if we’ve been anointed by the Holy Ghost but additionally to examine the lives of minister Paul together with those of other key Bible figures. I begin with the latter topic and chose to analyze Jonah, Moses, Job, Apostle Peter and minister Paul with a brief mention of Joseph: all of whom suffered in myriad ways for a variety of very valid reasons, yet all were “called” into the Lord’s service, to which they responded thus remain irrevocably “chosen” to enter His kingdom.

Then, I will respond with how to know whether or not we’ve received the Spirit’s anointing. Following that, the first of Bob’s questions “what IS the thorn” is discussed. Finally, I will conclude with how this very issue, at one time, negatively impacted my own life: fortunately in the end and much like Joseph, ALL for my good. This, as might be rightly assumed, is a lengthy response wholly necessary to our understanding.


The Lord instructed Jonah to go to Nineveh and inform them that their wickedness was known to Jehovah, for which they would be destroyed in forty days. (Interesting. That’s how long Jesus remained on earth after His resurrection.) But, Jonah did not want to go into that wicked city, so he went the opposite direction. For that blatant disobedience, a great whale swallowed him and Jonah remained in the whale’s belly for three days and nights (the same length of time Jesus remained in the grave): until he was willing to admit the error of his way and consent to do as Yeshua had instructed.

Had Jonah not finally obeyed, Nineveh would have been destroyed and Jonah would have died in that whale’s belly full of bitter, digestive biles. Jonah did repent and the people of Nineveh heeded his warning; so, God cancelled (repented of) the destruction of Nineveh.

In Jonah’s case, he suffered “corrective” adversity because he disobeyed a direct order. To say the least, I find it hard to imagine God speaking directly to me, which would be earth-shattering at best, yet still refuse to obey Him! If I did, then I would deserve any and every thing Elohim allows Lucifer to throw at me. So, for a bit of CORRECTION, Jonah remains irrevocably “chosen” and will enter the Lord’s kingdom.


The book of Exodus reveals a lot about Moses. As a Jewish infant and unbeknownst to him, he was cast off in a little basket with hopes of saving his life, then found and raised by Pharaoh’s daughter as the Pharaoh’s Egyptian grandson. But, as we learn, this was for eventual good to the Jews being held captive in Egypt: where they had been for about 400 years by the time Moses led them out. If this same thing happened to a child today, he or she would grow up with a host of emotional disorders: simply because society says they should and convinces him or her that they have.

Moses fled to the wilderness as a felon: he had slain an Egyptian officer for beating a Jewish servant. Of course, that too was to good, for it was in the wilderness that Moses learned of God’s mission for him regarding his own people’s freedom. And, so, we find Moses at last leading the people out of Egypt to wander the wilderness for forty years: but, only because they consistently disobeyed Adonai. In the end, only the children of the original wanderers were allowed to enter the promise land. Not even Moses was allowed entry: himself then 120 years old and in perfect health yet he was told it was time for his physical death. The Lord would bury his body because He did not want anyone finding it and carrying the bones into the promised land.

What had Moses done to deserve that punishment? He had not adequately instilled obedience in the people he led, time and again; he struck the rock three times when told to strike only it once for water, which revealed a lack of his own faith; he requested flesh for the people to eat rather than explain to the people that it was not for them and to demand it was a lack of faith that the Lord would provide all their needs; Moses allowed the people to gather manna on the Sabbath instead of enforcing the fact he’d already told them to collect enough on Friday for both Friday and Saturday— because there would be none provided on the Sabbath; Moses shattered the first of the Precept tablets… I believe these are sufficient to explain why Moses did not enter the land of milk and honey.

In the end, which was more important: to enter the land of milk and honey during his lifetime OR to enter God’s kingdom for everlasting life? In my mind, the latter is the greater reward. Ah, but there is another less innocuous reason Moses did not enter: “I shall not allow a man more than 120 years.” Moses already was 120 years old. Because Moses did obey God in the most important facets of his mission and was willing to take a tiny bit of PUNISHMENT, Moses remains “chosen” and will enter the Lord’s kingdom.


God repeatedly described Job as a “perfect and upright man: one that fears God and avoids evil.” Yet, Lucifer was allowed to take everything from Job: his land and holdings, his sons and daughters, and in a sense even his wife. When Job would not curse God, then Lucifer took Job’s health just short of, but not including, death: at which point Job’s wife cursed him and wished him dead! Gees, Louise! What were you thinking? Ah, but Satan wasn’t finished: for the final insult was Job’s friends declaring that he was guilty of the sin of pride, which is considered a form of idolatry: otherwise God wouldn’t be punishing Job as he was clearly being punished—in their minds.

Following each leg of Lucifer’s attack on Job, God contrarily again described Job as a “perfect and upright man: one that fears God and avoids evil.” So, why? Why did God allow these things to come upon Job, whom He adamantly declared perfect? It was a test, pure and simple. At any time during all these horrendous adversities and diseases, would Job finally curse God—which is to blame God—just as Lucifer said Job would do? We battle not flesh and blood, but rather powers and principalities. Obviously, Job never cursed God, for all was restored double to him in his flesh-lifetime. Job remains irrevocably “chosen” for having passed the TEST, and rightly so.


Ah, Peter, Peter. Silly man—never knew when to keep his mouth shut as well as acted with violence on one occasion. And for this, Jesus informed him that he would suffer infirmities in his old age (John 21:18). So, what errors did Peter commit during his literal walk with Jesus?

Peter lacked abiding faith when walking on water thus began to sink (Matt. 14:28-31), questioned Christ’s command to forgive always (Matt. 18:21-22), and argued that Christ would not die (Matt. 16:22-23). But, Peter’s sins did not end there. He then boasted about leaving all behind to follow Christ (Luke 18:28) when, in fact, God’s Word teaches that it is by His grace we are called in the first place; and, more importantly, chosen only if we both answer the call AND “do the Father’s will.” Thus, it is no more than our whole duty therefore nothing to brag about.

Peter also cut off the ear of one of Jesus’ captors (John 18:10-11) and did not heed Christ’s warning that Satan wanted Peter (Luke 22:31-32). Then Peter flat out denied even knowing Christ, as Jesus had predicted (John 18:16-17, 25-27) and, at the last, he had the audacity to question Christ’s decisions made just before He ascended (John 21:21-22)! The latter incident of Peter questioning our Saviour points to Daniel 4:35—All the inhabitants of the earth are known as nothing and not one of us can prompt or prevent God’s actions or even dare ask Him, “What are you doing?” So, Peter was PUNISHED while in this life yet remains irrevocably “chosen” because he became “fully converted” thus rightly will enter the Lord’s kingdom. And, finally, there is minister Paul:

PAUL: formerly called Saul

Paul, on the other hand, caused much suffering and was responsible-by-consent for the deaths of some of Christ’s followers (Acts c.8)—until Jesus selected him to carry the message of salvation to we heathen Gentiles (Acts c.9). Even so, Christ gave Paul special wisdoms and gifts (Acts 19:11-12) not given to the Apostles; and, we are enlightened that Paul needed something to keep him humble in the face of the Lord’s generosity: the rod of afflictions and infirmities, or thorn of Satan as it were. (II Corinthians 12:7-9). For Paul, adversity and infirmities were for: 1) PUNISHMENT, 2) prevent him from being OVERLY EXALTED and 3) to prompt his HUMILITY. Thus, Paul remains irrevocably “chosen” and will enter the Lord’s kingdom. 

There are numerous cases of healings and resurrections of the dead during Christ‘s ministry. It is shown in many of those events that the person healed had done nothing to deserve his or her affliction: rather, they had been afflicted, or even died, in order to reveal Jesus for who He was by the miracles He performed and as evidence that He has power over everything—including illness, disease and the grave. These people, and many today, suffered as IDENTIFIERS 

Nevertheless, if physical healing were a given to every follower of Christ, as taught in corporate Christendom’s myriad denominations, then the Bible is rendered a lie. Proof provided hereinabove reveals physical healing NOT guaranteed just because a person belongs to Jesus.  For instance, Paul’s brother-in-Christ, Epaphroditus, became so ill that he nearly died but God had mercy on him (Philippians 2:25-27).

We also are enlightened that if, as a brother or sister in Christ only, we commit fornication knowing it is a sin, then our body is given over to Satan for destruction of our flesh: that the spirit within, who we truly are, may be saved (I Corinthians 5:15). PUNISHMENT. It is appointed unto man to die once. With the exception of the elite 144,000: we all will die at least once and, hopefully, will be among those of the first resurrection.

This really clarifies why we as sheep should have no concern for the life, and even the health, of our bodies. In fact, we should willingly lay down our life both for Christ and in acceptance of our past sinful behavior against the Lord: willing to crucify the flesh of its passions and lusts (Galatians 5:24). Determined then is that, while being healed of illness and diseases and injuries can and might be granted, healing of the flesh body nonetheless is not a given for any one or more of the following reasons:

1) establish IDENTITY or IDENTIFIER—as Christ’s sheep

2) exact PUNISHMENT;

3) deliver CORRECTION;

4) instill HUMILITY;

5) prevent being OVERLY EXALTED;

6) TEST our faithfulness and devotion to God.  

Additionally, when a child of God experiences adversity and/or illnesses, diseases and/or injuries or even persecution, not only is it for one or more of the first six reasons but always it also is a TEST for the recipient and serves as a:  

7) WITNESS, or TESTIMONY, on behalf of any and all observers: either positive or negative—based on how we react to our personal thorns.  

There’s Adonai’s magic number SEVEN again. ISN’T GOD AWESOME! However, referring back to article 1 above, Jesus made it clear: 1) those afflicted were not cursed; but rather, 2) healings and raising of the dead miracles He performed were to identify Him as, indeed, the Son of God: our promised Messiah.

Still, The Revelation reveals: during earth’s last days of Philadelphia—which expired in 1991—and its end days of Laodicea—which began in 1991—such miracles achieved during highly visible performances are done now to identify Satan’s synagogues via his ministers who have manifested themselves as ministers of light: no surprise, since Lucifer manifests himself as an angel of light, according to Christ.  Thus, affliction of our body should result in our obedience, not only a sufferer’s but potentially can result in obedience of at least one or more bystanders observing our suffering-yet-rejoicing.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, ever happens to a child of God that also cannot be used to save another and another and another. Joseph’s story truly reflects this axiom. It all hinges on how we handle our afflictions and infirmities. Are we angry at God, in essence blaming Him, moaning and groaning for everyone to see? Or, are we laughing amidst our pain and discomfort while, like Paul, glorying in our adversities and infirmities while praising Yeshua? Which behaviour better exemplifies Christ when He suffered, especially upon a rugged cross?  

There is no denying we can be healed of physical frailties; but, it is not always in our best interest or in the interest of those around us: therefore, clearly not a given just because we believe and obey. But, healing of our spirit IS a given because we believe and obey.

Nevertheless, the decision to heal is God’s alone: “I will heal that which is to be healed and let remain that which is to remain.” The Lord uses the rod-of-evil, which is Lucifer, only on His children: “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” He does not correct the wicked. In fact, God tells us the wicked will do quite well while on this earth because He gives them the desires of their heart: but, it carries a deadly price—THIS is all there is for them.

Proverbs tells us to seek that which is in our heart with our whole heart but also to be warned we will be judged according to the desires of our heart. When a person experiences no pain or suffering or poverty in life—not due to their own doing—or the correction rod, then God has responded to what is in his or her heart and it just might cost them utter destruction.

What should the sheep do if not healed of physical afflictions and/or infirmities? Jonah, Job and Moses as well as Peter and Paul are examples to follow. Job felt he must have done something to offend God therefore worthy of his afflictions: thus, he continued to praise the Lord while praying for others. Moses was refused entry to the promise land; but, he also knew he had demonstrated a lack of faith regarding a stone yielding drinking water and had failed to both control and instill faith in the people he led.

Peter and Paul each knew of and accepted his own sins against God: therefore, each accepted physical discomforts yet continued to preach of and praise our Lord. Paul went so far as to say he would rather glory in his infirmities so the power of Christ would continue to rest upon him. In other words, the gift of salvation together with the spiritual gifts Paul had been given were, in his mind, greater than anything his body suffered in exchange. So, in essence, God did intervene for Paul. Not only did Jesus tell him that His grace was sufficient for Paul but it is obvious Yeshua also rendered an understanding in Paul’s mind of the WHY: else Paul would not finally have consented to glory in his pain and frailty (II Corinthians 12:5-11).

We should add Joseph to the list, who was sold into slavery by his own brothers; but, it was shown to be for the ultimate good of his family during a future famine many years after he was bartered. All these godly men understood the flesh is of no importance; but rather, the saving of their spirit to everlasting life being the paramount consequence: for it is not the body giving us life but the spirit within. We all have sinned. Being baptized, both by water and the Spirit, washes away those PAST sins but in no way removes the scars of sin for as long as we wear these corruptible bodies. Therefore, we deserve whatever we get and in it should only praise Adonai and spread His truths.


As for knowing whether or not we’ve received anointing of the Holy Spirit, we’ve learned in other Answer Posts that only those who “obey God in all things” receive anointing of the Power of God. So, one only need examine the Father’s Doctrine to determine if he or she has been CHOSEN thus anointed. Disobedient in even the smallest point of Yeshua’s Canon means the person has not proceeded beyond having been CALLED thus baptized in water, therefore has not experienced baptism of the Holy Ghost bearing gifts of power, knowledge and wisdom together with an indescribable sense of internal peace and inexplicable freedom from this world. 

On the other hand, why then are multitudes being overwhelming healed today, as noted in various televised ministries such as Benny Hin and the like? Two points: 1) if indeed we are living in the last church age, and the Bible confirms that we are, then it is this time in which the synagogue of Satan is said to be performing great miracles and healings of all manner. In fact, so effectively and believably that, if it were possible, even the elite could be fooled; thus, healings among the true church are not occurring in so blatant a manner, if at all: else confusion would reign in attempting to determine the false from the true.

And, 2) James 5:14-16 cites certain rules of execution accompanying the gift of healing: directions that Lucifer’s ministers are not following. Read the rules, then watch the shows: it is obvious to only the spiritually informed. 


The thorn in the flesh, as noted in II Corinthians 12:7, is given by way of Satan. Found throughout the Bible are many passages enlightening us of God’s use of Lucifer to the good of His sheep and, ultimately, to the destruction of the wicked and filthy. In Paul, Satan’s thorn-in-the-flesh was a combination of: infirmities, reprimands, lack of necessities, persecutions and distresses for Christ’s sake (II Corinthians 12:10). 

Webster’s Dictionary defines a) infirm, and b) infirmities as: 1) not firm or strong physically; weak, feeble, as from old age, frail, shaky; 2) the quality or state of being infirm, feebleness, weakness, a physical weakness or defect, frailty or ailment, as from old age.  Webster’s further sets out: a moral weakness, which most of corporate Christendom teaches was Paul’s ongoing problem. This cannot truthfully apply to Paul because it would make the Bible a lie. After all, Jesus AND Paul taught that those who follow and are in Christ CANNOT sin because, by the Law, sin has become as exceedingly abhorrent to them—as it is to God—and their conscience will not allow them to continue in sin.

Consider: once forgiven, there is no further atonement if we sin again AFTER learning God’s True Doctrine; only a certain fearful awaiting of judgment abides within the person (Hebrews 10:26-29). Therefore, Paul’s thorn, as evidenced in Acts as well as II Corinthians, was a combination of persecution, myriad adversities AND illnesses and injuries sustained: all of which served to his PUNISHMENT for previous persecution of Christ’s sheep as well as a TEST of his commitment to the Lord: which also prevented Paul from being OVERLY EXALTED for the exceeding power he was endowed with: and, finally, to keep Paul HUMBLE where the demon of arrogance might have entered. And, Paul stated as much. 


Not long after meeting Jesus at the age of 6, I fell almost 30 feet: sustained considerable internal injuries as well as right temporal lobe brain damage, the latter of which later resulted in petite mal epilepsy. Because my immune system was overly taxed by injuries, within the same year I suffered a bout with simultaneous double pneumonia and German measles, almost died, only to then experience chicken pox followed by a heavy case of mumps.

Thus, by the age of 12 Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus were fully manifested in my flesh body. Although, those chicken pox virus related diseases were not diagnosed until much later in my life, together with fibromyalgia. Eventually, heart problems developed along with severe migraine headaches and various environmental and nature related allergies. Later, I experienced cancer, two heart attacks and, in June 2005, a deadly brain aneurysm: this latter Doctors told my daughter that I likely would not even make it to surgery; but, if by chance I made it through surgery, I either would be in a perpetual coma OR paralyzed and unable to speak. God had other plans.

I was baptized by water at age 9; but, my oldest child would be 12 and I age 31 before I finally received baptism of the Holy Ghost. It was at 31 I earnestly began seeking God’s Truths—as opposed to mankind’s taught in virtually all Christian sects; and, I ultimately became wholly obedient as Father’s Doctrine was revealed to me by His Spirit. However, it was not until I became fully obedient that His Spirit endowed me with gifts: which was appropriate because I had a lot of false teachings to overcome. 

Once given the gifts of ministering (counseling), teaching, prophecy and interpretation thereof and the weightier matters of God’s Law, it became increasingly worrisome to me that many of my ailments had not been healed as well. Oh, the seizures ceased altogether; severe migraines lessened from as little as seven days and up to three weeks down to no more than 24 hours; my heart was healed completely after 2 heart attacks; and, most of my allergies disappeared. And, I no longer spent most of my life in a hospital. BUT! The 24 hour migraines, MS, Lupus, and fibromyalgia have persisted; albeit, instead of steadily failing to the point of a wheelchair or worse—which was where I was by age 23—I now experience only periodic episodes of both and which last only a few days each time. 

Then, came monetary loss in early 2000: I had a career that paid me exceedingly well ($32 p/h), had bought my own home 2 years before, had money in the bank and a building retirement fund. This was great! Now I could add an in-resident counseling program for teens in my big home where I lived alone. Within 3 years, while the program was very successful, I no longer could work due to health; had to sell my home at a loss to me, went into public housing where I remain today, drive a 31-year old car—albeit, Steel Magnolia, Maggie, purrs beautifully—and on Disability: my retirement funds long ago expended to keep the house long enough to get my last teen through and doing well. 

Nonetheless, a lack of TOTAL healing, now compounded by monetary loss, remained troublesome to me, mainly because of other so-called Christians’ accusations: “You’ve been saved and that means you’ve been totally healed! Either you don’t believe it OR you haven’t truly been saved. You’ve done something wrong or God would not have taken everything from you.” Isn’t that what Job heard? Even Jesus was considered cursed because of His physical deformities. Others accused me of lacking faith; but, no one denied my anointing or the gifts resulting from that baptism; although, many today have a propensity for saying, “Well, that’s just your opinion,” despite presenting only God’s Word in response.  

As a result, for many years I begged God to save me OR increase my faith OR help me to believe OR, at the very least, help me to understand why it seemed I was not totally healed and why I had lost everything: until one day Ishi pointed me to His Word and instructed me to read of the men discussed in this Answer Post. The first point was to intensely review the Spirit’s gifts, then the lives of Paul and Peter, and at last to delve into Old Testament figures such as Job. In the interim, I learned Lucifer not only exacts his own revenge against God’s children but that God also uses Satan as His rod of punishment, correction, testing and, in the end, for the ultimate destruction of evil as well as the wicked and filthy: including Lucifer himself. 

Once understanding what has been revealed herein and having accepted that I, as a woman, am inferior to man, who is holy unto God: I soon had the clarity of minister Paul. For a mere pitiful Eve to be endowed with such tremendous gifts of the Spirit was akin to receiving ALL the gifts given to Paul: who formerly persecuted Christ’s sheep! There is no doubt in my mind that the thorn in my flesh is for the same purposes as those of the figures discussed hereinabove.

I especially identify with Paul as regards humility: mainly because I’ve yet to be exalted by any stretch of the imagination.  The wisdom and knowledge God has imparted to me together with such awesome gifts of the Spirit, especially to a mere pitiful Eve who caused earth’s mess in the first place, does on occasion cause Lucifer to tempt me with arrogance. And, it is those times when I experience the worst health episodes, quickly reminding me who I am and from where I came: humbling me to the max! So, like Paul, rather than be deprived of the power God so graciously has given me, I now take pleasure in my infirmities, reproaches, loss of all monetary holdings once had, persecutions such as the above accusations, and in various distresses for Jesus’ sake: “for when I am weak, then am I strong!”  

And, last, I remind myself: 1) this life is temporary yet what I seek, and suffer for, is permanent; and, 2) we were warned that, if we follow Jesus, we will suffer for Christ, according to the Father’s will, just as He suffered for us. So, when I look at all the horrors and injustices and false accusations Jesus endured, I realize what I suffer is a mere drop in my water bucket compared to Christ’s ocean of suffering. I’ve yet to be staked to a cross and a spear slammed through my body. Sometimes the pain I live with every day feels like it: but, I haven’t shed one drop of blood and, even if I did, it still would not be equal to our Lord’s sacrifice for me—and you and you and you. 

In all these I am validated as bearing the seal of the One True Living God. AMEN and amen! Oh, how I wish everyone everywhere were like blessed. For that I pray unceasing: as I’m sure all Christ’s sheep pray.


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  3. ay carumba!!

    Comment by bill | 22 February 2007 | Reply

  4. Thank you, Pandar. I sent an email to you with book/chapter to read. I suspect, from what I have read of your blog– which was several pieces– you are, as Revelation’s refers to– “cold.” This is a good thing, however, because it means you believe but feel that something is missing. Like a cold person will seek warmth, a cold Christian will seek Truth.

    Truth is a vital piece of God’s Armor and, according to His Word, Truth is His Law: the Ten Commandments as written with His own finger upon stone, indicating the permanency of His Law, as opposed to the temporary nature of the Ordinances. Alas, corporate Christendom teaches that we don’t have to obey the Law, clearly confusing it with the ordinances. I directed you to Hebrews, chapter 4, of the Authorized King James version, because it discusses the one Law blatantly disobeyed and what that means.

    Please do refer to the AKJV, mainly because many of the newer versions have deleted critical, very critical words from the Hebrews c.4 passage. After reading, then look at your calendar. 🙂

    Indeed, God has been good to this pitiful Eve and has blessed me with spiritual gifts that far exceed anything I could have imagined, despite being wholly unworthy. So, I shall rejoice in those thorns, for I’d rather have the Spirit upon me and the mind of Christ within me.

    Much love in Christ,

    Comment by bonnieq | 12 November 2006 | Reply

  5. thank you bonnie for this wonderful insight, your testimony and study on this topic. I pray the Lord continues to bless your heart with His mysteries, revelation and wonderments.

    One of the greatest things I suffer from is “unbelief”.

    Comment by pandar1 | 12 November 2006 | Reply

  6. Wow, Bonnie! What an awesome site, praise God. I just noticed a bit of your entry in a word search for “From the Land of Milk and Honey”, & it mentioned priorities. So Moses didn’t get to that land here, but better that he should be in God’s eternal kingdom! Yep. I like remembering what Jesus said: Don’t rejoice that spirits obey you, but that you have a place in heaven. That should truly be our reason for joy!
    My Christian-authored cookbook is coming out by Christmas, and I was curious what a word search might yield, since the name of the cookbook is, “From The Land Of Milk And Honey”. Thanks for all your insight.

    Comment by Jennifer Cote | 31 August 2006 | Reply

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